Introducing the Hitchhiker’s Guide to New York City Tech

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New York City is a dream but can also be a navigational nightmare, equal parts crammed circus and rat race mixed at warp speed. This holds for the city’s tech sector.

Weekly Techstars Diversity / Inclusion Office Hours in New York City

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In addition to Alex, other Techstars folks who will do these office hours include KJ Singh and Jillian Canning who help Alex run the Techstars NY City Program, Jenny Fielding who runs the Techstars IoT and Fintech Programs, Eamonn Carey who runs Techstars Connection, and Jenny Lawton , who recently joined Techstars as a Chief Operating Officer. The post Weekly Techstars Diversity / Inclusion Office Hours in New York City appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

New York City Tech Podcast: Eli Bronner, Growth at AngelList

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New tech ecosystems often benefit from entrepreneurs who will dive in blind and figure out their direction along the way. In 2010, Eli Bronner and his Lua Technologies co-founders were this exact profile of entrepreneurs, and New York City was an exuberant tech ecosystem without much structure or identity. So what happens when a rookie founding team collides with an adolescent startup city?

What are the best New York City events to attend to meet VC’s and Angel investors?


Although there are many, many excellent events each week in New York that it would make sense for a startup entrepreneur to attend (see Gary’s Guide, Startup Digest, or This Week in NY Innovation), the truth is that (a) VCs and serious investors don’t go to most of them, and (b) the odds are slim that even if you and the investor were at the same event, you will have the opportunity or time to do more than say hello. The New York Angels Education Meetup.

48in48 New York City 2016 in photos

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We pulled off 48in48 in a city outside of Atlanta. To be able to pull off New York City helped us realize that our BIG long-term goal, to run the event in 48 cities worldwide over the same weekend, is that much more achievable (granted, we have a lot of work left to do, but still.).

10 coworking spaces in New York City that make regular offices feel like medieval torture

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The rise in coworking spaces in New York City, and other tech hub cities around the world, has left more people yearning for work environments that are open, collaborative, inspiring and stimulating.

The real entrepreneurs of New York City

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While I was in New York, I had another opportunity to witness this firsthand, and I wanted to share the results with you. Brant: Interesting idea that would only work in a limited number of cities. The Lean Startup Machine looks a lot like reality television for startups.

Top 3 Startup Winner: Happenstance

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Our app incorporates location-based technology to tag our stories to places in the city. As a Chicago native, she enjoyed visiting new places in the city but often found herself traveling to destinations without knowing much about the history or people behind the walls she regularly passed.

Women 2.0's Founder Labs Expands to New York City


Moreover, the program will expand from its current San Francisco location to New York City, with the first east coast program set to begin in May. Founder Labs boasts a great list of mentors and guest speakers, and the expansion to New York will add to that.

RISE Expanding to New York City

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Events New York City RISEIf you’ve been a part of the entrepreneurial scene in Austin at all, you’ve probably been part of a RISE event. The Relationship and Information Series for Entrepreneurs (RISE) has brought together thousands of entrepreneurs over the past five years to come together and share information and knowledge at their annual event in Austin. They keynote speakers have been tremendous, including Roy Spence and Red McCombs.

What are the advantages of stationing your startup in New York City opposed to Silicon Valley / SF?


A city that from the Mayor on down is devoted to helping the tech startup community expand exponentially. The world’s fastest growing tech startup ecosystem. A much more tightly knit startup community, compared to the larger but more diffuse West Coast community. Access to many, many more world market centers (advertising, finance, fashion, media, food, etc.). The world’s largest Tech Meetup (not to mention itself).

Innovating in New York City


Innovating in New York City Last week I wrote about speaking at the NYC Lean Startup Meetup. One of my other key takeaways from this, which I've known for a while and have been meaning to blog about, is just how vibrant the tech startup community is here in New York. Like most things, New York City is such a massive and diverse place that it's easy to "get lost in the crowd," and there's a lot going on.

The Impact Of Rising Inflation On Small Businesses


It’s a fine line of raising prices, and swapping out material people are looking for and bringing in new product at price points they find favorable. Advice For The Young At Heart business advice entrepreneur New York City retail business retail industry Rohan Duggal

When New York City comes together for the Marathon #ingnycm

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Literally, the whole city was watching--across so many different communities, both local and international. Once I got through the Bronx and back into the city, I was in one foot in front of the other mode, chanting "Forward" to myself as I mentally did the math on how fast I needed to go to still make four hours. Well, thank you, New York.

Thinking About the Next Chief Digital Officer of New York City

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When a new CEO for a company is hired, you might change out a few people, but you wouldn''t replace all the key folks. You wouldn''t hire a new GM and just immediately get rid of your All-Star players. Sterne will work closely with the City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications as well as with individual City agencies and stakeholders to ensure consistency and accessibility of information.

Girlfluence To Harness Women Power Online Using Video


Ideaspotting creative agency digital marketing Girlfluence influencer marketing New York City Online marketing video

Video 260

Five common misconceptions about building a startup in New York City

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It’s really difficult for me not to get into the thick of discussions about whether or not you can and/or should build a company in New York City. My company was not well executed enough to achieve venture capital financing—and that wasn’t the city’s fault, it was mine.

Simply Awesome Leadership in Computer Science Education

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In it Fred announced a new initiative in New York City called The Academy For Software Engineering. If successful, it will have a profound impact on computer science education in the New York public high school system. Computer Science Education codestars computer science education fred wilson NCWIT new york city software academyI woke up this morning to a post from Fred Wilson titled The Academy For Software Engineering.

How the New York City innovation community can still lose (and what you can do about it)

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I remember hearing that a New York City venture fund was raising money in 2004 and almost skipping the meeting, because New York wasn’t a viable place to deploy that much capital—it was a small blip in the past. I've heard that most new angels make 70% of their lifetime investments within the first year of starting to invest--i.e. There isn’t a single person in the NYC that is more excited than I am about how far we’ve come.

The Best Places Worldwide to Start Your High-Growth Startup

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Rather than focusing on the cities that have less expensive labor and best overall business growth (as I did in my recent article on the 10 best U.S. To determine which cities made the cut, I turned to Compass’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report for 2015. New York City, New York, USA.

Stray Boots Launches Mobile Guided Urban Scavenger Game Around NYC


Well yeah, they’re about to be made obsolete if New York City-based mobile game startup Stray Boots had its way. Ideaspotting game app guided tour mobile app New York City Stray Boots travel app

Open Angel Forum and The Amazing Disappearing Funding Gap in New York City

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About a year and a half ago, I wrote that New York needed more dedicated early stage capital. First Round Capital makes 11 new investments in NYC, hires me to be here fulltime, and announces a new NYC office in Union Square. Roger Ehrenberg is announces a new $25 million fund. Let’s look back at what has happened since the beginning of August ‘08… Betaworks raises more than $10 million in September ‘08.

Sick Leave for Your Employees: Why it Matters

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Beginning next month businesses in New York City that have 20 or more employees will be required to provide a minimum of 5 paid sick days for those workers every year. 5 things that suck (about hiring new employees) and 10 things companies can do about it.

Funding goes global: location is no longer your financing destiny

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What does this new dynamic mean for today’s start-up seeking funding? News Albert Wenger canada marketplaces New York City Point NIne Capital San Francisco Silicon Valley Software as a service Union Square Venture venture capital version one ventures If we look back ten years, the venture world was quite different. Investors weren’t too keen on investing out of town.

September 11, 2011


Ten years have passed since that fateful day in New York City. A new school. marriage new york city parenting 9/11 awakening baby teeth osama bin laden september 11Many people have been born and many have died. The 9/11/01 smashing of the World Trade Centers and attack on the American way of life is being talked about and shown on most news networks. Today is 9/11/11 and so much has changed in the last ten years and yet so much is still the same.

Eat, Pray, Love, and Vacation


I just got back from a week long part stay-cation and part away-cation with some friends who live in two different cities. Hamilton Pool. We visited some local Austin famous places like the Oasis and Hamilton Pool. We also saw The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (nice movie).

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead


2001 was a BIG year of change for me personally and professionally and for some reason I was up early watching TV when all of a sudden I saw planes flying into the World Trade Center in New York. I had family and friends who lived in New York. Now onto the next chapter of humanity… FYI new york city random stuff cnn fox osama osama bin laden usama world trade center

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on the innovation blog Rapid Genome Sequencing TechShop for tinkerers Protecting New York City MapMyRide The Digital Swiss Army Knife The CERN Asset Management challenge Technology and Summer Camps Activist Capitalism. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

The Jigsaw of Modern Marketing

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Oracle invited me to its Marketing Cloud event in New York City this week. While it was showcasing its growing portfolio of assets like Eloqua, Vitrue, BlueKai, Responsys and Compendium, I was as impressed with the range of conversations the. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

What’s Your Biggest Regret? Their Answers Will Inspire You

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A blackboard stood in the middle of New York City asking passersby to write down their biggest regrets. At first, each regret seemed different and unique. Lifestyle Video inspiration personal development success video

MakerBot Halloween

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Also watch as the new MakerBot TV mascot – Mr. Maker – goes on a tour of New York City. MakerBot has a great weekly TV show. This week learn about all the things you can make for halloween with your MakerBot as well as how you can help save the hermit crab. My Investments makerbot

Need Funding? 2015 Is A Strong Year For Startups


Total startup funding applications are up across the globe and in multiple sectors, especially in the United States where the surging New York City tech industry is leading a nationwide growth in new startups.

Last Chance to Apply to TechStars in NYC

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TechStars New York City has just been a great program. Techstars (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Welcome New York to the Global EIR Coalition

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Last week New York was the third state to create a program – called the International Innovators Initiative (IN2NYC) – based on the construct of the Global Entrepreneur in Residence program. This is a New York City based program created by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the City University of New York (CUNY). The New York program is a city driven initiative.

Nyan Cat and Sphero

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NYANCATCITY, A 4-Day Nyan Cat Pop-Up Event in New York City. So – I’ve apparently been hiding under a rock and had no idea about the Nyan Cat phenomenon. The original Youtube video has 89,604,608 views as of this moment. Insane. Ok – whatever.

5 Tips for Founding a Tech Startup in NYC

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Anyone that wants to found a tech startup in New York will find the fast-paced lifestyle a challenge to deal with. New York City is the Largest metropolitan area in the United States, with a diverse culture and energy that runs around the clock 24/7.

WeWork Begins Accepting Applications for its 2018 Creator Awards


Austin’s Samantha Snabes, founder of re:3D won the regional award for Austin and went on to win $1 million in the overall global competition held in New York City. In March of 2017, WeWork launched the Creator Awards to reward individuals and organizations for doing creative work. Now WeWork is doing it again. The company […]. The post WeWork Begins Accepting Applications for its 2018 Creator Awards appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Silicon Alley Closes 2015 On Top In A Boom Year For Startups


For three out of four quarters in 2015, New York City’s tech ecosystem has led with more startup funding requests than any other region in the country, including California’s long reigning Silicon Valley.

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Spencer Fry

Need Funding? 2015 Is A Strong Year For Startups


Total startup funding applications are up across the globe and in multiple sectors, especially in the United States where the surging New York City tech industry is leading a nationwide growth in new startups.

Seven Austin Entrepreneurs Win Big at WeWork Creator Awards


In the first ever Austin WeWork Creator Awards, seven Austin entrepreneurs won $845,000 in financial grants and now head to New York City fo the final event. The biggest winner, GrubTubs, took home $360,000 in the scale category, the top prize at the event held at Austin City Limits Live at Moody Theater Tuesday night. […] The post Seven Austin Entrepreneurs Win Big at WeWork Creator Awards appeared first on SiliconHills.

It’s About Women Running Startups

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She had an interesting insight: existing content/media companies were having the same problem as hardware companies that rarely made the leap to new platforms. And she had a model for a new media company for mobile and wearables. I had a better one when I came back from New York.

TechStars Patriot Boot Camp: Calling All Veterans

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As an interesting note, participant Tak Lo from Patriot Boot Camp 2012 is now an Associate at TechStars in New York City and a participating company from Patriot Boot Camp 2012 - Nexercise - was recently accepted into the inaugural program of TechStars Chicago. TechStars Patriot Boot Camp is an intense three-day program that will educate and mentor Veterans and Service Members to innovate, build technology companies, and create jobs.