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Innovation, Change and the Rest of Your Life

Steve Blank

I gave the Alumni Day talk at U.C. Santa Cruz and had a few things to say about innovation. Even though I live just up the coast, I’ve never had the opportunity to start a talk by saying “Go Banana Slugs.”. I’m honored for the opportunity to speak here today. We’re standing 15 air miles away from the epicenter of technology innovation.

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Ways To Make Your Startup Stand Out From The Rest


Here’s how you can make your startup stand out from the rest of the crowd. When starting a new business, one thing quickly becomes clear – everyone else is doing it too! Have a Clear Ethos and Message. At the heart of every great business, there is some kind of message or ethos.

Startup 100

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Book: The Rise of the Rest

Feld Thoughts

Steve Case’s new book, The Rise of the Rest: How Entrepreneurs in Surprising Places are Building the New American Dream , is out. He created Rise of Rest and did the first of many bus tours in 2014. The post Book: The Rise of the Rest appeared first on Brad Feld. I read it on Sunday, and it is outstanding.

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The 5 Components Of Resting Hard


I encourage you to make your 2020 mantra, “Work hard, play hard — REST hard.”. People often think taking time to rest and relax equals unproductivity, when in fact the opposite is true. In order to be successful high-performers and get the best results, we need a balance of work, play, and rest. Comprehension. Self-Awareness.

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6 Ways To Make Your Solution Stand Out Above The Rest

Startup Professionals Musings

I’m often surprised when you as an aspiring entrepreneur, looking for investors, tell me your solution is so innovative that you don’t have to worry about differentiating it from competitors, and customers will flock to it without a real marketing campaign.

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Every Entrepreneur Needs Holidays To Rest And Relax

Startup Professionals Musings

You earned it, and you need the rest. entrepreneur holiday season rest startup' So you should fully appreciate the right to decide to take some time off, and enjoy the family. Take time this holiday season to savor the dream. Happy Holidays! Marty Zwilling.

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Will WeWork finally put our image of a "backable" founder to rest?

This is going to be BIG.

There’s one thing that no one can ever take away from Adam Neumann—he was world class at fundraising. His ability to tell a story and gain investor confidence was unmatched relative to the underlying progress of the company. He exuded confidence told people he was going to change the world.

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