Common New Zealand employment agreement mistakes

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In New Zealand, employment agreements (formerly known as employment contracts) set out the terms and conditions that govern the employment relationship, and under the Employment Relations Act 2000, every employee must have a signed, written employment agreement. New call-to-action.

How the Internet of Things is impacting New Zealand businesses

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And while it may seem like a relatively new technological advancement, IoT has in fact been in use for many years in its simplest form – however more recently there have been advances in how effectively it can be used.

HomeAway Buys a Stake in Bookabach of New Zealand


Austin-based HomeAway just increased its presence in Asia with the acquisition of Bookabach Limited, a New Zealand-based vacation rental site.

Potential Progress On Dealing With Software Patents

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While we continue to struggle with patent trolls in the US – which used to be called “non-practicing entities” (NPEs) but now apparently prefer to be called ”patent assertion entities” (PAE) – the New Zealand government has announced that software will no longer be patented. Patents functional claiming new zealand

Kiwi lean startup + Australia next

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I want to especially thank the dozens of Kiwis who acted as my guardians and escorts from place to place, even driving me around on the wrong side of the road Every tourist will tell you that New Zealand is a beautiful country, and they are not kidding.

Why our small businesses are a BIG deal

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But while it’s true that New Zealand needs more globally successful brands bringing us in mountains of foreign cash, there are some very real reasons we need to place more emphasis on valuing and supporting our small businesses and small business owners.

Patent protection or design protection?

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Inventions are effectively the concept residing in a new product or process. In most countries, including New Zealand, the term is 20 years. Most patents are filed for new products, machines, electronics, compositions, processes, and software.

Supporter Channel: Storytech

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” When award winning ad man James Hurman set out to provide New Zealand businesses with access to brand consulting services typically only affordable for large companies and household brands, it was this reasoning that drove him. Listen to the interview.

Supporter Channel: Firefly Digital

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Aged just 23 at the time of launch, and now 28, Baxter has since grown that initial $100 investment into an agency with 15 staff serving customers throughout New Zealand and internationally, and revenues approaching $2M pa. Listen on Soundcloud.

What Government funding is available for startups in NZ?

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One of the questions we’re often asked is, “What Government funding is available for startups in New Zealand?” For the majority of new business owners, there are no Government funds that will give you the founder, cash to start your new business.

Go global or grow local? The Kiwi startup quandary

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A new study considers whether it is better to “go global” from day one, or to grow locally first. New Zealand startups need to be thinking globally from day one, but going global before they are really ready can put the entire business at risk,” ecentre CEO Jackie Young said.

Finance and accounting biggest headache for small biz owners followed by tech

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If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, and you’ve struggled at any point with mastering a new business management skill, you’re not alone. Adrienne Church is General Manager at Prospa New Zealand.

Four cash flow tips to boost small business

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Ranked by the World Bank as the easiest country in which to start a business, New Zealand has in many respects become the poster-child for entrepreneurship. According to Xero , on average, only 50 percent of New Zealand’s small businesses were cash flow positive in the past year.

[Asia] Asian Attitudes Towards Creativity And Education Differ: Adobe Study


68% of respondents from Australia-New Zealand strongly agree that basic digital media skills are essential for a 21st century workforce, much higher than the APAC average of 54%.

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How NZ entrepreneurs can up their capital raising game

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In the first of a three part series on early stage business investment, we asked serial entrepreneur and investor Josh Comrie what three key things New Zealand entrepreneurs must get better at when it comes to seeking angel investment.

Online reviews are essential but remember their real purpose

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As an entrepreneur you want a positive online presence to drive new customers in-store but it’s crucial is that you remain genuine and actually listen to what your customers have to say – because customer reviews are more than just free advertising.

Trade Mark Check tool a “world-first” for IPONZ

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A world-first new tool is now available that you can use to identify in one click if a trade mark image, logo or word is unique or not. IPONZ estimates there are approximately 10,000 new businesses each year that don’t register their intellectual property.

Do right and do better in business

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million to social enterprise projects in 16 countries including here in New Zealand.

If you’re not making video content, you’re not on the radar

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Co-founder of Little Cactus Media he’s worked across New Zealand, the USA and Canada with some of the biggest companies from Skycity to Zillow to Microsoft. Only half of all SME’s in New Zealand at that time had a website.

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Last week I shared my startup experiences with the Metro Atlanta Chamber…

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My favorite bit: The company, Spunlogic, moved out of his mother’s basement and into an office after landing a deal with a New Zealand company. As hopes heightened and excitement built, the New Zealand company went bankrupt without a penny spent on Spunlogic. “It

Video: Top 5 digital marketing trends and how they are changing in 2019

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Digital marketing moves at such a fast pace, but I’ve been careful to not include things such as voice search that is currently blowing up in America but hasn’t quite penetrated the New Zealand market.

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Entrepreneur’s 5 Month Journey Transforms Her Business Philosophy


In 2014, Maggie cycled for 5 months around the mountainous roads of New Zealand, towing her two-year-old son the entire way. My five month journey cycle touring New Zealand was nothing short of adventure. We began our adventure in Christchurch where my mothers’ best friend dropped us off at our starting point and then we circumnavigated the south island of New Zealand on our bikes. Entrepreneurship has evolved.

FinTech and Forex – A Match Made in Heaven

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Today, you can find reliable New Zealand Forex brokers , forex brokers in the US or Asia with extreme ease. . This is a relatively new forex trading method used by beginner investors to match up the success of experienced ones.

SME business owners face mental health “crisis”

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Anxiety New Zealand Trust psychologist Rachael Chalmers says the hours of owning or managing a small business often carry over into family or home life, leaving very little space for self-care.

Do entrepreneurs really have common character traits?

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Paddy Uppington, in his new book, The Barefoot Coach explores the concept of “mental toughness” in both sport and business psychology, also high on the desired trait list of an entrepreneur.

The Best Places to Start a Business in 2015

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Recent developments – including an influx of new college grads and the well-deserved (if you ask me) popularity of a TV show based in the city and bearing the same name as the city – have also made it cool again. New Zealand.

Chartered Managers adding leadership value in Australia & NZ

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In Australia and New Zealand, the Chartered Manager accreditation is changing the game for leaders and businesses. Success in business rests heavily on getting a good return on your investment.

Have you done your annual entrepreneurial health check?

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The current New Zealand economic climate is buoyant and businesses are well positioned for growth. This might be in the form of multiple overdraft extension requests for new funding lines, such as equipment finance or term debt.

Kiwi businesses not ready for next gen technology, despite evidence

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Kiwi business owners are struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change – even as their businesses are disrupted by it – according to a new report, released today. He says businesses should embrace new technology rather than avoid it or wait until it’s too late.

Most Overused Buzzword On LinkedIn Profiles? Creative.


New Zealand: Creative. So in Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and United States, professionals used the word creative in their profiles to give themselves an edge in the careers… except that many others also describe themselves similarly.

Better business forecasting – Part One

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For most small to medium New Zealand businesses, these are the key lines in a financial forecast. You might see forecasting as a waste of time, or something you do when you have absolutely nothing else on your plate (which is, um, never).

Smart hacks for recruiting on social media

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In the US and Canada, you can actually post jobs to Facebook, but here in New Zealand we have to make do with some more creative tactics. So, it’s likely to be a fertile hunting ground for your new hire, if you can cut through all of the noise and confusion of the site.

[Event] Over 540 Young Entrepreneurs To Converge On Global Startup Youth


Malaysia will see over 500 youth descend on its capital Kuala Lumpur this October for Global Startup Youth (GSY) , a three-day idea accelerator program aimed at helping young entrepreneurs shape and launch new projects that will hopefully evolve into sustainable global businesses.

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Is my business idea feasible? Key questions to ask before you start.

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Doing a business feasibility study first will help you figure out whether your new business idea is worth your time, energy and money – all very precious commodities. It might sound a bit dry and dusty, compared with the adventure of a new venture.

How To Create Conditions For Creative Breakthroughs


People who may have felt stuck, suddenly see new possibilities and are inspired to pursue them. First, you can consciously seek out more diverse settings – or people – where new, reframed questions can emerge.

JFDI.Asia Announces 2013 Startup Lineup


DayTripR, from Singapore and New Zealand, have an online data collection utility.

From Contest to Company: 6 Tips for Taking a Startup to the Next Level


Win or lose, how can a new company make the most of the experience and the exposure? Vinny Lohan, who started New Zealand-based big data analytics company OneBuzz , said "Your existing team that participated in the contest might not be the right team for you to build a business around.

How AI is literally helping Kiwi businesses grow

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Myles Matheson, a Data & AI specialist at Microsoft New Zealand, says the first step in talking to customers about AI is to understand what it means to them. The sooner we understand AI better, the sooner we can all benefit from its undeniable ability to transform businesses. Shows You Where Movie Scenes Are Shot


We were more impressed to find out that some of the actual scenes in the film featuring those landscapes were actually shot on location in New Zealand.

The Importance Of Cultural Understanding In Business


You would expect a company like Nike to follow suit in regards to cultural sensitivity, but the footwear and clothing manufacturer got it badly wrong when introducing a new line of patterned leggings in New Zealand.

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What is a good site or Gmail extension for an angel investor to manage their startup deals?


Boy, do I wish there was a magical Gmail extension to let me manage my startup deals!

Patent and Immigration Reform Activities

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It pains me to see other countries – such as Canada, the UK, and New Zealand – be more progressive, open, and forward thinking around entrepreneurship and innovation than the US. Two of the public policy things I care about are patent reform and immigration reform. I believe our patent system – especially with regard to software and business method patents – is completely and totally broken.

10 ways to tell if your price is too low

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You might need to invest in new equipment, new staff, or more of the same. The threshold for GST in New Zealand is a turnover of $60K per year. Pricing strategy, part of your sales and marketing strategy, is key to growing your sales.