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Why he is there and I am here

The Startup Toolkit

A few weeks ago, In Costa Rica, I talked to a guy whose company did 7 million revenue its first year. He’s 42; I’m 29.

Best Advice I Ever Got: Nicolas Gremion

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This CEO moved to Costa Rica with a credit card and an idea for changing the book-publishing business. Crazy? Maybe, but it''s working.

3 Brands To Inspire Your Next Social Contest!


Many businesses have tried running contests and quizzes on their social profiles, and most of them failed miserably. The reason? Vans Custom Culture.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 9: Jered Lawson and Chase Adam

Steve Blank

He also worked in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica and helped start a national health program in Haiti. Jered Lawson. Chase Adam.

4 Things You Can Do at Your Desk to Be Happier

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Sure, lounging on a tropical beach would lift your mood, but so will these simple strategies you can do right now. Send a thankful message.

How to Start a Travel Agency

Up and Running

Don Halbert, owner of Costa Rica Vacations, also funded his travel agency through venture capital. Step 1: Plan your travel agency.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Spotlight on Latin and Central America


With that, let's look at the two entrepreneurs who pitched today from Costa Rica. We have done that in 1M/1M. Sponsor. FinqIt.

The 33 Cent Trick for Recruiting Top Talent

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Or offering paid surf trips to Costa Rica ? How about running StarCraft tournaments at top colleges ? Yup, you read that right.

Join a conference simulcast near you

Startup Lessons Learned

One of the most important things we do with The Lean Startup Conference is make a livestream of the plenary talks available for free to groups around the world, supporting entrepreneurship communities everywhere. The number of hosts has grown annually, and this year, we have 200+ groups joining us on Monday, December 3.

Marketing Lessons From the ‘Little Guys’

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Big businesses need to lighten up, get creative and take a few cues from small business owners. But is that really the case? I beg to differ.

15 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur


I work mostly from the tropical paradise of Costa Rica and this is only possible because I’m an entrepreneur. ThoughtSTEM, LLC. #4

4 Ideas for a Quirky Company Culture

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

He explains: "We send our staff to exotic locations like Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. Want to attract the best talent?

Episode 62: Cash Flow and Profit First Tips with Kevin Davis

Mike Michalowicz

Also Available On. Show Summary. Kevin Davis joins Mike Michalowicz, Chris Curran, and Kristina Bolduc for Episode 62 of the Profit First Podcast!

8 Really Effective Tricks to Boost Your Courage

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

One of the most effective antifear tricks I''ve ever found happened when I was on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica two years ago. No doubt about it, fear sucks. Here''s how to put it in its place. Is fear holding you back from trying something new or going after what you really want? Here are some ways to get past it. I hate fear. You do.

This Column Includes a Marriage Proposal

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Riding the roller coaster Casey Halloran moved to Costa Rica after he graduated from the University of Rochester and started a travel agency.


Two broken iPhones, a Hartman Electronics fuzz I broke and need to send back to Theo, coins from Costa Rica, and lots of dust. My desk is covered with papers. Like the bill from Comcast that reflects twice what my supposed package is supposed to be. And something from IRS errors in 2009 (or mine--we''ll see). Lots and lots of notes.

The Next Steve Jobs Will be Asian

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Everybody knows by now that Steve Jobs was the son of an immigrant, a Syrian grad student who came to the United States in the 1950s. companies.

When Kickstarter Investors Want Their Money Back

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Today, he's in Costa Rica, researching his next venture, which he says will be a company with a social mission. I didn't think I had to.

In Remembrance: Entrepreneurs on the 9/11 Anniversary

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

On the 12th anniversary of that tragic day, some of the Inc. 500''s best and brightest reflect on how things have changed since. Here at the Inc.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Incubators Are Reaching Out To 1M/1M


Next, Douglas Villalobos from Costa Rica pitched GeoInvenio, a mobile application development platform. Sponsor. GeoInvenio. Discuss.

Don’t Pay Bribes to Get International Expansion

Startup Professionals Musings

Some companies look at this as a “cost of doing business,” but it can easily cost you your reputation and your business. The U.S. Gemassmer.

Scaling is Hard, Case Study: TripAdvisor

Seeing Both Sides

“TripAdvisor is to travel reviews what Kleenex is to tissues.”. . Henry Harteveldt, Forrester. . Really hard. Magical, really. Think about that.

Just in time for Christmas, Tinggly takes on the global "experiences gift" market


What do you value more? An experience, or a physical gift? So with Christmas coming up, say you want to give a gift to someone.

Travel Reminds You: “This is Just One of Many Possible Worlds”

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

A few years ago, Alain de Botton wrote a book titled A Week At the Airport , about his time living at Heathrow airport for a week. The air would cool.

Kickstarter Should Do More to Protect Backers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Quest went bankrupt and decided to move to Costa Rica. Who''s to blame? No game would ever be shipped. But it''s hardly an anomaly.

Scaling is Hard, Case Study: TripAdvisor

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Think scaling a company is a walk in the park? Think again. Check out this in depth look at TripAdvisor's experience. Really hard. Magical, really.

Startup Lessons Learned 2011 streaming live

Startup Lessons Learned

I have been getting emails and tweets all day from people upset that they cannot get into Startup Lessones Learned 2011 - either here in SF, where we're sold out, or in one of the more than 100 simulcast locations around the world, many of which are sold out, too. Strengthening ties between entrepreneurs is one of our most important values. sllcon

5 Reasons to Keep Your Outsourcing Close to Home

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Through our development center in Costa Rica, our consulting firm offers so-called nearshoring.

This Weekend

Startup Lessons Learned

The next couple of days are going to be amazing, as the Lean Startup community converges on San Francisco. I want to welcome all of you who are traveling to be here. Welcome to our fair city. There are only a few tickets left to Startup Lessons Learned 2011 on Monday (May 23). If you haven't registered yet, please do. Also: booze. Founder, Tout.

Startup Wise Guys Alumni Pass €1 Million in Funding as new Teams Hop Onboard


In the current batch, we have teams from as far as Costa Rica and India, with many nationalities within the teams.

Should You Travel Abroad With Your Startup?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We send our staff to exotic locations like Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. It seems to work given I’m writing this post].

Entrepreneurs on Their Favorite Gifts

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We asked business owners to describe their most cherished present--and one thing they're hoping for this year. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

One Hundred Percent Satisfied?

Mike Michalowicz

This year we decided to go to Costa Rica. I just returned from my annual business retreat. Same with the waiters and bartenders.

A New Market for Surf Boards?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Two entrepreneurs are trying to distribute surf boards cheap enough for kids to own two or three. Is Bender Boards Warby Parker for surfers? "My

25 Tricky Interview Questions And How To Answer Them


For instance: “When I started with the Blake Company, I was given responsibility for their operations in Mexico and Costa Rica.

McCain's VP Pick


In Costa Rica on vacation, so a little late on the pickup (and pardon the political content here), but doesn't McCain's VP pick feel a bit like Harriet Miers Part II? back to the beach!

History of the U.S. LLC


Note: For some time I have been meaning to publish my research and thoughts on the U.S. LLC - something I use with operating entires religiously, only to be combined with holding corps. Regardless, my output of info will come eventually. Eder, Limited Liability Firms Abroad, 13 Univ Pitt L Rev 193 (1952). They have not been used extensively.

How to Be an Absentee CEO

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

I Wonder How Things Are Going. Jared Heyman took a break"a long one"from the company he founded. I'm Type A. Elvis has left the building."

Betting on an Online Gambling Boom

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Is 2012 the year for online poker start-ups? Some entrepreneurs are betting on it, even if they foresee a long road ahead. The U.S.

Las Catalinas

Force of Good: a blog by Lance Weatherby

The purpose was to unveil his latest project, Las Catalinas , a beautiful new seaside town they are developing on the north Pacific coast of Costa Rica, to Atlanta. Last night Charles and Ginny Brewer invited Abby and I into their home with 130 of their friends and neighbors. As always Ginny was most gracious. Simply amazing.