How Algorithms Rule The World

How Algorithms Rule The World. When Christopher Steiner, the 35-year-old cofounder of Aisle50 , a Y Combinator startup offering online grocery deals, set out to write the book Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World , ( out tomorrow ), he’d planned to focus solely on Wall Street.

It’s time for digital organics – Algorithms are the MSG of the modern age

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The corporate secret de jour is algorithms. These secret algorithms are designed to do two things: Make us like the product more. Improve the profit of the company via the algorithm. Continue reading → The post It’s time for digital organics – Algorithms are the MSG of the modern age appeared first on Steve Sammartino. Uncategorized algorithms big brother entrepreneurship future privacy security technology

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Choosing people over algorithms

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Two of these examples are from Apple, making it early to generalise, but there’s definitely a strong meme that humans are better than algorithms when it comes to recommending content. It seems to me there might be an emerging trend back towards human curation.

Getting Introductions to Investors - The Ranking Algorithm

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Most investors apply a simple ranking algorithm against introductions which determines how they react to them in terms of prioritizing their time and the seriousness with which they approach the opportunity.

Data, not algorithms, is key to machine learning success

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While the opportunities here are tremendous, the exuberance surrounding machine learning distracts startups from a key hurdle: it’s data, not algorithms, that will dictate who wins in this space. The post Data, not algorithms, is key to machine learning success appeared first on Version One.

Survival of the Fittest Variation: Evolutionary Algorithms in Optimization


And though there are many forms in AI, in this post we’ll dive into the specific one we built Sentient Ascend with: evolutionary algorithms. A Primer on Evolutionary Algorithms. So, what are evolutionary algorithms? That’s not a particularly good algorithm.

What Google's Penguin Algorithm Means for Your Business

What Google’s Penguin Algorithm Means for Your Business. Ever since Google started naming its algorithm updates after furry black and white creatures, we’ve been inundated with talks of pandas and penguins, and how they’re taking down websites one ranking at a time. Google changes its algorithm about 500 times a year. The two most recent algorithm changes are: Panda : Officially rolled out in February 2011, but there have been about 13 data refreshes of it since then.

Unilever Is Ditching Résumés in Favor of Algorithm-Based Sorting

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Thanks to sophisticated software, the days of going in for multiple interviews or spending a fortune on recruiting soon could be over. Innovate

What Snapchat's New Algorithm Means for Your Marketing Efforts

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Just like with Facebook, your wallet may soon be the best way to ensure exposure for your company on Snapchat

New SEO Ranking Factors Study Points to Massive Changes in Google Search Algorithms

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Get to know the latest Google organic search ranking factors. Marketing

6 Ways Industries Are Disrupted Using Algorithms

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Algorithms make our lives easier, but they're also here to disrupt traditional business

In labour marketplaces algorithms might be better for workers than regulation

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Tim O’Reilly just wrote a great post suggesting that in labour marketplaces, like the one Uber operates, algorithms might offer a better deal to workers than regulation.

iOS Users Can Now Start Training Twitter's New Algorithm

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The "I don't like this tweet" button now available to select iOS users

How This Millennial Founder Created a $730 Million Fashion Startup--With the Help of an Algorithm

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Proving that data-powered humans really can build a better fashion retail business. Most Innovative Women

A Google Engineer Came Up With a Simple Algorithm for More Happiness

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Follow this wisdom to reboot your happiness. Innovate

5 Hacks to Beat the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

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Before you write off your Facebook page entirely, try these clever hacks to increase your organic reach and get back in front of your biggest fans--the people who already like your page

Algorithms should work in favor of customers — for everyone’s sake

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I would never have added keeping on top of algorithms to my —… This story continues at The Next Web. When I started my healthy snacks startup five years ago, I knew I would have to juggle a lot of balls at the same time to make it successful.

Goodbye, Facebook News Feed: 9 Things Publishers Need to Know About the News Feed Armageddon

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2004-2018: RIP, Facebook News Feed algorithm. Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Algorithm Changes For 2017


Optimizing your website and knowing the algorithm changes expected in 2017 can help improve your page rank and business. In the past, search engines only utilized one algorithm. Google filed a patent in 2012 on an algorithm that would take into an account an implied link.


Machine Learning, Algorithms and Unicorns

Mark Birch

Most people that talk about algorithm and machine learning have no idea what that even means. machine learning algorithms web Internet startups data

Bandit Algorithms are Better than A/B Tests

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I''ve been reading the amazing book Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization by John Myles White. The book gives a general overview of bandit algorithms and goes into depth on three bandit algorithms with python implementations. He also explains how bandit algorithms are better than traditional A/B testing. To benefit from bandit algorithms you need to be willing to run experiments for longer periods of time. The Problem Bandit Algorithms Solve.

How to Break the Venture Capitalist Introduction Algorithm

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Are you trying to pitch your startup to a venture capitalist? Find out how to get the best introduction

How This YouTuber Doubled Viewership by Adding 1 Word to Each Video Title

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It's all about the algorithm

3 Smart Ways To Win In The Age of A.I, Automation and Algorithms

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Understanding that data is the new oil and information is the new currency is the key to survival. Innovate

skinScan pairs algorithms with doctors for skin cancer detection


Skin Scan faces some competition from the region, such as Stockholm founded iDoc24 ''s First Derm or STD Triage apps, which provides a patient to doctor experience without the image algorithms.

Resisting the Tyranny of Algorithms in the New Year

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Creativity and conquering curation

Matching Algorithm


Because I was the Acting CTO for eHarmony at it's start, I quite often get introduced to people who have an idea for a startup company that is based on some kind of matching algorithm. Each of these startup ideas has at it's core a matching algorithm that reduces the friction between a consumer and some need. An example that relates directly to creating a matching algorithm, is the classic Myers-Briggs Type Inventory.

Facebook Changes to News Feed Algorithm Will Hurt Organic Reach of Business Pages

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Facebook to move posts from Business Pages further down in user's News Feed

Match Algorithm and Inputs


One of the common questions that I commonly get is: Tony, what inputs should we use as the basis for our matching algorithm? How should the resulting algorithm use those inputs to form matches? Is the resulting algorithm okay to use in your startup? fit into a matching algorithm.

Why You Should Beware Big Data: An Algorithm Can Be Totally Racist

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So argues a Harvard-trained mathematician turned hedge fund quant

The Algorithm That Blocks Annoying Things (Like Your Ad)

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A daring new start-up could spell bad news for marketers. Chris Baker has a new start-up that could make it more difficult to market your company online.

Social Media Algorithms Make for Unreliable Sales Opportunities

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After a 40% decrease in Facebook sales, Lolly Wolly Doodle is seeing just how unpredictable the social media landscape is

Data, Algorithms, and 3D Printing Brought Rembrandt Back to Life

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A group of art historians and data scientists used technology to create a new painting by the dead artist

To Crack The New Facebook Algorithm, Get Back To Fundamentals

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Learn how to game the algorithm change and make it work for you

Bootstrapped Analyzd Sells for Tens of Millions

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Analyzd , a startup started by two brothers in a garage, developing fraud detection algorithms for e-commerce sites, has been acquired by Swedish company Klarna for an undisclosed sum estimated at tens of millions of Dollars. The wave of Israeli startup exits continues.

Need a Startup Logo? This Machine Will Design One for You

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Mark Maker uses an algorithm to help you easily create a new design

How This New Social Network Attracted 10 Million Users In Its First Year

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beBee replaces algorithms to build meaningful business relationships, rather than just contacts

4 White Hat SEO Techniques to Implement in 2017

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Search engine algorithms continue to grow smarter. How will you stay ahead of the curve

In 10 Years Job Hunting Will Be Obsolete

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Whether you're employed will depend on how a secret algorithm interprets your Web footprint. Pivot: Reinvention Central

Compete with CLOSED-LOOP DATA, not software - NextWala


I think large companies will be built around data that is dynamic or difficult-to-aggregate as well as have algorithms that have network effects, feedback loops and machine learning built in.  Can your algorithms learn from this feedback loop? NextWala.

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