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Money Doesn’t Solve Problems. People Solve Problems.

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One of our favorite VC firms to work with is True Ventures. I’ve made many investments over the years with both Jon Callaghan and Tony Conrad, and I love being a co-investor with them. Recently, Tony told me a great Jon Callaghan quote. “Money Doesn’t Solve Problems. People Solve Problems.” ” I’ve learned this lesson 7,345,123 times. Every successful company I’ve been involved in had a least one near-death experience.

Done Right - a book review

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I was in Shanghai, China recently. As I have told my friends, I ended paying a “tourist tax” everywhere. Moneychangers, gypsy taxi drivers, tour guides who took me to pearl and silk stores where I am sure they got a

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Your New Venture IP Portfolio Sets Investment Value

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A large portion of your competitive advantage and your potential value to investors is the size of your intellectual property portfolio. When someone says Intellectual Property (IP), most entrepreneurs think only of patents.

A brief history of the 21st century: The Enterprise Tech chapter

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People in our industry like to call themselves futurists. My glasses don’t allow me to look that far out. My books have, however, forced me to become a pretty fair historian. In The New Polymath I looked at Renaissance Men. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

How To Optimize Your Google Map Listing For Maximum Conversions?


by Tim Brown, owner of Hook Agency and author of “ Growthhackathon: Digital Marketing on a Budget “ Did you know that online purchases account for only 8.3% of all retail sales in the US ?

15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Make Bold Decisions


Entrepreneurship and decision making go hand-in-hand. Some decisions like firing employees require boldness which is not always a walk in the park. The decisions you make can make or break the future of a business hence due diligence is necessary before making bold decisions.

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RapidDeploy Opens US Headquarters in Austin


By Laura Lorek, Publisher of Silicon Hills News RapidDeploy, a South African company that has created an emergency platform based on cloud technology, is branching out to Austin. The company officially opened its new U.S.

Twitter Link Roundup #354 – Terrific Reads for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Designers!

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The internet is an endless source of available information. Some of that information is great, but there are many manipulative strategies designed to influence our thoughts and opinions. It’s increasingly crucial to be aware of how our beliefs are being formed by external influences.

My leadership team at Dragon Army is reading these books to help us remember the type of company we want to become

Jeff Hilimire

At Dragon Army , our Purpose is to Inspire Happiness. And each quarter, I have the leadership team read a book (or books) on a particular topic, then we use this as the foundation for our quarterly offsite leadership retreat.

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