8 Angel Funding Realities In Search Of A New Venture

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Most entrepreneurs have found by now one or more of the many popular crowdfunding sites , and have the name and contact information for at least one of the big venture capital firms. But many have no insight or connections to the ethereal angel investment community, which In the U.S.

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Beginners’ Guide To Search Engine Advertising


Search engine advertising is more than just a buzzword. What exactly is Search Engine Advertising ? Also commonly referred to as paid search, this is how websites get their ads to appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Any time you search for something online, you’re engaging with search engine advertising. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at how search engine advertising works and how you can use it yourself.

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In Search of Digital Excellence

deal architect

When Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO of Software AG invited me to help with his book The Digital Enterprise: The Moves and Motives of the Digital Leaders, he invoked Tom Peters and his best seller In Search of Excellence. Karl-Heinz said we.

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Search versus Execute

Steve Blank

Search Versus Execution. However, we now know that a startup is a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. If your business model is unknown – that is just a set of untested hypotheses- you are a startup searching for a repeatable business model. Search versus execution is what differentiates a new venture from an existing business unit. Search embraces failure as a natural part of the startup process.

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How to Conduct a Trademark Search for a Business Startup


Prior to using a mark in identifying a specific product or service, there’s a need to perform a clearance search. A clearance search or trademark search determines whether there’s an existing mark. Here is how to conduct a trademark search for a business startup in UAE.

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The New Job Search


by Maureen Francisco, author of “ It Takes Moxie “ The job search landscape continues to change every year. You never know who’s searching. Advice For The Young At Heart career advice career management career planning job hunting job search Maureen FranciscoI would know: my current line of work forces me to be on the forefront of hiring and placing people into positions.

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How Search Engine Optimization Can Bring You More Clients


Most importantly, is your site optimized for search engines and is it attracting the type and number of visitors you’d like? Although Facebook and Twitter account management is beyond the scope of this article, we’ll show you how search engine optimization, or SEO, can help your business gain clients by effectively using the power of the most popular search engine – Google. by On Yavin , founder and CEO of Exactive Marketing LTD.

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Search Engine Optimization Algorithm Changes For 2017


Search engine optimization is a practice used to help your website rank higher in the search results fields of major search engines. Although keywords are important, it is more important to understand what your audience is searching for and how they are using these searches.”. You will need to determine if they are searching using a mobile phone, a tablet or a personal computer. In the past, search engines only utilized one algorithm.

3 Smart, Sustainable Ways to Monitor Your Organic Search Rankings


It’s about making your site accessible to a search crawler and, in turn, easily discoverable for users. Google has been advancing its search algorithm for years, introducing personalization, localization , multi-format search elements , and 0-click SERPs.

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10 Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Search Firm

Startup Professionals Musings

Hyman started his career at the preeminent search firm Heidrick & Struggles, and has built four companies, so he knows the ropes. Here are ten key questions you should ask in selecting any recruiter or firm: What are your search successful completion metrics? Competent recruiters should be willing to share the percentage of searches that they actually complete. Low numbers here may indicate poor vetting of candidates, or an inadequate search.

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8 Reasons To Initiate A Startup While Job Searching

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It’s more fun tackling the challenges of a startup in between job search activities, than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and waiting for status callbacks on interviews (which seem to have gone out of style). business entrepreneur job search startup

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Techniques For A Successful Job Search


Here are four useful techniques to use in your next job search. Finding a job can be a challenging process. How do you show a prospective employer what you’re worth and secure the job? Be prepared to fit in. A job application should tell a story about how your skills and experience are the right fit for the company in question. A future employer is looking for very specific traits in a new hire.

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How To Build An SEO Strategy To Dominate Search Results


Think about what people search for. Consider alternative methods of search. Due to the familiarity of technology, use of mobile phones and growth of voice search, SEO has changed somewhat. How will they find your website – organically, paid search or social? Professionalisms digital marketing Mark Woodcock Online marketing search engine optimisation SEOby Mark Woodcock, founder of Bigfoot Digital.

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SEO News: Google Gets Serious About Mobile Search


The company stated that the changes would help Google adapt to what its users expect from a mobile search. If your business website isn’t mobile-friendly, you could start paying for it in the search results. Because responsive sites have the same URL, traffic never divides up and hurts search rankings. In addition to its search ranking benefits, responsive design maintains a consistent brand message across devices.

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Grow Your Business With Paid Search And Social Media Marketing

YFS Magazine

Grow Marketing & Sales pay per click advertising ppc advertising search engine marketing search engine optimization social media marketingSocial media marketing can work well with any digital marketing strategy, including pay per click (PPC) ads. Here's how to make it happen.

4 Ways Search Engine Optimization Can Help Your Business


It is easy to feel that your small business’ website will be swallowed up and forgotten, which is why search engine optimization, or SEO, is crucial to boost your online visibility. What exactly is search engine optimization? This is because people who are searching for you through Google actually are interested in what you have to offer and are ready to buy. Search engine optimization is crucial for any business, but sometimes can be hard to understand for the beginner.

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8 Visual Search Optimization Tips for Your Business Website

Up and Running

Visual search tools like StyleSnap or Pinterest’s Lens harness the power of advanced neural networks and machine learning, enabling search engines to recognize colors and patterns in user-uploaded images and return relevant search results. In a visual search, the image is the query. Humans are visual creatures, and visual search represents a natural evolution as AI gets closer to developing human-level thinking. Preparing your site for visual search.

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Paid Search Advertising: 18 Tips To Create Effective Google Ads Copy

YFS Magazine

billion searches per day which makes the online search behemoth a prime location to find new customers. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing online marketing pay per click advertising search engine marketingBy YFS Magazine. Google processes over 3.5

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Creating Content that Ranks in Local Search

Duct Tape Marketing

Creating Content that Ranks in Local Search written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. They met through the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant network and have now come together with three other marketing consultants to co-author a book: Content Marketing for Local Search. What you’ll learn if you give a listen: How to strike a balance between optimizing content for Google search and writing content that your prospects actually want to read.

Q2 2015 DDoS Trends – The Fall Of Search Engine Impersonators


Search engine impersonators are bots that pretend to be crawling a website in an attempt to index it and find useful links. Most website owners are more than happy to have the search engine bots (googlebot and bingbot, to name a couple) browsing their website all day long. More indexing = better chance to be at the top of the search results. Others cyber crime Google search algorithm search engine

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8 Ways To Avoid A Terrible Ranking In The Search Results


The websites that have been around longer than you have the advantage of having earned more trust with the search engines (provided they haven’t been penalized for less than scrupulous web practices). An effective keyword strategy is to pursue a few low competition key phrases to compensate for a competitive search term. Optimize for voice search. The bonus in targeting long tail keywords is that you can optimize for voice search at the same time.

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How to Make Your Google Search Snippets More Clickable


An alarming digital marketing trend should scare all online publishers: Organic traffic from Google is vanishing: Google’s latest search elements (featured snippets and People Also Ask) steal clicks from organic listings. On top of all that, most browser-based searches on Google result in zero clicks: Zero-click searches result from Google’s ability to give quick answers on search result pages—current local weather, definitions, solutions to math problems, currency conversions, etc.

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How to Provide Value to Customers AND Get Higher Search-Engine Rankings

Rembrandt Communications

Simple SEO Tips for Your Business In my last post, I discussed what you really need to know about SEO, or search engine optimization, for your business. Basically, you need to provide your customers with valuable information, and the search engines will see this. The post How to Provide Value to Customers AND Get Higher Search-Engine Rankings appeared first on Small business PR and content strategy that boost sales, awareness and credibility fast!

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Search Engine Optimization in Denver: Make Sure Your Business Ranks

The Startup Magazine

It’s safe to say that all of us have used a search engine at one point in our lives. Whatever we search, we get hundreds of results in a matter of seconds. But how do these search engines decide what websites come up at the top of the list? To get the results they need, a search engine will scan every webpage in the worldwide web to get the best information. In a similar way a search engine often keeps an eye out for titles that you use in your websites.

Why You Can’t Search for a Job From a Remote Location

Both Sides of the Table

I usually slip into counsel mode and tell them it’s a lost cause unless they’re truly committed to living in that city and if they are they should move there first and job search second. Intuitively you know it’s kind of obvious that you can’t realistically search remotely but it’s hard to make a commitment to actually moving unless you’re confident you’d get a great job so you have a chicken-and-egg problem of “what if I move there and don’t find the right job!?!”

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Optimize for Branded Search to Create a More Effective Sales Funnel


One of the most powerful ways to create a more effective sales funnel is to analyze and optimize your branded search. In this article, I’ll share why branded search is so important and how it can help you improve your rankings and sales. What is branded search?

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Search: Not Provided: What Remains, Keyword Data Options, the Future

Occam's Razor

In late 2011, Google announced an effort to make search behavior more secure. This encrypted their search queries from any prying eyes, and kept from being passed on to websites the users visits after seeing search results. Following revelations of NSA activities via Mr. Snowden, Google has now switched almost all users to secure search, resulting in even more user search queries showing up as not provided in all web analytics tools. Monthly Searches.

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Monday Motivation: IF YOU SEARCH YOU WILL FIND – Jim Rohn


Search in order to find. The post Monday Motivation: IF YOU SEARCH YOU WILL FIND – Jim Rohn appeared first on Hearpreneur. This motivational video is to help CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners start the week off on the right foot.

NextView Investment Themes: A Search for Authenticity

View from Seed

The post NextView Investment Themes: A Search for Authenticity appeared first on The View From Seed. At NextView, we’ve long had a set of ethos or guiding principles behind all we do, which includes internal work as a team, external work as investors, and the lens through which we view seed-stage startups and their founding teams.

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Startups Stick with Organic vs Paid Search Results

Startup Professionals Musings

Probably every one of you who has a business and a website have been approached through email or personal contact, and asked to spend money on paid search results (appear on the first page of search results, right hand column, despite low SEO rank). What most people don’t realize is that, according to new research , 90% of search engine users rarely look at the paid results. This is NOT the same as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Search Intent: How to Analyze and Optimize Your Site


For sustainable, valuable search traffic, you’d better provide it. Satisfying search intent is Google’s fundamental goal. A page that’s well-matched for user intent can outperform those that optimize primarily for search engines—in search and after the click. How Google (and others) define search intent. For Google, understanding search intent is the key to returning useful search results. These informational queries are the bulk of searches.

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The 21-Day Job Search: 5 Tips To Ensure Success


It is possible, however, if you diligently apply the following tips: Make Your Job Search Your Job. Use the hours you would normally spend at the office for your job search and approach it with a professional, goal-oriented attitude. Granted, treating your job search like a job isn’t possible if you already have a job and are just looking for a change. Scheduling time in your routine for your job search is key in quickly finding the employment. by Teddy Hunt.

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Why Paid Search Must Be Part of Your Mix

Duct Tape Marketing

Why Paid Search Must Be Part of Your Mix written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. If anything, the importance of advertising in general, and of paid search in particular, has increased in the past few years. So let’s take a closer look at paid search.

High Cost Of PPC For Legal Searches Makes SEO Attractive To Law Firms


However, for the purpose of explaining why legal searches have a high PPC cost, we now put an emphasis on seasonality. Others law online advertising Online marketing pay-per-click search engine optimization SEOThe title says it all. Much like how movie titles seem to already divulge the plot and what’s bound to happen. And yet, despite what could be perceived as a misguided sharing of information, why is it then that people still flock to the cinemas?

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The First Page of Your Google Search is Your New Business Card

Duct Tape Marketing

The First Page of Your Google Search is Your New Business Card written by Sara Nay read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Agency Spark Podcast with With Dean Heasley.

Your Guide to Google Search Console

Duct Tape Marketing

Your Guide to Google Search Console written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Combined with the text below you should have a pretty good feel for how to use the new Google Search Console. One of the tools that deserve a lot of attention these days is Google Search Console, so I thought I’d cover some of the basics here to help get you started. Google AdWords : For a lot of small business owners, paid search is the way they generate leads and customers.

Memories of an Unconnected Era: Searching for Sugar Man

Both Sides of the Table

So that brings me to Searching for Sugar Man. So they go “Searching for Sugar Man.” Note: please don't read the comments section if you haven't seen the film Searching for Sugar Man as it's possible that the circumstances of his life and the story of his stage death will be discussed there.]. Many people reading this will be digital natives. These are people who don’t remember an era in which we were unconnected.

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Voice Search Strategy: Surviving (and Thriving) in Ecommerce and B2B


Earlier this year, at CXL Live , you asked us about voice search (a lot). How will voice search work given the human urge to shop around? Are there use cases for voice search in B2B? Not everyone will benefit from the disruption caused by voice search. Voice search will make some companies less competitive, like non-Amazon sellers of commodity goods. Are you sure voice search isn’t just a fad? Technical optimization: A baseline for voice search strategy.

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PPC Automation: Is the Future of Paid Search Already Here?


Google dominates the search market, with about two-thirds market share ( roughly 90% if you include image and YouTube searches). So, if you’re looking for new business and easy scalability, the search network is one of your quickest routes. I’ll break this down into four major strategies within a search account: Bidding. But wait: What about Responsive Search Ads (RSAs)? Set the time frame for which you want to pull search-term data.

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The Most Useful Ways To Utilize Google Search Console

Duct Tape Marketing

The Most Useful Ways To Utilize Google Search Console written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. It’s the world’s largest search engine, and it’s often the place people go to discover new brands that can solve the problem they’re facing. All of this to say that how and where you appear in Google search results matters. Knowing how and where you rank on Google for certain search terms is vital information for a business owner to have.

3 Tips To Help Small Businesses Get More Customers In A Post-Google Search World


Because of the explosion of social media and mobile as the primary, go-to consumer device for local information, Google is increasingly losing search share to local directories, social media sites and maps apps. In the local space, about 50% 1 of searches are done on directories and map apps – further fragmenting an already dizzying number of ways customers find out and select small businesses. is one of the most critical local search ranking factors in Google and Maps.

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What Does the Future of Paid Search Look Like?

Duct Tape Marketing

What Does the Future of Paid Search Look Like? Paid search has been an important channel in a comprehensive marketing strategy for years now. Here, I’ll share some of my thoughts about what to expect from the future of paid search. Automation has become an increasingly critical part of paid search. We’ve seen Google Ads offer marketers the ability to create multiple headlines and descriptions for ads as a part of its responsive search ads program.

Bizshark Helps You Search For Business Contacts (Or Sales Leads)


If you’re not aware, Pasedena, California-based online business search platform Bizshark ( www.bizshark.com ) has a business contact search platform that helps business-to-business (B2B) sales professionals, small businesses, freelancers, journalists and others who are looking for a way to create and manage business relationships. Products & Services Bizshark business contacts business relationships contact database contact management online search

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