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If you support the Startup Visa and have a blog or a website, put the Startup Visa Twitter Widget up on your site. And – on March 2nd at 12 noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern – we are going to do a Tweet Hall for the Startup Visa. All you need to do is tweet @2gov supporting #startupvisa exactly at Noon Pacific on Tuesday March 2nd. We’ll collect your Tweets and deliver them during our visit to the White House on March 4th.

Widget 108

Why you should stop selling widgets and start selling wisdom

The Next Web

I like to think of that as the difference between selling widgets versus selling wisdom. The difference between widgets and wisdom In one sentence, selling widgets is basically selling things, and selling wisdom, is selling actionable… This story continues at The Next Web. Widget

Will Price

For all my Obama friends, please find below a widget that will help you track the transition and the Office of the President-Elect over the next month. Tags: widget

[Malaysia] Chalkboard Launches Location-Based Widget For HTC Devices


Location-based mobile advertising network Chalkboard has announced an exclusive strategic partnership with device maker HTC in Malaysia, and launched a Chalkboard widget for HTC users in that country. You can find more information on the Chalkboard widget here.

Branded Widgets

Will Price

Quick post to highlight two widgets currently featured on Widgetbox. The widget, seen below, is a pregnancy calendar that provides week-by-week updates on fetal development. Pamper's widget provides dynamic, relevant, and personal information to the user. By using configuration parameters - such as the birth date - Pampers allows each user to make the widget their own. The first is from Pampers , one of P&G 's crown jewels.

Killing Widgets

Entrepreneurship Blog

I decided to kill 3 widgets on my blog earlier this evening. I dropped the SideFlicks video widget, the Swapthing swapping widget and the CoComment widget that lets readers see my comments elsewhere in the blogsphere. In theory, I really like all 3 widgets, but in practice the don't seem to get used much. I'm hopping that dropping these widgets will make the pages look a little bit cleaner and load a bit faster

Why Blog.and Widgets

Will Price

Also, I did a podcast (my first one ever) on widgets for They recently ran a series of articles on widgets and my talk is part of their CEO Guide to Technology. Tags: why blog widgets podcast Entrepreneur Magazine has a fun article on blogging and how it helps VCs find deals. Brad and I are interviewed - he found Feedburner through his blog and I am very pleased to have found YieldBuild.

Welcome to the Widget Wars

Eric Friedman

My conclusion is that we are entering into a new phase of the war for the killer app which will be known as the Widget Wars. What is a widget? Yahoo has one definition of a widget (specific to their product of course). has another widget definition. Should we use the definition of widget ? The Opera Browser has widgets. Google also has widget advertising called Gadget Ads. Apple of course has widgets.

Testing PictureSurf iGallery widget - Master of 500 Hats

500 Hats

Simply Hired Social Networking & Social Media Venture Capital & Startup Finance « Tantek DisOBEYed @ Techcrunch August Capital 2008 | Main | For Sale: Silver 2005 Acura TL ($21,500 and its all yours baby) » Sunday, July 27, 2008 Testing PictureSurf iGallery widget Testing out PictureSurf iGallery : pretty cool. Master of 500 Hats A blog about Geeks, Entrepreneurs, & Startups in Silicon Valley, by Dave McClure. The Internet Revolution, Act III.

Widget 100

Watch the widget trends

Eric Friedman

In my recent article about being bullish on widgets I was asked a lot about supporting data. Read Write Web has a great article about watching widget stats for US politics. I will try to dig up further info on widget trends and stats and other areas that can be benchmarked from installs, users, and daily usage. The article was primarily my own thoughts, but nonetheless people always want more stats.

How to build your own widget in Ruby on Rails in 10 minutes

Aymeric Gaurat-Apelli

First I created the Widget controller: def ilove @content = render_to_string(:partial => widget/ilove_widget) render :layout => falseend 2. I also wrote some css related to my widget: widget-ilove { margin-left: auto !important;

How Widgets and Widgetbox Drive Incremental Traffic

Will Price

The article below is excellent validation of the power of widgets to drive incremental adoption and of Widgetbox, in particular, to outperform Facebook and Bebo for long-tail widgets. Davids SEO Adventure posted a great article about trying to drive web traffic via widgets and gadgets. It came in the name of WidgetBox , the all purpose widget making type system. Tags: value of widgets SEO widgetbox Guest post from Ryan Spoon at Widgetbox.

Staffing Plan for a Widget Startup Company

Steve Poland

Steves Latest Twitter Update (@PoPo) : Home About Steve Poland: Risk Taker Archives Contact Staffing Plan for a Widget Startup Company By Steve Poland • April 21, 2009 I’m interested in what a staffing plan typically looks like for a widget startup company, like: MyBlogLog, Lijit, IntenseDebate, Disqus, etc. After launch, at what # of installs do you need: community manager; relationship manager (someone proactively engaging Publishers to install the widget), etc?

How to set up Google Analytics widgets and heatmaps to track email conversions

The Next Web

Sean Kim is the creator of The Growth List, helping you create a business around your lifestyle. This post originally appeared on AccelBlog. Many of you have probably heard of Google Analytics already.

Widget 111

Are You Bigger Than Your Widget?

Inc Startups

The customer relationships we enjoy are less about our respective widgets and more about the relationship value we offer. Building a better widget will only take you so far The value of customer relationships runs much deeper than a good product or service. Often we receive many great questions and comments from the readers of our column. Many inspire us to expand on the topic. One such comment from Jeff Taylor did just that. Launches Blog Widget


Obviously this is a long way from commercialisation, unless you begin selling the widget. is another of the Garage48 projects that were launched over the duration of 48 hours a few weeks back. They haven't stopped with their development and are moving full steam ahead with the idea.

Concept to Company Event: Widgets to Riches -- Monetization Strategies for Emerging Web Services Platforms

Will Price

On Tuesday, May 15th, VLAB and Hummer Winblad are co-hosting the following event: Concept to Company Event: Widgets to Riches -- Monetization Strategies for Emerging Web Services Platforms The event is scheduled for 6-8:30 pm at Stanford Business School. This year's Concept-to-Company will focus on Widgetbox , the leading web widget marketplace and syndication platform. Tags: widgets widgetbox vlab

Christine: Lijit Displaces Technorati as Best Search Widget

« New Facebook Apps Review: Batting.400 | Main | Kwik-E Mart Meets Sugary Expectations » Lijit Displaces Technorati as Best Search Widget Several months ago, I ran a complete review of easily available search widgets for my Typepad blog. Christine (.net)

SideFlicks Video Widget is Pretty Cool

Entrepreneurship Blog

SideFlicks is a widget that allows readers to post video messages for each other without having to bother setting up any fancy equipment or even worry about uploading. This summer I've had the pleasure of meeting several people in person who I'd previously gotten to know via the blogsphere.

Get Feedburner's VC Network Feed as a Widget

Will Price

Widgetbox , the leader in the web widget space, just released the ability to turn any RSS feed into a web widget. Widgetbox, who recently released a powerful widget syndication platform , is calling blog widgets blidgets. As many of us read Feedburner's Venture Capital Network feed , I turned the feed into a blidget that can be easily added to your blog. Click on the button below if you want to add the VC Network blidget to your blog.

Swapthing Widget: Want to Trade Books?

Entrepreneurship Blog

by creating community through " SwapCircles ," widgets and a company blog. So if you have a bunch of business books gathering dust on your shelf and you'd like to swap with me feel free to join the SwapCircle that I created, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs and/or checkout the new widget at the bottom of my sidebar. Given all of the recent buzz about Chris Anderson's new book titled " The Long Tail ," I decided that I probably should get around to reading it.

The Wadget Revolution - How Brands Can Harness Widgets

Will Price

The title, a play on widget and gadget, will address the widget revolution and how marketers can best take advantage of this emerging channel. I expect a lively discussion on how brands can use widgets to reach consumers and how publishers can use widgets to monetize their content. Tomorrow night (1/24) I will be moderating a panel titled "The Wadget Revolution" sponsored by the Bay Area Interactive Group.

Want to Sell More Next Year? (Hint: Start by Selling Less)

Inc Startups

Does your business sell million-dollar widgets to dozens or $12 widgets to millions

12 Business Books I Can’t Wait to Read This Year

Up and Running

Widgets. Research-driven with a healthy dose of humor and pop culture, WIDGETS is a. Are you a voracious reader? I have to admit that I’m not. I’m what you call a voracious book starter.

Widget 114

Travel Schedule

Will Price

Digital Hollywood's Widgets as a Platform on Oct 28th Widget Summit's Meet the Galleries , on Nov 3rd Pubcon's The Wonderful World of Widgets on Nov 13th If you plan to be at any of the events above, please let me know. Tags: widget summit pubcon widgets digital hollywood In the next three weeks, I am lucky to be speaking on three great panels.

This Is the Ideal Number of Hours to Work a Day, According to Decades of Science

Inc Startups

An 8-hour workday only make sense if you're screwing in widgets on an assembly line. Productivity

Spotify Launches Play Button Widget For The Rest Of The Web


Spotify has now launched a Spotify Play Button widget generator that can get visitors to your blog or website jamming to your tunes of choice with just one click of a button. Currently the widget offers a pretty simple integration -- no live following of a user's playlists or anything, but it should be enough to spice up music blogs with it's easy playback and nice big cover images.

Blidget Pro

Will Price

Widgetbox just launched an embeddable widget creator. Simply enter your blog feed, youtube, twitter, hulu, flickr, or vimeo user id into the the widget below and build a branded, tabbed widget that aggregates all your content, like the BBC widget in the side bar, in seconds. Tags: bbc widget blidget pro

jQuery Plugin: BetterGrow Your Words

The Product Guy

Filed under: modular innovation , user experience Tagged: 1.3.x , 1.4.x , collapse , Data , expand , expandable , facebook , Forms , grow , height , jQuery , limit , max , maximum characters , minimum height , Plugin , Plugins , text , textarea , textfield , Utilities , widget.

Lijit Getting Spammed

Steve Poland

Steves Latest Twitter Update (@PoPo) : Home About Steve Poland: Risk Taker Archives Contact Lijit Getting Spammed By Steve Poland • April 15, 2008 Just saw this guy’s lijit widget filled with a certain domain.

jQuery Plugin: Give Your Characters a NobleCount

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Filed under: User eXperience Tagged: 1.3.x , 1.4.x , character , character count , character counter , characters , count , counter , dataut , Forms , limit , max , maximum , maximum characters , Plugins , text , textarea , textfield , twitter , Utilities , widget , word count , word counter.

jQuery Plugin: CuteTime, C’est Magnifique! (v 1.1) [UPDATE]

The Product Guy

Add to Social Bookmarks: Filed under: User eXperience Tagged: 1.1 , cute , cutetime , Data , date , Extension , JavaScript , jQuery , Plugin , time , timestamp , update , Utilities , widgets. cute cutetime Data date Extension JavaScript jQuery Plugin time timestamp update Utilities widgets

Calculate the Surprising Time and Money You're Wasting in Meetings

Inc Startups

The calculator widget saves time and money for teams & organizations. Team collaboration means high performance. But most meetings aren't effective. Innovate

Q: How in Holy Hell are Facebook, Slide, Ning, & "Toy Apps" worth.

500 Hats

well if theyre worth anywhere near that much, its not obvious 100M+ widgets, walls, & installs are what generates revenue. however, it MAY be because of the social graph data-mined from those users & apps & widgets, and what that means for the future of Social Commerce.

Widgetbox at SF New Tech

Will Price

Tonight, SF New Tech is hosting a " Widgets up the Wazoo " event. If you are in SF and interested in the widget space, the event brings together some of the leading players in the space. Tags: widgets up the wazoo sf new tech widgetbox Gigya, Musestorm, iWidgets, Zembly, and Widgetbox are presenting and all will be demoing. Thanks to Lawrence at RateitAll for organizing the event.

How to Choose a Business Model That Actually Makes Money

Inc Startups

Figuring out the right business model means making a difference, not making widgets

Widgetbox Posts

Will Price

Tags: widgetbox blog social media widget advertising widgetbox

Web 52

SWAT Summit

Will Price

The audience, like many people I speak with, wanted to understand what advertisers can do to leverage social networks and widgets to connect with their audience. With an 11-day campaign, the widget enjoyed a 50,000% increase in hits, a 110,000% increase in uniques, and a 8,800% increase in subscriptions. The best news is AFTER the campaign finished, hits continue to grow and the widget is enjoying steady organic adoption and distribution.

Pubble Q&A – #askbfeld

Feld Thoughts

Tomorrow, I’m trying out Pubble ‘s product – a Q&A widget that leverages the standard social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) but lives where ever you want it to live. I’ll be answering questions live tomorrow (4/24) at 1:00pm MT. Tweet with #askbfeld to ask me a question. Check it out below. The post Pubble Q&A – #askbfeld appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Neat Companies social engagement TechStars

Widget 173

Debt, Equity and a Third (and Fourth) Thing that Might Work Better

Software By Rob

The third option he covers is pre-selling future income by offering someone $x of every widget you sell forever (it may be a sliding scale that decreases after x units are sold).

Do You Have a “We” Site?

Rembrandt Communications

We are the leader in widgets. Our widgets are the best. You should buy our widgets because blah, blah, blah. Welcome to our site. We use innovative technology. Yes, this is terrible copy for your site. But look at all the businesses out there that use this kind of language. And while you may not [.]. Business Copywriting Increase Sales Marketing SEO SEO Copywriting Web Copywriting Writing Tips PR search engine optimization Small Business Public Relations

Widget 100

Venrock: Shaping the Future, 40 Years of Innovation - NextWala


The book is displayed through a widget from our portfolio company, SlideShare, of course! Click on the button on the bottom right hand corner of the SlideShare widget to see the book in full-screen mode. Get your own Widget. NextWala.

India 52

So how are you using Google+?

47 Hats

The battle of the Google+ widgets. Go subscribe to [link] – they blogged about the following two widgets. then, look for your widget in the sidebar after you refresh the page: [link].

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