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New Story – Help Fund A Home in Haiti

Feld Thoughts

We’re focused on funding 100 homes in 100 days in Leveque, Haiti. We are only $5,000 away from changing the life of a family in Haiti. The post New Story – Help Fund A Home in Haiti appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Our mission is to create life-changing stories that transform communities.

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Crowdfunding a Community in Haiti After Hurricane Matthew: Checking in With New Story’s CEO

Hunter Walker

Right now, we are crowdfunding a community in the area of Haiti hit worst by Hurricane Matthew. All of our 211 homes built in Haiti withstood Hurricane Matthew. Help Haiti After Hurricane Matthew. Hurricane Matthew destroyed 4,000+ homes in Haiti, and we are on a mission to rebuild the area hit worst by the hurricane.

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Feeding the Starving in Haiti: A Message that Needs to be Viral

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Even before the recent earthquake disaster in Haiti, that troubled country was a primary destination for the packaged meals. Tags: Inspirational Politics & Government @MftH charity Gregg Fraley Haiti Haitian earthquake crisis Iowa Mark Aeilts Meals from the Heartland starvation. In fact, [.].

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High Tech Entrepreneur’s Raise Money for Haiti


A short, but important, interruption to my blogging break for the benefit of the earthquake victims in Haiti. The Entrepreneur’s Foundation of Central Texas is coordinating a fund raising effort among technology entrepreneur’s to raise money for the victims in Haiti.

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Dallas Non-Profit, Grangou Aims To Provide Permanent Home For Haitian Children

YFS Magazine

Grangou co-founders Mike and Carrie Gibson endeavor to raise $290,000 to purchase a permanent home for children in Haiti.

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Five College Startups That Help Others


Shortly after starting Waybu, Michael teamed up with the inventor of a solar water cleaning device called the AquaPak in order to help people in need of clean water in Haiti. Backers of their campaign get a pair of bamboo sunglasses and other exclusive rewards at special pre-order pricing.

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More innovation

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