Introducing the Hitchhiker’s Guide to New York City Tech

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New York City is a dream but can also be a navigational nightmare, equal parts crammed circus and rat race mixed at warp speed. This holds for the city’s tech sector.

New York City Tech Podcast: Eli Bronner, Growth at AngelList

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New tech ecosystems often benefit from entrepreneurs who will dive in blind and figure out their direction along the way. In 2010, Eli Bronner and his Lua Technologies co-founders were this exact profile of entrepreneurs, and New York City was an exuberant tech ecosystem without much structure or identity. So what happens when a rookie founding team collides with an adolescent startup city?

  New York City, ‘nuff said…

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. New York City, ‘nuff said…. New York City NYC logo design awesome

Weekly Techstars Diversity / Inclusion Office Hours in New York City

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In addition to Alex, other Techstars folks who will do these office hours include KJ Singh and Jillian Canning who help Alex run the Techstars NY City Program, Jenny Fielding who runs the Techstars IoT and Fintech Programs, Eamonn Carey who runs Techstars Connection, and Jenny Lawton , who recently joined Techstars as a Chief Operating Officer. The post Weekly Techstars Diversity / Inclusion Office Hours in New York City appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

48in48 New York City 2016 in photos

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We pulled off 48in48 in a city outside of Atlanta. To be able to pull off New York City helped us realize that our BIG long-term goal, to run the event in 48 cities worldwide over the same weekend, is that much more achievable (granted, we have a lot of work left to do, but still.).

10 coworking spaces in New York City that make regular offices feel like medieval torture

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The rise in coworking spaces in New York City, and other tech hub cities around the world, has left more people yearning for work environments that are open, collaborative, inspiring and stimulating.

Airbnb Offers New York City Tour With Sarah Jessica Parker

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The company is rolling out activities to cash in on 'experiential travel.'. Innovate

Historical Views of Mott Street, Chinatown, New York City Got to.

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Historical Views of Mott Street, Chinatown, New York City. Mott Street Chinatown New York City NYC history city Chinese American Manhattan MOCA Got to thinking about how Chinatown has evolved over the decades after my recent visit to MOCA.

Is New York City Becoming the New Silicon Valley?

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The Big Apple has a startup culture all its own. Startup

This Is the Most Pressing Challenge Facing New York City's Tech Ecosystem

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Instead of trying to attract talent from other states, New York founders should work with their local government to support the existing talent pipeline.

New York City Is Banning This 1 Job Interview Question

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The new legislation will affect 3.8 million workers.

Wawa's CEO Eyes New York City, But Sees 'A Lot of Work' First

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The beloved convenience-store chain is rapidly expanding into new East Coast cities. CEO Chris Gheysens explains his thinking about the Big Apple.

Top 10 New York City Startups to Watch In 2017

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Some of these companies are poised for a public offering; others have found success, but are now re-tooling their model amid Donald Trump's presidency. Remember these names in 2017

All New York City Underground Subway Stations Now Offer Free WiFi

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All underground New York City subway stations now offer passengers and others in the stations free WiFi. Here is what you need to know

For New York City's black cowboy group, it's high noon

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NEW YORK (AP) — For decades, members of the Federation of Black Cowboys have been an incongruous sight in New York City

Uber Drivers in New York City Protest Company's Fare Cut

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Several hundred people protested outside of the ride-sharing company's New York City headquarters on Monday

How Not to Save New York City, or Your Home

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The New York Times and New York Magazine show how not to lead on the biggest issue of our time. It's up to leaders to lead if we want to improve our future

These 10 Fast-Growing New York City Companies Will Eat You for Breakfast

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Meet the next generation of entrepreneurs generating major sales in the Big Apple.

New York City Accelerators, Incubators, and Coworking Spaces

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New York State/New York City associated: BEST - [link]. New Work City - [link].

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Coworking Spaces In New York City


There’s no getting around the fact that New York City is one of the most expensive places in the world to rent an office. For many years, people have tried to invent new types of work environment.

13 New York City-Based Companies With Remarkable Office Features (That You've Probably Never Heard Of)

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Regardless of your size, these companies are proof that your brand can visually shine -- it just takes a little creativity. World's Coolest Offices

The real entrepreneurs of New York City

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While I was in New York, I had another opportunity to witness this firsthand, and I wanted to share the results with you. Brant: Interesting idea that would only work in a limited number of cities. The Lean Startup Machine looks a lot like reality television for startups.

How This Company Became the Secret Weapon of Delta, Macy's, and the New York City Marathon

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For the founder of smart-chip maker Impinj, success was a marathon, not a sprint. Founders 10

"David Weber, president of the New York City Food Truck Association, explained that the ratio is more."

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“David Weber, president of the New York City Food Truck Association, explained that the ratio is more like 25 to 1 the other way. These rules are enforced, with varying consistency, by the New York Police Department. As a result, according to City Councilman Dan Garodnick, it’s nearly impossible (even if you fill out the right paperwork) to operate a truck without breaking some law.” - “ The Food-Truck Business Stinks ” via The New York Times.

The 2 Best Startups to Work for in New York City

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These companies offer more than fun perks, they make employees feel valued and heard

Making An Impact: Women Owned Businesses Are Strengthening New York City

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Who is driving new business growth AND having a social impact in New York City? According to a new study, it's increasingly women

What are the advantages of stationing your startup in New York City opposed to Silicon Valley / SF?


A city that from the Mayor on down is devoted to helping the tech startup community expand exponentially. The world’s fastest growing tech startup ecosystem. A much more tightly knit startup community, compared to the larger but more diffuse West Coast community. Access to many, many more world market centers (advertising, finance, fashion, media, food, etc.). The world’s largest Tech Meetup (not to mention itself).

How the World of Startups Is Changing in New York City

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The New York tech scene is starting to resemble the traditional New York economy. Startup

Organizing Mar-Tech with Regional LUMAscapes: Boston, Los Angeles and New York City

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Check out three new regional LUMAscapes for Boston, New York City and Los Angeles

Why New York City Will Never Be a Startup Haven

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Manhattan is the Big Apple but it will never lead the world when it comes to startups. Here's why

New York City Installs Wi-Fi Kiosks, People Use Them to Watch Porn

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It seemed like a great public experiment--and experimental it certainly was, with unexpected results

The Center Of The E-commerce Universe - 9 Founders On Why New York City

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It is expensive to live and work in the City That Never Sleeps. So why, in the "you can start a company easily, cheaply, anywhere era", would a founder choose to launch and scale a startup in New York City

New York City Tech Industry Strong, Growing Fast

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As if the thriving New York City tech ecosystem needed any more heady boosterism. Jobs in the technology sector in New York City are not only being created at a faster pace than in other sectors, but they also pay 49 percent more than the average citywide hourly wage.

Top 10 Women-Led Companies in New York City

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Meet the most successful women-owned companies in the NYC metro area

Taxes Are a Huge Part of the Battle between New York City and Airbnb

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Airbnb is locked in legislation with New York over a new law to impose fines on illegal listings, but for some, the issue runs far deeper

Innovating in New York City


Innovating in New York City Last week I wrote about speaking at the NYC Lean Startup Meetup. One of my other key takeaways from this, which I've known for a while and have been meaning to blog about, is just how vibrant the tech startup community is here in New York. Like most things, New York City is such a massive and diverse place that it's easy to "get lost in the crowd," and there's a lot going on.

The Biggest, Baddest Desk in New York City

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Barbarian Group, the New York City-based creative agency whose tagline is "it''s gonna be awesome," just upgraded its 20th Street digs with a 4,400-foot communal superdesk. "It''s It''s a 4,400-foot Mbius strip of plywood, steel, and resin. This is no two-man startup.

Why Hudson Yards is the Future of New York City (and Why You'll Want to Work There)

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To say that Manhattan is being transformed forever is not an exaggeration. Here's why. Strategy

Uber Recognizes Guild for Its 35,000 New York City Drivers

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According to the New York Times, the deal announced Tuesday stops short of unionization

What to Expect at New York City's Social Media Week

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Social Media Week , a five-day conference filled with panel discussions, workshops, and product demonstrations, is coming to New York City on February 17. Here are the events you need to check out at the mega-conference, which kicks off on Monday.