How to reference check your prospective investor

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Of all the advice I have given founders over the years, one of the most important ones is to make sure they do reference checks on their prospective investors. Here are some tips for founders when making this tough choice: Check references on your prospective investors. The best time to do investor references is when the investor has made an offer and before you make your decision on whom you’re going to work with. Be sure to do some off-list references.

How to Make Better Reference Calls

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Reference calls. Ask for at least 5 references. As your candidate for at least 5 references. Don’t worry about the fact that these are the references that the candidate has hand-picked – that’s part of the process. Getting off-list references.

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How to Make Your Business More Referable

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How to Make Your Business More Referable written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. “How can I make my business more referable?” ” I get asked this question all the time but the question people should be asking is “who do people refer?”

The Generic VC / PE Reference Questions For An Executive Hire

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I’m on the receiving end of a lot of reference calls. Over time, I’ve developed an approach to doing reference checks, and they actively avoid asking any of the following questions. My answer to the last question is “Do you ever get tired of doing reference checks this way?” ” The post The Generic VC / PE Reference Questions For An Executive Hire appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

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Seven Reasons Why Customer Reference Programs Fail


by Bill Lee, author of “ The Hidden Wealth of Customers: Realizing the Untapped Value of Your Most Important Asset “ Harnessing the power of references and referrals seems like an obvious win. Enthusiastic references are extremely valuable to a business.

On References

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Getting references seems like such a common sense thing to do. I'd even go as far as to admit that I value nothing more than references when it comes to hiring someone or working together with them. On many occasions I was asked to provide references. Therefore, if you only call the references which are provided, you'll get a skewed picture. Getting references is up to YOU. For some reason, I feel that it's a valuable option rarely used.

Doing References on Potential Investors

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When VC’s evaluate a founder or team, they rely heavily on references in their due diligence. When you are talking to a handful of investors fairly seriously, one or two references will suffice to give you a gut check of what you might be getting yourself into.

How Do You Reference Check a VC?

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How do you then reference check your VC to be sure that you’ve chosen a good firm and partner? First, I would say that most entrepreneurs do almost no reference checks or at least do them very informally. Happy reference checking.

Would Your Employees Refer You?

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Would Your Employees Refer You? I don’t know if my employees know how to refer me, or worse, I don’t know if they know if they would refer me. Or maybe you’re thinking, I wonder if there’s a way to get my employees to refer prospective team members?

How to combat negative investor sentiment? Use your customer references

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So whenever an investor voiced a concern about the category, Outreach simply asked that investor to call a few customer references. Those references always came back incredibly strong and Outreach was able to close an over-subscribed seed round with our friends at MHS Capital and Floodgate. But sometimes you can’t wait for investors to ask for those references; you’ve got to push them to talk to your customers. Use your customer references appeared first on Version One.

Moving Beyond API Reference Documentation

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While it is an important step to create API reference documentation, focusing only on these docs can cause you to miss the hidden value that API documentation can bring to your customers and your team. Beyond API Reference Documentation.

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Why it’s Critical That you Reference Check Your VC

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How do you then reference check your VC to be sure that you’ve chosen a good firm and partner? Get a reference list - Most entrepreneurs do almost no reference checks or at least do them very informally. But they’re the ones you can find out with reference checks.

My Coworker Wants Me to Lie to a Reference Checker

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Should I help out a friend by lying about his salary?

Entrepreneurs: Make Sure You Prepare Your Customers for Reference Calls

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Practice varies, but quite often the last two due diligence items a VC will want to do before offering a term sheet are (1) personal references and (2) customer references. These should be done last because it's easy to "burn out" the person(s) giving the reference(s), and, so, entrepreneurs should not deplete that resource unless the prospective investor has done all their other due diligence and is on the verge of making an offer.

How to set up reference checks

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The part that is proving less fun is setting up references–it just takes too long to schedule them and it slows the entire recruiting process down. In fact, a back-channel reference currently takes me about 3-4x less time to get to than one a candidate provides. The typical process for setting up a reference check goes like this: Hiring manager asks for references. Candidate talks to reference about opportunity. Hiring manager talks to the reference.

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Five Questions to Ask an Applicant's References

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One of the most important parts of the hiring process is reference checking. Do you know what questions to ask

The Power of Reference Customers


I''m talking about the power of a happy, reference customer. First, let''s be clear what it means to be a reference customer. There are three main contexts when it comes to reference customers: products for businesses, consumers, and developers (building applications using your product''s API''s). For each significant target market, we strive to develop at least several reference customers. Whatever you do, celebrate these reference customers.

Long Live the Reference Check

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When was the last time checking a job candidate''s references did you any good? For many managers, a reference check is little more than a rubber stamp, the very last thing you do--or someone in human resources does--before making a formal offer. Make it more than a rubber stamp.

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Why You Should Meet With Your Job References


I have an idea: One of your references might inadvertently be derailing your job search campaign. When a potential employer checks your references, it’s because they’re serious about hiring you. Here are five things to do when organizing your references: 1.

5 Questions to Ask If You Want an Actually Honest Answer From a Reference

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Star Wharton professor Adam Grant on how to get the truth about that candidate. How to Hire the Best

My Boss Will Give Me a Bad Reference

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And four other tricky workplace dilemmas.


When a Positive Reference Suddenly Turns Negative

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You thought you had a glowing reference locked down. what happened


VC Fred Wilson: Some Thoughts On Checking References

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Here's how to find out what you really want to know about a candidate. How to Hire the Best

Google Spent 3 Years Finding Out How to Get More Employees to Refer New Candidates. Here's What They Learned

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This time they measured the best way to get more employees to refer new candidates. Google is known for testing and measuring everything. Here's what they learned. How to Hire the Best

How to Make Better Reference Calls

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Here are some pointers on how to get the most truthful -- and useful -- references. Reference calls. Ask for at least 5 references As your candidate for at least 5 references. Don''t worry about the fact that these are the references that the candidate has hand-picked.

My Mentor Doesn't Want to Give Me a Reference

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And four other tough workplace situations.


Why Reference Accounts Are a Bad Idea

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As sales tools, reference accounts are unreliable and fraught with peril. Many salespeople depend upon reference accounts to help convince potential customers to buy. There are three reasons reference accounts are dumb: 1.

Be Honest on VC Reference Calls

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A friend of mine running a very successful company found himself conflicted over an upcoming reference call. Reference calls to potential limited partners seemingly have no upside to founders. The same goes for VC references by other founders--which I hope founders are asking for. I've been running group reference calls around the fundraising for Brooklyn Bridge Ventures.

3 Simple Tricks You Can Start Doing Tomorrow to Make Reference Checks Actually Useful

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I've figured out 3 simple tricks to make reference checks actually useful when trying to hire top talent. How to Hire the Best

6 Reasons to Ignore a Bad Reference

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Between the interview and the job offer come the reference and background check. Reference checks are generally necessary to lessen the chances of making a bad hire. But, there are sometimes you should think twice before taking a reference at face value.

I Used This 1 Sales Hack to Win Sean Astin as My First Client--and Reference

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The best way to create an incredible reference is to offer your product or service--for free. Startup

Hiring: Why You Can't Trust References

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How one guy bought shockingly effective fake references on the Internet for $150. If you think you can''t get fooled in the hiring process by fake references, think again. For $150, any job candidate can purchase not only a fake reference, but an entirely fake job history.

Why Asking For References Is Useless, And What To Do Instead

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Are you still asking for references? Here's why that doesn't work, and what you can do instead to give yourself the best odds for finding a great match at work. How to Hire the Best

Be A Good Reference Or Just Shut It

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I''ve done my share of reference calls in my career and to be honest, the majority were basically crap. This isn''t to say that I am the best individual when it comes to making reference calls but in hindsight I always wondered whether I benefited at all. Further, I always ended up questioning more why the person whom I spoke to was actually given as a reference. Therefore, this post is not about what to ask when doing a reference call.

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Giving a Reference for an Abusive Former Manager

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How honest should you be

5 Ways to Overcome a Bad Reference

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Don't let one bad job ruin your future


How To Build a Business People Want To Refer

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We weren’t setting expectations about referrals early in the sales process, we weren’t making it easy for people to refer us to others, and we weren’t ASKING for referrals, even though most of our customers are happy to give them!

The Real Reason to Check References

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A reference check -- done properly -- can help. One of an entrepreneurs’ best friends, then, is the reference check. But for reasons both personal and legal, it can be hard to get good information out of even the most cooperative reference. Find third party references.

Kevin Ryan: Reference Checks Are More Valuable Than Interviews

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According to Gilt founder Kevin Ryan, checking references will tell you more about a job candidate than the interview

The REFERRAL Pattern – Who’s REALLY Referring You and Why

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Have you ever had a really good look at who’s actually referring you and been surprised to find it’s a handful of the same people over and over again? Have you wondered why more of your customers or strategic partners aren’t referring you at all? Who will refer you? Tweet.

Sweet, Arrested Development reference on Up All Night

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Hopefully you’re a huge Arrested Development fan. If you haven’t seen it, please make that your #1 goal for March. Buy it , rent it , whatever you have to do. My wife and I have been watching Up All Night, mostly because Will Arnet (Gob from Arrested) is on it.

The 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners On Reference Checks

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References can often predict a candidate's future


Hiring Is No Longer About Resumes, Reference Checks, And Interviews

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Out-of-the-box hiring techniques to find exceptional employees - every time