[ADV] Health Insurance For Expatriates In Germany


In Germany, it is mandatory for everyone to have a health insurance. It is considered one of the most comprehensive expatriate international insurance information providers for people working or studying in Germany. Others Germany health insurance insurance

5 Lessons To Learn From Germany’s Thriving Startup Scene


Germany is obviously a great place to build a business. This is evident in the fact that many of the companies that were birthed in Germany have grown to be world leaders. But it’s not just old companies that are thriving in Germany. Others Germany startup

Examining the U.S.-Germany Relationship

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Last week I participated in the Young Leaders Conference in Berlin, sponsored by the American Council on Germany. Ambassador to Germany, and other officials. ” Today, the answer appears to be clear: Germany. During the Greek crisis, it was Germany dictating the terms.

Fostering Business Ties Between Austin and Frankfurt, Germany


At the W Hotel in downtown Austin the focus was on the high tech region of Frankfurt, Germany on Tuesday evening. John Steen, Texas Secretary of State, and 20 people […] The post Fostering Business Ties Between Austin and Frankfurt, Germany appeared first on SiliconHills.

NC highway marker to honor refuge for Jews fleeing Germany

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

AP) — A state highway historical marker honoring a farm tract that was a refuge for Jews fleeing Nazi Germany is going up in eastern North Carolina BURGAW, N.C. (AP)

The Top 3 Hardware Startups in Sports Technology from the ISPO Conference in Munich, Germany

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Here are the Top 3 Hardware Startups in Sports Technology - all nominated for awards at the ISPO Conference in Munich, Germany

[Infographic] Education By Country (United States, China, Russia, France, Germany and Japan)


and in front of Germany, France and Japan. Others China education education system France Germany government expenditure Japan Russia students United States

Dale Earnhardt Jr. gets engaged while on trip to Germany

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him while the pair vacationed in Germany to research his family history Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Germany Orders Facebook to Stop WhatsApp Data Sharing

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German data protection authorities ruled Facebook did not have a 'legal basis' to get WhatsApp user information

Episode 24: Profit First In Germany With Benita Königbauer

Mike Michalowicz

Benita shares her story of implementing Profit First in Germany. Million small businesses in Germany; 1.1 Benita shares her story of implementing Profit First in Germany. Million small businesses in Germany; 1.1 Show Summary.

12 Questions: Meet Ana Grigoriu (Germany)

crowdSPRING Blog

Ana lives and works in Germany. Since I’ve lived there for the first 23 years of my life I figured I should try something else, so in early 2010 I’ve decided to move to Germany. 10.What is the design industry like in Germany?

UK and Germany driving growth in European venture

The Equity Kicker

I’m sure there are lots of reasons for this, but an important one is political support. The UK government has done a great job of supporting the UK startup ecosystem over the last few years, most notably through tax incentives for investors. Startup general interest

This Guy Came to the U.S. From Germany to Sell Cars. Then Tesla Came Along

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AutomotiveMastermind builds marketing software for automakers and car dealerships--helping them to increase sales, it claims, by as much as 30 percent.

US congressmen in Germany to meet Americans released by Iran

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

LANDSTUHL, Germany (AP) — A North Carolina congressman and two others traveled Monday to the medical center in Germany where three Americans, released by Iran as part of a prisoner swap, are being tre

Iran 40

ROCK GERMANY: Balls to the Wall by Accept - By electing to do a.

Mark Birch

ROCK GERMANY: Balls to the Wall by Accept - By electing to do a week highlighting rock music from Germany, you are either choosing industrial/trance or metal. There is a rich musical scene in Germany, but the acts that broke big outside the country were in one of those two genres. music metal Accept Balls to the Wall Germany speed metal

emergentfutures: Hamburg Germany hoping to be car free within.

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emergentfutures : Hamburg Germany hoping to be car free within 20 years. Hamburg City Council has disclosed ambitious plans to divert most cars away from its main thoroughfares in twenty years.

Germany Figured Out the Single Best Way to Get People to Recycle

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Seems like we've been approaching this all wrong. How did we miss this, America

Pokemon Go Sparks Airport-Related Warnings in Germany

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Worries include people dodging security checks as they go after their virtual quarry

399 scale-ups in UK, 208 in Germany, 205 in France

The Equity Kicker

The Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) just published their SEP Monitor: From Unicorns to Reality. There’s a wealth of good data there on fundraising in different categories split by geography.

What U.S. Companies Can Learn From Germany's Apprenticeship Program

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Like hundreds of government-funded vocational schools in Germany, Berufskolleg Wittengenstin (BKW) should intrigue anyone frustrated by turnover and skills gaps. German schools produce workers custom-trained for employers'' needs.

Spoiler - Germany wins again


Along with those entries from Finland and Estonia, there were also pitches from Germany, UK, Austria, Spain and France. The overall winner was Testfabrik from Germany. The fourth round of the EIT ICT Labs ‘ Idea Challenge ’ was recently held in Rennes, France.

Ruling: Uber Cannot Operate in Germany

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Weeks after Uber was barred from operating in Berlin, a court extended that ruling to the entire country

Germany Continues to Resist Company with Most German-Sounding Name Ever

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Uber''s uphill battle in Germany just got a little steeper

Need to Inspire Your Team During Challenging Times? Take This Advice from Mexico's Extraordinary World Cup Coach

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Grit, determination and strategy fueled Mexico's upset over Germany.

Deutsche Bank Jitters (Sept. 29, 2016)


Personally I don't see it (Germany will save them no problem at all), and DB's credits have been in question for years. Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank 2016 Germany Global Banking Hedge Funds Investment BankingDeutsche Bank is back in the spotlight with everyone screaming for their demise. However, I would not take bets on the securities, at this point. Safe sailing DB. Your research holds a special place in my economic heart.

Chad 76

Scoopshot Expands Into Germany


Now Scoopshot has added WAZ , Germany's largest regional newspaper, and has seen a nice amount of traction already. Maybe on my next trip to Germany then Scoopshot is one of my favorite startups to watch in Finland. I'm a news junkie and it's a service that just seems like it should be plugged in everywhere. The concept is pretty simple.

How Germany's Smart Goal Setting Took It All the Way to the World Cup Title

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Effective use of goals can give you the competitive edge. This goal-setting framework can help make the process easier and more effective

Why Getting a German Driver's License Was One of the Hardest Things I've Ever Done

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The driving exam in Germany is no joke

Wrapp Gears Up To Take On Germany


Wrapp is gearing up to take on Germany, the home of Rocket Internet and the Samwer Brothers. I’m now meeting Germany’s top merchants with our chairman Fabian Mansson – the former CEO of global retailer H&M and U.S.

Thanks, Trump: Coolness of American 'Brand' Drops to Record Low

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Germany ranked No. 1 while the U.S. fell to sixth place, according to new research.

Netcycler Closes 725k€ Round, Expands to Germany


Netcycler announced today that they have closed a 725k€ investment round and while doing so, have also expanded their business to Germany. The service has just been opened in Germany as well and according to the company, it has attracted good traction there.

METAL MONDAY: Akroasis by Obscura - I often like my death metal.

Mark Birch

Obscura is the latter, a technical death band from Germany that has managed to dish out a few solid records. Obscura Akroasis Metal Monday metal deathmetal techdeath RelapseRecords GermanyMETAL MONDAY: Akroasis by Obscura - I often like my death metal served with a heavy helping of technical. I go for the extremes, either completely punk, lo-fi, bordering on chaos, or highly polished and precise.

The U.S. Takes on Germany Right in the Middle of Your Workday

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Live streaming may reach a milestone today as workers use different devices to watch the U.S. game in the middle of the day

Struggling to Grow, Daily Fantasy Sports Operators Like DraftKings Seek to Expand Overseas

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Ireland, Germany, Austria and Malta. DraftKings will now operate in Australia in addition to the U.K.,

Malta 76

What If It Were Illegal to Keep Your Co-Worker's Salary Secret?

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Germany has a new law about salary openness as part of their effort to combat the wage gap. HR/Benefits

Blazing Heat by Division Speed - This is the best thing I have.

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I did not know much about this band till last week, but they are out of Germany, have their first full-length album coming out in September, and they simply kill. Division Speed Blazing Heat metal thrash metal black metal new album GermanyBlazing Heat by Division Speed - This is the best thing I have heard in a while. The first single Blazing Heat is like this perfect mash-up of punkier thrash metal and black metal. What is perfect mean in this sense?

Facebook Says It Disabled Almost 1.3 Billion Fake Accounts. (And the Numbers Only Get More Insane From There)

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This is like the combined populations of the United States, Russia, Mexico, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Brazil, and the Philippines.

This 'Drone Taxi' Could Be the Future of Transportation

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Germany's Volocopter wants travelers to use its space-age aircraft the same way they hail an Uber today. Innovate

METAL MONDAY: Cafe Of Lost Dreams by Todtgelichter  - When I.

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Todtgelichter Cafe Of Lost Dreams Angst Metal Monday metal black metal GermanyMETAL MONDAY: Cafe Of Lost Dreams by Todtgelichter - When I think German metal, I usually conjure up metal of the power variety. There is a good number of bands however in the extreme vein, including Todtgelichter out of Hamburg. I recently found them as they have a new album out called Rooms and the first single I heard was pretty impressive.

Creativity is Not a Muse, it’s a Choice

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Creativity and Self-Expression Inspirational Jack's Notebook Public Speaking Alf Red Austria Creativity Follow the Weasel Germany Innovation“Creativity is Not a Muse, it’s a Choice.” ” Gregg Fraley Yes, that’s my quote, and what this post is all about today. I’m writing this piece to co-publish on a cool new blog called Follow the Weasel.