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Here are the 5 hottest startups in Poland

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You may know Poland for its unpronounceable surnames and sour cabbage in absolutely every meal possible, however, this Central European nation is so much more than pickled vegetables and delicious comfort food. In recent years, Poland has been receiving more attention on the startup scene and in tech news.

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Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: From Poland to Argentina


During this week's roundtable, once again, we had an international group of entrepreneurs presenting from Buenos Aires, Argentina; Warsaw, Poland; Geneva, Switzerland; Sherbrooke, Canada; Oakland, California; and Austin, Texas. Next, Ashwin Bhambri from Warsaw, Poland, pitched Resmesh , a concept that aims to create 'profiles' for people.

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Polish Delegation Visits Austin to Promote Organic Food Trade


In a sign the economy is starting to open again after the COVID-19 Pandemic, a delegation from Poland visited Austin this week. The group held a special luncheon at The Driskill Hotel on Thursday to showcase organic polish food exports.

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McLaren Strategic Ventures Sajan Pillai Discusses the Top Five Trends for Advancing Global Technology in 2022 

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He led the company’s global business operations through its centers in the US, the UK, Spain, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Mexico, Australia, Poland, and Israel. Sajan was responsible for the company’s growth and acquisitions. Sajan has held several senior management positions in the software industry.

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List Of The Best SEO Chrome Extensions In 2020


Supported countries are Brazil, India, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Africa, Ireland, Russia, China, Poland, Hungary, Salvador, Australia, and Canada, as well as the com. This is a simple tool for checking the position of several sites at once for the desired search query in different countries.

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Creativity around the planet

deal architect

Innovation from around the world Stadel Museum in the flesh – Germany Design Capital – Las Vegas, US Europe’s startup capitals – various Services Outsourcing – Poland Reimagining India – India British Airways Digital Luggage Tag – UK Manufacturing lessons.'

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How a community is born: The rise of Polish startups

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Traditionally, Web companies in Poland were focused on the local market of 40 million people, which seemed big enough to scale their business. Three years later and Poland has got a number of well-funded startups disrupting global markets. Big European and US-based VCs, however, were not impressed.

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