Ukraine, Estonia, Chile, Finland: The saga of four accelerators

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Entrepreneur Europe Latin America accelerators Chile estonia finland funding TechIt’s hard to get the exact data on how many startup acceleration programs are being launched every year, but it’s definitely a lot.

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Move Your Startup to Chile-con Valley, Get $40,000!


Steve Davis packed his laptop and his Spanish phrasebook and moved to Chile. On arrival, a government program called Start-Up Chile handed him $40,000, no equity required. Start-Up Chile has received criticism from some participants.

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Green Chile Burgers: A Recipe For Success


I have heard of a good burger place with green Chile burgers but not I’m sure where it is”, Denise said. We’re not sure what a green Chile burger is and all agree to go find one. Burger Boy indeed has a green Chile burger. Have a product that people want – green Chile burgers.

Need Funding For A Startup With Global Appeal? Start Up In Chile


Chile wants to become the innovation and entrepreneurship hub of Latin America and they’re certainly moving forward to make this happen. In April, 110 startups were chosen and given one-year visas to Chile. Start an innovative business, with a global mindset, that will also help Chile.

Common Pitch Chile

David Cohen

I’m really looking forward to my upcoming trip to Santiago, Chile where I’ll be speaking about startup communities at Common Pitch Chile along with some incredible people including Al Gore , who is the keynote speaker. (I’m

Fall Becomes Winter in Chile

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

The "Earthquake of February 27th" doesn't dominate the news, and the cars no longer have spray painted patriotic messages of "¡Fuerza Chile!" Chile's spot in the international news scene came and went in about a week's time. Tags: Chile

The Sweep of Nostalgia

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I returned to Chile last week to do just that. I returned to Chile for a visit because right now I’m prioritizing depth in my relationships with places and people. Door handles and locks are the same everywhere in Chile, but only in Chile. ” Chile

A Smattering of Impressions from Chile

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Chile as Catholic country. Pinochet's legacy in Chile is complicated and it is hard to find sources who can assess his pros and cons objectively. It is impossible to buy fresh milk in Chile which is a disaster. Chile is far, far away. Tags: Chile

Experiencing the 8.8 Earthquake in Chile

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Photos are from this incredible set of images on of devastation in Chile. Before turning out the light I read Isabel Allende's latest book, My Invented Country , a memoir about her growing up in Chile and eventually re-settling in California. Tags: Chile

Guilt-Free, Pain-Free Solitude When Abroad

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

At a recent dinner with American friends who I met in Chile but who are now back in the States, we went around the table and each of us said what we miss and don't miss about that skinny, long beautiful country in South America. She said she missed "the loneliness of Chile."

A Leadership Checklist

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In 2010, the Copiap mine in Chile collapsed and trapped 33 miners. Wharton professor Michael Useem talks about leadership lessons from how Chile's Minister of Mines Laurence Golborne navigated the crisis

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Tennis on the Red Clay and my visit to Chile

David Cohen

I spent the past few days in Santiago, Chile, playing tennis with an ex-pro, having lunch with Al Gore…you know, the usual grind. I was there to take part as a speaker at Common Pitch Chile , where I met a bunch of interesting entrepreneurs who are doing really exciting things.

Start-Up Chile: $40k to Live There and Start a Company

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You do not have to stay in Chile beyond the six months, although their hope is that you do, or at least keep a satellite office or development team in Santiago. In a nutshell: you are being paid to live in Chile for six months to work on your business. Tags: Chile

27 de Febrero

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

struck Chile one year ago, today. I just spent an hour reading some articles, looking at old photos, and reflecting on the earthquake and my time in Chile more generally. ChileThe 5th largest earthquake in history (8.8)

How to Build a Startup Ecosystem

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The founder of Start-Up Chile explains what countries can do to build a Silicon Valley on their home turf

5 Things to Know About Starting Up in Santiago

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An affordable cost of living and tech-savvy culture are two of the many reasons entrepreneurs are taking their startup ideas to Chile. Here''s what you need to know before you go

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A Global Thriller: The Red Metal, the New Car, and the Miners in Chile

Austin Startup

The story of copper illustrates perfectly just how interdependent and volatile the global economy is. China’s economy slows, so miners in… Continue reading on Medium

Reason for Reform: Join the Movement for Immigration Reform

Feld Thoughts

As a result, we lose out to other countries as non-US founders start their ventures to countries like Canada, Chile, or Singapore instead of the US, often because it’s impossible for them to get appropriate visas to create their companies while living in the US. As an investor, I’m always looking for the next great American company. Who will create tomorrow’s Twitter, Facebook, or Google?

China – The Sleeper Awakens (Part 1 of 5)

Steve Blank

Summary: I’ve lived in Silicon Valley for 35 years, I’ve taught in entrepreneurial clusters in New York, Boston, Helsinki, Santiago Chile, St. I just spent a few weeks in Japan and China on a book tour for the Japanese and Chinese versions of the Startup Owners Manual.

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Estonian Digital Teacher's Book Tebo Raises Seed Round


Tebo, which aims to put everything teachers need to run increasingly digital lessons, into one place – closed seed round of around 90,000 euros earlier this month, raising investments from three Estonian business angels and Startup Chile in whose programme the team started mid-February.

Innovations from the Lonely Planet

deal architect

Innovations from various parts of the world we don’t usually expect innovation from The bookless library – San Antonio, TX Changing global wine map - Georgia, China, Chile Battling remote Oil spills – Arctic Circle Common Core Standards – State.

Startups – Beware The Changing Palo Alto Investment Model


For example, Silicon Savannah – the name given to Nairobi’s (Kenya) growing tech scene – and Chilecon Valley, found in Chile’s capital, Santiago, demonstrate the global appetite for tech entrepreneurship. by Germán Montoya is the Chief Strategy and Creative Officer at Rokk3r Labs.

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Creating the Next Silicon Valley – The Chilean Experiment

Steve Blank

I spent two weeks of December in Chile as a guest of Professor Cristóbal García, Director of EmprendeUC at the Catholic University of Chile , which just signed up a 3-year collaboration partnership with Stanford’s Technology Ventures Program.

Traveling the world, meeting startups: What We learned

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Many entrepreneurs cannot get to Silicon Valley because of Visa or immigration issues and many startups who don’t get onto prestigious programs like Ycombinator or Techstars are choosing Startup Chile as an alternative.

FutureBrand 2010: Israel Up 11 Spots in Ranking As a Country Brand

VC Cafe

Israel was also crowned as one of the ‘Rising Starts of 2010′ along with Chile, Argentina and Iceland. C ountries are also brands.

Exploring Patagonia

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Patagonia exists in both Chile and Argentina, though I'm told the Chilean side has more diversity. Tags: Chile Travel Last week my Mom and I spent several days in Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia. The scenery was spectacular.

Startup Map & Trends Analysis – November 2012


Portugal and Chile both came up four spots, rising to 13th and 14th on the list. For November 2012 we are noticing an interesting trend of product ready companies declining, while concept stage companies are rising. This trend is mostly led by a decrease in product ready internet web service companies in the US, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom, and with an increase in concept stage companies in Spain, India, Brazil and the United States.

Biz Dev Tips for Startups – The ‘First Meeting’

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Here are a few lessons I learnt from having hundreds of business meetings in Australia, Chile, and the USA. Most times when I finish a meeting, I think to myself “that was such a great meeting.

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The Atacama Desert

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Last week I spent five nights in the Atacama Desert in the north of Chile. cheaply in Chile (and all of Latin America). My friend Steve Dodson visited Chile for a couple weeks and we went up there together. I recommend visiting the Atacama Desert on your trip to Chile.

Blowing up the Business Plan at U.C. Berkeley Haas Business School

Steve Blank

For example, our Intel Technology To Market Accelerator took 22 teams from 11 countries across 15 time zones, from northern Russia to southern Chile and from Saudi Arabia to the U.S. During the Cold War with the Soviet Union, science and engineering at both Stanford and U.C. Berkeley were heavily funded to develop Cold War weapon systems. Stanford’s focus was Electronic Intelligence and those advanced microwave components and systems were useful in a variety of weapons systems.

Mexican Peso Slide Will Continue


agreement and Mexico stands to benefit heavily from the 12-country deal, comprising the United States, Singapore, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, and Vietnam.

Separated at Birth: Techstars and Startup Weekend

David Cohen

At these events (there about 1,000 per year from Boulder to Mongolia to Chile to New Zealand), entrepreneurs and the community gather to build startups in 54 hours.

Best of My Tweets

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Three Chile observations: 1) All houses are behind gates/fences, 2) Canned soup does not exist, 3) Maids clean gym 24/7, crazy maid culture! Valparaiso, Chile is probably my favorite city of this South America jaunt. When ordering a $4 USD burger at McDonald’s in Santiago, Chile today, I could do a one-time payment, or multiple installments on credit card. I’ve tweeted more than 3,200 times over several years at @bencasnocha.

The Flame is Fading

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Take a look to our south at Chile. Ortmans' writes a post at Policy Forum Blog in which he examines the fact that, while an economic success story in South America, Chile has not been able to unleash entrepreneurial growth in its economy. Chile shows what happens when we have relied so long on government to fix things, to fix everything, that we wrongly assume that only government can create entrepreneurship. Tags: Chile infoDev Jonathan Ortmans

How Traveling Helped Me Prepare for Startup Life

Up and Running

I remember landing in Santiago, Chile on my first ever trip out of the U.S. After that, we spent the next three months traveling all over Chile and Argentina without incident. If there’s anything that traveling outside the U.S. taught me, it was how to adapt.

This Week's Newsweek

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I wrote a brief personal piece on Chile. I mention other natural disasters that preceded Chile and conclude: The anonymity then of death tolls, my lack of proximity, and the fact that I wasn't sending or receiving "Are you OK?" Tags: Chile There are four articles of note in the latest Newsweek magazine.

Governments Need Entrepreneurs. Here's Where They Can Find Them

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When you arrive in Chile, you’ll have free offices, fast Wi-Fi, unlimited coffee and croissants, and a community of intrepid friends. Chile was rolling out the red carpet for immigrant entrepreneurs.

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Teaching Entrepreneurship in “Chilecon Valley”

Steve Blank

Teaching in Chile. I’ve spent the last week in Santiago, a guest of Professor Cristóbal García at the Catholic University of Chile as part of Stanford’s Engineering Technology Venture Program.

Lessons and Impressions from Colombia (2016)

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

There are five countries that drive the economic conversation in Spanish-speaking Latin America, it seems: Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, and Colombia. I first visited Colombia in 2009 with about 15 other young leaders from North and South America.

What I’ve Been Reading

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

As a Chilean married to a Russian, working with students from the United States, Israel, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Chile, Argentina, Germany, and India, I am a living example of the benefits that the existence of a global hub language. I’ve been flipping through a bunch of books that people have sent me. A few recent ones on my Kindle that I read in full: 1. How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything by Dov Seidman.