How Startups Can Keep Product Development Lean


by Steve Owens, Founder and CTO of Finish Line Product Development Services. In this article we explore the unique challenges of a lean start-up and how Outsourced Product Development (OPD) can be used to overcome them. Reducing product turn time.

Realistic Strategies For Funding Product Development

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Angel investors and venture capitalists are looking for startups with real products and a proven business model, ready to scale. Yet I still get too many business plans that clearly are looking for money to do research and development (R&D) on a new and unproven technology.

10 Strategies To Cover New Product Development Costs

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The “valley of death” is a common term in the startup world, referring to the difficulty of covering the negative cash flow in the early stages of a startup, before their new product or service is bringing in revenue from real customers. development costs new venture research valley of death

How To Develop A Great Product That Will Sell


It makes sense that if you want to have a great company, then you need to have great products. However, some business owners think that if they do enough marketing, any product can sell. It is important to make the quality of your product your main concern.

6 Leadership Habits CEOs Need To Develop


Research shows there are many advantages to being a giver, but striking a balance is important to remain productive. Professionalisms leadership leadership skills leading people Mark Green personal development self development

5 Simple Ways (And Tools) To Improve Product Development

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As with product development of any kind, process design is often the most difficult (yet most valuable) part of your project. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing product development software development

Affordable and Efficient App Development

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If you want to take your business to the next level, you should consider app development. Are you are a startup that needs to market your products and services ? While app development can be very beneficial, that’s only true if it’s done the right way.

6 Leadership Habits To Develop In 2019


Research shows there are many advantages to being a giver, but striking a balance is important to remain productive. by Mark Green , author of “ Activators: A CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done “.

7 Guidelines For Funding New Research & Development

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As an advisor to new business owners, and an occasional angel investor, I see new business proposals daily, many seeking investors to fund early research and development (R&D) of a new product idea. Reinvest early returns to expand the product line.

Mobile App Development: 5 Critical Steps To Help You Achieve User Adoption


It’s easy to come up with ideas for developing a new mobile app, but good ideas are a dime a dozen. Plenty of good app ideas are developed, only to crash and burn. It takes time and planning to develop an app ; it’s not something you can do in a 24-hour power session.

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Student Entrepreneur Pursues Product Development

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Tweet Facebook LinkedIn Tumblr Stumble Digg Delicious The post Student Entrepreneur Pursues Product Development appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall The Entrepreneurial Mind : Grace McCaw- McCaw Industries.

3 Reasons It’s Smart To Prototype Your Product


Named after the French word for “model,” Maquette uses VR to allow product developers to create prototypes in three dimensions instead of relying on two-dimensional representations. Here’s a closer look at three reasons prototyping your product is the smart way to go.

How To Get More From Your Development Team


Your development team is critical to the success of a business, especially if you’re selling a digital product. If you’re ready to be a better leader, and get more from your development team, keep these three simple ideas in mind. Learning is critical for your development team.

Protecting Yourself from Counterfeit Products

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Ordering a product made in the UK, only to note that the starting point is China, it is likely you are dealing with fake merchandise. As it stands, counterfeit products, mainly in fashion and accessories, bring an annual amount of$500 billion globally.

5 Habits That Kill Your Productivity

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You may have picked up a few habits that make productivity an uphill battle. Here's a list of 5 common habits to break asap and boost your productivity. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle personal development productivity

[Infographic] Work Day Productivity Hacks


From apps that help you manage your schedules to monitoring your sleep, from collaboration tools to those that oversees your work projects, mobile apps – when used well – can help hack one’s productivity.

The Principles of Product Development Flow

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Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Monday, July 13, 2009 The Principles of Product Development Flow If youve ever wondered why agile or lean development techniques work, The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development by Donald G.

How To Find The Right Manufacturer For Your Product Idea

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Operations Plan manufacturing product design product development supply chainFinding the right manufacturing partner is one of the most important decisions a startup can make. Here are four tips to help you get started.

Hiring Developers Before Product/Market Fit?


The problem is you don't yet have product/market fit, and until you do, you don't really know what to build. When product vision is truly clear, then it makes sense to execute it, and hiring follows. These companies are very early-stage and definitely have not shown product/market fit.

7 Tips To Transform Boredom Into Productivity

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So, here's a look at 7 tips to help transform boredom into productive solutions. Lead managing workflow personal development productivity time managementChallenging business tasks can leave you feeling stuck.

6 Lifehacks That Will Help You Save On Mobile App Development


There are two main paths to follow in mobile app development: native and cross-platform. Code written for one OS cannot be reused for another, which makes the development and maintenance of native mobile apps expensive and time-sapping. Hire Junior Developers.

Essential Skills Every Young Professional Should Develop


With that in mind, it’s good to be aware of some of the essential skills you must develop to be a professional. Just think, for example, how well Steve Jobs was able to communicate to the public when showcasing new Apple products like the iPhone. by Lewis Robinson.

Working with Developers


There was a lot of passion in the room last week when I presented Working with Developers at the Stubbs Precellerator. I guess it should not be a surprise that Founders have lots of challenges working with developers. But my developers want to go into way too much detail.

Learning & Development – What You Can Do To Help Workers Improve


So how can we invest in our employees to help them develop their skills further? Create Development Plans. Some may find that they aren’t too sure about how to progress, but you can still create a development plan as a general road map.

Start Early With a Solid Product Management System

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For startup owners, similar questions need to be asked about their company – particularly the product (or service) they’re providing their consumers. Here are several detailed reasons why strong product management is so important: Complexity. Who are we? Why are we here?

How To Maximise Productivity And Streamline Communication In The Workplace


One of the most important aspects of any business is employee productivity. While increased productivity is something that many businesses strive for, it is not always achieved. Investing in technology is one of the best ways to maximise productivity.

False Positives and Product / Market Fit

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Which one of these tests will actually tell us if we have the fabled Product / Market Fit? Business Model Lean Startups customer development survey product/market fit startup marketing pyramid Lean Startup is hard. All we want is to build something people want.

Developing Strong Product Teams


We often work together to help product teams. We have both long argued that the best way to evaluate product teams is by their results; the outcome they generate, not their output. That said, many teams are still learning the techniques and methods of strong teams, and in this article we wanted to highlight what to look for in a strong product team and how to help the team develop. Team Staffing: Is there a strong product manager/owner?

How To Succeed As A Product Manager


New technologies emerge daily and bring ingenious products to the world. It’s generally accepted to praise developers and designers for bringing these products to life but there is usually someone else behind the concepts and ideas. necessary product.

Top 5 Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs

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Lead personal development productivity time managementImagine how different your life would look if you followed these steps?

What’s Your Product Cadence?

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I love the product vision – it’s in an area that I’ve been working in for a while across a variety of companies and will take a new approach to a very old and persistent problem. It’s an ambitious product vision that will take a while to fully roll out. In lean startup language, they’ve got a minimal viable product. In their case, the customer is a business customer rather than a mass market consumer web product.

5 Ways To Boost Your Happiness And Productivity

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Here's a look at five solutions that I’ve found extremely helpful to boost my productivity and happiness. Lifestyle personal development productivity work-life balanceSomething had to change.

Book: Product Design for the Web

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Last week Fred Wilson wrote a post recommending two books including Randy Hunt’s Product Design for the Web: Principles of Designing and Releasing Web Products. He does it in a way that anyone who is not a natural designer or developer will understand.

Web 346

Developing Strong Product Owners


In my last article I discussed the role of the leader of the product organization. I heard back from more than a few product leaders that it served to remind them that they weren’t doing as much as they knew they should be doing to build the strength of their product team, and I was asked if I could share some of the tools I use to help with this. I want every product leader to feel considerable urgency and importance around this need.

For the sake of productivity, developers need to learn to say “no”

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Whoever coined the mantra ‘The customer is always right’ has never tried to undertake development tasks for clients with grandiose ideas, but zero technical background.

Developing A PR Strategy For Your Small Business’s Product Launch


In the past, the way a product launch worked was by hiring a PR agency, meeting with reporters during a press tour, and watching the articles pile up on launch day. Publish News About Your Upcoming Product 6-8 Weeks Before Its Official Launch. Are they excited about the new product?

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10 Productivity Tips For Young And Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Lifestyle entrepreneurship advice lifestyle personal development productivityAs young professionals, business owners, side-hustlers, and dreamers – we owe it to ourselves to do everything we say we’re going to get done.

8 Life Hacks For Better Productivity

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We’re all looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce stress. This article 8 Life Hacks For Better Productivity appeared first in YFS Magazine. Lead personal development productivityHere's a look at 8 life hacks that will do the trick.

Productivity Tips For Small Business Owners


There are a lot of amazing tools and hacks out there that can help you boost productivity and have enough time for yourself after work. If done right, planning can truly affect your productivity and effectiveness in a positive way. by Ana Grasic , cofounder of WeGrowth.

Using Your Development Team To Create A Scheduling App


Usually, the cost to develop a web-based scheduling system for your business depends on how much time you can spend updating and preparing the schedule. And, we must understand that the cost varies depending on the developers’ experience and the business requirements.

The Power of Being Human in Business Development

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I’ve had some really crummy experiences with business and corporate development people in the past year. Now, while Chet focuses on business development, the same is true for corporate development or sales. This sentiment is meaningful in every walk of life, but in business development this is the difference between failure and success. Send them suggestions on other partnerships or products that have nothing to do with your organization.

Understanding E-Commerce Website Development Cost: A Guide


This cost will depend on how you want your website to perform and the company you choose to assist you in developing it. In this guide we help calculate your ecommerce website development cost so that you can create a realistic budget for your business.

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6 Lifestyle Hacks To Become Your Best, Most Productive Self

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Everybody wants to be more productive. Here's a look at the top 6 things I had to let go of to become a productivity ninja. Lifestyle health and wellness lifestyle personal development productivity