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RSS: The Persistent Protocol

Feld Thoughts

We made some of the early investments in companies built around RSS, including FeedBurner and NewsGator. RSS is a brilliant, and very durable, protocol. The original creators of the protocol had great vision, but the history and evolution of RSS were filled with challenges and controversy. SMTP has been very good to me.

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Using RSS To Track SEC Filings

Feld Thoughts

I considered titling this post “why RSS isn’t dead&# but decided that was too easy. I then clicked on the RSS icon in my browser and subscribed to the feed for each company I was interested in using Google Reader. I love how fundamental wiring – like RSS – is – well – fundamental.

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Consumer RSS: 1999-2010

Venture Chronicles

paidContent made an interesting connection about Bloglines being shut down and the broader question of RSS in the age of Twitter. Today RSS is the enabling technology – the infrastructure, the delivery system. Today RSS is the enabling technology – the infrastructure, the delivery system. Simply put, there is no market for RSS.

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Important notice to Berkonomics RSS feed readers!


PLEASE come to [link] now and re-enter your email address at the RSS on the upper right of the screen to continue receiving your feeds. You may lose your feed immediately after this notice (March 26th, 2013) as we switch today from Feedburner to local control of your feeds. Email readers are not affected by this change.). Dave Berkus.

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I’ve changed my RSS link…

Jeff Hilimire

If you are following this blog via RSS*, I’ve updated the link to a Feedburner feed, so please re-subscribe here. Personally I’m an RSS nut, using the apps Reeder and Feedly on my iDevices. Not sure what RSS is? Here’s a blog that does a nice job explaining RSS and how to use it.

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From RSS to Glassboard

Venture Chronicles

Marshall has been an advocate for RSS from the earliest days but he is wrong to pin the blame for consumer RSS’ demise on random factors like flash games on Facebook, the wounds here are self-inflicted for the most part. I wrote about it repeatedly and still believe it to be a major reason behind the demise of RSS.

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RSS Troubles (FeedBurner)

Software By Rob

Join nearly 6,000 startup entrepreneurs by subscribing to my RSS feed. Apologies to those who read this blog via RSS. For about two weeks no new posts were showing up in my RSS feed, then last week old posts were marked as new with multiple rows of links added below them. Subscribe via RSS On Twitter? Just curious.

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