[Infographic] The State Of Small Businesses In Illinois


Illinois occupies a strategic location in the Midwest and is the location of multiple large metro areas that have plenty of resources for small-business startups. In the News Illinois infographic small businessThe most well-known city, Chicago, is strategically located in the northeast corner of the state and has a wealth of transportation modalities, many small-business resources, and a top-notch labor pool to draw from.

Litigants Alleging Procedural Violations of Illinois Biometric Privacy Statute (BIPA) Are Not “Aggrieved” Parties That May Seek Legal Remedies

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As 2017 drew to an end, we noted the continuing flood of Illinois biometric privacy suits filed over the past year. There are literally dozens of cases pending, most in Illinois state courts, alleging violation of Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), which regulates the collection, retention, and disclosure of personal biometric identifiers and biometric information.

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Top Startup Winner: Balodana

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The top startup at this year’s FUND Conference in Chicago, Illinois was Balodana , a fashion purchasing platform disrupting the women’s e-commerce fashion industry. HQ Location : Chicago, Illinois.

Top 3 Startup Winner: Happenstance

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At this year’s FUND Conference in Chicago, Illinois, over 100 startups presented their early-stage companies in front of hundreds of investors and industry leaders. HQ Location : Chicago, Illinois.

Female Founder Interview: Tanesha Lambert – Catalysts for Growth

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Tanesha is the founder and CEO of Intelquest, a business growth consultant in Naperville, Illinois. As part of The Startup Magazine Female Founder Series, we interviewed Ms. Tanesha Lambert.

Founder Interview: Todd Warren with Family Law Insights

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Clients look to Katz, Goldstein & Warren for excellence, integrity, and quality results in the area of family law in Lake, Cook, McHenry, Kane, DuPage and Will Counties in the northern Illinois. Community Legal insight People The entrepreneurs attorney Business Services Career culture Disrupt Entrepreneur family Founder Interview hiring Illinois law firm opportunities problem solving service startup team valuationMany lawyers are entrepreneurs.

Universal Manufacturing Corp: Tips for Successful Marketing in the Digital Age

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According to a full-service manufacturing company headquartered in Westchester, Illinois, Universal Manufacturing Corp., Marketing Technology Advertising audience Branding commercials Competition customer research drone entrepreneurs expenditures Illinois influencer marketing Manufacturing Marketing Campaign Media outcomes reputation Social media Twitter ventureShowing one’s products to the right people is the foundation of maximizing sales.

Gregg Fraley on CANTV Tonight (Jan. 24, 2013)

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Campbell is the Chicago chapter NSA President (technically it’s NSA Illinois). Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Entrepreneurial Innovation Pop Culture cable tv CAN TV Chicago Creativity Gregg Fraley Illinois Johnny Campbell keynoter National Speakers Association NSA NSA Illinois public speakingAn “out of the blue” telephone call has me appearing on cable tv in Chicago tonight at 7 PM CST.

Interns go from a high school robotics team toward a career in robotics

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Entrepreneur Glenn Luckinbill , CEO of Swarm Robotix in Oswego, Illinois, had a great idea: a robot that would help move shipping containers more efficiently and effectively in ports and rail facilities. Staffing Technology Work-life Autodesk Automation Collaboration Education Illinois internship program MVP Prototype robot robotics team students Swarm Robotix VEX Robotics workforce

Jobs, Bezos, Gates, Branson. Inside the Brains of the CEOs

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Around 4 out of 10 hail from the same 4 states; California, Texas, Illinois and New York. (7) Entrepreneurship People The entrepreneurs Bill Gates California Career CEO Forbes Illinois Infographic Jeff Bezos Larry Page Management motivation New York revenue Richard Branson science Steve Jobs Texas visionSteve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Richard Branson — these visionary CEOs not only shore up bottom lines, but they usher in revolutions. So, what exactly is going on in their heads?

Meta SaaS Acquired by Flexera


Austin-based Meta SaaS, which runs a platform for managing software as a service subscriptions for companies, got acquired by Flexera, a private software company based in Itasca, Illinois. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Meta SaaS, founded in 2016, raised a $1.5 million seed stage round last year led by Dallas Billionaire […]. The post Meta SaaS Acquired by Flexera appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Things that Really Matter

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George Mercherle founded State Farm Insurance in 1922 in Bloomington, Illinois. Have you ever heard of an entrepreneur named George Mecherle? How about George Jenkins, William Durant, James Casey, or Paul Orfalea? While you may not know their names, we are all familiar with the businesses they founded. Mercherle, who was a retired farmer, thought […]. The post Things that Really Matter appeared first on Dr Jeff Cornwall. Ethics and Values

How to Update Your Website Policy When Laws Change

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She often volunteers at the Illinois State Bar Association holding courses on the General Data Protection Regulation where she teaches other attorneys on the importance of privacy and what Privacy Policies should contain.

Does Your Small Business Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


by Veronica Baxter. Perhaps. Statutory workers’ compensation laws are particular to each state, but in general, businesses having employees that are not large enough to self-insure must carry workers’ comp insurance. The number and type of employees triggering the workers’ compensation insurance requirement varies, and each state has different exceptions to that requirement. The Number of Employees You Have Matters.

VC Activity In Q1 2011 Back To Pre-Recession Levels


Go Groupon, Go Illinois. Illinois, the home state of Groupon, saw an increase in the number of investments occurring in the area.

[US] Small Business Advocacy Council Launches Crowdfunding Platform


Crowdfunding is a new way of funding startups and small businesses, and Chicago, Illinois-based Small Business Advocacy Council (SBAC) is getting into the act by starting its own crowdfunding platform SBAC Connects. SBAC Connects is a member-only program that utilize the group’s extensive network to assist in funding small to mid-size projects and sources for debt financing, equity partners and educational events to help their business grow.

Why My Small Business Uses crowdSPRING – Innova Apps, Inc.

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Charles, Illinois, helps companies by developing software (including websites) using popular technologies, at a reasonable cost. Bryan J. Sebastian of Innova Apps, Inc.

Top 3 Startup Winner: Digs

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At this year’s FUND Conference in Chicago, Illinois, over 100 startups presented their early-stage companies in front of hundreds of investors and industry leaders. HQ Location : Chicago, Illinois.

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Female Founder Interview: Maria Teresa Ramos – Ramos Tax and Services

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For example, we in Illinois, have recently experienced a number of tax hikes that affect gas purchases, vehicle registration and beer, wine and liquor as well as a graduated tax hike. Some background on the firm: With three locations in Streamwood and Elgin, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin, Ramos Tax and Services is a family-owned and operated company in business for 20 years.

Three Tips For Early Career Success From Max Salk


Max Salk graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in finance and a minor in history in 2011. Most millennials know that it’s more difficult to be a recent graduate these days than it was when our parents were growing up. No matter what you studied in college, landing a decent job once you graduate can take months or years, and many people find that they’re barely making ends meet at the start of their careers.

Italian-American Restaurant Serving Uniquely Made Food in Chicago


Right now, we are dedicated to continuing to provide the best-of-the-best at our LaGrange Park, Illinois location. Besides a great taste, quality of food served matters a lot. Franco Francese the owner of Mattone Restaurant and Bar , an Italian-American restaurant, located in the Chicago suburbs knows that too well. The restaurant was once owned by his father where Franco has been in the business his entire life.

Launch Party for Sleep Your Way To The Top And Other Myths About Business Success

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Jane will reveals the tips and tricks she learned on her journey from small town Illinois girl to shattering the glass ceiling at more than one male-dominated corporation. Jane Miller’s launch party for her first book (and FG Press ‘s second title) Sleep Your Way To The Top And Other Myths About Business Success is happening in Boulder this coming Tuesday, 5/20 at eTown Hall. Profits benefit the CU Leeds Professional Mentoring Program.

Ferrari Energy’s CEO, Adam Ferrari Outlines How to Prepare Your Small Business for a Post-Coronavirus Recession

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He completed his degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and graduated magna cum laude. The time is now for businesses to plan for an inevitable post-COVID-19 recession. Recessions result in reduced demand and disruption to the global supply chain. Adam Ferrari founded his own company, Ferrari Energy, to educate landowners on how to manage their acreage best.

MentorMob.com Aims To Revolutionize Learning Through Crowdsourcing


The Internet is the first place most people turn to find information and learn virtually anything, but there’s no sense of organization — you have to stumble through, often running into dead ends along the way,” says Kris Chinosorn, who started MentorMob with fellow University of Illinois graduate and co-founder Vince Leung. “At It’s undeniable how the Internet has revolutionized education , especially with the use of online video learning through sites such as Khan Academy.

What Startups Need to Know About Regulated Markets

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It is a personal tale of someone who was deep inside politics – Tusk was deputy governor of Illinois, Mike Bloomberg’s campaign manager, Senator Charles Schumer’s communication director, and ran Uber’s first successful campaign to get regulatory approval in New York.

Teenpreneurs: Lessons In Entrepreneurship Start Young


IAC) based in Highland Park, Illinois. by Alex Kurrelmeier, Director of The Ron Rubin School for the Entrepreneur at Culver. Lemonade stands and car washes aren’t enough for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Starting as young as middle school, experiential learning rooted in real world business scenarios is helping to shape the entrepreneurs of the future. It’s advantageous to develop these skills at a young age – our economy depends on it.

CouponTrade.com – Trade Your Discount Coupons And Gift Cards Online


Chicago, Illinois-based CouponTrade.com works essentially like an online swop meet for discount coupons and gift cards, so users can easily buy and sell their unused deals for cash. “We’re Have you ever gone through your wallet one day and cursed yourself when you discover a multitude of expired and unredeemed gift cards and coupons? Or have you purchased an online daily deal offer off Groupon but never did claim the offer? Well, many of us have.

Entrepreneurs Revolutionizing the Beverage Industry Through Canned Labels


Creativity helps spark innovation and break the norms in an industry. Eliqs brings innovation by filling a gaping hole through custom-designed labels to make events more colorful.

Tapping the Strength of Intergenerational Living During a Crisis: A Nonprofit Board President’s View

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Illinois residents are currently under a Stay in Place Order until April 30 th. She formerly served on an Illinois state authority for children’s mental health as a gubernatorial appointee and currently serves as President of Hope Meadows. When you chose your home, many factors probably went into your decision. Is the neighborhood safe? Are the schools good? How far will my morning commute be? Is it close to our family and friends?

FeeFighters Helps Small Businesses Save On Credit Card Processing Fees


Chicago, Illinois-based FeeFighters is a free-to-use online comparison engine that lets you find the best rates for credit card processing services. If you’re a small business owner who accepts payment through credit cards, you may want to check FeeFighters out.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: 75th Session Spotlights The Midwest


First up, Priyanshu Harshavat, from Evanston, Illinois, presented Socioclean , a service for cleaning up your reputation on social networks. Next Chris Ruder from Chicago, Illinois, pitched Spikeball , a new volleyball-esque game that is being played at camps and college campuses.

Founder Interview: Jim Elliott – Volunteer to NonProfit Entrepreneur

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Jim’s efforts have been widely recognized by the Illinois Skin and Scuba Council—receiving the “Humanitarian of the Year” award in 2005—and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago—receiving the “Community Award” in all of 2005 through 2007.

Six Steps To A Safer Workplace


A study conducted at the University of Illinois revealed the brain grows tired after focusing on a task for a long period of time. by Tatiana Castano, Director of Training and Compliance at USA Mobile Drug Testing. When companies maintain a safe work environment, everybody wins. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, about 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in 2013.

Founder Interview: Jay Andreas, A.S.I. Construction

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Construction, a leading contracting and remodeling company in Illinois. As part of The Startup Magazine Founder Interview Series, we interviewed Mr. Jay Andreas. Jay is the CEO of A.S.I.

Do confidentiality agreements with time limits protect your trade secrets?

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The legal justification is that some states in the US (for example Kansas, Illinois and Virginia) will not enforce an indefinite obligation to keep information that is not a trade secret confidential. A lot of clients, particularly those based in the US, ask us about confidentiality agreements that include a time limit on the confidentiality obligations (usually between three and five years).

SolarBridge raises $19M for Expansion

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Originally founded in 2004 as SmartSpark Energy Systems to commercialize electronics technologies created at the University of Illinois, SolarBridge made a pivotal shift in 2009 to focus exclusively on the [.]. SolarBridge Technologies, an AC module system developer for the solar industry, on Monday announced the close of its $19 million Series C round of funding from existing investors Rho Ventures, Battery Ventures, and the Texas Emerging Technology Fund.

Episode 117: Navigating Debt with Ruby Tan

Mike Michalowicz

She then moved to the US to continue her studies, get married, and eventually ended up settling down in Illinois. She then moved to the US to continue her studies, get married, and eventually ended up settling down in Illinois. Also Available On. Show Summary. This week Mike Michalowicz , Chris Curran , and Kristina Bolduc speak with Ruby Tan to discuss how she navigated personal debt.

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Small Business Marketing – New Strategies to Get Noticed


a full-service marketing and public relations firm based in Northfield, Illinois. by Nancy Gerstein, CEO of Creative Marketing Associates . With the economy on a slow but steady rebound, entrepreneurs and small businesses are coming out of survivalist mode and looking for new ways to grow. Small business owners are all looking for strategies that build their brands without taking a huge bite out of the bottom line.

The National Science Foundation Innovation Corps – What America Does Best

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Principal Investigator: Ali Abbas University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Principal Investigator: Yi Lu University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. We ran the first National Science Foundation Innovation Corps class October to December 2011. 63 scientists and engineers in 21 teams made ~ 2,000 customer calls in 10 weeks , turning laboratory ideas into formidable startups. 19 of the 21 teams are moving forward in commercializing their technology.

Cost-Effective TipsTo Save The Budget-Conscious Startup

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These investors are looking towards Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and other Midwestern states for cheaper, less congested opportunities. When 90 percent of startups fail , the odds are against you. This disheartening stat leads many to rethink their calling, but it isn’t meant to discourage entrepreneurs from doing what they love. This stark reminder about startup failure serves to encourage you to be smarter about your startup, particularly your finances.

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The 5 Rules Of Growing Your Startup: An Insider’s Take


A University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign alumnus, Ali has seen his startup grow to be a market leader, boasting a number of Fortune 500 customers including Amazon, 3M, and Disney. by Ali Syed, founder and CEO of EZOfficeInventory. How hard can it be?’, I mused in early 2011 when the thought of founding my own startup first began creeping into my head.

Female Founder Interview: Melissa Kehl and Office Design and Manufacturing

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Melissa: We design office environments and supply all the items needed from ceilings to floors and everything in between including manufacturing custom office furniture at our manufacturing plant in Elgin, Illinois. Here’s another from The Startup Magazine Female Founder Series. We interviewed Ms. Melissa Kehl, President/Owner of Reike Office Interiors.

Saving Universities From Extinction No Easy Task


emeritus professor of engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Distinguished Academic Partner of Olin College is co-author of “ A Whole New Engineer “ Thinking Aloud David Goldberg education university by David E. Goldberg, founder of ThreeJoy Associates, Inc. and co-author of “ A Whole New Engineer ” . Universities are as outmoded as buggy whips.