How Start-Up Chile Helps Entrepreneurs and Chile Alike


The Start-Up Chile accelerator was arguably the spark that ignited Chile’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Since then, Start-Up Chile has accelerated over 1,500 […]. The post How Start-Up Chile Helps Entrepreneurs and Chile Alike appeared first on ReadWrite.

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Green Chile Burgers: A Recipe For Success


I have heard of a good burger place with green Chile burgers but not I’m sure where it is”, Denise said. We’re not sure what a green Chile burger is and all agree to go find one. Burger Boy indeed has a green Chile burger. Have a product that people want – green Chile burgers.

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Common Pitch Chile

David Cohen

I’m really looking forward to my upcoming trip to Santiago, Chile where I’ll be speaking about startup communities at Common Pitch Chile along with some incredible people including Al Gore , who is the keynote speaker. (I’m

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Chile’s pollution problems has led to green startups

The Next Web

Santiago de Chile is an understatedly cool city. Sure, it doesn’t have the classical buildings of Buenos Aires or the ageless allure of Rio, but what’s lacking in historic charm is made up for with a modernity that achieves being progressive yet unpretentious.

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Move Your Startup to Chile-con Valley, Get $40,000!


Steve Davis packed his laptop and his Spanish phrasebook and moved to Chile. On arrival, a government program called Start-Up Chile handed him $40,000, no equity required. Start-Up Chile has received criticism from some participants.

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Ukraine, Estonia, Chile, Finland: The saga of four accelerators

The Next Web

Entrepreneur Europe Latin America accelerators Chile estonia finland funding TechIt’s hard to get the exact data on how many startup acceleration programs are being launched every year, but it’s definitely a lot.

New Partner Joins #GoRemote - Britcham Chile


We’re excited to welcome our newest partner, the British Chilean Chamber of Commerce (Britcham Chile), joining the supporters of the #GoRemote campaign. Britcham Chile specializes in providing market insight and assistance to UK companies wishing to enter the Chilean market.

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Tennis on the Red Clay and my visit to Chile

David Cohen

I spent the past few days in Santiago, Chile, playing tennis with an ex-pro, having lunch with Al Gore…you know, the usual grind. I was there to take part as a speaker at Common Pitch Chile , where I met a bunch of interesting entrepreneurs who are doing really exciting things.

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A Global Thriller: The Red Metal, the New Car, and the Miners in Chile

Austin Startup

The story of copper illustrates perfectly just how interdependent and volatile the global economy is. China’s economy slows, so miners in… Continue reading on Medium

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Global Innovation 2011

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Creativity and Self-Expression Innovation Politics & Government Trends, Futurism, and Research Alcatel-Lucent Booz and Company Chile China Confederation of Indian Industry Creativity Demark economics Finland Global Innovation Index Greece Gregg Fraley INSEAD Lithuania Moldova Sweden Switzerland UK United Nations USA World Intellectual Property Organization

Innovations from the Lonely Planet

deal architect

Innovations from various parts of the world we don’t usually expect innovation from The bookless library – San Antonio, TX Changing global wine map - Georgia, China, Chile Battling remote Oil spills – Arctic Circle Common Core Standards – State.

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Creating the Next Silicon Valley – The Chilean Experiment

Steve Blank

I spent two weeks of December in Chile as a guest of Professor Cristóbal García, Director of EmprendeUC at the Catholic University of Chile , which just signed up a 3-year collaboration partnership with Stanford’s Technology Ventures Program.

The Flame is Fading

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Take a look to our south at Chile. Ortmans' writes a post at Policy Forum Blog in which he examines the fact that, while an economic success story in South America, Chile has not been able to unleash entrepreneurial growth in its economy. Chile shows what happens when we have relied so long on government to fix things, to fix everything, that we wrongly assume that only government can create entrepreneurship. Tags: Chile infoDev Jonathan Ortmans

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Career-Wise, Nothing Beats Authenticity


by Ines Temple , president of LHH Peru and Chile, and author of “ YOU, Incorporated: Your Career is Your Business “ As a child, my mother was a stickler about table manners.

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Teaching Entrepreneurship in “Chilecon Valley”

Steve Blank

Teaching in Chile. I’ve spent the last week in Santiago, a guest of Professor Cristóbal García at the Catholic University of Chile as part of Stanford’s Engineering Technology Venture Program.

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Entrepreneur Runs Coding Academy To Help Students Gain Real-world Software Development Skills


Marcelo Ricigliano is the co-founder of 4Geeks Academy , a Miami based coding academy with campuses in USA, Chile and Venezuela. We now have campuses in the US, Chile, and Venezuela, with more than 400 graduates and a job placement ratio of 90%.

Women 2.0 Partners Google, Extends Founder Friday Events


Media and event company Women 2.0 has announced that it is partnering search giant Google to support the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the United States and around the world.

Ranking — And Understanding — The World’s Top Startup Hubs [Video]


Chile Is Heating Up. Santiago, Chile, is number 20 in the Ecosystem Index and is “a really an up-and-coming ecosystem,” Hermann says. “It’s proof that a program like Startup Chile can be impactful.” Santiago, Chile.

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How To Get Ready To Participate In An Acceleration Program


To give you a practical example, I’d like to analyze the reasons why my startup was rejected from participating in Start-Up Chile ’s Generation 17. by Marc Pitart, founder and CEO of

Startup To Translate Obama’s State Of The Union Address Up To 6,976 Languages In Real Time


Babelverse is a start-up founded by Mayel de Borniol and Josef Dunne that was part of the government-backed accelerator program, Start-Up Chile. This evening, as U.S.

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Austin’s TechRanch and Get2Volume of Singapore Join Forces


A year ago, TechRanch expanded its reach into Chile. It struck up a partnership with startups in South America to foster that region’s entrepreneurial base. Now, TechRanch, a coworking space and incubator in Austin, has expanded even further this time into Asia with a partnership in the city-state island of Singapore. TechRanch and Get2Volume announced [.] The post Austin’s TechRanch and Get2Volume of Singapore Join Forces appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin Technology

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Traveling the world, meeting startups: What We learned

The Next Web

Many entrepreneurs cannot get to Silicon Valley because of Visa or immigration issues and many startups who don’t get onto prestigious programs like Ycombinator or Techstars are choosing Startup Chile as an alternative.

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FutureBrand 2010: Israel Up 11 Spots in Ranking As a Country Brand

VC Cafe

Israel was also crowned as one of the ‘Rising Starts of 2010′ along with Chile, Argentina and Iceland. C ountries are also brands.

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Startups – Beware The Changing Palo Alto Investment Model


For example, Silicon Savannah – the name given to Nairobi’s (Kenya) growing tech scene – and Chilecon Valley, found in Chile’s capital, Santiago, demonstrate the global appetite for tech entrepreneurship. by Germán Montoya is the Chief Strategy and Creative Officer at Rokk3r Labs.

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FutureBrand 2010: Israel Up 11 Spots in Ranking As a Country Brand

VC Cafe

Israel was also crowned as one of the ‘Rising Starts of 2010′ along with Chile, Argentina and Iceland. Countries are also brands.

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FutureBrand 2010: Israel Up 11 Spots in Ranking As a Country Brand

VC Cafe

Israel was also crowned as one of the ‘Rising Starts of 2010′ along with Chile, Argentina and Iceland. C ountries are also brands.

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4 Best Websites To Apply For Accelerators And Incubators


Based out of San Francisco with offices in Santiago (Chile) and Munich (Germany), YouNoodle showcases startup competitions and programs from around the world since 2010. by Melvin Wong , founder of Kodorra.

Startup Map & Trends Analysis – November 2012


Portugal and Chile both came up four spots, rising to 13th and 14th on the list. For November 2012 we are noticing an interesting trend of product ready companies declining, while concept stage companies are rising. This trend is mostly led by a decrease in product ready internet web service companies in the US, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom, and with an increase in concept stage companies in Spain, India, Brazil and the United States.

Reason for Reform: Join the Movement for Immigration Reform

Feld Thoughts

As a result, we lose out to other countries as non-US founders start their ventures to countries like Canada, Chile, or Singapore instead of the US, often because it’s impossible for them to get appropriate visas to create their companies while living in the US. As an investor, I’m always looking for the next great American company. Who will create tomorrow’s Twitter, Facebook, or Google?

[INTERVIEW] Glen McKay, Newfoundland Business Leader, Co-Founder of Newfoundland Hard-Rok, Inc.


Cornerstone continues to explore its Cascabel copper-gold discovery in Ecuador as well as other properties in Ecuador and Chile.

What Greek Startups Can Teach the World


Currently he’s thinking Chile, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Portugal and Brazil.

Transformify Partners with Laboratoria to Empower Young Women and Girls in Latin America


In 2 years we have trained more than 400 students in Peru, Chile, and México. Our students are working in the best companies in Peru, Mexico, Chile, and EEUU London, UK - November, 2016.

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Separated at Birth: Techstars and Startup Weekend

David Cohen

At these events (there about 1,000 per year from Boulder to Mongolia to Chile to New Zealand), entrepreneurs and the community gather to build startups in 54 hours.

The Best Country to Start a Business |

Campus Entrepreneurship

More Charts: Murders, GDP, Inequality

Diego Basch

This the same chart as above, restricted to countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): And the same chart, zoomed in (Mexico and Chile are outside): Finally, the data.

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China – The Sleeper Awakens (Part 1 of 5)

Steve Blank

Summary: I’ve lived in Silicon Valley for 35 years, I’ve taught in entrepreneurial clusters in New York, Boston, Helsinki, Santiago Chile, St. I just spent a few weeks in Japan and China on a book tour for the Japanese and Chinese versions of the Startup Owners Manual.

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Go Live With The Whales


Another example, at the end of February 2010 while I was about to leave Chile an earthquake struck. Luckily Martin, our guide, and REI, the tour company, got us out of Chile and into Buenos Aires. By Bruce Hodes, author of “ Front Line Heroes “. Climb Mount Rainier.

How Traveling Helped Me Prepare for Startup Life

Up and Running

I remember landing in Santiago, Chile on my first ever trip out of the U.S. After that, we spent the next three months traveling all over Chile and Argentina without incident. If there’s anything that traveling outside the U.S. taught me, it was how to adapt.

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Five Drivers of Real Opportunity for Startups

Startup Professionals Musings

The BP oil spill in the Gulf, the volcanic eruption in Iceland, and recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, all suggest that real opportunities for change are needed in pollution control, just-in-time manufacturing, and building materials.

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4 Best Websites to Apply for Acceleration and Incubation Programs


Based out of San Francisco with offices in Santiago (Chile) and Munich (Germany), YouNoodle showcases startup competitions and programs from around the world since 2010. Building up a company from the ground up isn’t by any stretch of the imagination an easy task.

Social Enterprises Globally

Business Plan Blog

NESsT was co-founded by an American and a Chilean in 1997 and is currently a registered charity in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Hungary, Peru, Romania, the U.K. There is a rich social enterprise culture present in the United Kingdom.

Biz Dev Tips for Startups – The ‘First Meeting’

VC Cafe

Here are a few lessons I learnt from having hundreds of business meetings in Australia, Chile, and the USA. Most times when I finish a meeting, I think to myself “that was such a great meeting.

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What Greek Startups Can Teach the World


Currently he’s thinking Chile, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Portugal and Brazil.