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Book: Tulsa 1921

Feld Thoughts

I’d never heard of it, or of the Tulsa race massacre before. Since I’m reading one book on racial injustice each weekend this summer (and, given the pile of books I’ve accumulated, I expect I’ll continue into the fall), I decided to make my Saturday book Tulsa 1921: Reporting a Massacre.

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The 10 Best U.S. Cities to Start a Business in for 2016

Up and Running

Not only does Tulsa rank number nine overall according to WalletHub, but they rank fourth according to Kiplinger when it comes to great cities to start a business in. NerdWallet also named Tulsa a top place to start a business, citing access to a talented employee pool and great business incentives and programs, such as incubator The Forge.

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How Austin Made a Name in Tech

Austin Startup

To this end, top contender Tulsa, Oklahoma founded Tulsa Innovation Labs in 2020 to develop a strategy for bringing in big tech to the city, bolstering the job market, and making Tulsa a household name for innovation. And while cities like Tulsa have seen promising results, why can’t they catch up to Austin?

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Everything changes from concept to release.


Back when I was developing early systems for the hotel industry, with the full cooperation of the owner and managers of a hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I would fly in from Los Angeles on Friday evenings, install new releases that night and make fixes on the fly in a real 24-hour environment. Rush to market? Cowboy coding.”

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Living in the Time of Covid

Feld Thoughts

” Then, she covers COVID-19, Trump’s Tulsa Rally, Protests, Facebook, Hydroxychloroquine, Juneteenth, Bolton’s book, Voting day as a holiday, the Senate, Healthcare, Consumption behavior, anger, incompetence and wraps it up with. She starts off with “There is so much change going on that it is hard to pinpoint where we are going?

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10 Famous Businesspeople Who Benefited From Nepotism


Walton earned a bachelors degree in business administration and went on to law school at Columbia, after which he moved back to Tulsa, OK, and worked for the law firm used by Wal-Mart.

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Brand Strategy vs. Marketing Strategy (And How they Work Together)


Instead, it tells a story of the forgotten history of Tulsa, Oklahoma—a history and place that serves as the backdrop and the setting of the show. Some brands create storytelling in partnership with publishers, as HBO did when it teamed up with The Atlantic to create a branded content piece about its limited series, Watchmen.

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