New Zealand Introducing World’s First Climate Legislation For Finance Firms


New Zealand is about to become the first country to introduce climate legislation requiring banks, insurers, and investment managers to assess and report on the environmental impact of their investments. In the News climate finance news New Zealand regulatory issues

New Zealand Immigration: Everything You Need to Know

Our Own Start-up

There are many reasons why people choose to immigrate to New Zealand. Here are some of the key things you need to know about immigrating to New Zealand. The post New Zealand Immigration: Everything You Need to Know first appeared on Our Own Startup.


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How the Internet of Things is impacting New Zealand businesses

NZ Entrepreneur

And while it may seem like a relatively new technological advancement, IoT has in fact been in use for many years in its simplest form – however more recently there have been advances in how effectively it can be used. With further progresses continually being made in the field of IoT, there of course has been an influx of new trends in the technology marketplace.

Common New Zealand employment agreement mistakes

NZ Entrepreneur

In New Zealand, employment agreements (formerly known as employment contracts) set out the terms and conditions that govern the employment relationship, and under the Employment Relations Act 2000, every employee must have a signed, written employment agreement. If you are in the process of hiring a new team member, or have staff that have been with you for a long time, you should absolutely guarantee you have a written employment agreement for each of your employees.

Technology trends in the New Zealand business market

NZ Entrepreneur

Although it is still early in the maturity cycle, new technologies such as PowerBI, Power Apps, Flow, advanced analytics, Machine Learning and others (which are becoming more readily available) are providing businesses with a greater understanding of their data.

HomeAway Buys a Stake in Bookabach of New Zealand


Austin-based HomeAway just increased its presence in Asia with the acquisition of Bookabach Limited, a New Zealand-based vacation rental site. The world’s largest online marketplace for vacation rentals announced Wednesday that is has secured a 55 percent stake in Bookabach which has more than 8,000 property listings in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific islands. […] The post HomeAway Buys a Stake in Bookabach of New Zealand appeared first on SiliconHills.

Potential Progress On Dealing With Software Patents

Feld Thoughts

While we continue to struggle with patent trolls in the US – which used to be called “non-practicing entities” (NPEs) but now apparently prefer to be called ”patent assertion entities” (PAE) – the New Zealand government has announced that software will no longer be patented. Patents functional claiming new zealand

Kiwi lean startup + Australia next

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, February 28, 2010 Kiwi lean startup + Australia next Wrapping up a fabulous few weeks in New Zealand, where I had the privilege of attending some great events, like Kiwi Foo and Webstock ; met some amazing entrepreneurs and inventors (yes, including a jet pack ); and generally enjoyed a supportive and enthusiastic reception. If youre in Europe, for example, keep an eye out for the innovative YikeBike , a new kind of personal transport device.

Why every Kiwi should back or build a startup

NZ Entrepreneur

Right now, many see Aotearoa and New Zealanders as doing things differently. Suse Reynolds, Angel Association New Zealand. New Zealand desperately need the high value jobs, wealth and talent this would generate and attract.

Top tips to protect your small business against a cyber attack

NZ Entrepreneur

With 15% admitting they don’t feel confident and 43% only feeling slightly or somewhat confident in knowing what to do if a cyber-attack occurred, it’s no wonder more than half of New Zealand’s SMEs are concerned about a cyber-attack on their business.

SME&E Festival Podcast: Miriam Hewson, Small business structure and cashflow management

NZ Entrepreneur

This podcast is valuable if you are planning to or have already started a business and were wondering what business structure (in New Zealand) you need to consider. Got your tickets to the 2022 NZ SME&E Festival this 8th and 9th of November?

It’s not trendy if it’s appropriating

NZ Entrepreneur

Appropriation of indigenous cultures is not a new issue, but examples of appropriation are increasing at an alarming rate, and the issue needs to be addressed. ori imagery in this way, because this use is a celebration of what is uniquely Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Entrepreneur Resource: Your complete CRM handbook

NZ Entrepreneur

Is it time for your business to move beyond notes, files and spreadsheets for keeping track of your customers? Get the free CRM handbook from Salesforce. In the early stages of a business, it might be fine to just maintain an Excel spreadsheet or jot down notes about customers and incoming orders.

Protecting your business from cyber-crime and disaster

NZ Entrepreneur

There have been numerous stories in the media recently about ransomware and cyber-crime attacks, and natural disasters both here in New Zealand and overseas. And don’t think New Zealand is immune.

Hey, founders between gigs: What now?

David Teten

You can sit out the pandemic in New Zealand, or if you want to build another company, just self-fund. We have added a large new section to the Versatile VC website with a suite of resources for founders researching their next move. Hey, founders between gigs: What now?

500 Founders: Sophie Silver, Terry Wen, Ankita Dhakar & Aleks Dahlberg

NZ Entrepreneur

Welcome to ‘500 Founders’ where we ask innovators from around New Zealand for their top insights for first time startup founders. In New Zealand, the startup community is generally quite supportive.

Why our small businesses are a BIG deal

NZ Entrepreneur

But while it’s true that New Zealand needs more globally successful brands bringing us in mountains of foreign cash, there are some very real reasons we need to place more emphasis on valuing and supporting our small businesses and small business owners. Population growth attracts new competitors to the market and just one new competitor could put you out of business. 2) Small businesses keep profits in New Zealand.

Tips for developing strong brands

NZ Entrepreneur

New Zealanders have traditionally favoured a non-regulated approach—#8 wire, Kiwi ingenuity and innovative thinking drive our cultural identity. But the value of a robust intellectual property portfolio hasn’t always been on the radar for New Zealand businesses.

Portfolio Management – Learning from experienced investors

NZ Entrepreneur

The Angel Association of New Zealand ( AANZ ) is co-hosting with New Zealand Growth Capital Partners ( NZGCP ) a series of workshops on early-stage investment. But what is the right way to diversify in practice, in the New Zealand context?

Announcing our investment in EnergyBank, a pioneer in long-term energy storage

Version One Ventures

The team is based in New Zealand (reminder: we’re investing worldwide now !) and we’re excited about building new friendships with a collection of VC firms from down under, including Icehouse Ventures (who led the seed round) and Blackbird.

4 small business owners’ best tips for mental resilience

NZ Entrepreneur

Four New Zealand business owners share how they’ve looked after their own wellbeing during the tougher moments of COVID-19, and how they’re preparing to recover and thrive. The retail sector in New Zealand was struck a devastating blow during the initial shutdown period.

Editorial: We owe a duty of care to founder mental health and it requires a collaborative solution

NZ Entrepreneur

Sadness for the loss of a bright young New Zealander who had so much going for him, for the terrible loss for Jake’s mother and his whanau and friends, and for the loss of an up and coming innovator and entrepreneur to our business community.

Interview: Simeon Burnett, 5 years of Snowball Effect

NZ Entrepreneur

It’s been five years since New Zealand equity crowdfunding company Snowball Effect got the go ahead from the Financial Markets Authority to bring Kiwi founders and investors a new way to raise and invest capital in ambitious New Zealand business ventures.

COVID-19: A message to business owners from our Editor

NZ Entrepreneur

In this message for New Zealand business owners, Richard Liew, founder and editor at #nzentrepreneur magazine shares some words of advice and encouragement for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

NZ product standards? What you need to know

NZ Entrepreneur

If so, there are various product standards you should know about to enable your product to be sold in New Zealand. Creating a bold new product to meet a gap in the market – or even importing one – is exciting stuff. If you don’t keep New Zealand’s standards regulations in mind when developing your product or checking out an import opportunity, you’ll end up doing a good impression of a Renaissance-era test pilot yourself (i.e.

Taking care of busy-ness: productivity battles for SMEs in lead up to tax time

NZ Entrepreneur

Nearly three quarters (72%) of SMEs complete admin tasks outside of work hours Half of New Zealand’s SMEs expect tax time preparation to take five hours or more Just over a quarter of SMEs still using excel spreadsheets to track income and expenses.

500 Founders: Luke Campbell, Marta Meszaros, Andy Bowie & Abbe Hyde

NZ Entrepreneur

Welcome to ‘500 Founders’ where we ask innovators from around New Zealand for their top insights for first time startup founders. Want to tap in to the best startup advice from entrepreneurs who are out there doing it?

500 Founders: Rick Kiessig, Hannah Hunt, Matthew Jackson & Jenni Matheson

NZ Entrepreneur

Welcome to ‘500 Founders’ where we ask innovators from around New Zealand for their top insights for first time startup founders. Want to tap in to the best startup advice from entrepreneurs who are out there doing it?

Supporter Channel: Firefly Digital

NZ Entrepreneur

Aged just 23 at the time of launch, and now 28, Baxter has since grown that initial $100 investment into an agency with 15 staff serving customers throughout New Zealand and internationally, and revenues approaching $2M pa. Hear Anthony talk to Richard Liew about the state of digital capability in New Zealand, understanding the modern buyer journey and what it means to be an entrepreneur in the podcast above. Listen on Soundcloud.

Opinion: It’s a startup world

NZ Entrepreneur

If we want to maintain and support sustainable economic growth while meeting the broader needs of society, we will need an economy underpinned by innovation and new technologies. Suse Reynolds, Angel Association New Zealand. Our world is changing, and fast.

Patent protection or design protection?

NZ Entrepreneur

Inventions are effectively the concept residing in a new product or process. In most countries, including New Zealand, the term is 20 years. Most patents are filed for new products, machines, electronics, compositions, processes, and software. The first New Zealand registered design for an animal ear tag was filed in 1952 and since then over 100 different ear tag designs have been protected. A design registration lasts 15 years in New Zealand.

What Government funding is available for startups in NZ?

NZ Entrepreneur

One of the questions we’re often asked is, “What Government funding is available for startups in New Zealand?” For the majority of new business owners, there are no Government funds that will give you the founder, cash to start your new business. Needless to say, if this is your only strategy or hope for funding your new business you’re probably not ready for entrepreneurship anyway!

Supporter Channel: Storytech

NZ Entrepreneur

” When award winning ad man James Hurman set out to provide New Zealand businesses with access to brand consulting services typically only affordable for large companies and household brands, it was this reasoning that drove him. Today we are pleased to welcome James Hurman and his new company Storytech onboard as new #nzentrepreneurs contributors, providing expertise and insights on the subjects of brand building, marketing and compelling story telling to name a few.

500 Founders: Janelle Fenwick, Jack Coleman, Lane Litz & Frayne Cooke

NZ Entrepreneur

Welcome to ‘500 Founders’ where we ask innovators from around New Zealand for their top insights for first time startup founders. Family bonds, new friendships, a partnership with your future spouse, or helping your children understand complex ideas.

Go global or grow local? The Kiwi startup quandary

NZ Entrepreneur

A new study considers whether it is better to “go global” from day one, or to grow locally first. The study revealed that if Niesh first targets growth domestically in New Zealand, they will be better able to replicate their model in overseas markets and have appropriate growth strategies. New Zealand startups need to know that the local market is limited by the relatively small population of 4.8

How much bandwidth do you really need?

NZ Entrepreneur

And, with new technology and digital ways of working available, it brings into sharp focus: exactly how much speed do you need? 70% of New Zealand businesses haven’t reviewed their internet connectivity options within the past twelve months. .

500 Founders: Matt Miller, Ani Tawhiao-Lomas, Rob Stirling & Samantha Gadd

NZ Entrepreneur

Welcome to ‘500 Founders’ where we ask innovators from around New Zealand for their top insights for first time startup founders. Want to tap in to the best startup advice from entrepreneurs who are out there doing it?

[Asia] Asian Attitudes Towards Creativity And Education Differ: Adobe Study


68% of respondents from Australia-New Zealand strongly agree that basic digital media skills are essential for a 21st century workforce, much higher than the APAC average of 54%. This compares to Southeast Asia’s 62% and 58% in Australia-New Zealand, yet garnered only 45% in South Korea.

Asia 147

Mixing personal and business finances common but not always optimal

NZ Entrepreneur

As trusted sources, advisers are in a great position to help small businesses navigate their finances – especially for owners new to the game. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur mixing personal and business finances to support your business, you’re not alone.

What Is The Forex 3-Session Trading System And How To Leverage It


However, the Asian market encompasses more than 40 individual states and nations, including China, Australia, New Zealand and even Russia. We close with the North American trading session, which is underpinned largely by the iconic New York Stock Exchange.

Brazil 130

Protect your small business from cyberthreats with these simple interventions

NZ Entrepreneur

Between 2018 and 2021 alone, incidents of cybercrime more than doubled , according to findings from the 2021 HP New Zealand IT Security survey. Companies like Google and Microsoft stay on top of new bugs that could leave your device vulnerable to attack.

500 Founders: Thomas Clyma, Tina Chou, DEAN BROWN & Knight Hou

NZ Entrepreneur

Welcome to ‘500 Founders’ where we ask startup founders and innovators from around New Zealand, What is one piece of advice you would give to people working on their first startup and why?

Finance and accounting biggest headache for small biz owners followed by tech

NZ Entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, and you’ve struggled at any point with mastering a new business management skill, you’re not alone. Half of the challenge with learning a new business skill can be finding the right resources and tools to suit your schedule, learning style, and skill level. Adrienne Church is General Manager at Prospa New Zealand.