Gary Vaynerchuk on How to Gain Exposure with $1,000

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Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vayner Media and host of The #AskGaryVee Show, describes how a contractor from Belarus can gain American customers on a reasonable budget

South Korea Lowers Its Tax To Attract Blockchain Start-Up

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This will not be the first time when the government plans on reducing the taxes for those companies that work closely with the distributed ledger technology since there are also similar cases in Europe specifically Spain and Belarus. In Belarus, there was the creation of an exclusive zone for the firms working with the crypto and blockchain.

7 US startup visa options for international founders

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Mikita Mikado is a software engineer and entrepreneur from Belarus, now based in San Francisco. He is the co-­founder and CEO of Quote Roller and PandaDoc. There is no other place like Silicon Valley, the tech Mecca of access to great talent, capital and countless prospective clients.

UPS Goes Long With Eurasia Rail (


The railway crosses Belgium, France, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Poland, before coming through China. UPS is adding more intermodel stations to China's mega Europe-Asia railway.

Getting your startup visa: Seven tips on choosing the right immigration attorney

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Mikita Mikado is a software engineer and entrepreneur from Belarus, now based in San Francisco. He is the co-­founder and CEO of Quote Roller and PandaDoc.

The Importance of Software Development Services


Software development is an umbrella term used to refer to the overall process that involves several tasks, such as computer programming, documenting, repairing and testing that concern both the creation and the maintenance of applications and frameworks.

Is a difficult platform to replicate?


As we end 2012, Gust is the official, exclusive platform of virtually every national federation of business angels in the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, France, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, India, even China, all in their native languages. The answer is no , yes , and it’s irrelevant.

Largest Baltic ICT Event; LOGIN Tech Conference


In order to expand the startup roots in the region, this year’s Login is specifically organising a special Startup Belarus event , which includes Panel discussion on joint Belarus and Lithuanian Startups'' opportunities for going global and Speed networking session.

Startup Wiseguys Release Fall '14 Batch


BusinessTech seemed to have been a good focus, and the Wiseguys have embezzled ten teams together for their Fall ''14 batch who have temporarily relocated from South Africa, Argentina, India, Serbia, Greece, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, with the remaining two already from Estonia.

How to help your startup turn a profit in 4 simple steps

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Mikita Mikado is a software engineer and entrepreneur from Belarus, now based in San Francisco. I’m a geek and software engineer from the former ­Soviet state of Belarus. He is the co-­founder and CEO of Quote Roller and PandaDoc.

Startup Sauna Releases Spring 2013 'Warmup' Schedule


Here is their tour schedule: Minsk, Belarus – March 4th. Espoo-based seed accelerator Startup Sauna has just released their 'Warmup' touring schedule to find new teams.

No More Woof aims to read dogs' minds - Surpasses Crowdfunding goal


Also, Studio Total , world-famous PR agency from Malmö, mostly known for the Teddybears over Belarus protest , is involved in part. Earlier this month No More Woof was announced as a IndieGoGo project.

Finalists announced for Rietumu FinTech Challenge


EComCharge (Belarus). A total of sixteen teams from seven countries applied for this year''s Rietumu FinTech Challenge.

Yandex Moving International Maps Over To NAVTEQ


Currently, Yandex offers maps for 270 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Russia's largest search engine has announced it has purchased map licenses from NAVTEQ, the Nokia maps subsidiary.

Russian search giant Yandex announces Access to Facebook's Firehose


Russian search giant Yandex announces today a partnership agreement with Facebook, giving Yandex access to Facebook''s "Firehose" of public data coming from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, other CIS countries, and Turkey. This plays into the "social search" trend that we''ve seen social networks move to, with Bing''s partnership with Facebook, and Google''s huge efforts being put into their homegrown social network, Google+.

Yandex Announces Pricing Of Its IPO


Yandex also operates in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus Today Yandex announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 52,174,088 Class A ordinary shares at $25.00 per share. The shares will begin trading today on the NASDAQ under the symbol “YNDX”.

What's So Special About Specialty Foods

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He was working as a stonemason for a Utah construction company, and had previously gotten a degree in computer sciences and applied math in his home country of Belarus.

News Ticker: Healthcare Puts the Hurt on Small Business

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At least one Israeli company has looked to Belarus for programmers who cost a seventh of what they run in California. The would-be flood of overseas tech workers, airports you might want to avoid, and who''s up and who''s down in the electric car industry.

200.000.000 mobile users, for starters – Q&A with Viber CEO Talmon Marco

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The company is based in Cyprus with development centers in Belarus, Israel and China. Free mobile messaging and VoIP service provider Viber today made a slew of announcements , including reaching the milestone of 200 million users, the roll-out of Viber 3.0

Iran 65

10 Things You Need to Know About LOGIN Startup Fair


Central and Eastern Europe is becoming a technology hub for many corporates, startups and venture capital funds. It is seen as an extremely promising emerging market, where an ever increasing number of successful startups are being born.

The Best Economy In History

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back up the board where it is lagging in the World Bank ease of doing business rankings - #17 in starting a business (behind countries including Belarus, Rwanda, and Saudi Arabia!), #62 in paying taxes, and #20 in international trade. You would never believe it given the drumbeat of negativity that passes as business news these days, but last month U.S.

Music Streaming In Russia


Yandex also has a free music streaming app that allows building various playlists (unlike Vkontakte, for instance), though it lacks social dimension and is only available in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazahstan due to copyrights.

What the JOBS Act Really Does for You

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Some percentage are going to use it to elevate their lifestyle before absconding to Belarus. It will help more start-ups get out of the gate, but after that it's going to be messy.

Taxi app Taxify Meets Resistance in Finland Launch


Currently Taxify operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland, with expansion operations taking place in the Netherlands and Greece, soon to be followed by Belarus, Norway and Sweden.

Runet: 5 Top Russian Websites


Thirdly, Russian websites are popular outside Russia: Ukraine, Belarus, Kazahstan and other former USSR states constitute 25 out of 85 million Runet users. Russian internet market is scarcely covered outside of the country but it's not for the lack of news. To Become A Simple


Outside of Russia, Vkontakte is also the most popular website in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The move to a shorter and domain is associated with Vkontakte's efforts to expand their global reach.

Follow-Up: Behind Yandex's 2010 Performance


Yandex also stroke deals with Facebook and Vkontakte for the social networks'profile search and expanded its operations to Belarus, Ukrain and Kazahstan. Yandex is a giant and a veteran in Russian Internet. Its founding team has been developing the technology since 1989 and managed to innovate throughout the two decades of its existence to merit the status of Russia's number one search engine. Last week Yandex announced its unaudited financial results for 2010 and they look sweet.

Funding, startup traction and news from Latvia: December


Additionally, the team reveals that their sales leads exceed €1 million across multiple sports in South Korea, Austria, Germany, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Finland, UAE and other countries. Exits.

5 startup investments in 5 industries: How can Practica Capital handle this?


However, after talking to some game industry insiders and entrepreneurs from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus who now moved to Lithuania, we took another look. We decided to ask directly.

Russian Review Site Tulp Raises $3M


Today the website receives 10 000 unique visits daily, covers about 84 major cities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazahstan and Belarus with over 25000 reviews altogether (the majority being from Russia). Russian economy must be recovering from the economic crisis judging by the number of start-ups that are raising funding. Another service that recently got funded is a peer review site Tulp. Quintura reported that the company received unattributed $3M funding.

Dealflow from Lithuania: These #LTstartups are raising over $100M


JetCat Games is a game development studio that recently moved to Vilnius from Belarus and won local pitching competition. A guest post by Edmundas Bal?ikonis ikonis , CEO of Trackduck. Lithuania is one of the smallest countries in Europe with a population of 3 million.