The Innovation Stack: How to make innovation programs deliver more than coffee cups

Steve Blank

Is your organization full of Hackathons, Shark Tanks, Incubators and other innovation programs, but none have changed the trajectory of your company/agency? Over the last few years Pete Newell and I have helped build innovation programs inside large companies, across the U.S.

Women Forward in Technology Scholarship Program

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The post Women Forward in Technology Scholarship Program appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Are you a woman who is an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled full-time at an accredited university in the US, in a STEM field? If you are, you now have an opportunity to apply for a Women Forward in Technology Scholarship.

Robots, Programming, and Education

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Last week, my friends at Orbotix rolled out a new program called SPRK which stands for Schools, Parents, Robots, and Kids. The post Robots, Programming, and Education appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

Strategies To Promote Your App’s Referral Program

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A referral program is one of the best app promotions and effective ways to get more people to download your app. But of course, your customers will never use your referral program if they aren’t aware it exists. Promoting Your App’s Referral Program.

ReturnShip Program


ReturnShip Program. Today is a very exciting day for Return Path as we launch a new program we have been cooking for more than a year called the ReturnShip program. We hope this program enables us to help the community and also find some hidden talent.

Oracle Launches Startup Cloud Accelerator Program in Austin


on Tuesday, announced it’s launching a residential Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program in Austin. The Austin program is Oracle’s first residential accelerator program in North America. Watch out Austin there’s a new accelerator in town.

Cloud 81

Launching a Startup Travel Program with Volta in Halifax

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In April I wrote a blog post titled Governments Should Fund Startup Travel Programs. Getting people to San Francisco and New York may lead to fundraising, partnerships or customer acquisition, but in my mind, the primary goal of a Startup Travel Program is to have entrepreneurs experience an amazing startup ecosystem and bring some of that back with them. I have to thank Milan Vrekic (who runs Volta) for his continued effort to see the Travel Program realized.

Mass Challenge Texas Selects 84 Startups for its First Program


Mass Challenge Texas has selected 84 startups to join its first accelerator program. The post Mass Challenge Texas Selects 84 Startups for its First Program appeared first on SiliconHills.

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ReturnShip Program, Part II


Today marks the graduation for the six women who participated in our inaugural ReturnShip program, which I wrote about here and which was written up at least twice, in Harvard Business Review and in the San Francisco Chronicle.

11 Startups Join DivInc’s Latest Accelerator Program


The 12-week accelerator program, based at Capital Factory, has graduated two cohorts so far and made a big impact on providing women and minorities with greater access to mentors, funding, partnerships and the overall inner […]. The post 11 Startups Join DivInc’s Latest Accelerator Program appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin accelerator Ashley Jennings Capital Factory Dana Callender Diversity DivInc Preston James Program startups technology

How To Pick The Right Startup Accelerator Program


Every year, thousands of hopeful entrepreneurs around the world pack their bags and head out to participate in an accelerator program. For the most part, most of these programs are similar. Choosing the right program can make or break your startup. The Mentorship Program.

Creating A Successful Brand Ambassador Program


Rather than hoping word-of-mouth marketing occurs organically, many companies are taking matters into their own hands by creating brand ambassador programs. A brand ambassador program takes advantage of the passion of your most enthusiastic fans. Successful Brand Ambassador Programs.

The Psychology of a Successful Testing Program


All testing programs, no matter how great or awful, think they are doing pretty good and can get better. It doesn’t matter what size the programs are or the industry, of the over 300 programs I have worked with almost all of them suffer from some very similar issues.

15 Impressive Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Programs

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Sure, you don't need a degree to launch a business. But a little education never hurt. 30 Under 30

3 Unorthodox Methods To Enhance Matured Optimization Programs


This deserves attention since it eats your gains in the long run and could be harmful to your optimization program. My goal with this post was to illustrate some non-orthodox ways to push beyond the limits of your current optimization program and find growth through different means.

4 Debt Relief Programs To Know About


To avoid this from happening, you can go for one effective solution: a debt relief program. Debt relief programs serve as a way to reduce, slow down or even eliminate the debt you owe. Here are 4 debt relief programs to know about: 1. These 4 programs are definitely worth it.

Learning To Program

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Today, while enjoying a veggie burger at Mustard’s Last Stand , we talked about how Nate and Natty learned to program. They decided that rather than find a “developer” to team up with, they would learn how to program. There are a variety of answers – one is “learn to program.” Tags: Programming everlater I had lunch today with Nate Abbott and Natty Zola, the co-founders of Everlater , a TechStars 2009 company.

The Startup Travel Program Minimum Viable Product

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Recently I announced that we’ve launched a Startup Travel Program in Nova Scotia, with the immense help of Volta Labs and ERDT. I’m excited to see the results of the program, because I think it can have a material impact on how smaller startup ecosystems develop and win. I’ve been preaching the idea of a Startup Travel Program for awhile. And hadn’t I been preaching about a startup travel program to others?

Colorado Global EIR Program – Applications Open for 2016

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The Global Entrepreneurs in Residence (GEIR) Program brings international entrepreneurial talent to the CU-Boulder campus and community. If you aren’t familiar with the program, there is detailed information on the CU Boulder Global Entrepreneurs in Residence page and a detailed overview of the GEIR program. Amy and I are proud to be supporting the Global EIR program and the Global EIR Coalition (which I’m on the board of).

13 Benefits of Implementing a Leadership Program

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13 Benefits of Implementing a Leadership Program.

How to Optimize an Affiliate Marketing Program for Profitability


Now, I’d argue that perhaps “altruistic” is not the correct word for modern referral marketing as many programs are incentivized with gift cards, additional features, swag, etc. You might then decide to start an affiliate marketing program to help you reach new audiences.

An Infographic History of Computer Programming

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It’s safe to say, that I am eternally grateful to the inventor of computer programming. I spend about 84 hours a week online (I refuse to count Netflix, thank you Apple TV).

Governments Should Fund Startup Travel Programs

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And launch a startup travel program. The government should have a program that pays for entrepreneurs to visit San Francisco (Valley / Bay area) or New York to experience the best startup ecosystems around. If you’re anywhere other than Silicon Valley or New York, a startup (or founder) travel program makes sense. I’ve seen some programs that help entrepreneurs get to the Valley, but I think more could be done.

Five Best Chat Programs For Your Small Business

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Skype: The Old Standby Of all the apps and programs on this list, Skype is the most established, having been one of the big players in online communication for more than a decade. Business adsense Chat Programs

The Triad's newest engineering program will be at Elon University

Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News

Elon's new four-year undergraduate degree program will start in the fall

Programming Resources

Spencer Fry

I started learning to program in earnest at the beginning of February 2012. Since then, I've compiled the programming resources that got me to where I am today. Learn Ruby the Hard Way is what I started with when I began programming.

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program

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I read the announcement today that Canada has just launched a Start-Up Visa Program. In the mean time, Canada is shouting from the rooftops about the benefits of the Start-Up Visa program. The Start-up Visa Program will enable immigrant entrepreneurs to launch innovative companies that will create jobs in Canada, and eventually, compete globally. And I encourage any immigrant entrepreneur considering moving to the US to also consider moving to Canada given this new program.

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Why Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Salesforce All Have Apprenticeship Programs

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Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, believes in apprenticeship programs so much that he asked the president to create 5 million jobs with them. How to Hire the Best

It’s not the Mentors — it’s the Mentor Program

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Economy Lean Entrepreneur San Diego Startup Community accelerator incubator mentor mentor program I’m going to go out on a limb here. I guarantee that good startup mentors exist everywhere, even in your neck of the woods.

Kids Learn to Program with Sphero Robots Saturday in Boulder

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Teaching kids to program is not an easy task – their attention span is short and what they are able to accomplish in a brief period of time is often uninspiring which results in them losing attention quickly. The Orbotix team has turned their Sphero into a fantastic programming aid to introduce coding to kids as young as 4th grade. Robots and programming devices will be provided – but bring your smartphone if you want to use your own.

Bedrock programming

Chris Dixon

“Bedrock programming” is a phrase used to describe a style of programming that favors building code from the ground up versus reusing existing open-source or proprietary code. In my first programming job out of college our bosses told us to entirely rebuild our product. Lately, I’ve personally been programming with MongoDB and love it.

Creating a Successful Brand Ambassador Program

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Rather than hoping word-of-mouth marketing occurs organically, many companies are taking matters into their own hands by creating brand ambassador programs. A brand ambassador program takes advantage of the passion of your most enthusiastic fans. Successful Brand Ambassador Programs.

Girls Are Getting Into Programming

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Palo Alto Software’s very own Lara Fields was recently interviewed by KLCC (Eugene, Oregon’s NPR affiliate station) for a segment on women in programming. Career & Lifestyle News coding computer programming lara fields Palo Alto Software women in tech

Announcing the 2016 Lean Startup Week Program

Startup Lessons Learned

3, we’ll have two special keynotes: from Joe Zadeh, VP of product at Airbnb, and Viv Goldstein from GE’s FastWorks program who will also engage in a joint conversation about intrapreneurship in their organizations. Guest post by Jennifer Maerz, contributing editor of Lean Startup Co. The Lean Startup team has been hard at work finalizing the details of this year’s Lean Startup Week.

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7 Steps to Building a Successful Channel Partner Program


These are actual results a startup Ringadoc got from their partner program. So we started building out the partner program.”. HotJar is planning on launching their Agency Partner Program in the future, and they are already doing their homework. Evolving the Partner Program.

Increase Sales With an Affiliate Marketing Program That Works

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To get the most out of your affiliate marketing program, you'll have to put some thought and resources in. Sales

Apple, Uber Among Companies Approved for Federal Drone Pilot Program

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American companies hope the three-year test will help them catch up with the rest of the world on drone tech. Innovate

Brief Introduction Into The SBA Loan Programs

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The SBA also offers several loan programs to help those businesses meet demand, acquire needed assets and personnel, and preserve working capital in an undulating market. 7(a) Loan Program. Startups can also seek funding through this program. Micro Loan Program.

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Personalization: How to Build a Revenue Boosting Program from Scratch


User experience research or UX research, shouldn’t be limited to A/B testing programs only. It was built originally for A/B tests but you can easily adapt it to your personalization program.

Geekdom Teams With Alamo Angels to Launch a Pre-Accelerator Program in San Antonio


Geekdom, the tech co-working space at the heart of San Antonio’s technology district, announced recently that it has teamed up with Alamo Angels to launch a pre-accelerator program designed to nurture new startups. The program is focused on early-stage startups and includes mentorship from entrepreneurs, tech leaders and investors. The applications for the program opened […].