What's Your Burn Rate Mean?

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Forecast your cash position and sleep more soundly.


The example we crafted proved that companies can easily find themselves strapped for cash during periods of rapid growth as well as in downturns. There are many techniques and time horizons for forecasting cash. Each week, the actual cash position is updated and the past week dropped from the forecast and a new week added. This format is much more relevant to management that a monthly forecast when cash is tight, allowing for weekly planning in advance.

The Power of a Rolling 120-Day Cash Flow Forecast

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Here's a simple method to regain control of your cash flow (and why your P&L "profit" is often a misleading indicator of your cash position).

3 Musts For Better Cash Flow Management

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Cash is mission critical for any business and running out of it is the number 1 startup killer. Generating tons of revenue and showing a lot of accounts receivables (A/R) mean little if you don’t also have adequate cash in the bank to keep the lights on. Keeping a laser focus on your cash position and always maintaining a healthy operating runway are two of your main tasks as a founder. Apply a scientific approach to monitoring and understanding your cash flow.

Cash Rich Companies

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It is estimated that there is as much as $2 trillion in cash on the balance sheets of public companies in the U.S. Instead what appears to be happening is that companies are using their strong cash positions to embark on a new age of M&A , pay down debt , and buy back stocks … none of which will lead to job creation alone.

Parallel Processing Inside Your Company

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Many of them talk openly about the cash position, the challenges and opportunities in front of the business. I've had the pleasure of serving on a Board with Scott Weiss for the past six years. Scott is one of the best entrepreneurs/executives I know. Sadly, he's given up being a CEO to become a VC. That's the kind of competition I do not need. Scott wrote a post on his partner Ben Horowitz' blog on Friday. I got around to reading it this morning.

How to Improve Financial Metrics That Matter

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In addition to improving cash levels and earnings, cutting expenses, and reducing debt, companies seeking credit should consider focusing on improving key financial metrics that can best predict default. Cash-assets ratio. Every entrepreneur will tell you cash is king,” notes M.

APPLE - Mind Blowing Facts


billion in cash that $AAPL has is higher than the market value of 448 of the companies in the S&P 500. If Apple was a country, its market cap would make it 29th biggest nation, its annual revenue would make it the 52nd, its cash position 66th, and its earnings 79th, in terms of GDP ( Global Macro Monitor ). • Apple reclaimed the title of the world’s most valuable company $415B vs Exxon Mobil’s $413B ( Yahoo Finance ). • The $97.6

Containing Growth Chaos: Five Things To Do When Your Company Is On The Upswing


Manage cash flow. At my company, our cash position is reviewed every week, come rain or shine. This top-of-mind awareness and intentionality with our cash keep us agile and enable us to take on new opportunities.

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One of the key levers I believe exists in the Indian market is to survive at very low burn rates, or even turn cash positive while still experimenting with the core idea. Very interesting post on why “fail fast&# philosophy might be ill-founded. I think partly this mantra is open to interpretation - if an idea is not working, do you wish to spend $10M on it and then realize it, or quicker?

Guide through the Balance Sheet & its Key Terms | Deimar.


into cash. Cash and cash equivalents: bank accounts, cash. relation is reflected in the cash position of the company. Capital employed (CE) = fixed assets + investments + inventory + accounts receivable + cash – accounts payable and short terms loans.

Selling Smart: Not All Sales Are Good Sales

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While the company’s sales figures increase, its profitability often narrows to a point where cash flow issues occur. In the worst case scenario, the company lapses into a negative cash position.

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How Integrating Business Software Can Maximise Profitability


Speed Up the Cash Flow Cycle. How long does it take from the time an order is placed until payment is received from your client and your cash flow accounts are brought up to date? by Lynsey Bowen, branding and marketing consultant for ConnectMyApps.

How Much Funding Should You Raise?

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There will be limited options, and you are in an extremely poor negotiation position in front of the very few investors who may still be interested. Initially, you should get an accurate view of the current cash position. More is always better, right?

The Financial Wealth Ratio

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And while trading large capital assets may generate actual cash returns, that return is singular and only available at the point of transaction. Unless we happen to be in the business of trading assets, it doesn’t provide a true month to month reflection on our cash position.

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Two of those disconnects are highlighted in the book by spouse Alexandra Antonioli: divergent perspectives on money (“A person who has always worked a salaried position from 9 to 5 arguably does not view money in the same way as the entrepreneur”) and time (“entrepreneurs like to overbook.

The Tipping Point (E-Commerce Version)

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Penney continues to be in the intensive-care unit, with declining sales and substantial losses, and the SEC just launched a probe “requesting information regarding the company’s liquidity, cash position, and debt and equity financing.”.

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Why First Round Capital funded a lawsuit

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And since Techforward had invested so much money working on the Best Buy deal, the cash position of the company was not looking good. You can imagine the scene in the board room. The CEO of our portfolio company, Techforward , is discussing a “make the company opportunity" -- Best Buy wants us to to power their nation-wide buyback program. And Best Buy is talking about launching it with a Super Bowl commercial!

Mis-labeled bubble: it's the structure, not the valuation

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And even more than poor investment discipline, I think these structures are placing the start-ups raising the capital in a very precarious, high-volatility position. We’re building fast but we’re burning cash. All this spells a worsening cash position with no help in sight. I’ve lived through bubbles. Lots of them. They are powerful, make a few extremely rich and many wondering what happened to their pocketbooks and their pride.

Create Structure out of the Gate and You’ll Thank Yourself Later

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The first material update goes out to the investors, with lots of positive quotes from VPs at potential customers, and they all indicate future product acceptance if a bunch of other stuff gets in place. A review of the cash position, burn rate, and execution plan would have revealed there was not enough cash on hand to nail the pivot while leaving 3-6 months of time in market before raising again. Ari Newman is an entrepreneur, mentor, investor, and a friend.

9 Things That Tell You To Pivot


You are burning cash. Cash is king, always has been and always will be. The type of Pivot required will depend on your business and where it is currently positioned. by Jon Leighton, Director of digital agency iResources and founder of neatly.io.

Board Meeting Management

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The market, product, competition, customers, team, etc are moving and changing quickly and frequent board meetings to discuss resource allocation, trade-offs, strategy, financial position, etc are critical. The frenetic pace of start-up life often leaves a CEO incapable of doing more than simply report state - cash position, sales pipeline, product development, customers. Start-up boards typically meet once a month.

10 Things Every Small Business Needs To Do

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You need to manage your cash. The number one reason small businesses go bankrupt is lack of cash , not lack of profits. You need to do good cash planning, and really understand the levers in your business that can affect your cash.

If it can be counted, the CFO owns it.


And it extends beyond the usual interpretation of the CFO position in many companies. Looking at it that way, there is a check and balance for all departments and individuals ordering materials of any size that affect the cash position and profitability of the company.

3 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Business

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Note that it's not a "manage for cash" position; the business still funds investment that is necessary to maintain growth. These three avenues will help you focus on the core while capturing new growth opportunities.

What Is the Hypernet?

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Skype is perfectly positioned for mobile, especially in the developing world, and Microsoft got it for a small fraction of its strategic value. The key point here is that Apple’s position of market dominance is unstable. by Roger McNamee.


Large Companies - New Equation of Big Company Behavior

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Start-ups move 7x faster as the urgency of the next fund raising, competitive threat, cash position, etc. Start-up time is to dog years as enterprise time is to human years. drive Herculean efforts. A familiar start-up complaint is that the contrast in cadence (btwn small and nimble and big and slow) is incredibly frustrating. The time it takes to negotiate on OEM deal, partner with, sell to.large companies is often maddening.

Should I consider factoring to smooth-out my cash flow?

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Balancing your cash flow. If your supplier only extends you 30 days credit, and you are offering net 30 days to your customer, depending on your processing and manufacturing time, you could be out of cash for the amount of the cost of the product, for up to 60 days.

When to Grow and When to Cut

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They were fortunate enough to build up a significant cash position prior to the downturn, which gave them more options than most companies. Companies need to be strategic about growth investments as well as strategic expense reductions. The timing of each is not always obvious.

How To Ace Your Most Important Hire

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Better Debt Your investors monitor the debt markets, looking for opportunities to improve the company’s balance sheet and extract cash even before a sale. Is there a way to delay cash outflows and speed up inflows?

The Dark Side of Equity Crowdfunding

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If your company can be cash-flow positive with one round of financing, equity crowd funding might work for you. But if your idea is truly huge, you may prefer to have professionals on your side.

Exciting Job Opportunity as a Controller

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Manage and participate in day-to-day financial operations and processes, including AP, AR, cash, payroll, invoicing/billing, collections, and fixed asset records. Manage the company’s cash position, including oversight of the company’s transaction processing systems and interfaces to processing vendors. A company I have been involved with for a while is seeking to hire a controller to be in Durham, NC.

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Get Your Cash Faster: 7 Shrewd Tips

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Cash flow is the most important financial item for a small business owner to pay attention to. While working with customers this large gives us some assurances and benefits, fast-moving cash flow is not one of them. Here are seven ways to recoup your company's cash faster: 1.

Year-End To-Do List: Write Your Company's Obituary Now

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The Problem Although some businesses can generate sufficient profits early on to stay relatively safe, many face what is in front of Schwartz: the need to drive up revenue and drive down costs quickly enough to become cash positive before on-hand reserves run out.

The Key Elements of the Financial Plan

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Cash flow statement. ” Cash flow statement. A cash flow statement (also called a “statement of cash flows”) is an explanation of how much cash your business brought in, how much cash it paid out, and what its ending cash balance was, typically per-month.

You Missed Your Number. Now What?

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Stay on top of cash Businesses with debt don’t fail when they lose money -- they fail when they can’t meet their outbound payments to a vendor, a lender or employees. Your bankers and investors are going to want to know about this one. How to handle it--and them.

King Files with the SEC, prepares to IPO


As for why they''re going public, the prospectus states: As you’ll see in the financial results section of this document, we have a substantial cash position and no debt, and we have been cash flow positive since 2005. Big IPO news for the region.

RideAustin SXSW Key Learnings — and wow — there were a lot…

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For the drivers who position themselves in the highest volume areas, and take as many rides as possible — earnings were around $30/hour (with driving-time earnings of $66/hour).

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WayTooEarly: How Long Is The Honeymoon


It is clear to me that the second honeymoon starts once youre cash positive. Fred Adler, a noted early NY based venture capitalist, had a sign on his wall that said "Happiness is positive cash flow." " If you have positive cash flow, you have time to solve problems, deal with personnel, product and other issues. And when youre raising money, there is no honeymoon till you have enough cash for another year. WayTooEarly.

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In principle, managers should give their reports constant, regular feedback, positive and negative, on the quality of their work, in the " One Minute Manager " style. (If I should mention that Fog Creek is just starting, were a new company, and we dont have a lot of cash.