Wed.Apr 13, 2011

GetGlue Passes The Million User Mark

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I've always thought a million registered users is a big milestone. Getting a million people to do anything is actually pretty hard. Our portfolio company GetGlue passed that milestone this week. TechCrunch has the story. Congratulations to Alex and the team.

Five Ways a Business Mentor is More Than a Friend

Startup Professionals Musings

Friends tell you what you want to hear. Mentors tell you what you need to hear. When the message is the same from both, you don’t need the mentor anymore. In that sense, you should think of a mentor more like your advisor who has done all he can. You always need the friend.

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How to Play Tennis With Your Hands Tied: The New Workforce Dilemma

Life Beyond Code

Have you tried playing Tennis with your hands tied? How about trying to play tennis with your hands tied in the back? I have not tried it but it must be pretty hard. Should you still do it? How about if you are forced to do it? Would that make it any easier? Probably not.

Are You Solving A Problem Or Just Spinning Your Wheels? by Yaro Starak

Tell me how familiar this scenario is. You come up with a great idea. You research it in great depth. You write a fantastic ebook on the topic. You edit, proofread and revise it several times. You even get a designer to create a lovely graphic for the cover.

Brad Feld Drops Knowledge. Here’s What He Said …

Both Sides of the Table

Brad Feld is a fountain of knowledge & wisdom. I had the chance to sit down with him for an hour and ask him loads of questions that I thought you’d enjoy hearing. If you have time check out the video (or download on iTunes – Episode 27 - and listen at the gym or on your commute!).

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As the Paradigm Shifts #A: Anxiety, Avoidance, Acknowledgement and Acceptance

Active Garage

Beginning any journey whether it be spiritual, business or family oriented, begins by simultaneously building and stepping onto the path. Laying down the materials can be done in any number of ways; if you’ve researched business training programs you know what I’m talking about.

Tomorrows brands can’t succeed with yesterday’s leadership

Jeff Hilimire

Last week I attended the Forrester Marketing Forum in San Francisco. I will be publishing a series of blogs with the insights I was exposed to during this fantastic two day event. If you haven’t been to one of these, I highly recommend it. During Chris Stutzman’s presentation, he laid out this quote: Tomorrows brands can’t succeed with yesterday’s leadership. Hell, yes. This captures in one sentence what I’ve been trying to say for quite some time.

VC Activity In Q1 2011 Back To Pre-Recession Levels


The investment analysts at CB Insights have released their quarterly report on venture capital activity, and in terms of deal-flow and funding levels, the news is good.

2 minutes of Screen Culture

Start Up Blog

Our lives are increasingly being influenced by what I like to call ‘Screen Culture’ Which I posted a piece on here. I thought it would be worth showing the idea in action – hence the video I made below. Many of the statistics to support the concept were garnered through ‘ Eye on Australia ‘ which is an annual Grey Advertising study on consumer sentiment.

Startup Myths: Twitter

Texas Startup Blog

Have you ever started a company? The who, why, what and where often become muddled the farther you get from the start. Over the course of a startup there are usually several course corrections.

333 Million Reasons to Have an Exit Strategy Plan

Growthink Blog

Shutterfly Inc. NASDAQ:SFLY) recently agreed to pay $333 million in cash and stock to acquire Tiny Prints Inc., the online seller of personalized cards, invitations, stationery and photo books. Interestingly, I'm a Tiny Prints customer.

“Catch Your Kids Doing Good”

Thinking About Thinking

I had the privilege of spending this afternoon with the founder of a very promising educational software company. I was intrigued with the background of the founder as it’s not every day that I run into entrepreneurs with an accomplished and extensive background in child psychology. .

Volunteer for the Founder Conference

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The Founder Conference will once again be a must-attend conference for all aspiring entrepreneurs. But if you can’t afford to buy a ticket, we have a handful of volunteer opportunities that will let you get in for free and watch the action from upclose.

Starting a StartupWeekend in 9 Days of Chaos

Grasshopper Herder

For the past 7 days I've been working round the clock to organize and promote a StartupWeekend in San Jose. It start in two days. A ridiculous and ill advised timeline. Entrepreneurship Finding Co-Founders lean startup Marketing startup startupweekend

How To Orchestrate Effective Meetings

Up and Running

Tweet [This is a guest post by Helen Hauk of 5th Gear Consulting. Helen approached us to talk about orchestrating effective meetings and I couldn't say no to the topic. — No one likes meetings and if people can avoid them they will. Unfortunately meetings are a necessary and vital part of doing business, especially as your firm grows and one-on-one communication becomes more scattered. Meetings don’t have to suck the energy out of your organization (or devour your time).

Rovio Revenue 14M€ In Q1/2011


According to Helsingin Sanomat (Largest Finnish daily), Rovio , the makers of Angry Birds mobile game, have pocketed approximately 14 million euro ($20 million US) in revenue during the first quarter of 2011. Two thirds of the revenues come from app sales and about a third from advertising.


Fenwick & West - Internet/Digital Media and Software Industries Silicon Valley and Seattle 2010

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

By Barry J. Kramer and Steven Levine at Fenwick & West LLP. Background - In 2002, Fenwick & West began publishing its Silicon Valley Venture Capital Survey. The survey was published in response to dramatic changes in the venture capital financing environment resulting from the bursting of the "dot-com bubble", and our belief that there was a need for an objective analysis of how the venture capital environment had changed.

Ovi Store Hits 5 Million Downloads A Day


After quite some brouhaha over the Nokia and Microsoft partnership it appears that Nokia at present is just making news with its Ovi Store. In a recent release Nokia shared pretty impressive stats on the number of downloads at the store; 5 million downloads a day.

What comes first

Start Up Blog

Making stuff is what we must do. But it isn’t as important as the thoughts that lead to the making process. Thoughts themselves are things. What we must do is ensure we allocate enough time to the thinking, so that we end up making. entrepreneurship business Ideas startups straetgy tactics thinking

Legal Problems? Ask And Thou Shall Be Answered


Thanks 1000Memories!

Founders at Work - Blog

This weekend, I received this beautiful bound book from the 1000Memories founders. It was a gift from them—a collection of all the photos from the memorial page I created for my beloved grandmother, Isabella Livingston. It’s been almost 20 years since Isabella passed away.

Elena Masolova On Darberry And Runet


Elena Masolova has built an impressive career by the age of 26. Graduate of Moscow's Higher School of Economics, she has so far founded a seed investment fund AddVenture , bacame a partner at Ruvento (accelerator and venture fund) and built a couple of start-ups.

Volunteer for the Founder Conference

FairSoftware's Blog

The Founder Conference will once again be a must-attend conference for all aspiring entrepreneurs. But if you can’t afford to buy a ticket, we have a handful of volunteer opportunities that will let you get in for free and watch the action from upclose.


Force of Good: a blog by Lance Weatherby

Earlier this week I wrote an article about the need for some entity to stop up and solve the lack of venture capital issue in Atlanta which led Mike Blake of StartupLounge to ask for a little clarification in the comments. I gave him a little there. Here's more. Shortly after posting I recevieved an email from Merrick Furst.