Laws and Regulations for Cannabis Dispensaries in New Mexico

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New Mexico became one of them in April 2021. Like every other state that legalized cannabis, dispensaries in New Mexico have a lot of regulatory hurdles. Read on to learn about recreational sales of cannabis in New Mexico. Laws for Dispensaries in New Mexico.

Reasons For Surge In Mexico’s Private Equity Industry


For years Mexico lagged behind a lot of other Latin America countries when it came to private equity. To put things into perspective, rather than owning just 5% of the industry, Mexico now has close to a third. This final point isn’t necessarily related to Mexico’s improvements, but there’s no doubt that Brazil’s status in private equity has aided the country. Now, its share is falling and Mexico has firmly overtaken it.


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Why Valle De Guadalupe Is The Perfect COVID-Era Wine Destination


Thinking Aloud Baja California Eduardo Durazo Watanabe Mexico Valle de Guadalupe wine country wine tourism wine travelThe Valle de Guadalupe is in the perfect position to offer the best of all worlds: luxury, adventure, affordability, and safety.

Mexico 206

10 Useful Tips For Doing Business In Mexico

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Culture culture doing business in mexico Global Business mexicoThere are many challenges when doing business abroad. It is important to understand the business culture of a country you plan to business in, and the country's etiquette.

Stori raises $32.5M in a Lightspeed-led Series B to build Mexico’s credit card for the masses

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in a Lightspeed-led Series B to build Mexico’s credit card for the masses appeared first on Lightspeed Venture Partners The post Stori raises $32.5M

What You Need to Know Before Your Trip to Mexico

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Magnificent beaches, fantastic foods and a variety of amazing sites to visit make Mexico a prime choice for a vacation. People at Oscar Padilla Mexican Insurance offer you a glimpse into some of the amazing beaches Mexico has to offer in this article [link]. Well, the first thing you need to do if you want to go to Mexico is to bring your passport. If it doesn’t, you can purchase a temporary policy for Mexico. US dollars are typically not accepted in Mexico.

Go Hunt Life’s Todd Nevins is Onto his Next Big Adventure in Mexico


The host of the Go Hunt Life podcast in Austin and founder of CLICKplacement, an AdWords business, is moving to Mexico. The post Go Hunt Life’s Todd Nevins is Onto his Next Big Adventure in Mexico appeared first on SiliconHills. By Laura Lorek Publisher of Silicon Hills News Todd Nevins is pulling the ripcord on his life this week. Todd and his wife, Allison, have sold most of their belongings, everything from their couch […].

How DJ Sean Gallagher Went From Broke To Surfing Mexico Thanks To His “How To DJ” Online Business by Yaro Starak

Sean is currently living out a year in Mexico with his girlfriend, spending the time surfing and working his online business, earning a healthy $8,000 to $15,000 a month. Press play to begin streaming the audio or right click the text link and choose save as or save link. Download the MP3 [ 43 Minutes - 20 MB ]. One of the coolest thing about running this blog is the amazing people I meet, who are not just from my industry, but also in other industries doing really interesting things.

StartupBus – Round 2, Part 2 – Mexico Storms San Antonio, Steals StartupBus Show – (Post #6)

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And my new familia is the entire Mexico bus. Team Mexico has done the impossible. The Mexico StartupBus is a bus travelling from Mexico City, to Austin, TX, via San Antonio, stuffed with about 40 geeky entrepreneurs ( no one knows exactly how many there actually are on this particular bus ), at least 100 electronic devices, and who knows how many open containers of Patron. 3 great start-ups from Mexico.

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San Antonio MX Challenge Seeks to Solve Problems and Realize Dreams


San Antonio Christian Cotcihini Emily Fowler Geekdom Graham Weston HeroX Lorenzo Gomez Mexico ParLevel Systems San Antonio Mx Challenge technology Tito Salas Watler Teele XPRIZE By LAURA LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News The XPRIZE Foundation organized a four-day adventure trip to visit tech companies in California last February. XPRIZE Founder Dr. Peter Diamandis wanted to showcase space and ocean innovation to a select group of entrepreneurs.

More global innovation

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Mexico Technology on the ICE Train – Germany Shipping ice cream globally – US, China Big Data of Long Lives – Italy, Greece, Japan Nokia alumni. Innovation from around the globe'' iElevation – Nepal A museum or a library? Globalization and Technology

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BP Should Lead World In Clean-Up Innovation

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

BP has done irreparable harm to the Gulf of Mexico. Tags: Brands Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Innovation Marketing Politics & Government Arnold the Pig Barak Obama BP British Patroleum Creativity Gregg Fraley Gulf of Mexico John Wilkes-Booth NASA oil leak Simple concept here. In my view this is how BP turns this oil spill situation around. First, stop the freakin leak. Second, become the world leader in environmental clean-up and prevention technology.

Swine Flu: Overreaction More Costly Than the Virus Itself?

Green Uncategorized Mexico Swine FluIt is reassuring to see the press take a more modulated view of the swine-flu risks, especially as it becomes clear that both deaths and incidents have been overstated in the past week. Our “instant on” media has an insatiable appetite for the scintillating story. These days, you can actually sense the disappointment in the news anchor when [.].

Cost 40

Welcoming Max Webster to the Version One team

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And before that, he was one of the founding members of Bright , the leading residential solar company in Mexico backed by investors like Y Combinator and First Round Capital. He moved to Mexico not knowing a word of Spanish (but is now fluent).

Mexico 124

Infinitum Electic Gets $1.8 Million in Funding to Improve the Electric Motor


million Series A round of financing, led by Cottonwood Technology Fund, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Infinitum Electric has reinvented the electric motor. And the Austin-based startup announced Thursday that it has closed a $1.8 Since launching three years ago, Infinitum Electric has raised a total of $2.7 million in funding. The company plans […]. The post Infinitum Electic Gets $1.8 Million in Funding to Improve the Electric Motor appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Women 2.0 Partners Google, Extends Founder Friday Events


The event – which is currently held in cities such as San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Austin, New York, Boston, Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Bogota (Colombia), Mexico City (Mexico), Vancouver (Canada) – will be extended to include Detroit, Michigan and Mexico City, Mexico on November 16, followed by Sao Paulo, Brazil, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Moscow, Russia.

Remote Work Is Not Just A Temporary Solution It Is The New Standard

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Chris owned a digital agency for 3 years and then in 2015 he moved all of his web design and development to Tijuana, Mexico and it was a total game-changer for his agency. How has working in Mexico been different from the other countries you have worked in?

Does Your Small Business Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


These include Arkansas, Georgia, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Wisconsin. These include Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah. by Veronica Baxter. Perhaps.

Helping the Underdogs Rise Through Local SEO with Justin Sturges

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Questions Sara asks Justin Sturges: What inspired your recent move to Mexico? Did you have any fear in terms of how moving to Mexico would impact your business? Helping the Underdogs Rise Through Local SEO with Justin Sturges written by Sara Nay read more at Duct Tape Marketing.

Fostering Austin’s Global Connections During Austin Startup Week


Representatives from Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Pakistan, Ireland and the European Union made presentations at Capital Factory on Thursday. By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News Austin made a major push to cultivate relationships with other countries during the first International sessions at Austin Startup Week. Capital Factory has had 20 international startups set up […].


Austin Startup

The device was first developed in Mexico by STRAP Technologies CEO and Founder, Diego Roel, who comes from an extensive background in robotics, new product ideation, R&D and IP strategy.

SmartHost of New York Wins the StartupBus 2014 Competition


“Sweat equity is the best startup capital” – Mark Cuban A banner bearing Cuban’s quote hung on the wall at Rackspace’s event center Thursday as it hosted its third annual StartupBus event featuring teams from all over the country and Mexico. All of the StartupBus participants riding on the eight buses for the past 72 […] The post SmartHost of New York Wins the StartupBus 2014 Competition appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio Rackspace SmartHost StartupBus

Nine Techstars Impact Startups Pitch at Demo Day in Austin


By Laura Lorek Publisher of Silicon Hills News While studying drug cartels in Mexico City, Cory Siskind noticed the city lacked transparency on reporting high crime areas. That’s when she came up with the idea for Base Operations, which has been called “the Waze for Crime.” Base Operations helps people navigate high crime, low transparency […]. The post Nine Techstars Impact Startups Pitch at Demo Day in Austin appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

The Energy Revolution is (Finally) Here

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cents / kwh in New Mexico ). . We used a very similar model at my last startup, Bright , which is now the leading residential solar company in Mexico. We had to build something somewhat similar internally at Bright to get enough installers to meet our residential demand in Mexico alone.

Mexico 171

How A Prenuptial Agreement Can Protect Your Business


For those of you living in New Mexico, a prenuptial agreement is defined as “a written contract made by two individuals before they marry. If you are considering a prenuptial agreement in New Mexico, schedule a free consultation with an attorney practicing family law in Albuquerque before you say “I do”. Though married can be a happy and somewhat carefree time in your life, more than 40% of marriages end in divorce.

San Antonio FIRST Robotics Competition Sends Eight Teams to World Championship


BY ANDREW MOORE Reporter with Silicon Hills News High school students from Texas, Missouri, Florida, and Mexico arrived at the Henry B. Gonzales convention center this weekend for the FIRST Robotics Competition. Called FRC, the competition is part of the larger Alamo-FIRST that hosts several robotics competitions for students of different ages. Of the 61 [.] The post San Antonio FIRST Robotics Competition Sends Eight Teams to World Championship appeared first on SiliconHills.

Mexican Startup Biovideo Spotlighted on Slice of Silicon Hills News


Founded in Mexico by Carlos Villaseñor, Biovideo [.] By ANDREW MOORE Reporter with Silicon Hills News Having a baby is incredibly special, and lots of parents want to capture those first few special moments on camera. But with the stress of having a baby, getting all the best moments on camera can be a difficult task. The post Mexican Startup Biovideo Spotlighted on Slice of Silicon Hills News appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Top Ten Reasons STRAP is Changing the Game with Advanced Tech for the Visually Impaired

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About STRAP Technologies The device was first developed in Mexico by STRAP Technologies CEO and Founder, Diego Roel, who comes from an extensive background in robotics, new product ideation, R&D and IP strategy. STRAP Technologies is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with a Research and Development lab in Guadalajara, Mexico.

What Is The Forex 3-Session Trading System And How To Leverage It


Once again, this session is dominated by the USD, although the currencies of Canada, Mexico and Brazil also feature prominently during this period. The foreign exchange is unique in the financial market, as it remains accessible to investors 24-hours a day and six days a week.

Brazil 131

Episode 45: Investing and Profitability with Sofia Macias

Mike Michalowicz

She is the author of “Pequeño Cerdo Capitalista: Finanzas Personales para Hippies, Yuppies y Bohemios”, a best-seller published in Mexico in 2011 by Penguin Random House, adapted for Spain in 2014, whose italian version will come out in November 2015. Also Available On. Show Summary. Sofía Macías joins us for Episode 45 of the Profit First Podcast! Sofía shares her story and talks about the importance of investing your money! Our Guest.

HomeAway Joins Forces with Expedia


and Mexico, according to a news release. HomeAway, the world’s biggest marketplace for vacation home rentals, has struck an agreement with Expedia to offer its properties on the popular travel search site. The pilot is expected to launch early next year and it will include properties in the U.S. This is a significant milestone for […] The post HomeAway Joins Forces with Expedia appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin Expedia Homeaway vacation rental properties

My January Holiday Vacation Reading

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We then decamped to Mexico last week for warmth, sun, beach, and books. News flash: there are a lot fewer people at a fancy resort in Mexico in the third week of January.

Hello from Max

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Over the last couple of years, I’ve done this a few times: learning Spanish from zero while living in Mexico, starting to make and release music, and learning how to program while going down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

The Best Science Fiction Books of All Time

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While on vacation in Mexico recovering from my kidney stone surgery, I read a bunch of books including one science fiction book – Nexus by Ramez Naam (he sent me the pre-release.) I love reading science fiction. I started when I was ten-ish and have never stopped. It was awesome. I was talking about science fiction with a friend. We started rattling off our favorite science fiction books.

Mexico 121

Join a conference simulcast near you

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New Hampshire: Portsmouth New Mexico: Albuquerque New York: Brooklyn Ithaca Manhattan North Carolina: Asheville Charlotte Durham Ohio: Athens Cincinnati, The Brandery, 1141 Vine St. One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere.

What Are The Statutes Of Limitations And Why Are They Important? 


3 years – Arkansas; District of Colombia; Maryland; Massachusetts; Michigan; Mississippi; Montana; New Hampshire; New Mexico; New York; North Carolina; Rhode Island; South Carolina; South Dakota; Vermont; Washington; Wisconsin .

Homicides vs. Gun Ownership

Diego Basch

For all countries: For OECD countries: Zoomed in without Mexico and the US: One caveat: the comparison between “countries” is somewhat arbitrary. I took the data and the script from @mdreid ‘s blog post about Gun Deaths vs. Gun Ownership , and plotted Total Murder Rates vs. Gun Ownership out of curiosity. The results are interesting, draw your own conclusions.

Book: Yes, You Can Do This! How Women Start Up, Scale Up, and Build The Life They Want

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I read the final page proofs while I was in Mexico and it is an excellent book. Claudia Reuter , now the Techstars GM Americas East (and previously the Techstars MD for the Stanley+Techstars Additive Manufacturing Accelerator), has a new book coming out called Yes, You Can Do This! How Women Start Up, Scale Up, and Build The Life They Want.

How Cities Can Conserve Water With Pipeline Leak Detection Technology


London, for example, loses approximately 26% of its daily supply to leakage while Mexico City loses approximately 35%. This list of cities, which includes Moscow, Jakarta, Istanbul, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangalore, London, Mexico City, Cairo, São Paulo, and Miami feature more in common than being beacons for tourists; they also share the unenviable distinction of being among the growing number of metropolitan areas facing what’s come to be known as severe “water stress”.

“Visibility” — A Powerful Lesson on DACA and The American Dream from @LeonKrauze

Both Sides of the Table

She was born the daughter of a carpenter from Michiocán, Mexico. She was born in Irapuato, in central Mexico. León Krauze from Univisión gave an impassioned keynote presentation at The Upfront Summit on the topic of “invisibility” of immigrant workers in our society. It moved people to tears, was widely Tweeted and several people asked me to share this video. Invisibility.

Learning Spanish and Liking Horses

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I recently spent two weeks in Mexico. We create narratives about ourselves that become deeply entrenched in our minds and ways of being. Many of them are useless and counterproductive. One of mine is that I am bad at learning languages. This is an artifact from junior high school.

Why I Doubled Down on YouTube Investments with MiTú

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So they began signing up Spanish-language content producers in Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and so forth. They have production facilities in Mexico where they have been creating lower-cost video for traditional TV for many years and they pivoted this facility to producing for YouTube. MiTú will use its $10 million to build out new production facilities in LA and Mexico.

Andrew McCubbins: An Entrepreneur Solving World Problems From Salt Lake City, Utah


Philanthropist Andrew McCubbins has developed his skills and has been directly involved in rescue missions in Haiti and Mexico. Andrew McCubbins is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who has started several successful multibillion-dollar businesses. His businesses range from marketing, Internet marketing, and medical software. He also started a revolutionary telemedicine business which provides 24/7 care to patients from the convenience of their home.

Utah 100