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How to reference check your prospective investor

K9 Ventures

Of all the advice I have given founders over the years, one of the most important ones is to make sure they do reference checks on their prospective investors. Here are some tips for founders when making this tough choice: Check references on your prospective investors. Ask investors if it is okay for you to check references on them.

Moving Beyond API Reference Documentation

Launch Any

Beyond API Reference Documentation. Yes, you need to deliver a great API reference for developers. ” Not quite.

API 46

Doing References on Potential Investors

Rob Go

When VC’s evaluate a founder or team, they rely heavily on references in their due diligence. But often, it is not.

How to Make Better Reference Calls

Both Sides of the Table

Reference calls. Ask for at least 5 references. As your candidate for at least 5 references. Getting off-list references.

Hiring 100

5 Ways to Overcome a Bad Reference

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Don't let one bad job ruin your future


Getting Referred to a New Job on LinkedIn Just Got Easier

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

New features let you leverage your network to get to the top of the resume pile

The 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners On Reference Checks

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

References can often predict a candidate's future


Entrepreneurs: Make Sure You Prepare Your Customers for Reference Calls

Allen's Blog

Practice varies, but quite often the last two due diligence items a VC will want to do before offering a term sheet are (1) personal references and (2) customer references. Customer reference calls, however, can go off the rails if not prepared for properly, and here are some tips on how to maximize the chances they go well.

How To Build a Business People Want To Refer

Duct Tape Marketing

We’re learning the crucial points to ask for referrals, and how to do that in a way that our customers feel safe and want to refer us.

Would Your Employees Refer You?

Duct Tape Marketing

Would Your Employees Refer You? I don’t know if my employees know how to refer me, or worse, I don’t know if they know if they would refer me.

On References

Babbling VC

Getting references seems like such a common sense thing to do. I'd even go as far as to admit that I value nothing more than references when it comes to hiring someone or working together with them. On many occasions I was asked to provide references. Getting references is up to YOU. What an opportunity lost.

What to Do When a Bad Employee Asks for a Reference

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When don't have much good to say about a former employee, what should you tell reference-checkers

6 Reasons to Ignore a Bad Reference

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Between the interview and the job offer come the reference and background check. You don''t know the reference at all. Of course! At all.

The Real Reason to Check References

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A reference check -- done properly -- can help. One of an entrepreneurs’ best friends, then, is the reference check.

Why Your Clients Don't Refer You and What to Do About It!

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You do outstanding work for your clients so how come they don't recommend you to their circle


How to Make Better Reference Calls

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here are some pointers on how to get the most truthful -- and useful -- references. Reference calls. The same is true about references.

When a Positive Reference Suddenly Turns Negative

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You thought you had a glowing reference locked down. what happened


Why Reference Accounts Are a Bad Idea

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As sales tools, reference accounts are unreliable and fraught with peril. There are three reasons reference accounts are dumb: 1.

Seven Reasons Why Customer Reference Programs Fail


There are certain predictable mistakes companies make that can derail customer reference programs before they ever get off the ground. Not good.

Hiring: Why You Can't Trust References

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How one guy bought shockingly effective fake references on the Internet for $150. And don''t automatically believe what references tell you.

Web 11

Here’s How You Reference Check Your VC – And You Should

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

And expect one or two CEOs may not be 100% fans


Oops: Most Americans Say 'The Cloud' Refers to Weather

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The tech industry is notorious for generating head-scratching buzzwords. But this one has even tech-savvy Millennials confused.

Cloud 20

Why You Should Meet With Your Job References


I have an idea: One of your references might inadvertently be derailing your job search campaign. Choose your references carefully.

When Founders Refer To Their Company As “I”

Thinking About Thinking

Yet, in the process of meeting with founders week-in and week-out, I have begun to notice that with some regularity, certain founders refer to their company as “I”. On the face of it, it might seem objectionable to refer to the collective efforts of many people in a company with a first person, singular pronoun.

Why Your Employees Are Ignoring Your Policy on References

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You should always take your attorney''s advice, except when you shouldn''t

How to set up reference checks

High Contrast

The part that is proving less fun is setting up references–it just takes too long to schedule them and it slows the entire recruiting process down. In fact, a back-channel reference currently takes me about 3-4x less time to get to than one a candidate provides. Candidate talks to reference about opportunity. Set up lots.


Kevin Ryan: Reference Checks Are More Valuable Than Interviews

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

According to Gilt founder Kevin Ryan, checking references will tell you more about a job candidate than the interview

How Do You Reference Check a VC?

Both Sides of the Table

How do you then reference check your VC to be sure that you’ve chosen a good firm and partner? Happy reference checking.

Be A Good Reference Or Just Shut It

Babbling VC

I''ve done my share of reference calls in my career and to be honest, the majority were basically crap. This isn''t to say that I am the best individual when it comes to making reference calls but in hindsight I always wondered whether I benefited at all. Therefore, this post is not about what to ask when doing a reference call.

Giving a Reference for an Abusive Former Manager

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How honest should you be

Long Live the Reference Check

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When was the last time checking a job candidate''s references did you any good? Make it more than a rubber stamp. Here''s how. Do we have a fit?

Getting Your Community Involved In Your Purpose

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Community really refers to everyone who touches or is touched by your brand

Renewable Energy and Reality Based Reference Points

Venture Chronicles

I read a fantastic expose in the LA Times over the weekend about the Los Angeles Community College District’s impractical green energy plan and the money wasted pursuing politically popular policies that proved unachievable and wasted millions of dollars – taxpayer dollars – that could have been spent on students.

"Graph Theory" - Opportunities Beyond. - the vc in me. - Typepad

the vc in me

  I believe a foundation of this "new web" is the social graph - which is sometimes referred to as the friend graph.   Listed below are links to weblogs that reference "Graph Theory" - Opportunities Beyond Facebook. the vc in me. Welcome! I hope to engage entrepreneurs, VCs, and anyone else in dialogue!


How Uber Explains the Thousands of Customer Support Tickets That Reference Rape

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A Buzzfeed investigation suggests thousands of attacks.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Ad Sizes & Specs for Every Social Network

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Keep this quick reference guide handy for your social ads campaigns

Can we please stop referring to tablets as mobile devices?!

Jeff Hilimire

Thanks to @gumboshowjoe for sharing this mashable report on mobile commerce. Some really good stuff in it. However… My problem with reports like this is that they add tablets into their consideration set for “mobile” But tablets are mostly used at the same time and place a person would use a laptop. Or in a store. Or at an R.E.M.

Fun - and funner - customer references

deal architect

When I met the Infor team last month, I heard about many of the micro-verticals they are pursuing. Cloud Computing, SaaS

Why it’s Critical That you Reference Check Your VC

Both Sides of the Table

How do you then reference check your VC to be sure that you’ve chosen a good firm and partner? Happy reference checking. obvious).

Venture Cyclist: Move over #SoMoLo ? it's time for #SoMoLoClo

Venture Cyclist

After some frustrating searching for SoMoLo, I think the earliest reference I could find is in 2010. Venture Cyclist. Venture Capitalist and Cyclist, hence Venture Cyclist. Pages. Advice for Entrepreneurs. VC:VC. Move over #SoMoLo … it’s time for #SoMoLoClo. Search for SoMoLo on twitter and see what people are saying. said. Posts.