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I'm off to Europe today for a week of board meetings and vacation. It has become a bit of a tradition in our family to spend some time in europe every summer. Last summer we spent close to six weeks in europe in four countries. We have five companies in our portfolio that were started in europe and another four or five with significant operations in europe. I've written about the Internet startup sector in Europe a fair bit.

Investing In Startups In Europe

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The answer, as  Sten Tamkivi explains in TechCrunch , is that europe is a great place to invest in startups. At USV, we have made nine investments in europe since 2008 when we started investing there. It is way easier to invest in europe from New York City than the Bay Area and that is something we have taken advantage of. And I am not sure that Silicon Valley can or will pay a huge amount of attention to Europe.

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Cloud Europe 2017: The Factory is Cranking

Cracking the Code

Recent SaaS trends and the Accel Euroscape of the 100 most promising companies in Europe and Israel This article was co-authored with my colleague Pia d'Iribarne and published initially on Out of the 12 IPOs, Mimecast is the only company from Europe. in Europe and $0.9B

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Startup Campuses Come to Europe

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Mega startup campuses, the latest trend in co-working, are spreading their wings in Europe. They are different from the traditional co-working space not just in size, but also in scope and. This is a content summary only. Click on the post title to continue reading this post, share your comments, browse the website and more!

Europe is underweight in Micro-VC

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However, Samir’s comments are largely based on US data and don’t separate out Europe and Asia. The surprising thing for me here is that in most years Asia has seen more Micro VC fundraises than Europe.

Europe's Wackiest New Benefit: Paid Sex Breaks

Inc Startups

A town in Sweden is contemplating offering employees paid time off to get it on. Yes, really

See 5 of the Coolest Offices in Europe

Inc Startups

5000 Europe aren't messing around when it comes to office design The companies on this year's Inc.

My Business Made $153,428 While I Was Traveling In Europe Because I Made One Important Change Years Ago by Yaro Starak

The post My Business Made $153,428 While I Was Traveling In Europe Because I Made One Important Change Years Ago appeared first on Hello from beautiful Lviv Ukraine, the town I presently call home.

Startups Start Local But Go Global. Is Europe Included?

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Campus London European Startups Eze Vidra Innovation Endeavors europe Israel Israeli startups venture capitalLast week I had the pleasure of speaking at the Cities Summit Tel Aviv, in a session moderated by Mr Yossi Vardi. The topic was the "Innovative code" of cities. My talk focused on London and its. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Who are the 30 fastest growing companies in Europe?

The Next Web

This is a question we ask ourselves. Every year we search for the answer and for 2016, we’re proud to announce it to you. Congrats to Lesara for claiming the number one spot! Download the full list of the 30 fastest growing companies But that’s not all.

3 Productivity Decisions to Make When Flying to Europe

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Red eye flights are from the USA to Europe have pros and cons Face-to-face meetings are critical in relationship development.

What May's Call to Move U.K. Elections Forward Means for Europe's Entrepreneurs

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EuropePrime Minister Theresa May has called for a general election on June 8th, hoping to shore up more conservative support ahead of negotiations to exit the European Union.

Growth Story: How learning app Blinkist became one of Europe’s fastest growing startups

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Now, they’re one of the fastest growing startups of Europe, so we asked all about their… This story continues at The Next Web. Growth Story is a new four-question format we’re doing about startups finding and influencing a defining metric that helped really grow their company.

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Entrepreneurs, not the government, will save Europe’s economy

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Because starting a company and growing it is hard no matter where you are, but the difficulty is magnified in Europe, where people are divided by geography, regulation, language and cultural prejudice. So, what can Europe do about it? It’s time for Europe to help their companies grow.

How Europe's Top CEOs Start Their Day

Inc Startups

To run one of the fastest-growing companies on the Continent, you're going to need a lot of coffee

Self-Driving Truck 'Platoons' Complete 1,000-Mile Trip Across Europe

Inc Startups

"Platooning" can cut emissions by 10 percent. Now we just need to make it legal

7 of the Most Stylish Startup Offices in Europe

Inc Startups

These seven companies marry youth with productivity at their office headquarters

Europe Is Catching the Silicon Valley Flu

Inc Startups

Falling company valuations spread to Europe as U.S. tech startups' malaise goes global

5 Simple Things the US Should Adopt from Europe

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We talk about healthcare and free college, but those things are complicated, and perception often isn't reality. These things could make a real difference at minimal cost. Secrets of the Inspired Traveler

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Business of Software Conference Europe, the 1 minute summary.

Business of Software Blog

Captures the spirit of Business of Software Conference Europe held earlier this year in Cambridge, England. BoS Updates europe Very short (1 minute) video.

Here's What You Need To Know To Do Business In Europe In 2018

Inc Startups

Mishandling data on EU citizens could cost your company 20 million in 2018. Innovate

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Startup Equity Crowdfunding Grows in Europe (NESTA Report)

VC Cafe

Below is a table of the equity Crowdfunding platforms operating in Europe: Location. NESTA, the UK Innovation Foundation, has released the ” The Venture Crowd “, a new report on crowdfunding as an investment tool. The report reveals that in 2011 alone, €1.5

How To Sell To Consumers In Europe


You cannot look at Europe as one playground. The difference in Europe on the same product is between 8% and 27%. But in Europe, Amazon is only active in 5 of the 51 countries (!!). by Stef van Boekel of

North American Cannabis Producer Expands to Europe

Inc Startups

Tilray raised 20 million to build a greenhouse, an indoor grow, and a production facility in Portugal to serve the EU medical marijuana market.

What Europe's Startups Can Expect in 2017? 'Macro-Level Uncertainty'

Inc Startups

s Brexit is just one reason the future of Europe's startups is in flux The U.K.'s

Mattermark data shows US venture is slowing down – Europe may be insulated

The Equity Kicker

The Q1 data for Europe showed investment was flat on Q4, but it will be interesting to see if we see the same declines as the US in April and May. Stage-by-Stage Change in US Venture Capital Deployed (Deal Value) – Mattermark.

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Joseph Stiglitz Explains the Key Factor That's Tearing Europe Apart

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editor James Ledbetter why the question for Europe isn't whether there will be a lost decade, but whether there will be a lost quarter century Joseph Stiglitz, professor of economics at Columbia University, explains to Inc.

3 Common Assumptions You Need to Rethink Before Doing Business in Europe

Inc Startups

EuropeOptimize your European business strategy. Key advice for success in the Eurozone.

Want To Start A Business In Europe? Here’s What You Need To Know

YFS Magazine

This article Want To Start A Business In Europe? Want to start a business in Europe? This article Want To Start A Business In Europe? Here’s What You Need To Know appeared first in YFS Magazine: Startups, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Culture. There are huge opportunities for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas who want to startup or expand businesses abroad.

3 Vital Lessons From Growing An E-Commerce Business From $0-$10 Million In 3 Years

Inc Startups's Millennial founders have experienced hyper-growth in their e-commerce startup and share some critical lessons learned along the way.

SaaS Wars: Europe Awakens

Cracking the Code

Accel Euroscape: The 100 most promising Software-as-a- Service companies in Europe and Israel -This article was co-authored with my colleague Pia d'Iribarne and published initially on SaaS in Europe is exploding in terms of both quantity and quality.

Europe Needs Bolder Tech Investments


Meanwhile in Europe, the only "real" European tech companies founded since 1980 that have gone to billion+ revenue range that come to my mind are ARM and Skype. Europe's problem with tech innovations. The situation is the same all over Europe.

4 Powerful Truths Only The Best Recruiters Know

Inc Startups

EuropeFacing up to hard truths about recruitment will help you find the talent your company needs.

London ranked best startup ecosystem in Europe

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A new report out from the Startup Genome and Telefonica Digital ranks London as the seventh best startup ecosystem in the world. As you can see from the table above Silicon Valley comes out top and Tel Aviv is the only city outside the US that comes ahead of London.

Michelle Dale: Mother Of Three Takes Her Kids Around Europe On A Ten Year “Laptop Lifestyle” Trip Thanks To Her $30,000+ A Month Online Business by Yaro Starak

Michelle has been traveling all around Europe … Read the rest of this entry » The post Michelle Dale: Mother Of Three Takes Her Kids Around Europe On A Ten Year “Laptop Lifestyle” Trip Thanks To Her $30,000+ A Month Online Business appeared first on Download MP3 | Transcript | iTunes | Soundcloud | Raw RSS ] Michelle has been traveling all around Europe since 2005.

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Peter Thiel says the Dublin Web Summit isn’t representative of ‘slacker’ Europe

The Next Web

Following comments to the Financial Times two months ago criticising the continent, venture capitalist Peter Thiel today dismissed Dublin Web Summit with its 20,000+ attendees as “not representative of Europe”. He told the FT: ““Europe is a slacker with low expectations, held back by.

How to Make Sense of Big Data | BoS Europe 2015 | Vince Darley, King Games

Business of Software Blog

Slides from Vince Darley, Chief Data Scientist at’s Talk at BoS Europe (link). Vince Darley, Chief Data Scientist, King Games. Vince draws on 20 years of experience solving complex data problems.

Europe’s growing share of $1bn startups

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it excludes ARM and Autonomy) and elements are debateable (I’m not sure Soundcloud has achieved a $1bn valuation yet) but even with those caveats its clear that Europe has made a big step forward in creating ‘Unicorns’ Finally, if you’ve ever wondered why VCs care so much about $1bn exits, Aileen explains why: Why do investors seem to care about “billion dollar exits”?

Rock, Paper, Scissors – Stuff So Easy You Wouldn’t Believe It Works | Clarke Ching, Royal London | BoS Europe 2016

Business of Software Blog

Slides of Clarke’s talk at BoS Conference Europe 2016 here. The post Rock, Paper, Scissors – Stuff So Easy You Wouldn’t Believe It Works | Clarke Ching, Royal London | BoS Europe 2016 appeared first on Business of Software USA. Clarke Ching, Agile Lead, Royal London.

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The Next Web introduces 12 local Startup Awards to celebrate entrepreneurship across Europe

The Next Web

Today, we’re introducing a new initiative called Startup Awards , in an effort to celebrate entrepreneurship anywhere – though we’re starting in Europe. Entrepreneur Europe Events Voice European Startup Awards Startup Awards The Next Web tnw