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5 Documentaries About Entrepreneurs You Need to Watch This Spring

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Cola Road The plot: What if anti-diarrhea kits were as ubiquitous in Zambia as Coca-Cola? Where to watch: Netflix, later this year.

3 Unconventional Ways to Inspire Employees

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The next generation of employees values meaningful work over money. Here''s how to give them what they want. Generation Y). Messaging company

5 Great Companies That Make Money & Do Good

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Need a little inspiration? Check the creative spark behind these socially conscious business models. They already inspire me.

Congo 41

16 Entrepreneurs Reveal What Entrepreneurship Means to Them


Thanks to Mawano Kambeu, Dot Com Zambia Being an entrepreneur is a source of pride. 1 – Encompasses many Experiences. B0132P 0317.

Jedi Mind Tricks: 17 Lesser Known Ways to Persuade People


The data pitch contained statistics about food shortages in Malawi, lack of rain in Zambia, and the dislocation of millions in Angola. 209-249).

Will the Economy Crash in March?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Forecaster Gerald Celente offers five worldwide predictions that will shape the economy in 2014. World economies spiral in spring or early summer.

WayTooEarly: Lessons From The Jungle


Those who follow my Twitters know that Ive just returned from two weeks in South Africa and Zambia, including six days in the game parks at Kruger seeing animals in the wild. WayTooEarly. I work with companies at two stages, too early and way too early. This weblog is about working at this early point in a company or technologys life cycle.


Living and Working in South Africa

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We also took the opportunity to travel throughout South Africa and the surrounding countries (Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mauritius). than at 6 p.m.

Book Review: The Rational Optimist

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Ridley's optimism has to do with specialization, trade, globalization, networks, cooperation, exchange--there'll be more of it, all, he says. Books

Emerging Cooking Solutions wants to end the dependence on Charcoal


ECS now employs 15 people in Zambia. They are based both in Kitwe, Zambia and at the business incubator Ideon Innovation in Lund, Sweden.

Book Review: The Rational Optimist

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Let it never be forgotten that, by propagating excessive caution about genetically modified food aid, some pressure groups may have exacerbated real hunger in Zambia in the early 2000s. "Declaration Especially as ideas cross-pollinate: "when ideas have sex" is when civilization flourishes. I found the book highly stimulating.

Startup Insights From Paul English, Co-Founder of Kayak


So, Haiti, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia. I’m just wrapping up several weeks of attending conferences across both coasts. laughter].

the world without altgate


  I was just looking at the 2008 Google Analytics data for Altgate.    It is an amazing tool.  and Israel (0.6%).