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‘Enormous’ investment potential in ‘risky’ South Africa – Goldman Sachs


He said he was generally bullish about South Africa as a favourable investment destination, but that it would be appropriate to scale the investment to this country’s risky. Goldman Sachs Investing Investment mining South AfricaComplete Article.

If South Africa Legalizes Rhino Horn Trade, Drones Will Be Key to Conservation

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Living and Working in South Africa

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

What challenges does a businessperson face living in South Africa? Johannesburg has a mix of high-class living and third-world poverty.

My Trip to South Africa With Richard Branson: Day 1

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As his prize, co-founder Shayan Nahrvar traveled to South Africa on Friday to meet Branson at Ulusaba, Branson's private game reserve.

50 Emerging Global Entrepreneurs to Watch

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From South Africa to Silicon Valley, young entrepreneurs are employing a variety of strategies to help their new companies thrive

Business Leaders Reflect on Nelson Mandela's Legacy

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Entrepreneurs and political leaders react to the death of Mandela, the man who fought to bring down apartheid in South Africa. He was 95.

Make this the next book you read, or better yet, listen to

Jeff Hilimire

Trevor Noah, if you aren’t aware, is a comedian from South Africa. He replaced Jon Stewart as the host of The Daily Show. Random

How This Million-Dollar Fashion Startup Is Helping African Entrepreneurs Stay in Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Five percent of sales will go to a charity that supports small business owners in Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, and South Sudan

Leadership Lessons From Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

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In the 1990s, when the president of South Africa invites Mandela to his office for a private visit, Mandela consults with his friends.

How Nelson Mandela Made Me a Better Entrepreneur

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I wasn''t ready to start a business, but South Africa inspired me. In my case, a second trip to South Africa was when the magic happened.

How to avoid getting burned when hiring overseas

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Joseph is based in San Francisco and has lived and worked in Singapore, India, England, Australia, and South Africa. Here are.

Scaling Techstars Horizontally

Feld Thoughts

Barclays (New York, South Africa and Israel). There are two common ways to scale a system – horizontally or vertically. If you are a software engineer, you probably get this instinctively. If you don’t know what this is, let’s work with the simple Wikipedia definition which is pretty good. Techstars Berlin (Berlin).

Help Detained USA Citizen In Abu Dhabi

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

A citizen of the world, he’s worked with disadvantaged youth in South Africa, and volunteered his time at many conferences around the world.

Wonga Launches Fraud Hotline To Combat Phishing Scam


The scam has been targeting consumers in South Africa, a country where online consumers face a high risk of internet fraud , for the past year.

Are Self-Employed Construction Workers Most At Risk Of Personal Debt?


Other reports across South Africa and Europe have also indicated similar findings. The reason? It seems unclear. What to do.

The Power of Company Retreats: Thoughts after the 8th Buffer Retreat

Cape Town, South Africa (April 2014, 16 people). By now we have a fairly long history of doing retreats at Buffer. New York, U.S.A.

How Growing Online Access is Driving Economic Growth in Emergent Economies

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Iran is one of the top three emerging Internet markets identified by Euromonitor International in a recent global report. Business

Recapping the V1 Marketplace Meetup in SF

Version One Ventures

More than 75 marketplace founders and investors attended the event – coming from as far as South Africa and Nova Scotia. Last Thursday, we hosted a private marketplace-themed event in San Francisco, The Holy Grail of the Marketplace: The Virtuous Cycle. Thanks to all who came out and spent their evening with us.

5 Ways Cloud Telephony Can Benefit Startups


The startup culture is rampant today, especially in emerging national economies like Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

Cloud 42

Millennials In Asia Are Ambitious And Entrepreneurial: VISA Study


But the three standout countries in terms of ambition are United Arab Emirates (95-percent), South Africa (85-percent) and India (81-percent).

The choices we make when we build startups

doing retreats 3 times a year (the last two were Pattaya, Thailand and Cape Town, South Africa). Tweet. Buffer. Is it?

100 Companies Growing Super Fast

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Based in South Africa, it bought drugs from GlaxoSmithKline and sells them around the world. Never mind the economic downturn.

30 Money Saving Tips For Your Business

Up and Running

South Africa. Check out the South African Savings Institute. You’re going to need a bigger bank. For Those Outside The U.S.

Richard Branson: Why Young Entrepreneurs Matter

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If you wish to align people, planet, and profit, you must nurture and learn from the next generation of business leaders. How can this be done?

Is Bankruptcy Rising for South African Mines?

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Many who watch the markets lately have begun to fear for the once booming South African metals mining industry. The industry that many saw as the salvation of the economy for South Africa is currently embroiled in a huge bust, one that many in the industry fear may only be relieved with the help of some smart bankruptcy lawyers.

Memories of an Unconnected Era: Searching for Sugar Man

Both Sides of the Table

Somehow he became popular in South Africa – with popularity approaching something like that of the Beatles. Holy s**t. Some way.

4 Ways to Overcome Extreme Adversity

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Not long after I flew home from South Africa, Heritage Link Brands was born. I'm one of them. I know this firsthand. Probably not.

Fun-loving South African golfer Hobday dies at 76

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) — Simon Hobday, the fun-loving South African golfer who won the 1994 U.S. Senior Open at Pinehurst, died Thursday after a fight with cancer. He was 76

Nelson Mandela, Transformational Leader

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This article was co-authored with Brian Isaacson, a management consultant based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Slyde Handboards – Shredding A New Wave For Surfing


It was there on the shores of the South African coast that the initial idea for Slyde was formed. Well we did!&#

4 Times You Should Step Away From the Computer

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Although technology wildly increases the speed of business growth, if entrepreneurs aren't careful, it can also adversely affect their companies.

The choices we make when we build startups

doing retreats 3 times a year (the last two were Pattaya, Thailand and Cape Town, South Africa). Therefore, 20% time is a great idea.

Africa Online: Check out “The Shift”

David Cohen

Technology is changing lives — even saving lives — in Africa, the world’s second most populous continent. It’s great stuff.

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Startup Lessons Learned

Cincinnati, NEO HQ, 3700 Park 42 Dr Cleveland Columbus Oklahoma: Tulsa Pennsylvania: Lititz Philadelphia Puerto Rico: San Juan South Dakota: Sioux Falls Texas: Austin: Tech Ranch Austin, 9111 Jollyville Rd. The number of hosts has grown annually, and this year, we have 200+ groups joining us on Monday, December 3.

The Top 5 Best Cities For Possibility

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Johannesburg, South Africa 7. Every year there’s a list of cities that have been researched to be the best of some category. Singapore.

Letting Employees Work Remotely Pays Off

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The company had just 15 employees in its home office (another 14 were working elsewhere, including company offices in India and South Africa).

WayTooEarly: Lessons From The Jungle


Those who follow my Twitters know that Ive just returned from two weeks in South Africa and Zambia, including six days in the game parks at Kruger seeing animals in the wild. WayTooEarly. I work with companies at two stages, too early and way too early. « Look Ma, No Wires | Main. First, Google and Microsoft are the Land Rovers.

It’s Not About The Money: How Good Value And Customer Experience Trump Price


Originally a trained fashion buyer from South Africa, Gnesin stepped into entrepreneurship at the age of 19. You can bring it back.”

How to Think Globally

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Business smarts are not enough. The best global leaders are also political gurus and experts in dealing with the nonrational. Chakravorti spoke to Inc.

Corporate America Is Killing Your Start-up Dreams

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The very same wine that Napoleon Bonaparte devotedly drank up until his final days, South Africa's Vin de Constance. Á