5 Things To Consider Before Selling To A Private Equity Firm


This role is also sometimes referred to in the industry as the advisor. If your company is to become a platform investment, your staying on may in fact be critical to getting a deal done. by Adam Coffey, author of “ The Private Equity Playbook ” .

Put A Coin In It! Invest In Early Stage Startups To See Maximum ROI


Typically, when a financial investment plan appears to be legally sound and beneficially appealing, the deal accounts for a total of 50% of the predicted return on investment. by Emmanuel de Watteville, co-founder of Blue Ocean Ventures.

What Entrepreneurs Should do about Price Fixing

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Have you reference them? That is why I tell people not to shop deals too widely. So acknowledge it to yourself and be prepared to deal with it. When I was fund raising for my second company we had agreed a company-wide deal with Salesforce.com to use our product.

Knowledge Is Power: Convertible Note Financing Terms, Part II


In this installment, I’ll dig into the “how” by dissecting an example term sheet based on a real deal. A term sheet keeps things relatively straightforward by summarizing the most significant deal terms in outline form, whereas the deal documents themselves (often referred to as definitive agreements ) — even for a relatively simple convertible debt financing — inevitably contain some densely written legalese. These deal terms are simple but significant.

How to value your company for sale (Part 2)

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Remember how the buyer has his own way of valuing the deal ? You’re skipping a step — trying to decide if the deal is even plausible — but how can you decide that if all you’re doing is thinking about the other side? Do you prefer Deal B?

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Selling Your Business: An Interview with Louis Crosier

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The interview to which I am referring is the one I recently conducted with Louis Crosier. While you can listen to the interview yourself here , two of my favorite points were as follows: -1- Your choice of corporate structure (e.g., Fortunately, you can, for the most part, change your corporate structure down the road. What are the main types of deal structures when selling your business, such as selling for all cash or for all stock?

Are Investors Being Unreasonable? - Startups and angels: Along the.

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Ask any of us who've experienced significant down rounds based on some or all of these things, and one begins to understand the cautionary nature of deal structures.    Many I know will actively seek deals to work on that are run by fun, engaging people who are eager to grow the business and know what they're doing.  When there is the prospect of future rounds, sometimes evidenced by misses in the past, deal structures become more caution-driven.

Build Your Startup on a Vacant Domain Name

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That’s why our portfolio company Plated.com decided to structure a lease option – they offered the prior owner a small monthly lease fee for 1 year, with an option to buy at the end of the year. If failure refers to failing to see the projected return on investment, then the failure rate is 70 to 80 percent.” If we find the right partner, we can be flexible in deal structures to best align everyone’s interests.

Goldman Sachs / SEC: political witch-hunting is no way to change a market

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Reading the allegations against Goldman Sachs and Fabrice Tourre in the case of structured CDO scandal (aka Abacus), I am reminded of Spitzer and how a General Attorney used a witch-hunt as a political tool, only to be later exposed himself in the company of barely clad ladies.

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Why Leave A Six Figure Corporate Job For Internet Entrepreneurship?

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For now, Sunil answers the question of why leave a well paying corporate job to become an online entrepreneur… My name is Sunil and the title of this blog post refers to me. I travelled all over the world wherever business deals were happening, gained tremendous experience and exposure to the Corporate landscape, and learned invaluable life lessons in my career. I worked out a similar deal the next go around, and the snowball started rolling from there.