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Dan Calugar on the Role of Sentiment Analysis in Algorithmic Trading: Harnessing Market Emotions for Profit

The Startup Magazine

Algorithmic trading seeks to gauge market sentiment in various ways to better predict price movement that, in turn, will result in better returns. This means humans don’t have to be involved at all in the process once the algorithms and APIs are set up. What do those results look like, though?

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Who’s watching the algorithms? 3 Israeli startups predicting performance of AI models

VC Cafe

Data scientist know that the accuracy of the models to make predictions or recommendations, has to do with data quality/annotation and training of the algorithms, but most simply trust the data and thus create a blind spot. As more companies embrace AI for their needs, what happens when the algorithms start slipping?

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Match Algorithm and Inputs


One of the common questions that I commonly get is: Tony, what inputs should we use as the basis for our matching algorithm? How should the resulting algorithm use those inputs to form matches? Is the resulting algorithm okay to use in your startup? fit into a matching algorithm. This is classic filtering.

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5 Things to know about algorithmic trading software

The Startup Magazine

Using algorithmic trading software will help you avoid these biases. Algorithmic trading software is now one of the most popular tools used by both long-term investors and day traders to automate their orders in the market. Setting up your own algorithmic trading software requires a high level of mastery of the market.

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Algorithmic Lock In Effects

Eric Friedman

Specifically, thinking through services that use algorithms as a “lock in” mechanism. This is a great example of algorithmically locking me into the service. So, can a algorithm keep you locked into a services? The other big example here is Facebook, with its now famous algorithmic newsfeed change.

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6 Key Rules To Stay Competitive In The Digital World

Startup Professionals Musings

Algorithms and data are required to compete. Today’s digital leaders all have a digital platform – a set of algorithms stitched together to collect and analyze key data, and tune their algorithms dynamically for every transaction. One thing hasn’t changed in the business world – competition.

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How Google’s New Algorithm Could Kill Your Business


The post How Google’s New Algorithm Could Kill Your Business appeared first on Young Upstarts. Christa Martin shares how can companies ensure that their digital endeavors are always in compliance with Google’s mobile-centric posture.

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