Building Bridges in Oklahoma

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

It’s in Oklahoma City - - but make no mistake — this is now an international event. The theme this year is Building Bridges, and it is an apt one for a diverse state like Oklahoma. I also expect to see the Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallon, and former Olympian Bart Connor.

Oklahoma — Fostering Creativity for Innovation

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I participated earlier this week in the Oklahoma Creativity Forum. It was an impressively well staged event, as professional a creativity/innovation conference as I’ve seen anywhere in the world, and I’ve been to conferences all over the globe. Beyond event management, I have to say the event had a great feeling, a gusher of creative [.].

“Lamb fries” for dinner in Oklahoma….


“Lamb fries” for dinner in Oklahoma… [link

The Flaming Lips and Economic Development

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

As many of you know I’ve participated in the annual State of Creativity Forum in Oklahoma for several years. It’s in just a few weeks, so register, and make plans now to arrive in Oklahoma City for the March 31st one day event.

State of Creativity Forum is an Innovation Accelerant

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

I’ve been involved* these past two years with a creativity conference in Oklahoma, now called the State of Creativity Forum. Even the governor, Mary Fallin, was there to support the notion that creativity and innovation is how Oklahoma moves forward.

Kevin Durant Could Teach Businesses a Thing or Two

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Kevin Durant, former star of the Oklahoma City Thunder, announced that he would be leaving the city where he made his name to play for the Golden State Warriors, and people had some feelings about it.

SpareFoot Donates Storage Space to Tornado Victims


Austin-based SpareFoot, the self-storage marketplace, will donate a month of storage space to people in Oklahoma affected by the devastating tornadoes in the Oklahoma City area. just to the South of Oklahoma City, on Tuesday. A massive tornado tore through Moore, Okla., It wreaked havoc leveling entire neighborhoods, businesses and schools and left two dozen [.] The post SpareFoot Donates Storage Space to Tornado Victims appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

The 10 Best U.S. Cities to Start a Business in for 2016

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Oklahoma City, OK. Ranked third by WalletHub, Oklahoma City has also been found to be a great city for STEM professionals, entrepreneurial women, and small tech businesses. Furthermore, Oklahoma City is one of the fastest growing U.S. Oklahoma Small Business Development Center.

[Video] The Inner Net


Here’s one of them – it’s a spoken word poem video production and performance by Oklahoma City-based poet David Bowden, whose style is in the tradition of Beat Poets of the 1950’s and Slam Poets of the 1980’s.

.Net 169

Google Express Launches Shopping and Delivery Service in Austin


It also launched the service in Oklahoma and other Texas markets including Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth. The search engine giant, Google, want to deliver packages to shoppers in Austin through its Google Express service. Google on Wednesday launched the service, which offers overnight and two-day shopping and delivery service, in Austin and surrounding areas. Google […] The post Google Express Launches Shopping and Delivery Service in Austin appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

The Best Places to Start a Business in 2015

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The state flag of Oklahoma combines symbolism from the Native American Osage and Choctaw peoples, prominent in the area. For most people, Oklahoma City doesn’t have much of a reputation, nevermind a reputation for being a good business hub.

The 5 Best Cities to Start a Business

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5 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 4 – Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Episode 35: Productivity and Cash Flow with Emily Morgan and Billie Anne Grigg

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She is a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, LivePlan Expert Advisor, FreshBooks Certified Beancounter, and is Oklahoma’s first Certified Profit First Professional. Also Available On. Show Summary.

SpareFoot Donates Storage Space to Tornado Victims

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Self-storage marketplace SpareFoot is offering relief to those affected by the devastating tornadoes in the Oklahoma City area. The Austin, TX-based company will donate a month of storage to businesses, families and individuals who need temporary space to store and protect their belongings in the aftermath of the tornadoes. Editorial aid SpareFoot

If You Can’t Explain What You Do In A Paragraph, You’ve Got A Problem

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I was in Oklahoma City earlier this week with the entrepreneurs at the Blueprint for Business accelerator (it’s a member of the Global Accelerator Network ). Here’s an email exchange that I had in the past 24 hours with an entrepreneur. Remember, I try to answer all of my emails and be responsive to any inquiry – this was a random one (which I get between 25 and 100 a day).

Sales Lessons From 13 Year Old Who Sold 22,000 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies

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When making the rounds in Oklahoma City, Francis wears her troop uniform and passes out business cards. She recently addressed a university’s entire business department and will be the July speaker at Oklahoma’s Professional Sales Association. I’ve got a term sheet waiting for this girl as soon as she’s ready! How To Sell The Most Cookies (via NYTimes). Smile. ‘‘No

TechStars Patriot Boot Camp Is Happening This Week

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Miyasaki, Oklahoma State University. TechStars is running an event called the Patriot Boot Camp in Washington D.C. from July 18-20. About 75 veterans who are active or aspiring entrepreneurs have already been accepted and will be attending. During this three day event, they’ll get a mini TechStars-like experience. The number of people who have stepped up to offer to mentor these veteran-formed companies is just awesome.

Tips from the Oil and Gas Service Industry Leaders by Christian Brim

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Christian graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Accountancy. If you’ve been in the Oil and Gas Service business for any amount of time, you know the wild ride of commodity prices and how it can make or break your business.

Kenai – RIP

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I had my bags with me as I was heading out for an overnight trip to Oklahoma City. Our beloved dog Kenai died yesterday at 10:20 am. He was at our house in Eldorado Springs with Amy and our other dog Brooks. It was sudden and unexpected – he went quickly and painlessly. He was 12. My last moment with him was the day before when I left the house to go to the office. He always followed me to the door whenever I left town (he knew what my Filson bag meant).

Welcome To The Fall Semester

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Amy and I are traveling all over the United States like nomads – San Francisco, Boise, Oklahoma City, St. I love this time of year. I get up at 5am, catch up on email (holy s**t – is it already 6:37?), write a blog post, go for a run, and then have a completely jam packed day full of working with amazing people. Some days are awesome, some days have crushing challenges, all of them are stimulating.

Everything changes from concept to release.


Close. You can take this headline as a rule, not an exception. You’ll recognize the truism, “No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy” first stated by German Field Marshall von Moltke way back in the 19 th century. Our variant of the “battle plan” truism is important to internalize.

Tulsa 109

Four Easy Ways To A Greener Lifestyle


Droughts are a real threat in many parts of the world, including areas of the US such as Oklahoma, yet we still waste a huge amount of it. Man made climate change is having a huge effect on the world we live in.

A VC Puts On His Equity Crowdfunding Hat


First from the corporate sector within Battelle – and then regionally, building innovation and startup support systems in Oklahoma, Ohio and advising several regions of the United States and the United Kingdom. By Tom Walker, CEO Rev1 Ventures.

Equity 198

Startups On Startups: Entrepreneurs Reveal Best Advice For Building A Business


First from the corporate sector within Battelle – and then regionally, building innovation and startup support systems in Oklahoma, Ohio and advising several regions of the United States and the United Kingdom. By Tom Walker, president & CEO of Rev1 Ventures.

Resetting My Priorities

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After a week at home I hit the road again around the release of Startup Communities and spent almost all of October on the road, reaching Boise, Oklahoma City, Chicago, Des Moines, San Francisco, Seattle, Detroit, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Lexington, and Louisville. If you’ve been following along at home, you know I’ve had a tough fall. It started with a bike crash in Slovenia, followed by a few weeks in New York where I physically felt awful.

6 Texas-Style Business Lessons That Every Entrepreneur Can Take To The Bank


And never go back on a handshake – a reputation precedes you from San Antonio to Austin to the Oklahoma border. By Theresa Roemer, CEO of Theresa Roemer , LLC. As author John Steinbeck said “Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession.

Texas 261

Entrepreneurs, Commit Not These 7 Deadly Sins


First from the corporate sector within Battelle – and then regionally, building innovation and startup support systems in Oklahoma, Ohio and advising several regions of the United States and the United Kingdom. Image credit: Sin from Shutterstock.

Taking A Chance On Life


By age 25 he had founded an insurance agency that became one of the largest in Oklahoma. by Bill Thompson, author of “ Order of Succession: Getting Away with Murder “ What’s harder than getting fired?

After 20 years: Updating the Berkus Method of valuation


Valuations are higher in Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach, New York and the North Carolina corridor than in Oklahoma City, Kansas City or Miami. Well, it had to happen.

The LeanLaunch Pad at Stanford – Class 7: Revenue Model

Steve Blank

In Oklahoma City, Oklahoma it was the city engineer and director of public works. The Stanford Lean LaunchPad class was an experiment in a new model of teaching startup entrepreneurship. With one week and one more updates to go, this post is part seven.

Join a conference simulcast near you

Startup Lessons Learned

Cincinnati, NEO HQ, 3700 Park 42 Dr Cleveland Columbus Oklahoma: Tulsa Pennsylvania: Lititz Philadelphia Puerto Rico: San Juan South Dakota: Sioux Falls Texas: Austin: Tech Ranch Austin, 9111 Jollyville Rd. One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere.

Episode 111: Grow with ‘No’ featuring Clay Clark

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Clay Clark is the former “US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year” for the state of Oklahoma and the founder of Our Guest Clay Clark is the former “US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year” for the state of Oklahoma and the founder of Also Available On. Show Summary. On today’s episode, we talk about the power of saying NO with Clay Clark!

Tulsa 60

Smells Like Money: The Business of Waste Management

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Today in Oklahoma City, Okla, Keith and Cheryl own three separate companies that manage and dispose of a variety of waste, from hazardous and commercial waste, to the treatment of industrial waters and grease trap cleaning.

Guerilla Innovation Strategies for Small Biz, An Introduction

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Speaking in Oklahoma last fall I spontaneously asked a group of about 200 if they had an “innovation plan.” I participate when I can in a Twitter based chat session, called Innochat. It happens every Thursday around noon USA eastern time.

2012 Valuation Survey of Angel Groups


SeedStep Angels (Oklahoma). This summer I conducted our third annual survey of the pre-money valuation of pre-revenue companies recently funded by angel groups in North America. Access to our 2010 and 2011 surveys can be found at 2011 Valuation Survey of North American Angel Investor Groups. We received data from thirty groups of the fifty angel groups from whom we requested data. For the first time, we asked for data from specific business sectors, as follows: All pre-revenue deals.

The 10 Best Teams Ever Assembled (And What We Can Learn From Them)


The coming-together of these two musical virtuosos resulted in a 16-year partnership that produced instant classics like Oklahoma! No man is an island. From time to time, we all find we’ve gone as far as we can go on our own.

Pitching America’s mayors

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Austin Mayor Steve Adler The event was kicked off by Austin Mayor Steve Adler and MCed by Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett.

Small Business and Startups: Prepare For the Worst

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For instance, if you are located in Florida, there is a good chance that sooner or later a hurricane will strike and if you are in Oklahoma you have probably experienced tornado warnings any number of times. Disaster strikes.

College Fitness Wins Global Student Entrepreneur Award

Campus Entrepreneurship

million in revenue expected this year, and landed partnerships with such companies and universities as Google and the University of Oklahoma. Congrats to TCU student Brent Skoda, founder of! We’ve seen a lot of solid entrepreneurs coming out of TCU. From Kent Bernhardt Jr.

How Not to Get Lost in the Content Creation Wasteland

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Think of it like this: let’s say you live in Oklahoma City, and you plan to drive to Los Angeles, somewhere you’ve never been. How Not to Get Lost in the Content Creation Wasteland written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing.

Twitter Link Roundup #188 – Small Business, Startups, Innovation, Social Media, Design, Marketing and More

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Oklahoma Surgery Center makes surgery pricing transparent to customers – [link]. Every day on the crowdSPRING Twitter account and on my own Twitter account , I post links to posts or videos I enjoyed reading or viewing.

Everything changes from concept to release! (And another story…)


This is not to state that the customer tests a new product before we do internally, although many of us are surely guilty of that error. . Back when I was developing early systems for the hotel industry, with the full cooperation of the owner and managers of a hotel in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I would fly in from Los Angeles on Friday evenings, install new releases that night and make fixes on the fly in a real 24 hour environment.

Tulsa 55

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Business by Yaro Starak

The story, as many an AP English student can tell you, focuses on economic and familial hardship during the Great Depression told through a poor, victim-of-circumstance farming family from Oklahoma. A common mistake that young entrepreneurs make is unwittingly starting highly cyclical and highly risky businesses, when it hasn’t been all that long since the Great Recession in the U.S. was declared over by the National Bureau of Economic Research in June 2009.