Our traditional view of globalization, common for decades, was massive container ships conveying goods from distant manufacturing locations; and watching services, capital, and expertise flow from one from major established commercial and financial city or region to another.

Global EIR and Silicon Valley Bank Funding Match

Feld Thoughts

Today Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) announced their support for Global EIR , a cause for which I care deeply. As you may know, over breakfast in 2015 Jeff Bussgang and I launched Global EIR with the hope of advancing the startup visa effort on a local and state level after it stalled in Congress.

Global Economic Outlook Is Stable


The global economy is continuing to perform strongly, with growth stabilizing at levels last seen more than two years ago in Q3. According to estimates by FocusEconomics, the global economy expanded 3.2% Global Economic Global economy

Global 104

Global Outlook Improves


Dynamic global trade and improved labor markets, coupled with fiscal stimulus and accommodative monetary policies in key countries, are prompting the global economy to consolidate its healthy growth trajectory. Economics g20 Global trade

Global 104

Global Economic Outlook G7


REAL SECTOR | Trade war threatens to derail stellar global growth momentum A complete GDP dataset revealed that global growth lost some steam in the fourth quarter of 2017, despite remaining robust overall. The global economy expanded 3.4%

Global 104

Global Venture Capital Distribution

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Richard Florida published some stats on the distribution of global venture capital investment last week. SF proper and the broader bay area make up 25% of the global venture capital investment activity (~$10bn out of $42bn).

7 Keys To Market Growth - Think Global, But Act Local

Startup Professionals Musings

New entrepreneurs who want to survive, and optimize the growth of their startups, need to think globally, and act locally, from day one. But it does mean that you think about the global implications at every step of the process: Pick your company and product names carefully.

Global 113

Colorado Global EIR 2017 Applications

Feld Thoughts

The 2017 applications for the Colorado Global EIR are now open through April 15, 2017. The Colorado Global EIR program is a way for experienced international entrepreneurs to receive an H-1B visa, allowing them to work in Boulder. In their spare time, we encourage GEiR (Global Entrepreneurs in Residence) to either establish their existing company, create and launch a new company, co-found a new company or join a local startup here in Boulder.

5 Tips To Expand Your Business Globally

YFS Magazine

The possibilities of global business are immense. Grow Operations business expansion global global entrepreneurship global trade global voices market expansionBut to actually achieve them requires hard work and a focused strategy.

Village Global

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Personal update: I helped launch a new venture capital firm this week called Village Global. You can check out the Village site , or read our announcement post. Exciting adventures ahead! Business

Proper Staffing is Key to Effective Global Expansion

Startup Professionals Musings

Thus, it is essential to appoint a ‘head of international’ with significant hands-on experience to chart your course in the global world. However, remember to think long term, plan globally but act locally. entrepreneur global expansion staffing startup

Global 155

Before You Expand Your Business Globally, Read This

YFS Magazine

This article Before You Expand Your Business Globally, Read This appeared first in YFS Magazine: Startups, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Culture. Are you ready to expand your business globally? If so, consider these 3 best practices for small business global expansion.

Global 103

American Entrepreneurs Late to the Global Economy

The Entrepreneurial Mind

entrepreneurs do not tend to think globally about potential markets for their businesses. The post American Entrepreneurs Late to the Global Economy appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall. Global EntrepreneurshipUnlike small business owners in other parts of the world, U.S.

Announcing the Global EIR Coalition

Feld Thoughts

At the end of the discussion, we decided to start the Global EIR Coalition to open source our approach and try to help every state in the US implement a similar program. Last year Jeff and a bunch of his friends in Massachusetts created the Massachusetts Global Entrepreneur in Residence pilot program. If you are working on something similar in your state, please reach out to join the Global EIR Coalition. Government Bussgang CO eir Global EIR immigration m&a Startup Vis

Global 116

Globalization 2.0Taking it Global

deal architect

I know a lot of people are upset with the UK. Lots of wealth destroyed around the world, Young Brits mad at older Brits, Scots mad at the English, Europeans upset with the Brits. It’s important to not forget something. Industry Commentary

Is Dubai The Next Big Global Startup Scene?

YFS Magazine

Grow Technology Entrepreneurship Events Global Business technologyThanks to gutsy startup founders, an investor-friendly business environment, world-class infrastructure, and events Dubai is on the map.

10 Never Fail Strategies for The New Global Manager

Inc Startups

The New Global Environment offers challenges never seen before. Strategy

Global Access To Your Content Marketing eCourse!


Globally many of you could not make easy payments and we’re so sorry for that experience. The post Global Access To Your Content Marketing eCourse! Last week, we hit a small technical glitch, which left us distraught (it was quite a bummer, you’re right).

Global 176

Global Business Outsourcing (Infographic)


The global market size of the outsourced services industry was worth $82.9 However, all are subject to the drawback of political instability and adjusting to the global world economy. Why outsourcing could save your business.

Global 130

Product Management & The Challenge of Globalization

The Product Guy

In a recent live stream from one of our mentors of The Product Mentor , Ladislav Bartos, lead a conversation around “The Challenge of Globalization”. product management globalization mentee mentor theproductmentor tpm

Success Strategies for Global Expansion

Inc Startups

Hot Markets for Global Expansion in 2018.

[Singapore] Go Global


But even going regional can be challenging, much less going global. billion in 2014 – but in recent years have been weakening, and SPRING Singapore and IE Singapore must hope that the “ Go Global ” program help reverse the trend.

Ocean Marine, Global Trade and Global Logistics Section


It is aptly named Chaganomics Long Form ( LINK ) and covers energy, physical commodity trading, global trade, container, bulk, liquid and LNG ocean marine liner shipping, major shipping concerns and financial news tying these aspects to our modern markets Chaganomics has opened up access to a long form subsection.

6 Key Risk Factors When Scaling A Business To Global

Startup Professionals Musings

In a new book, “ Global Vision ,” by NYU Stern School of Business scholar and leader Robert Salomon, I finally found some great insights on what to look for, and how to make the necessary changes. But don’t look for any magic algorithmic procedure to solve the complex globalization problems.

Global 120

Welcome New York to the Global EIR Coalition

Feld Thoughts

Last week New York was the third state to create a program – called the International Innovators Initiative (IN2NYC) – based on the construct of the Global Entrepreneur in Residence program. When we started the Global EIR Coalition last year, we knew that Massachusetts and Colorado would be straightforward since they were both in process (MA was done, CO was almost done.) The post Welcome New York to the Global EIR Coalition appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Announcing UP Global

Feld Thoughts

Startup Weekend and Startup America Partnership are joining forces to create UP Global. In addition to Startup Weekend, UP Global also runs Next , StartupDigest , and NYSE Big Startup. Marc Nager, the CEO of Startup Weekend, will be the CEO of Up Global. Steve Case, the chairman of Startup America Partnership, will be the chairman of Up Global. UP Global is a logical next step in the creation of vibrant entrepreneurial communities around the world.

Global 127

In Downtown Las Vegas at the UP Global Summit

Feld Thoughts

I’m here for the UP Global Summit and then our UP Global board meeting on Sunday. Andrew Hyde, the original creator of the Startup Week concept, came back to run BSW 14 and then joined UP Global to roll out the Startup Week concept around the world.

5 Smart Strategies to Help You Go Global With Your Brand

Inc Startups

Entering Global MarketsWondering how to scale up while maintaining your local appeal? Start with these 5 tips.

YFS Magazine Announces Global Media Partnership With ITCfest 2017 — Dubai, UAE

YFS Magazine

Today, YFS Magazine announces a new global media partnership with ITCfest, the UAE's preeminent global business festival celebrating innovation and technology. Breaking News Entrepreneurship Events Global Business small business news technology

UAE 87

Artificial Intelligence And Global Ethics


Geo-engineering: These solutions will be able to manipulate large-scale, global environmental processes that affect the entire earth’s climate.

The Importance Of Understanding Culture When Dealing With Global Business


Others business growth global business overseas marketsThe success of a company comes from its capacity to grow and attract new customers. As a new business owner, you will constantly be looking to new areas and markets to sell your products.

7 Entrepreneur Types Drive Change On A Global Scale

Startup Professionals Musings

Yet very few achieve that great aspiration of really driving economic, social, and environmental changes on a global scale. entrepreneur Fiona Wood global change Peter Andrews types

Global 123

Go Global, Stay Local


by Gail Martin, author of “ The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook: A New Roadmap for Maximizing Your Brand, Influence, and Credibility “ Whether your company is purely local or has a global footprint, you need to be active and visible on social media. Go Global.

We Need Entrepreneurs Who Can Drive Global Change

Startup Professionals Musings

Yet very few achieve that great aspiration of really driving economic, social, and environmental changes on a global scale. entrepreneur Fiona Wood global change Peter Andrews uberpreneurs

Global 142

Signs Your Business is Ready For Global Expansion

The Startup Magazine

If have achieved all of the success you could dream of in your existing market, then global expansion is a great option. The following are some of the signs you may notice when it is time to expand your company globally. Rushing into the global expansion process is a bad idea.

Born Global or Die Local – Building a Regional Startup Playbook

Steve Blank

However, most countries don’t have sufficient population to support scale with just their local market and ultimately need to be global players – from day one. Born Global or Die Local. It struck me that every region needs its own industry playbook on how to compete globally.

Global 204

A Quality Benchmark for Accelerators: The Global Accelerator Network

Feld Thoughts

When David Cohen and I came up with the idea for the Global Accelerator Network (GAN) in 2010, we counted roughly 100 accelerator programs around the US that were founded following the Techstars model. Today, the Global Accelerator Network is a worldwide organization of 52 accelerators located in over 60 cities around the world. The post A Quality Benchmark for Accelerators: The Global Accelerator Network appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Global 127

Techstars and UP Global Join Forces to Support the Entrepreneurial Journey

Feld Thoughts

Today Techstars announced that it has acquired UP Global , including the organization’s Startup Weekend , Startup Week , Startup Next , and Startup Digest programs. Together, Techstars and UP Global create a powerful union which will strengthen the global entrepreneurial ecosystem and bring even more support to the entrepreneur’s journey. The post Techstars and UP Global Join Forces to Support the Entrepreneurial Journey appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Global 123

Global Payroll Companies Save Corporations Money On Operations


The world has become globalized in the recent times. If you are planning to take your company to the global market, you must understand the importance of payroll. Global payroll companies will assist you in these ways: Global Payroll Companies Bring in Cost Control.

More global innovation

deal architect

Mexico Technology on the ICE Train – Germany Shipping ice cream globally – US, China Big Data of Long Lives – Italy, Greece, Japan Nokia alumni. Globalization and Technology Innovation from around the globe'' iElevation – Nepal A museum or a library?

Nepal 50