Rest in Peace Stephen Hawking

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Beyond astrophysics, he extended our concept of human ability. The Future

Innovation, Change and the Rest of Your Life

Steve Blank

I gave the Alumni Day talk at U.C. Santa Cruz and had a few things to say about innovation. —-. Even though I live just up the coast, I’ve never had the opportunity to start a talk by saying “Go Banana Slugs.”. I’m honored for the opportunity to speak here today. We’re standing 15 air miles away from the epicenter of technology innovation. The home of some of the most valuable and fastest growing companies in the world.

Every Entrepreneur Needs Holidays To Rest And Relax

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You earned it, and you need the rest. entrepreneur holiday season rest startup It’s been a challenging business year, but I hope you are all taking some time off this long holiday weekend, to celebrate with the family.

Janesville – A Story About the Rest of America

Steve Blank

The level of despair and anger of the workers the companies and politicians and the rest of the country abandoned is high. I just read book – Janesville – that reminded me again of life outside the bubble. Janesville, tells the story of laid-off factory workers of a General Motors factory that’s never going to reopen. It’s a story about a Midwest town and the type of people I knew and worked alongside.

Attend Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest in Denver on 10/4

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I’ll be joining Steve Case on a panel from 3pm – 4pm on 10/4 as part of the Rise of the Rest Denver trip. Lee Mayer (Havenly), Jackie Ros (Revolar), and Jenna Walker (Artifact Uprising) will also be part of it, followed by the Rise of the Rest pitch competition and a happy hour with Steve. The post Attend Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest in Denver on 10/4 appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Denver 176

Greensboro man charged in rest area peeping incident

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

LEXINGTON — A Greensboro man has been accused of taking photographs of a person who was using the restroom at a rest area in Davidson County

Feeling Stressed? You Might Actually Be Resting Too Much

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The counterintuitive truth according to experts: too much rest can actually add to your stress. The Inc.

17 Daily Habits Highly Successful People Have (and the Rest of us Probably Don't)

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The things you repeatedly do define your quality of life. Productivity

Goodbye Granddad…rest in peace.

Mark Birch

Goodbye Granddad…rest in peace. family grandfather

11 First Sentences That Guarantee the Rest of Your Email Won't Get Read

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Even if your intentions are professional and sincere. Strategy

Veteran Grubb named crew chief for rest of Kahne's season

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

AP) — Hendrick Motorsports has replaced driver Kasey Kahne's crew chief for the rest of the season CONCORD, N.C. (AP)

Work and rest in a startup

I arrived here a couple of days ago and I’ve been pondering the relationship between work and rest in a startup. Experimenting with work and rest. Do you experiment with work and rest? work rest renewal startupI’m writing this from Javea, Spain.

Does Rest Of World Matter More Than The US?

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I spent some time on Comscore this morning looking at US vs Rest Of World traffic for some of the largest web properties. There's a lot of money "rest of world" and I suspect that will only be more and more true over time.

Rest Your Weary Fingers — Voice Activation Is Coming To A CRM Near You


A future once at our fingertips now rests at the tips of our tongues. by John Oechsle, CEO of Swiftpage. We spend a lot of time talking to our gadgets these days.

Why Chloe Kim is Different than the Rest of Us.and How you Can Nab her Medal

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What most people don't realize is that the best time to move to the next level is when you are already winning.

Clone The Best, Dump The Rest

Mike Michalowicz

Dump The Rest – A colossally successful business has the discipline to dump (refer out to other vendors or simply disengage) the worst, and a strategy to avoid working with them in the first place. Clone the best, and dump the rest. The Good.

A Few Economic Indicators To Watch The Rest Of 2017


by Stephen Ng, author of “ 10 Financial Mistakes You Should Avoid: Strategies Designed to Help Keep Your Money Safe and Growing “ According to the Washington Post, economic growth was slow in the United States during the first quarter of 2017, moving along at only 0.7 percent.

Freeze warning overnight for Triad, rest of central NC

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning for all of central North Carolina beginning at midnight

Science Has Your Back, Introverts: New Research Says Spending Time Alone is the Best Way to Rest

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Whether you're introverted or extroverted, success, work/life balance, and your brain's health all depend on avoiding burnout and knowing how to rest.

Report: Father of 4 paralyzed in I-85 rest area shooting

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

KANNAPOLIS — A father of four has been paralyzed from the waist down after being shot at a rest stop on southbound Interstate 85 in Cabarrus County

Hornets lose backup PG Carter-Williams for rest of season

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) AP) — Hornets point guard Michael Carter-Williams needs surgery on his left shoulder and will miss the remainder of the season

5 Tips For Wrapping Your Database With a REST API

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To help you avoid these common issues, I have outlined 5 tips that will help you when building your next REST API around your backend database. The post 5 Tips For Wrapping Your Database With a REST API appeared first on LaunchAny.

4 Habits That Will Keep You Rested, Motivated, and Productive Next Week (Despite Daylight Saving Time This Weekend)

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Time changes present problems to people but it doesn't have to be that way. Using these 4 simple habits will help you handle Daylight Saving Time. The Inc.

Rest in Peace

The Entrepreneurial Mind

A Day of Rest: 12 Scientific Reasons It Works

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Most major religions call for a day of rest.scienceagrees.

Atlantic mackerel fishery will be restricted rest of year

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The East Coast mackerel fishery will face new restrictions because fishermen have exceeded their limit for two other species

Infographic: This is When You Get the Best Night of Rest (Hint: It's Not Sunday)

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When is the best night to get a good night's rest? A new sleep study via the Calm app gives the scientific best and worst times to sleep. The Inc.

Georgia is Trying to Punish Delta for Cutting Ties With the NRA. Why That's Bad for the Rest of Us

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Why Georgia's actions could set a bad precedent, regardless of your stance on guns. The Inc.

“Life Will Take Care of the Rest”

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Life will take care of the rest. A few months ago, Nathan Heller wrote a fantastic review of William Deresiewicz’s book, a book that argues that elite colleges are bad for the soul. The close of Nathan’s piece makes an important point with a light touch: Beneath [Deresiewickz’s] fury at the failings of higher education is an almost religious belief in its potential. The stakes are, in truth, lower than he thinks.

The Most Successful Startup Founders Have These Skills (and Hire for the Rest)

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New researcher shows the most successful startups have technical founders who quickly hire business-minded teammates. Innovate

Busy and Stressed? 1 Thing That's Key to Getting More Rest

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Here's how to force yourself to chill out and rest Feel the urge to be busy all the time?

Prosecutors rest in trial over shooting of unarmed black man

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) AP) — North Carolina prosecutors have finished presenting evidence against a white homeowner who shot an unarmed black man after complaining about "hoodlums" in his neighborhood

UK mCommerce penetration higher than the rest of the west

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It’s good to see UK shoppers turning to their phones to shop more than the rest of the western world because UK companies will innovate faster on mobile as a result. The chart above is from the ever useful Criteo State of Mobile Commerce report.

Earnhardt to miss rest of NASCAR season with concussion

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

METAL XMAS MONDAY: God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman performed by.

Mark Birch

METAL XMAS MONDAY: God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman performed by Ronnie James Dio, Tommy Iommi, Rudy Sarzo and Simon Wright - When you think of Christmas, do you have visions of metal horns, black leather, deathly screams, and obscenely loud music? God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman Ronnie James Dio Tommy Iommi Christmas carol metal Metal Monday Rudy Sarzo Simon Wright

12 Ways Successful People Get More Done Than The Rest of Us

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Successful people are not more gifted, they just work hard, then succeed on purpose.

Melinda Gates Just Broke Down How Workplaces are Failing Workers (and the Rest of Us)

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The philanthropist says our offices are stuck in another era. Innovate

4 Nighttime Habits That Will Keep You More Rested, Motivated, and Productive (and They Only Take 5 Minutes)

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While morning routines are important, it's even more important to focus on your night routines and habits because they shape your next day and beyond. The Inc.

Northeast Elites Use Email More Than Rest of Country

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A recent study reveals workers in different states use email differently and at different times of day

CNN's Jake Tapper Gives Brilliant Career Advice to Millennials (And the Rest of Us)

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Jake Tapper's commencement speech at Dartmouth broke the mold by being engaging and engulfed in wisdom.