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Steve Blank

Alivia – Telemedicine service bringing healthcare to middle income people in Peru. With a terrific crew of instructors, TA’s, and mentors, we successfully concluded Session 1 of our Hacking 4 Recovery summer series – with 20 teams sharing their final presentations last night. Slides for these presentations are in this folder , and we will be editing and sharing videos of each presentation shortly. AllAboard – Remote onboarding services to help organizations establish a sense of belonging.

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Career-Wise, Nothing Beats Authenticity


by Ines Temple , president of LHH Peru and Chile, and author of “ YOU, Incorporated: Your Career is Your Business “ As a child, my mother was a stickler about table manners. Ines Temple is president of LHH Peru and Chile, the leading career transition and talent-development organizations in both countries, and she has provided outplacement services and HR consulting to executives and other workers throughout the world.

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Remittance Cash Pickup Not Possible During Lockdown? There’s Another Way.


Ria will also continue to provide cash home delivery services in Armenia, the Dominican Republic, Hungary, Morocco, Nicaragua, Peru, the Philippines, and Vietnam. The coronavirus infection has spread to more than 175 countries and territories.

[Competition] Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards


FMCG giant Unilever is once again putting out a call for practical ideas from young entrepreneurs to some of the world’s biggest sustainability challenges – back for the second year, the Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards is seeking scalable and sustainable products, services or applications that reduce environmental impact, improve health and well-being or enhance livelihoods through changes in practices or behaviors.

Founder Interview: Michel Ruiz on Augmented Reality and Building the KaviAR Tech Startup

The Startup Magazine

Here’s more from The Startup Magazine Founder Interview series. We interviewed Michel Ruiz, CEO and co-founder of KaviAR Tech , an augmented reality software startup headquartered in Paris.

Invest in Israel Newsletter October 2011 Edition

VC Cafe

ISRAEL CORP UNIT TO BUILD $680 MLN PERU POWER STATION. Israel Corporation unit Cerro del Aguila SA has agreed to build a 510-megawatt hydroelectric power station in Peru at an investment of $680 million. The Cerro del Aguila power station, located in Tayacaja Province in central Peru, in March signed a 15-year power purchase agreement with Peru’s government-owned electricity company, which will come into effect when the power station is completed in the second half of 2015.

Startups Seeking Sherpas

Genuine VC

The second was a trip where we hiked the “ Inca Trail ” in Peru to Machu Picchu. After we sold our startup Sombasa Media just over a dozen years ago, I embarked on two distinct “journeys.” The first was a month-long 1500+ mile cycling trip from the southern tip of England to the northern tip of Scotland (“ Land’s End to John O’Groats ”). Both trips “rhymed” with each other in that the point intentionally was about the experience of the voyage rather than merely the destination itself.

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5 Things To Consider When Trying To Stay Productive Throughout A Business Move


When moving to Peru, business owners will need to take a look at [link] for some advice. Are you getting ready to relocate your business? Trying to move a business without proper planning will generally lead to a variety of costly mistakes being made. Instead of leaving this important process to chance, you have to find out what needs to be done to stay productive throughout this moving process. If you are not able to stay productive while moving, you are going to lose a lot of money.

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Transformify Partners with Laboratoria to Empower Young Women and Girls in Latin America


In 2 years we have trained more than 400 students in Peru, Chile, and México. Our students are working in the best companies in Peru, Mexico, Chile, and EEUU London, UK - November, 2016.

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Advice from Austin CBD Startup Tessera Naturals

Austin Startup

While hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru in 2018, I was given raw coca leaves by the locals to chew on, which really helped with my altitude sickness. CBD 101: Look for US-grown, organic, non-gmo, and solvent-free.

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Advice from Austin CBD Startup Tessera Naturals

Austin Startup

While hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in Peru in 2018, I was given raw coca leaves by the locals to chew on, which really helped with my altitude sickness. CBD 101: Look for US-grown, organic, non-gmo, and solvent-free.

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Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Mexico: Mexico City San Pedro Garza Garcia, Nuevo Leon Netherlands: Maastricht Utrecht New Zealand: Auckland Christchurch Norway: Bergen Oslo Peru: Lima Philippines: Davao City Poland: Gdansk Gliwice Poznan Warsaw Portugal: Braga Lisbon Romania: Bucharest Sibiu Timisoara Russia: Moscow Omsk Samara St.

Invest in Israel Newsletter January 2012

VC Cafe

based in Lima, Peru, owns power stations producing 3,000 megawatts in seven countries: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Panama, El Salvador, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. As every month, VC Cafe is re-posting the “Invest in Israel” Newsletter, published by the investment promotion center of Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor , which offers many helpful tools for prospecting investors. For the Invest in Israel archive, click here.

Social Enterprises Globally

Business Plan Blog

NESsT was co-founded by an American and a Chilean in 1997 and is currently a registered charity in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Hungary, Peru, Romania, the U.K. There is a rich social enterprise culture present in the United Kingdom. With the 2010 election of Prime Minister David Cameron, a platform policy of the U.K. Conservative Party known as the “Big Society” has been launched and aims to empower local community entrepreneurs.

An Entrepreneur – Not Just a Man (and Woman) with a Plan

Growthink Blog

Take Peru, where over the past 25 years more than 1.5 Because entrepreneurship at its essence is about creation, and from Peru to Peoria the success of one accountable and ambitious entrepreneur anywhere results in a better life for all of us everywhere. "An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea, and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome.

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The LeanLaunch Pad at Stanford – Class 2: Business Model Hypotheses

Steve Blank

Autonomow team members: Jorge Heraud (MS Management, 2011) Business Unit Director, Agriculture, Trimble Navigation, Director of Engineering, Trimble Navigation, MS&E (Stanford), MSEE (Stanford), BSEE (PUCP, Peru). Our new Stanford Lean LaunchPad class was an experiment in a new model of teaching startup entrepreneurship. This post is part two. Part one is here. Syllabus here.

Amazon Redshift Too Slow or Crashing? BlazingDB Performs

Austin Startup

The team maintains a development office in Lima, Peru which brings incredible talent and energy. Significant capital has been raised in Peru and throughout Latin America. Over the past several weeks, I have been rolling out a series of Spotlights on the Lontra Ventures portfolio. BlazingDB is the third in this series, after RackN and Appbase. By now, a few trends are emerging.

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How World-Class Mountain Guides Inspire Young Business Leaders


Together with a remarkable group of expert mountain guides, we climbed Wyoming’s Grand Teton and navigated canyons in Utah, explored the wilds of Patagonia, Peru, and Mexico, learned winter survival skills in Quebec, and traversed remote glaciers in Iceland, all with the aim of building leadership and teamwork skills that would be transferrable to business. by Christopher I.

Traveling the world, meeting startups: What We learned

The Next Web

The Next Web’s Startup World – the global competition to promote entrepreneurship and startup culture globally- traveled to Mexico City, Peru, Chile, Buenos Aires, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania August and September this year – we met over 1500 entrepreneurs, investors and hackers from tech ecosystems around the world.

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25 Company Swag Ideas People Love

Women Entrepreneurs Can

K+M Chocolate 75% Dark Chocolate Peru – $14.95. Company swag has become an important factor to please employees, clients, and attract new customers to your brand. In fact, whether they’re digital swag ideas or corporate even gift ideas, these always please everyone. If you’re looking for the best company swag for employees or clients to strengthen your relationship, or you simply want to thank them for their hard work, we’ve got you covered.

End of Dumb Tables in Web Analytics Tools! Hello: Weighted Sort

Occam's Razor

Segment the traffic from Argentina, Peru, Spain, Colombia, Chile and Denmark and you are on your way to the aforementioned world domination. But how did Argentina rank #1 (4k visits), Peru #2 (1.5k Peru Bounce Rate ETV = ( 0.1 * 63.49) + ( 0.9 * 80.24) = ETV = 78.57. a function of where Visits by a country would fit, closer to the Zero (Peru) or closer to A LOT (Spain), hence the name weighted sort. Arthur C.

Who Is and Who ISN’T an Entrepreneur

Growthink Blog

Marco talked about the experience of Peru, a country where over 1.5 At my company Growthink, our mission is " to help entrepreneurs succeed worldwide.” When I share this with folks, they often come back to me with "Who are these entrepreneurs that you help succeed?" Touché. So who is and who isn't an entrepreneur?

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Top 5 Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2019

Transformify - Recruiting

Recently, a program run jointly with ViaCodigo in Peru providing access to education and remote work to underprivileged youth in detention centres was truly embraced by the business. Each year brings change and new trends in the recruitment industry. Some are completely new, others emerging, and some are old but enhanced and applied to different use cases. To add complexity, HR experts worldwide have a different vision on which trends will have the most impact in 2019.

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3 Things to Consider When Staffing a Software Development Project


Thanks Swamykant www.yourdigitalspace.com Diego Ferreyra I personally work for a US based company from home, and I live in Peru.

Out of the Crisis #21: Tomas Pueyo on the hammer and the dance, political polarization, and how the pandemic will affect the way we live and work

Startup Lessons Learned

In mid-March, as the coronavirus was sweeping through Asia and Europe, Tomas Pueyo published a piece on Medium titled "The Hammer and the Dance: What the Next 18 Months Can Look Like if Leaders Buy Us Time." One of a series he wrote after starting to analyze pandemic data in mid-February, the piece was shared by millions in multiple languages. It turned him instantly from an education technology expert--his day job is as VP of Growth at Course Hero--into a leading voice for how to move forward.