Exploring The Everyday: Janji Wants You To Change The World By Running

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We travel to locations, for example Bolivia, and work with artists and makers there to design apparel. We’re also doing trips to Bolivia, Cambodia and we’re even going to do one in Vermont, which I know seems to be a little out there.

8 Challenges When Scaling Your New Venture Worldwide

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Even the venerable McDonald’s failed to recognize that in Bolivia, their price per meal was off the charts compared to indigenous alternatives.

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The Potential for Fraud Caused by the Unnecessary Mystery of the Family Office World

This is going to be BIG.

Of course I am—Bolivia is a landlocked country.) About a year ago, I received a LinkedIn connection from Richard Briggs—a Brooklyn Law Grad who spend 25 successful years at Lehman and was operating his own family office.

New Story and 3D Printed Homes

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In the past four years, New Story has funded over 2,200 homes, building 17 communities for over 11,000 people across Mexico, Haiti, El Salvador, and Bolivia. In July 2015, I wrote about New Story asking readers to crowdfund one $6k house for a family in Haiti.

Invest in Israel Newsletter January 2012

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based in Lima, Peru, owns power stations producing 3,000 megawatts in seven countries: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Panama, El Salvador, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic.

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Real Unfair Advantages

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

No wait, I forgot, actually the question is: What happens when employee #2 makes off with your code and roadmap and marketing data and customer list, moves to Bolivia, and starts selling your stuff world-wide at one-tenth the price?

Five years ago exactly, I started my round the world trip

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If you speak French you will be able to learn how I ended up sleeping in toilets at the top of the Fuji Mount or how I found myself hunting for anacondas in Bolivia.