Argentina is Stepping-Up as a Country of Web Developers


The post Argentina is Stepping-Up as a Country of Web Developers appeared first on ReadWrite. Entrepreneurs ReadWrite Startups Argentina Business Oportunities Web DevelopmentAs high streets across the world look to streamline, and businesses transform physical shops to online stores, being able to make the digital jump is crucial.

Argentina Entrepreneurship, Endeavor, and Global Lessons

Reid Hoffman

I’ve come down to Argentina with my friend and portfolio company CEO, Wences Casares , the founder of Xapo. But, just as every strength has a weakness, diverse entrepreneurial ecosystems like Argentina can teach Silicon Valley (and others) important lessons about global entrepreneurship.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: From Poland to Argentina


During this week's roundtable, once again, we had an international group of entrepreneurs presenting from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Warsaw, Poland; Geneva, Switzerland; Sherbrooke, Canada; Oakland, California; and Austin, Texas. Then Marie-Janine Saris from Buenos Aires, Argentina, discussed Home Swappers Club , a concept inspired by Airbnb, where people who love to travel swap their homes using the site as a trusted place to meet other validated home owners and renters.

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How Latin America is Drawing in Global Tech Giants


Smart Cities Startups Tech Amazon Argentina Brazil Google Latin America MercadoLibre Mexico Technology in Latin AmericaLatin America’s tech-savvy workforce has attracted international companies to maintain support offices in the region for years.

Why The Best Young Entrepreneurs Are Purpose-Driven


Or TOMS shoe company founder Blake Mycoskie, who, on a trip to Argentina in 2006 met a woman in a café who was volunteering for a shoe drive. by Zach Mercurio, author of “ The Invisible Leader: Transform Your Life, Work, and Organization with the Power of Authentic Purpose ”. You’ve heard it all before. Good entrepreneurs have discipline. They are risk-takers, adaptable, persistent, and self-motivated. They don’t fear failure and are tenacious.

Is this the crypto inflection point we’ve been waiting for? 

Version One Ventures

Such events will push a lot more people to put their money in easy to buy digital currencies, either native cryptocurrencies (BTC – this might already be happening in Argentina ) or digital versions of the USD (like USDC or USDT). . If you spend a lot of time in crypto (like we do here at V1), it can be easy to lose sight of how non-crypto investors and entrepreneurs think about the space. The huge ICO run-up in 2017 brought a lot of attention to the vertical.

Women 2.0 Partners Google, Extends Founder Friday Events


The event – which is currently held in cities such as San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Austin, New York, Boston, Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Bogota (Colombia), Mexico City (Mexico), Vancouver (Canada) – will be extended to include Detroit, Michigan and Mexico City, Mexico on November 16, followed by Sao Paulo, Brazil, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Moscow, Russia. Media and event company Women 2.0

I’ve gone plant-based for a month, here’s my experience

VC Cafe

I was originally born in Argentina, which can normally be found in the dictionary as the antonym to vegetarian (fellow Argentineans – don’t be offended, I’m half kidding). While this blog is normally about startups and venture capital, I wanted to share a personal experience.

The Great Winnowing of World Cup & The Startup Ecosystem

Agile VC

I’ve been a devoted fan of Arsenal for nearly two decades, former MLS season ticket holder (both San Jose Earthquakes when I lived in the SF Bay Area and New England Revolution here in Boston), attended World Cup 2002 in South Korea, and was fortunate to see both gold medal soccer matches in Bejing 2008 Olympics (US women’s victory, Argentina men’s victory). Picture I took in 2002 of WC stadium Daegu, South Korea.

The four waves of crypto disruption: where are they today? 

Version One Ventures

But you only have to talk to people from high inflation countries like Argentina or Venezuela to understand the appeal of a globally-accessible and permissionless digital currency. Nearly two years ago, I published a post exploring four key opportunities in crypto. In it, I outlined four crypto waves, ranked from furthest to least developed: Store of value. Disruption of financial markets. Disruption of every other information market. Disruption of what a firm means.

Global Impact: Social Entrepreneurship Companies


Blake Mycoskie visited Argentina in 2006 and saw children walking in the streets outside Buenos Aires without shoes. For every pair of shoes sold, TOMS would provide a new pair of shoes to children in Argentina and other developing countries. He was inspired to take action after learning how shoes are an effective way to combat disease.

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FutureBrand 2010: Israel Up 11 Spots in Ranking As a Country Brand

VC Cafe

Israel was also crowned as one of the ‘Rising Starts of 2010′ along with Chile, Argentina and Iceland. Countries are also brands.

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FutureBrand 2010: Israel Up 11 Spots in Ranking As a Country Brand

VC Cafe

Israel was also crowned as one of the ‘Rising Starts of 2010′ along with Chile, Argentina and Iceland. C ountries are also brands.

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How Innovation Can Help Frontier Markets


Some countries known as frontier markets are Argentina, Lebanon, Vietnam, Nigeria, Oman, Bahrain, and Bangladesh. Frontier markets are developing countries that are still too small to be considered as emerging markets. This means that these are countries with a lot of potentials but are also too risky for investors to give attention to. The frontier market is a term coined by the International Finance Corporation’s Frida Khambata in 1992.

Will Bitcoin adoption be driven outside the US?

Lightspeed Venture Partners

There is a good documentary about Bitcoin in Argentina that highlights similar concerns, in that case driven by the economy and inflation. Right now, more than 80% of Bitcoin volume is in the USD market. And many of the pundits commenting on Bitcoin, both positively and negatively, are in the US. So it is natural to assume that Bitcoin adoption will start first in the US. I think that that is a reasonable assumption, but it is one worth questioning.

Go Live With The Whales


Where do we cross back to Argentina?” They swung into action both from Argentina and the United States, working with the airlines to get us from Bariloche to Buenos Aires and then beyond. By the way, coffee in Argentina is lousy. Open Starbucks up in Argentina and call it Estrella Pesos. By Bruce Hodes, author of “ Front Line Heroes “. Climb Mount Rainier. Organize an expedition to the North Pole. Build a house for Haitian refugees living in New Orleans.

Bitcoin: Resilience in Crisis


Those in countries that have previously experienced massive inflation (Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Argentina) or capital controls (China, India) have long seen relative value in an asset that is independent of government financial manipulation. As investors try to navigate the COVID-19 world, they’re taking a hard look at their portfolios and solving for the new normal.

Why Do Alumni Donate to Their Alma Mater?

Diego Basch

I have a different perspective because I got my first degree at the University of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Of course I always felt a sense of indebtedness to my fellow taxpayers, which was one of the reasons I chose to start a company in Argentina. In Argentina professors typically do not have their own textbooks. If you go to college in the US, after graduation you’ll start receiving requests to give money to your university.

Does College Really Make Sense?


Four companies later, he was taking a vacation in Argentina and saw a child without shoes. by Margot Machol Bisnow , author of “ Raising an Entrepreneur: 10 Rules for Nurturing Risk Takers, Problem Solvers, and Change Makers “. I’m all for kids going to college who are studying something they love, preparing themselves for the next phase of their life.

Invest in Israel Newsletter September 2011 Edition

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ISRAEL TO TRADE FREELY WITH MERCOSUR; ARGENTINA – ISRAEL SIGN FTA. Argentina became the last of the South American Mercosur trade block of four to sign a free trade agreement with Israel. Trade with Argentina, on the other hand, only reached $130 million due to high tariffs on Israeli goods there.

How To Create A Winning Sales Strategy That Will Boost Your Business Growth


If you’re struggling to build a substantial marketing list you can turn to a third-party resource to gain access to B2B contact information , for example something as specific as an Argentina business directory. Having a carefully-developed sales strategy is crucial if you want to grow your business. Regardless of which industry you’re targeting, you need to have a full and clear understanding of the market and specific objectives that you want to reach over the coming year.

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How Traveling Helped Me Prepare for Startup Life

Up and Running

After that, we spent the next three months traveling all over Chile and Argentina without incident. At one point we got off a bus in Bariloche, Argentina, and started seeking out a hostel that a few other travelers had mentioned. If there’s anything that traveling outside the U.S. taught me, it was how to adapt.

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Strategy Roundtable: Fall Call To Action


There were people from Argentina, Israel, India, France, New York, Washington, Nigeria, etc. Summer is over. Time to get back to work. At today's roundtable, I synthesized some posts from our blog to give entrepreneurs, incubators, investors, and economic development agencies a flavor of what we've been doing this summer to make life easier for you.

Four Things To Consider When Taking Your Startup Global


Mitsubishi Motors named their sport utility vehicle Pajero, first introduced in 1982, after a feline cat native to Spanish-speaking Argentina… except that ‘pajero’ is also an offensive term that means ‘wanker’ While that didn’t seem to have affected sales all too much and the Pajero was marketed using different names in some other markets, it probably attracted quite a few Spanish sniggers.

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Join a conference simulcast near you

Startup Lessons Learned

One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere. The number of hosts has grown annually, and this year, we have 200+ groups joining us on Monday, December 3. They represent more than 10,000 people total. If you're not attending the conference in person, consider meeting up with one of these groups to watch.

A butterfly flaps its wings and you make a sale

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

And then a butterfly flaps its wings (this time in Argentina) and suddenly and inexplicably I decide against the indulgence of a Double Doozie Cookie ®.

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The United Nations and crowdSPRING

crowdSPRING Blog

Maria Mandagaran , a designer and a teacher in industrial design at Mar del Plata National University (Argentina), designed the winning logo using colors, fonts and design elements that effectively depicted the key elements of the 7 Billion Actions movement. Recently, crowdSPRING hosted a project for the United Nations Population Fund 7 Billion Actions Campaign.

Fighting micro-burn-out

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

After we rose to the top of building Facebook games a few years ago and then subsequently declined I had a quarter-life evaluation while living in Argentina. This guest-post was written by Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo of , the daily deals site for web entrepreneurs.

Social Enterprises Globally

Business Plan Blog

NESsT was co-founded by an American and a Chilean in 1997 and is currently a registered charity in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Hungary, Peru, Romania, the U.K. There is a rich social enterprise culture present in the United Kingdom. With the 2010 election of Prime Minister David Cameron, a platform policy of the U.K. Conservative Party known as the “Big Society” has been launched and aims to empower local community entrepreneurs.

Why I Doubled Down on YouTube Investments with MiTú

Both Sides of the Table

So they began signing up Spanish-language content producers in Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and so forth. Yesterday MiTú Networks announced that Upfront Ventures led a $10 million financing in what is now the largest producer of Latino online videos – primarily driven through YouTube. As you may know we co-lead the first round of financing of Maker Studios, the largest overall producer for online video content, along with Greycroft Partners.

Startup Lessons Learned 2011 streaming live

Startup Lessons Learned

I have been getting emails and tweets all day from people upset that they cannot get into Startup Lessones Learned 2011 - either here in SF, where we're sold out, or in one of the more than 100 simulcast locations around the world, many of which are sold out, too. We struggle with this issue every year, because we strongly encourage everyone who can to participate with their local entrepreneurship community. Strengthening ties between entrepreneurs is one of our most important values.

[Infographic] Business Etiquette Around The World


For example, name-dropping and nepotism, while common and widely practiced in Argentina, is largely frowned upon elsewhere. The way people do business around the world can differ by quite a bit; what may be acceptable or appropriate in one business culture can be an utter faux pas in another. It’s certainly surprising how clueless or insensitive some people can be when it comes to cultural nuances in business etiquette.

Why Not to Use Independent Contractors For Overseas Hires

Early Growth Financial Services

Here’s the story of a well-meaning client who needed to discreetly convert a contractor to an employee in Argentina. Guest post contributed by Ben Wright of VelocityGlobal. Using contractors to save on overseas employee costs can backfire, as this case study demonstrates. Expanding your company into foreign markets can be daunting, and the prospect of hiring international staff is often the tip of the “fear” spear.

Entrepreneur Teaches Top Companies Sessions on Improving Employees Productivity & Quality of Life


While in Buenos Aires, Argentina I joined a DeRose Method school and I soon realized how incredibly effective it had been in helping me reach my goals. Behind some of the biggest companies such as Coca Cola is a system of how they stay focused on their goals. The DeRose Method , is a system of techniques and concepts with the purpose of improving the practitioner’s level of high performance and quality of life.

Tough Love

Growthink Blog

Because their partners in government – and whatever one’s political persuasion government is and will remain a key partner that must work well if business is to thrive (see Greece, Argentina, et al.) – have to and are working better.

Basic Accounting And Legal Aspects That Every Business Owner Should Know


Cristian Rennella is the founder of Mejor Trato , a tool for online loan comparison in South America, including Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. by Cristian Rennella, founder of Mejor Trato. As the title suggests, we are talking about basic knowledge that we should keep in mind from the very beginning when launching a business in order to avoid huge headaches later on as our business grows.

Another Silly Startup Analogy

Diego Basch

When I was a teenager in Argentina in the 1980s, there was a weekly TV show called “ Feliz Domingo ” (Happy Sunday). It ran live for nine hours, between one and ten pm. It was a game show for high school students near graduation, who competed in events involving different skills. A typical event would have four or five individual students (or small teams), each representing a 30-40 person group from a graduating class.

The 10 Greatest Social Entrepreneurs Of All Time


Mycoskie founded TOMS in 2006 after a visit to Argentina where he learned that many children get sick or injured because they do not have shoes to wear. While it is admirable to build a successful business of any kind, some entrepreneurs do more than just make a profit with the fruits of their labor. Some actually help others, bringing resources, opportunities, training, and other assets to those who need them most.

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Generate and Transformify: Umbrella Solutions to Help Businesses Hire Top Talent Worldwide

Transformify - Recruiting

London, 18.08.2018. Transformify Recruitment CRM and Generate FS have joined forces to help employers hire top talent worldwide.

Startup Strategy Roundtable: Where Should You Raise Money?


Malaysia, India, China, Italy, Argentina, wherever), you are better off raising money locally. During this week's roundtable we had a group of entrepreneurs from the Pune Open Coffee Club gather at the offices of Persistent Systems to participate in the roundtable together.

25 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Names


In Argentina, putting a “la” or “the” before someone’s name is a sense of endearment. The idea of exactly what your business is going to usually come first. Secondly, most often, is giving a title to your idea. What exactly is going to be the name of your business? Some people turn to their childhood for inspiration or a beloved family pet. It could be a made up word you dream of one night and feel it has the right ring to it.

Latinitas Volunteer Spotlight: T.C. Waugh

Austin Startup

Before returning to his hometown of Austin, he spent much of his life in Mexico and Argentina; his wife Giselle is from Uruguay. Waugh is an experienced entrepreneur, marketer, and philanthropist. Originally trained in the world of advertising and marketing for the U.S. Hispanic market, he also has vast experience in the field of sales and marketing of mass market and luxury consumer goods through traditional media, online channels, and social media.

“Hello, Want to Buy IPO Shares?” 13 Years Ago I Said No.

Diego Basch

Being born and raised in Argentina, I have no interest in short-term investments. In the late nineties, internet IPOs were all the rage. It was really easy for a company to go public, and most of them had a tremendous first-day pop. was one for the books : the first trade was 9x the target price. Everyone wanted in on IPOs back then, because it was a given that you would multiply your money in a few days.

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