Sun, Sand, and Software: Why Miami is Fired-Up for Tech


People who say Austin is the “next Silicon Valley” have obviously never been to Miami. Miami has its tropical climate, world-class art scene, and ample business crowd, technology companies have found a new home-sweet-home, leaving locals wondering what took so long? The post Sun, Sand, and Software: Why Miami is Fired-Up for Tech appeared first on ReadWrite. Entrepreneurs Lifestyle Startups Miami Miami lifestyle Miami nightlife

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Meet Leidy Mazo: The Miami Artist Creating Pop Art and Sculptures

YFS Magazine

Leidy Mazo, the rising Miami-based pop artist behind coveted pop art paintings and large contemporary 3D sculptures, talks with YFS Magazine. People Success Profiles art art business art investing editor picks people recommended

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[ADV] Get The Best Exhibition Stands In Miami Beach Easily


Cease your search if you’re looking for stylish and trendy exhibition stands in Miami Beach that can easily bring visitors directly to your own brand without looking at others. Nstands Design Bespoke And Powerful Exhibition Stand In Miami.

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Miami Business Consulting: Top reasons why you need one

Our Own Start-up

Growth Strategies Business Consulting enhancing performance enhancing productivity Miami Business Consulting need of Business consulting why you need Business consultingBusiness consultants hardly ever use the term “issue.” Instead, they speak about value-enhancing possibilities.

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Endeavor Miami Takes on Scaleup Challenge

The Startup Magazine

The Endeavor Miami group is one scaleup accelerator that is overcoming those challenges and having an impact on both their community and the broader world. Endeavor Miami was the first US office of the Endeavor Global organization of worldwide scaleup accelerators. Endeavor Miami is uniquely positioned to bridge the US to Latin America, which gives them the potential for a far-reaching impact. Endeavor Miami Entrepreneurs with Laura Maydon.

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Miami: A hot spot for venture capitalists

David Teten

(from my guest column in the Miami Herald ). A few weeks ago, I had my first-ever opportunity to visit the Miami startup ecosystem. You might assume the event took place in Sao Paolo or Mexico City, but no, it was in Miami, and will be again in 2014. The decision to host the conference in Miami is hardly unfounded. Miami is one of the fastest growing new startup hubs in the US. I am confident that the best innovation in Miami is yet to come.

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Miami panel, June 17, on Angel Investing 101 – Best Practices

David Teten

The HBS Club of South Florida is hosting me at a panel discussion on “Angel Investing 101 – Best Practices”, Monday, June 17, 2013, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM, at Greenburg Traurig, 333 SE 2nd Avenue, 44th Floor, Miami, FL 331312. Daniel Echavarria, Director of The Lab Miami, and CEO of El Paso Advisors. I hope you can join us in Miami !

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Southern Innovation: I’ll be in Miami and Atlanta in the next few weeks

This is going to be BIG.

I’ll be at Startup Riot on Wednesday, February 16th and Superconf in Miami on the 25th and 26th. As much as I trumpet New York City as *the* place to build a company nowadays, I’m a full supporter of the meme of building where you are and what suits your company best.

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Telling It Straight: Blogging Goals For 2011 From Miami Mitch by Yaro Starak

It’s that time of year once again, and while some people call them New Year’s resolutions, I’ll stick with what they called it back when I was part of the corporate world: Goal Setting. I never had any goals when I started my blog, mainly because I didn’t know what I was doing. Now that it is a business and my main source of income, I have definite goals.

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More New Renaissance

deal architect

on the innovation blog Miami’s free outdoor gyms IBM’s Dr. Watson Autodesk’s Sketchbook Tidal Power. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

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More New Florence

deal architect

Miami’s New World. on the innovation blog New Life for the Palm WebOS “Content Mills” A bank or an Apple Store? The Universal Flu shot? Innovative Business Uses of Technology

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Startup a Business in Florida – Everything You Need to Know

The Startup Magazine

The Lab Miami. Entrepreneurship Legal insight business expenses business license business loan Business plan Customer base Endeavor Florida Insurance loans Location miami scaleup start a business Startup company state income taxesFewer places are better to start a business than the ‘Sunshine State.’ For starters, there are no state income taxes in Florida, so your business expenses and financial obligations are going to be lower than others.

5 Team Engagement Principles Are Vital To Leadership

Startup Professionals Musings

The new principles of engagement, as well as the dysfunctions of the old, are well illustrated in the insightful classic book, “ Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami? ” He found the dysfunctional engagement that sent snow blowers to his store in Miami every year.

Developers Break Ground on Natiivo Austin, a High-Rise Hotel Built for Homesharing


based in Miami. The transformation of Rainey Street District continues with the groundbreaking Thursday morning on Natiivo Austin. The high-rise building at 48 East Avenue is being built for home-sharing by Austin-based Pearlstone Partners and Newgard Development Group., The condos allow owners to own, stay and share their condos and is powered by Airbnb, a […]. The post Developers Break Ground on Natiivo Austin, a High-Rise Hotel Built for Homesharing appeared first on SiliconHills.

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What paddleboarding has taught me about being a balanced entrepreneur

The Next Web

Founding and running a successful business requires many skills, and propelling one’s self on a board in Miami waters is decidedly not the first one that comes to mind. If I told you that I credit paddleboarding to my success in entrepreneurship, you’d probably laugh me out of the boat, or the board — and I wouldn’t blame you!

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Businesses Need Employee Engagement More Than Process

Startup Professionals Musings

The new principles of engagement, as well as the dysfunctions of the old, are well illustrated in the insightful classic book, “ Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami? ” He found the dysfunctional engagement that sent snow blowers to his store in Miami every year.

Phunware on Acquisition Roll

Austin Startup

Phunware, the pioneer of Multiscreen as a Service (MaaS), the first fully integrated services platform that enables brands to engage, manage and monetize their anytime anywhere users worldwide, today announced that it has acquired Miami based Simplikate.

Best Locations In The US For A Tech Startup


If you are looking for a promising tech hub to base your company in, you should strongly consider the following cities: Miami. Known as one of hottest vacation spots in the United States, Miami has been attracting quite a few tech startups over the last few years. Citrix, one of the most trusted names in remote computing, was based in Fort Lauderdale, and the Alienware brand of gaming desktops started operating in South Miami.

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The 4 Best Cities In America For Startups


Miami. For both lifestyle and business, Miami has a lot going for it. Miami has had an on and off relationship with dot com development for over 25 years. So, you’ve got the bug to work for yourself? There is no doubt about it, the appeal of startup culture is inarguable. It represents our chance to get away from the nine to five grind, stop taking orders, and start working for yourself.

Austin Ranks First in the Nation as the Best Place for Startups


Austin claimed the top spot, followed by New York, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington, Miami, Los Angeles and Houston. Austin ranks first in the nation for the best place for startups, according to a new survey from Sungard Availability Services. The survey ranked the cities based on startup survival rates, graduate talent and density […] The post Austin Ranks First in the Nation as the Best Place for Startups appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

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After Two Years in Stealth-Mode, Austin-based Wanchain Launches Digital Currency Platform


After working in stealth mode for two years in China and Austin, Wanchain launched its digital currency platform this week at a Bitcoin conference in Miami. Tokenization of assets is at its inflection point. With cryptocurrencies now worth over $700 billion, the digital economy is growing wildly, but there is a problem,” Jack Lu, Founder, […]. The post After Two Years in Stealth-Mode, Austin-based Wanchain Launches Digital Currency Platform appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

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Austin and San Antonio Ranked Top Metros for Startups


The five metros with the highest startup activity in the 2016 index were Austin, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Austin is the top spot in the country for startup activity and San Antonio earns the 13th spot on the Kauffman Foundation’s latest Startup Index. Austin ranked at the top spot in 2015 […] The post Austin and San Antonio Ranked Top Metros for Startups appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin San Antonio

5 Innovative Marketing Ideas To Grow Your Dental Practice


Lamas Dental is doing a fantastic job at it, as their ads only cater to an audience present in Miami. When someone types ‘dentists in Miami’ in the search bar, the results are presented in the form of maps. Looking for a dentist is the last thing you would want to have on your wish list. Let us face it; a dental appointment usually involves a dentist or their assistant knocking your teeth with steel objects and then giving you a lecture on oral hygiene.

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Episode 75: Profit and Membership Organizations with Michelle Villalobos

Mike Michalowicz

In 2011, The Miami Herald named Michelle one of Miami’s “Top 20 under 40” and in 2013 she won The Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge for co-founding the online Personal Branding program, Make Them BEG. She also founded The “Women’s Success Summit”, Miami’s largest business conference for entrepreneurial women. She also founded The “Women’s Success Summit”, Miami’s largest business conference for entrepreneurial women. Also Available On. Show Summary.

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Hatzalah – A Blessing for an Entrepreneurial Hero (Guest post)

VC Cafe

In a typical three week span from February to March, Eli was in India, London, New York, Los Angeles and Miami — raising money for the organization. . Eli was in Miami when he started to feel ill. He remains sedated, and will likely be for some time — under outstanding care at the University of Miami Hospital. Guest post by Mark Gerson *. Eli Beer, founder of United Hatzalah. Around 20 years ago, Eli Beer identified a problem.

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4 Essential Elements Of An Effective Video Marketing Strategy


If you live in South Florida, for instance, you could consider a marketing video production Miami team. Images rule the world we live in. And this makes perfect sense, as 65% of the human population is said to be visual learners. Governments, studios, and marketers already understand this, and how important a role video plays in marketing.

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SXSW Pitch Finalist: Deepblocks

Austin Startup

Based in Miami, Florida, Deepblocks is an Artificial Intelligence company building a centralized global platform for analyzing real estate development. Tell us your favorite thing about Miami.

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Philadelphia University Commencement Speech – May 15th 2011

Steve Blank

In the middle of a Michigan winter, I stuck out my thumb and hitchhiked to Miami, the warmest place I could think of. I managed to find a job at the Miami International Airport loading racehorses onto cargo planes. You got to be kidding… leave Miami for a war in Southeast Asia?”.

TabbedOut Raises Additional $2 Million in Venture Capital


Miami-based Aeterna Capital provided the funds. TabbedOut, a mobile payments app for bars and restaurants, announced Friday it has raised $2 million more in its Series C venture round. That increases TabbedOut’s Series C round to $23.5 million. The other investors include lead investor Wellington Management Company and participating investors NEA and Morgan Creek Capital […] The post TabbedOut Raises Additional $2 Million in Venture Capital appeared first on SiliconHills.

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5 Engagement Principles Now Drive Business Leadership

Startup Professionals Musings

The new principles of engagement, as well as the dysfunctions of the old, are well illustrated in a new book, “ Why Are There Snowblowers in Miami? ” He found the dysfunctional engagement that sent snow blowers to his store in Miami every year. The days of leadership without engagement are gone. With interactive social media and video everywhere, everyone needs to feel they have a relationship with their leaders, and every brand needs leader personification for customers to relate.

The Top 4 Cities To Start A Business In This Year


Miami. One of the things that make Miami great for startups is its diverse population. Starting a successful business can be a lot of hard work. You have to think about so many factors that can determine whether you sink or swim. At the top of that list will be the location of your business. Did you know that the city you start your company in can influence your success? It’s true, there are many cities in the country that are better for small businesses than others.

How and Why the NextView Everyday Economy Accelerator is Different

View from Seed

This initial wave of applicants resulted in the selection of six initial Accelerator participants – female & male founders at startups hailing from the Bay Area to Miami to Alabama to Boston, ranging from b2b SaaS offerings to consumer services… all transforming people’s everyday lives. It’s early into the launch of our 100% virtual NextView Everyday Economy accelerator , but indications point to early success.

Spiritcube Expands its Digital After Life Company to Austin


The Miami-based company sells a digital-after life online package that allows people to leave behind text, photos, video and more for loved ones after [.] Want to leave a lasting legacy online long after you’ve gone to the grave? Not content to just write R.I.P. on a gravestone? Then Spiritcube has got a product for you. The post Spiritcube Expands its Digital After Life Company to Austin appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

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Community in the Time of Covid

Feld Thoughts

When Amy and I had life dinner on March 1st, we were both tired after a three-week trip to Boston, Miami, and Atlanta. As we discussed the potential impact of Covid, we talked about the current state of things in the US. The stock market had already had a 15% or so drop but there were less than 10 deaths (all in Seattle) from Covid in the US. I remember us having an anxious evening that included the statement “I’m really glad February is over and we are back home in Boulder.”

Assessing The State Of And Options For Your Business During COVID-19 Fallout


a New York and Florida attorney and Florida Certified Public Accountant, is the founder of Pack Law , a Miami based law firm specializing in business restructuring and bankruptcy including Chapter 11, Subchapter V, and Chapter 7. by Joseph Pack, Esq., founder of Pack Law. Unprecedented times. Unchartered territory. There’s no crystal ball. So much uncertainty. A new normal. The calm before the storm.

Dermatologist And Entrepreneur Dr. Tim Ioannides’ Journey To Curating A Meaningful Career


While earning his PhD from the University of Miami School Of Medicine, Dr. Tim Ioannides explored his motivation for Medical Dermatology. Certain of his drive toward medical dermatology, Dr. Ioannides completed a residency program at the University of Miami School of Medicine in the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Co-founder Passionate About High-quality Pre-school Programs


Previously, Roberto worked in the real estate/construction industry for two years while his wife was a preschool teacher at a small preschool in Miami. There, she saw the lack of high-quality early education programs in the Miami area. Roberto Ortega and his wife founded KLA Schools was founded in 2008. Together, they wanted to create an impact on society by providing a quality early childhood education program.

Sphero Available At Brookstone

Feld Thoughts

Miami. Miami, FL - 8888 SW 136 Street. Sphero is now available in some Brookstone stores around the US. There’s a handy map on the Sphero site and I’ll include a list at the bottom of this post. Occasionally one of you, dear blog reader, will ask if you can do anything for me. I usually say something like “just do awesome things” but this time I have a request. If you live near one of the Brookstone stores with a Sphero , go check it out. Play with it.

Entrepreneur Runs Coding Academy To Help Students Gain Real-world Software Development Skills


Marcelo Ricigliano is the co-founder of 4Geeks Academy , a Miami based coding academy with campuses in USA, Chile and Venezuela. We are Licensed by the Florida Department of Education and we manage the coding program at Miami Dade College. 4Geeks Academy students gain real-world software development skills that traditional education left behind but are required to meet the demands of our digital economy.

Spring Break

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Taking some time with family, including a trip down to Miami. We are on spring break this week, so my blogging will be a bit lighter than usual. And of course, I will be playing a little golf, as well!

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4 Creative Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing Efforts

The Startup Magazine

If you have a facility in Miami, you could work with a Miami video production company to create high definition video that will captivate your audience as you tour the facility or show them how your products are made. It is estimated that more than eighty percent of internet traffic will soon consist of online videos. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching younger consumers.

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B2C becomes B2B every time someone walks into an office with their smartphone in their pocket

Hunter Walker

but because individuals in San Francisco, NYC, Miami have used the app in the personal lives. B2C becomes B2B every time someone walks into an office with their smartphone in their pocket. It’s been amazing over the last 18 months to see Shyp make organic inroads into small businesses, retailers, marketing departments, etc not because they’ve targeted these customers or because the product has evolved specifically in their direction (more work to be done!)

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Book: On Writing

Feld Thoughts

After a long, hot run on the beach in Miami as part of my Boston Marathon training , I took a shower, a nap, and then settled in on the couch. As Amy watched the Seahawks decimate the Broncos, I read Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. The result – Amy was sad while I was delighted. King’s book is part memoir, part instructional manual, and part motivational tool. While I read a lot, I rarely read books by writers about writing.

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