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Argentina is Stepping-Up as a Country of Web Developers


The post Argentina is Stepping-Up as a Country of Web Developers appeared first on ReadWrite. As well as providing a platform for businesses to promote their products and services, the internet has lead to the rise of e-commerce, with giants like Amazon becoming household […].

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Argentina Entrepreneurship, Endeavor, and Global Lessons

Reid Hoffman

I’ve come down to Argentina with my friend and portfolio company CEO, Wences Casares , the founder of Xapo. But, just as every strength has a weakness, diverse entrepreneurial ecosystems like Argentina can teach Silicon Valley (and others) important lessons about global entrepreneurship. My quintessential teacher here is Wences.


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How Innovation Can Help Frontier Markets


Some countries known as frontier markets are Argentina, Lebanon, Vietnam, Nigeria, Oman, Bahrain, and Bangladesh. Frontier markets are developing countries where it’s risky to invest in, but emerging markets are more stable. The bottom line is that emerging and frontier markets are still different from each other.

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Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: From Poland to Argentina


During this week's roundtable, once again, we had an international group of entrepreneurs presenting from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Warsaw, Poland; Geneva, Switzerland; Sherbrooke, Canada; Oakland, California; and Austin, Texas. In addition, we had attendees from many other parts of the world. Home Swappers Club.

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The Important Role of Crypto Payments to Attract Freelancers


Cryptocurrency Adoption: A Case Study of Argentina The case of Argentina provides a compelling example of how cryptocurrencies can empower freelancers. As a result, Argentina became a global leader in cryptocurrency adoption, with 84% of freelancers open to receiving cryptocurrencies.

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The four waves of crypto disruption: where are they today? 

Version One Ventures

But you only have to talk to people from high inflation countries like Argentina or Venezuela to understand the appeal of a globally-accessible and permissionless digital currency. Given the stability of the US dollar, Bitcoin’s value proposition as a store of value may not be easy to grasp for the mainstream user in the U.S.

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Twitter Link Roundup #97 – Small Business, Social Media, Design, Copywriting, Marketing And More

crowdSPRING Blog

Showcase of Web Design In Argentina Pt.1 Showcase of Web Design In Argentina Pt.2 Best Coming Soon Pages: Psychologically-Driven Signups – [link]. 8 Ways your Landing Page Design is Sabotaging your Click-Thru Rate – [link]. Five Low-Hanging UX Tips – [link]. 1 – [link]. 2 – [link].