Google's Internet-Beaming Balloons to Take Off in Indonesia

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The balloons will float about 60,000 feet above the Earth and transmit high-speed Internet signals

Google's Internet-Beaming Balloons to Take Off in Indonesia

Inc Startups

After previous testing in smaller areas, this represents the project's most ambitious step yet

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Surprising Surge In Attack Traffic From Indonesia This Year: Akamai


Akamai just released its State Of The Internet report for the first quarter of this year, and Indonesia has gotten itself into the report for mostly the wrong reasons. Port 80 (WWW HTTP) was second at 14%, with a majority of these attacks observed to be originating from Indonesia.

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India was a major market for Blackberry (like Indonesia), but the youth segment abandoned RIM for Android. Deepika Padukone, Best Bollywood actress of 2014. With his salt and pepper hair and soft-spoken manner, Suneel Bandhu could easily be mistaken for a college professor.

[Asia] Kark Mobile Education Lands Funding From Indonesia’s Indeosource


Singapore-based startup Kark Mobile Education today announced that Jakarta-based investment firm Ideosource has invested an undisclosed sum into the company.

“When Indonesia’s President Sukarno was once asked.

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“When Indonesia’s President Sukarno was once asked by a journalist, where to find the best “Rijsttafel”in Jakarta, he answered, ‘in The Hague’”. Rijsttafel food Indonesia cuisine Dutch good eats

[Event] [Jakarta] Sparxup 2012


Indonesia’s #1 tech conference, startup competition and hackathon is back! Indonesia, music startup, and cloud-provider company, Infinys.

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Lessons and Impressions from Indonesia

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

weeks in Indonesia. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in world (220 million), an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands. So it's easy to see why the United States, among other nations, holds up Indonesia as a shining beacon of tolerance and diversity in the Muslim world.

[Indonesia][Event] Startup Asia Jakarta 2012


Buoyed by the success of that event, the Tech In Asia team will be organizing another ‘Startup Arena’, this time in Jakarta, Indonesia on Jun 7-8, 2012.

WORSHIP SUNDAY: Indonesia by August Burns Red - Often you do not.

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WORSHIP SUNDAY: Indonesia by August Burns Red - Often you do not realize the story behind a song until much later. Such is the case with Indonesia off the Constellations album. Little did I realize it was an actual story of a David Clapper, a Christian missionary in Indonesia who was ministering to a tribe when on a return journey his plane crash into the side of a mountain. music metal Christian August Burns Red Indonesia Constellations Worship Sunday

Impressions of Malaysia

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Malaysia is a country of 30 million people that co-anchors the SE Asian economy with Indonesia. Malaysia is predominately Muslim and seemingly a bit stricter about religious rules than its neighbor Indonesia. A stop on the KL food tour.

Muhammad Noer: How This Indonesian Entrepreneur Attracted 20,000 Subscribers And 1,000 Paying Members To His “How To Speed Read” Business by Yaro Starak

Muhammad Noer , or Noer as he likes to be called, was born in Sumatra Indonesia. Muhammad Noer, or Noer as he likes to be called, was born in Sumatra Indonesia. As a side project while working his full time job, he started a personal blog because he wanted to get back into writing. His topics were speed reading and slide presentations , two subjects he is passionate about.

[Asia][Event] Startup Asia Jakarta 2013


Events & Happenings Asia Indonesia Jakarta Startup Arena Startup Asia startup launchpad startups Startups In Asia Tech In Asia

[Infographic] 27 Striking Facts Most People Don’t Know About Startups


Or that Indonesia has twice the number of startups compared to Italy? The startup world can be rather enigmatic and mysterious to those who aren’t familiar with its numerous and constantly evolving businesses in that entrepreneurship space. And who’s to blame them?

Born Global or Die Local – Building a Regional Startup Playbook

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China, Russia, Brazil, India, Indonesia all meet those criteria. Entrepreneurship is everywhere, but everywhere isn’t a level playing field. What’s the playbook for your region or country to make it so? ———-.

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My Last Post About This Election – Don’t Waste Your Vote

Feld Thoughts

“You don’t get to call for a religious test to enter our country, potentially denying access to more than 1 billion Muslim people in the world including very large populations in Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.” Please vote. Just so you know my bias before reading further, I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. This post is not aimed at you if you have already decided to vote for Clinton or for Trump.

Power to the People: How to Create a Profitable Social Enterprise

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A street view in Bali, Indonesia, where the founders of Indosole were inspired to start their social enterprise. The idea for the company came about when two surfing Californians took a trip to Bali, Indonesia, in 2004.

Building a Lean Startup in a Developing Country

Launching Tech Ventures

Is this something you see in Indonesia as well, or are there lots of competitors out there with comparable resources, market access, and labor pools as you?

And Then They Came for Me …

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You don’t get to call for a religious test to enter our country, potentially denying access to more than 1 billion Muslim people in the world including very large populations in Indonesia, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

[Event] Japanese Startup Moso Wins Startup Asia Jakarta


Philippines-based Payroll Hero came in second in the competition, while second runner-up was NoLimit of Indonesia. The following were the other thirteen startups that competed in the Startup Arena: Harpoen , Indonesia. Gobann , Indonesia. Bibbycam , Indonesia.

15 Entrepreneurs Explain Why They Started Their Businesses


Coming back home to Indonesia, I see that there’s a demand in wearing Batik ( our traditional culture wear and art ) but there is none in the market that caters to younger generations. Each business has a story.

Millennials In Asia Are Ambitious And Entrepreneurial: VISA Study


In the case of Indonesia, this is overwhelming – 83-percent of Indonesian Millennials say they see themselves as entrepreneurs of the future. Much has been written about the characteristics – and quirks – of the Millennial Generation, those born between 1982 and 1995.

[Event] Tech In Asia Jakarta 2015


The Jakarta conference will welcome the likes of Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon; Thomas Lembong, Indonesia’s Minister of Trade; and Roger Egan, Co-founder and CEO of RedMart.

Hacking for Defense @ Stanford – Week 7

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” In slides 4- 11 they describe what they learned about illegal fishing in Indonesia (Thanks again to the State Departments innovation outpost.) We just held our seventh week of the Hacking for Defense class.

Transportation, On-Demand And The Asian Economy – Asian Horizons


Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India and some other countries have been privy to the on-demand bubble, so to speak. Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam) We’ve identified some factors that set them apart from other ride-sharing outfits.

The World's Most Expensive Real Estate Markets

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The report also found that Jakarta, Indonesia recorded the largest rise in real estate prices, with a 38 percent increase between 2012 and 2013. Auckland, New Zealand ranked second, and Bali, Indonesia, ranked third.

The 4 Keys to Building Brand Loyalty with Millennials

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In the thirty seconds it takes to read this introduction, a commercial will run on TV. It will be for a brand peddling a product or service and it will claim the highest of quality for said product or service. It may even offer a special discount or rebate with a fast approaching deadline.

Franchises Finding International Niches

The Entrepreneurial Mind

Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia and Laos are all seeing rapid growth in American franchise restaurants. ENTREPRENEURIAL PROFILE : Tony Chew: KFC Vietnam.

Converting Residential To Business: A Look At New Trends In Apartment Usage


Normally seen in some of the older buildings within Indonesia; converted apartments have been locations for dermatology clinics, dentist offices, small call center operations and have even been used as office spaces for business startups. Image credit: For rent sign in Shutterstock.

How To Prepare Your Ecommerce Business For The Future


These users, living in fast-developing countries like China, India, and Indonesia, will soon start to develop their own spending power. According to the latest IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index, over £100bn was spent in the UK on online shopping.

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Join a conference simulcast near you

Startup Lessons Learned

One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere. The number of hosts has grown annually, and this year, we have 200+ groups joining us on Monday, December 3. They represent more than 10,000 people total. If you're not attending the conference in person, consider meeting up with one of these groups to watch.

Report: State of Global Cloud Computing Policy

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While many countries have clear, technology-neutral electronic signature laws, some overly prescriptive security requirements have begun to appear, such as new legislation in Indonesia that requires service providers to locate data centers inside the country.

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[Singapore] Startup Asia Singapore Back For 2013 Edition


After a series of successful startup events in Singapore, and Jakarta and Bandung in Indonesia last year, Asia-based online technology news site TechinAsia will be kicking off Startup Asia Singapore ‘s second edition later in April this year.

Why predicting the future is more about sociology than technology

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China, India, Indonesia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America all have cities that fit this definition today.

Mobile Is Hot--& Only Getting Hotter

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” The study shows that recent mobile growth is happening faster in underdeveloped areas, such as Mexico and Indonesia, than anywhere else. By 2015, cell phone plans will outnumber people. Take a look at some of the stats behind this booming market.

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[Singapore] LinkedIn Hits 1 Million Users In Singapore


Singapore is the fourth market in Southeast Asia to surpass the 1-million mark, after Malaysia (1+ million), Indonesia (1.5+ LinkedIn first established an office here in Singapore back in 2011.

11 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up with Their Business Logos


The logo I ultimately chose was the work of a designer in Indonesia. Deciding on a logo is a big decision because it establishes the brand of your company. For entrepreneurs and business owners it is sometimes not an easy and simple process.

Innovation: The Key To Entrepreneurial Success


Based in Singapore, Dr Reddington leads the overall planning and implementation of corporate strategies and operations, and manages over 2,900 employees in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The March cS Award and The February cS Award Winner

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monotz comes from Indonesia and is a wonderful professional,and we are so proud of the work he does every day! Last summer, we announced that we would issue a monthly cS Award to honor quality work and community-oriented behavior by designers and writers in the crowdSPRING community.

SparkLabs Unveils $30 Million Seed Fund

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SparkLabs is especially keen on Indonesia, where developer talent is plentiful, and Israel, Sweden, and Germany, where start-up ecosystems are beginning to take shape. The incubator is going global to nurture start-ups, most notably in Israel, Germany, and Sweden.