Starting A Business In The UK As A Non-Resident: 5 Things You Should Know


Resources business advice starting a business United KingdomEver thought about setting up your own business in the UK from abroad? This simple guide can help you navigate the pitfalls.

The Future Fifty: A dissection of the United Kingdom’s tech scene

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Jay Patani is an analyst at EC1 Capital, a London-based early stage, Web technology focused venture capital company. Email him at jay(at) The UK government has been keen to champion the UK as a hub for technology and innovation. Announced in late 2013, the Future Fifty, a selection of the finest 50 tech companies the UK has to offer, is a government initiative to create a “solid pipeline of British tech IPOs”.


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Why set up a limited company in Hong Kong?

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According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index CPI, Hong Kong ranked 18th with a corruption index of 75 in 2016, lagging behind countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Germany.

A Guide To Digital Upskilling in the Business World

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In spite of this, a report from the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development), employers in the United Kingdom are investing less money in training than other significant economies are. Your education isn’t something that begins and ends in the classroom.

Export Online Without Frontiers: A Global Map of B2B Marketplaces

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B2B Platforms in the United States. Instead of Asia, you may want to target the largest market on the planet, i.e. the United States. Based in the United Kingdom, UpinSales focuses solely on connecting companies with agents.

Tax and accounting treatment for website development costs

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Finance Marketing Accounting balance sheet capital capital allowance capital expenditure customers deduction depreciation expenses IASB income statement Limited company maintenance profits purchasing revenue Tax tax treatment United Kingdom website development

Cost 103

Entrepreneurial Journey Takes Melvin Brewing To Denver’s Heights and Beyond

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During the festival, beers are shipped overseas to South Korea, Japan, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Jeremy Tofte’s family background in the beer business shows through in his work with Melvin Brewing.

Widespread UK Business Sector Welcomes Government’s New “Industrial Strategy” White Paper


In the News Britain economy industry United KingdomThe UK government earlier unveiled a highly anticipated industrial strategy designed to tackle Britain’s productivity woes and championing sectors such as Construction, Manufacturing, Automotive and Life sciences. Business groups in the UK gave a widely positive reception to the Government’s new industrial strategy white paper.

The Brexit Effect on Workplace Recruitment

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There has been a decline in EU workers in the United Kingdom, which may be contributing to the rising wages for those who remain, as well as the tighter labour market. Community Finance World affecting business Brexit depression economy employee benefits Employment equipment foreign workers immigration inflation Interest rate Productivity recruiting strategic plan students trade United Kingdom Wage work from homeBrexit will be affecting businesses on every front.

Female Founders: Role Models, Support Networks, and Confidence

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Entrepreneurship People The entrepreneurs agency Analytics benefits Career Children comfort zone confidence content culture developers Discrimination diversity Entrepreneur female founders founder leadership Leeds networking Partnership promotions Recruitment skills software Startup Magazine team training UK United Kingdom Women workplace

The Top UK Industries Searching for Talent

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Staffing Career Competition Construction development Education employers fintech Healthcare hiring HR London Property salary skills Technology trade United Kingdom workersThe UK is currently experiencing a boom in the jobs market. This is great news for those who are looking to secure a first or new job as there is less competition. For some companies, however, it presents a problem, as they search for qualified or experienced workers.

A Guide to Starting a Career in Australia

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Between 2005 and 2010, over 100,000 people have moved to Australia from the United Kingdom alone and you need to consider why. Community Staffing Work-life Australia benefits Employees salary United KingdomAustralia has a lot to offer in terms of job opportunities and economy in addition to a wonderful change of lifestyle where the outdoors can be enjoyed from the wonderful beaches.

How Silicon Valley Influences The UK’s University Spin-out Company Culture


Others incubation program Silicon Valley startup culture UK United Kingdom universitySilicon Valley is undoubtedly the world’s technology epicentre. The success of this technology hub has continued to influence global innovators around the world. Of the 131 startups valued at $1B and above Silicon Valley is home to 53 of them. For some examples of its influence, programming schools are springing up faster than ever in Vietnam with help from the government.

Registering A UK Limited Company As A Non-UK Resident


Resources business incorporation company incorporation setting up a business United KingdomBy Rachel Craig, Rapid Formations. There is no requirement to live in the UK to set up a business here. Non residents are eligible to register and manage a UK limited company as long as they can satisfy the following three conditions: Are at least 16 years old. Are not going through the process of bankruptcy. Have not been disqualified from company directorship.

A Guide to Funding a Business in the U.K.

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uk United KingdomThe process of securing funding for your business—whatever stage you’re at or field you’re in—can be challenging and stressful. But, gaining a clear understanding of what options are available and how quickly you can access them at short notice can prove crucial to business development. A full awareness of what is possible gives you more flexibility in planning for the future, and generally a greater capacity to react quickly to challenging circumstances.

How do economic pressures impact the UK’s growing businesses?

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Entrepreneurship barriers to growth business strategy economic pressures economies of scale economy global financial crisis liquidation MGJL Mike Gillard physical assets Startups United KingdomThe global financial crisis of 2007-2008 was dubbed the ‘worst economic disaster since the Great Depression’. The aftermath still affects many organisations to this day. In addition, the impact of the Brexit vote in 2016 made a significant impact on the UK economy over a short period of time.

Formula One Fuels Tech Connections Between Austin and the U.K.


Austin British F1 Formula 1 Formula One technology United Kingdom By SUSAN LAHEY Reporter with Silicon Hills News There was something almost surreally Texan about the Best of Great Britain Showcase Friday night at the Moody Theater at ACL Live. At one point, a conclave of what appeared to be seven-foot men in 10-gallon hats created a kind of Texan Stonehenge, towering over the crowd […] The post Formula One Fuels Tech Connections Between Austin and the U.K.

Spredfast Opens an Office in London


Austin Europe London Social Media Spredfast United Kingdom Austin-based Spredfast, the social media marketing firm, keeps on making news. The company announced on Thursday plans to open its first European office in London. The company has customers in more than 20 different countries. It has 150 employees nationwide with 110 of those in Austin. It expects to hire 120 people this year. The […] The post Spredfast Opens an Office in London appeared first on SiliconHills.

You Can’t Beat ‘Em, So Join ‘Em: Get Your Retail Shop Online

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Sales & Marketing Facebook online marketing online retailing Retail and Online Store social media twitter United Kingdom In recent years the retail industry–and small retailers in particular–have come to see the internet as something of a threat to their livelihoods. Industry experts have blamed high profile businesses (such as Amazon or Nordstrom) for the rise in popularity of online shopping, claiming that consumers now have no need to visit physical retail shops.

[UK][Infographic] Spare A Thought For The Millionaires


The number of millionaires in the United Kingdom has actually increased over the years – according to the HMRC the number of people making over 1 million pounds a year has nearly doubled over the past 2 years. Others infographic money United Kingdom wealth So you think that millionaires have it good? That they’re rolling in their cash hoard like Scrooge McDuck in his private vault?

UK-Based THG is Considering San Antonio for its U.S. Divisional Headquarters with 165 Jobs


A technology company from the United Kingdom is considering San Antonio for its U.S. The Hut Group, based in Manchester, United Kingdom, first considered San Antonio for a new U.S. divisional headquarters with 165 high-paying jobs. based sales center but has since decided to put an even bigger office in San Antonio, pending the approval […]. The post UK-Based THG is Considering San Antonio for its U.S.

Three Startups Win Food+City Challenge Prizes at SXSW


China, Kenya and the United Kingdom. […]. By Laura Lorek Publisher of Silicon Hills News For the first time, Food+City held its annual Challenge Prize competition at South by Southwest. And judges awarded three $10,000 cash prizes to the winner of each of three sessions on Tuesday. Altogether 14 startups competed as finalists from the U.S., The post Three Startups Win Food+City Challenge Prizes at SXSW appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

Mattress company Emma is fastest-growing startup in Europe

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For the fifth year in a row Adyen and TNW teamed up to find the fastest growing companies in Europe’s six hottest startup ecosystems: the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, and Sweden. The winner, mattress business Emma (Germany), was announced tonight at TNW Conference Founders Dinner in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Europe 128

Ideas and Innovation Exchange Between the EU and US at SXSW


The EU has 28 member states and various ones like the United Kingdom and Ireland have been at SXSW for years in different capacities, said James Barbour, spokesman […] The post Ideas and Innovation Exchange Between the EU and US at SXSW appeared first on SiliconHills. By LAURA LOREK Publisher and Reporter with Silicon Hills News For the first time, the European Union is showcasing its technology and innovation at South by Southwest.

UK Mission Looking for Fintech Startups in Austin and San Antonio


Officials with the United Kingdom are looking for a few good financial technology companies to go on a mission to the UK later this year. The focus is on learning more about the growing UK fintech network and on making connections to take their business global. The UK Trade & Investment will host the mission […] The post UK Mission Looking for Fintech Startups in Austin and San Antonio appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin San Antonio

U.K. Officials Seek to Attract Austin Gaming & Animation Companies


Officials with the United Kingdom, which is comprised of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, showcased some of the opportunities U.S. By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News During Austin Startup Week, Austin Mayor Steve Adler declared Oct. 7th as “UK Day in Austin.” companies, and in particular Austin-based companies, have in expanding their operations […] The post U.K. Officials Seek to Attract Austin Gaming & Animation Companies appeared first on SiliconHills.

3 Strategies To Revitalise Your Business


A large part of their profits relies on how easily they’ve become a feature of the United Kingdom, refurbishing established buildings and maintaining their uniqueness to create a pleasant drinking environment unlike other budget venues. And while it’s become a huge global entity, it was originally created by James Dyson in the United Kingdom in 1991. The greatest painters in the world stole from their predecessors.

The Untold Benefits Of Optimizing Your Website For Mobile


As a Founding Managing Director at Mercury IT Solutions, Samuel Johnson has been helping the team deliver expert advice and support to small and medium-sized enterprises all over the United Kingdom. by Samuel Johnson, Managing Director at Mercury IT Solutions.

Mobile 239

Meet 4 more of Europe’s fastest-growing tech firms:  Leetchi, MAG Interactive, Run a Shop, and Hailo

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These startups include companies from France, United Kingdom, Germany, and Sweden. The Next Web has been hunting down the fastest-growing startups in Europe. These companies represent the best their respective countries have to offer and have gathered at the TNW Conference Europe as part of the Tech5 competition. The companies presenting were chosen from hundreds of startup submissions from seven European nations.

PSI Pay Offering Alternative Payment Solutions To The Business Community


Interestingly, the firm has since 2014, been offering the MasterCard services directly all over the United Kingdom. Kerv Wearables and the PSI-Pay based in the United Kingdom came together to announce the contactless payment ring. The PSI-Pay Company started being functional in the year 2007 as it helped the business community in the world.

These Are The 3 Best European Countries To Invest Your Money In


United Kingdom. The United Kingdom (UK) of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland is located in the northwest corner of Europe. Europe welcomes over half a billion international visitors per year and is home to seven of the top ten most visited countries on the planet. Its popularity is understandable. The continent’s rich variety of cultures are easily traveled thanks to world-leading transport infrastructure and open border policies.

10 Startups To Keep Your Eye On


Veeno Company is an Italian wine café in the United Kingdom. Is a lawyer firm based in Manchester city of the United Kingdom. The following companies have managed to define the word startup in the last couple of years thanks to their successful development and progress. They have been awarded and financed thanks to how well they’ve done. Veeno. It was founded in 2013 and since then has become a chain and opened several cafes across the country.

Improve Your Business Finance This 2021


For instance, many businesses have moved online as well as already being present on the high street, but especially if you look at the current situation in the United Kingdom, enforced lockdowns mean all non-essential retail stores have to close.

The Three Best European Cities To Launch A Fashion Career


The fashion sector in the United Kingdom is a billion-dollar industry that contributes over 800,000 jobs to the economy, making it the single largest creative industry in the country.

Italy 185

[ADV] Reasons Why Customers Need Cashback UK Sites


People in the United Kingdom would need a cashback UK site one that would cater to the needs that are based on their location and other demographic information. With this principle in mind, it’s easy to conclude that cashback UK sites can cater to the consumers in United Kingdom better than any other cash back websites. Every business has a goal to be successful in their chosen endeavor.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest In A Generator


If you live in the United Kingdom, you can get new diesel generators for as low as 3000 British pounds. The power at your place of business can go out at any time, so prepare yourself and protect your assets with a generator.

You Don’t Need A Co-Founder To Be Successful


This British company was started in a husband and wife’s spare room and has grown into one of the largest businesses in the United Kingdom.

How Gold Investment Saved My Small Business


Having bought the industrial unit we operate from, as well as upgrading our machinery, our additional investment in gold has not only generated a significant return, but also protected our reserves from the future risk of inflation. by Alan Jenkins, founder and CEO of Quadrant2Design.

Pleased that Scotland is still part of the union

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I don’t write much about politics on this blog but I’m making an exception today because it’s great that Scotland has voted to stay part of the United Kingdom. No 2,001,926 (55%). Yes: 1,617,989 (45%). Turnout: 84.6%. We have enjoyed remarkable political stability as a single country but as separate countries we could have found ourselves in turbulent times.

Is Hong Kong A Good Market For My International Business?


Therefore, office hours in the territory overlap with the United States west coast late afternoon and United States east coast morning hours, the United Kingdom morning hours, and morning hours in other European nations. .

How Long Does It Take to Get British Citizenship After Applying?

Women Entrepreneurs Can

Have access to investment funds of at least £50,000, which must be held in one or more financial institutions, and you’re free to spend on business in the United Kingdom. The recent government announcements regarding the U.K. Startup Visas have come as welcome news for the U.K.

Make Your Data Center Location Work For You


If you have a website hosted on a server in Australia, then that website will be served to your visitors quicker than if the server was located in the United Kingdom. There has been a lot of talk over the past few years regarding the location of the data centers that host your websites.

[Event] Over 540 Young Entrepreneurs To Converge On Global Startup Youth


Alanna Ford (24), United Kingdom: a young woman who believes that investing in women has the potential to uplift entire communities. Malaysia will see over 500 youth descend on its capital Kuala Lumpur this October for Global Startup Youth (GSY) , a three-day idea accelerator program aimed at helping young entrepreneurs shape and launch new projects that will hopefully evolve into sustainable global businesses.

Global 158