This Former Investment Banker Sold Everything -- And Is Now Starring on Broadway

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Comedian Paul Mecurio worked for years as a lawyer, then an investment banker. He explains how he eventually found success on the 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' -- which led to his own Broadway show at The Jerry Orbach Theater. People

What You Can Learn From An Investment Banker

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From the title, you may think this post is about how to buy or sell a company. It's neither.

The Robots Are Coming for Investment Bankers, Not Just Truck Drivers

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Fascinating New York Times article of the impact an analytics startup called Kensho is having in investment banking. Maybe in ten years investment bankers will stand alongside truck drivers in discussions about safety nets, universal basic income and skills retraining.

The Robots Are Coming for Investment Bankers, Not Just Truck Drivers

Hunter Walker

Fascinating New York Times article of the impact an analytics startup called Kensho is having in investment banking. Maybe in ten years investment bankers will stand alongside truck drivers in discussions about safety nets, universal basic income and skills retraining.

How to Choose the Right Investment Banker

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The right investment banker won''t be at all like the guys you see in the movies. Movies and media have painted a pretty grim picture of investment bankers. The almost constant feeding frenzy by network news focused on Wall Street bankers hasn’t helped, either.

Is Your Investment Banker Willing To L.E.A.R.N.?

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Meet with and interview multiple bankers who are willing to hear what you have to say. A skilled investment banker has the ability to market your company. To achieve this perfect scenario, your investment banker needs five skills that are honed to perfection.

VC Whisperer Thought #5: VCs and Entrepreneurs Need To Smarten Up and Hire Investment Bankers

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Why are both groups so allergic to investment bankers? fund investment money skills success VC venture capital entrepreneur CEO startup cash investment banker finance business VCs and entrepreneurs need to smarten up. You aren''t good at everything, you don''t have infinite amounts of free time, and you don''t know everyone. So why is it that both VCs and entrepreneurs feel they are particularly well-positioned to spend all kinds of time raising money?

3 Reasons to Take an Investment Banker's Call

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If a reputable investment bank is interested in your company, they have a good reason for contacting you. Perhaps the market for your type of company has changed, or the banker may already have a buyer lined up that can take your business to the next level.

How One Woman Went From Investment Banker to International Fashion Blogger

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Heidi Nazarudin shares the five habits that took her from Wall Street to sitting in the front row at international fashion shows

How to Find and Leverage an Investment Banker

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A good investment banker is more than just a deal-maker; they can also provide important insights about your business and industry. Investment bankers can be helpful as you weigh your options and can have a meaningful impact on the outcome.

Information Arbitrage - ?At many firms, a lot of investment bankers.

Information Arbitrage

Do you engage an investment banker?


Many CEOs have asked me if I felt an investment banker adds value if the buyer has already been identified. Investment bankers sometimes slow the process by requiring a “deal book” to be prepared containing considerable information about a company to help a buyer.

Venture Summit: Connecting with Silicon Valley Venture Capital

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Amit Chaturvedy | Cisco Investments. Zoe Feldman | Almanac Investments. Victoria Fram | VilCap Investments.

How Not To Start A Relationship

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I’ve suddenly become very popular with investment bankers and have been on the receiving end of over 50 emails that look something like the following: “We met once a long time ago when I was with firm X. Now, I have several good friends who are investment bankers and we have a handful of trusted ibanking relationships and folks who are our go-to ibankers. Pet Peeves investment bankers relationships

Founder Liquidity and Growth Equity

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Growth Equity Raising Capital Risk Venture Capital founder liquidity investment bankers I’m seeing more and more growth equity financings come to market with an over-sized component of the financing allocated to existing shareholder liquidity.

Life Lessons From 2 Professionals Who Lived on $0.39 a Day

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Here's what happened when an MIT grad and an investment banker decided to live in poverty in India

3 Things That Worked When I Pulled an All-Nighter (And 3 That Didn't)

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Level-up your performance the next time you're working late with these 6 strategies from seasoned investment bankers, "hackathon" sleep doctors, and battle-hardened Navy SEALs.

7 Important Ways to Prepare For Your Next Career

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This successful investment banker and now Stanford Fellow shares his second career learning Rarely do people stay in the same career their entire life.

Lay off RIM

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made primarily by “innovators and founders, the venture capitalists who fund the projects, the investment bankers years trying to buy and move foundering U.S. hockey teams. While Steve Jobs and the.

Will The IPO Window Close? Recent Deals Cratering In Sell Off

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the issue is no small matter to venture capitalists, Internet company insiders, investment bankers, Valley real-estate double-dip recession and the S&P downgrade of U.S. government debt, is going to result in.

Want to 'get lucky' in business? It's all about attitude

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spot for cutting-edge startups to meet top venture capitalists, angel investors, corporate VCs and investment bankers comes to marketing, word-of-mouth still rules for U.S. small-business owners, at least according to a.

Techstars Equity Back Guarantee

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While I wish my lawyers, accountants, and investment bankers offered a money back guarantee, I accept that isn’t changing anytime soon. Today Techstars announced an “ equity back guarantee ” for any company that goes through the Techstars program starting in 2015.

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What Gladwell's 10,000 Hour Rule Means For Selling Your Business

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That pro is an investment banker. The best investment bankers in the world also have a support team. Some other traits of investment bankers: Many investment bankers hold advanced degrees in finance, management, economics, and/or other related degrees.

Is Silicon Valley in another tech-stock bubble?

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100 investment bankers conducted by Chicago-based BDO United States. is obvious: New figures from the National Venture Capital Association show more venture money poured into. in more than a decade that a U.S. company saw its stock downgraded by two. Three quarters called multibillion-dollar valuations for many

How To Find Money Based On Your New Venture Progress

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They call first investments at this stage the “A-round,” and often follow with a B-round through G-round. Growth stage investments from VCs are usually $5 million and up. Time is too precious to waste trying to close a deal with the wrong investors at the wrong time.

Gathering of Angels Anniversary Sets New Standards in 'Pay-to-Pitch'

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audiences are comprised of accredited angel investors, venture capitalists and investment bankers who make their investments Georgia State University, Bryant served as a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer in Vietnam. Prior to. club management, as a partner in a venture capital fund and with the AEDC. He currently.

In Bankruptcy Again, American Apparel Still Takes On Massive Debt


Every investment banker appreciates a good loan. Filene's Basement filed Chapter 11 three times in 12 years, essentially Chapter 33, before closing for good. The idea is that a company goes into Chapter 11, restructures and emerges ready to whether the current economic industry conditions, and packed full of long term plan after long term plan for success, or at least an event that leads to value. However, apparel companies in this day and age cannot afford debt with a premium.

China Vesting Issues Update on China Direct Industries, Inc.

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network consists of Chinese officials, investment bankers, venture capitalists, scholars, academics and most importantly entrepreneurs that to Chinese public companies listed in the United States, today announced that is has issued an. China Vesting researches 500 of the top U.S. Listed Chinese Public Companies and tracks the.

Is A 180 Day Lockup Typical When A Company Goes Public?

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There are exceptions, but when you see different provisions, it’s always driven by the investment bankers, not the company or investors. Question: A company I used to work for has registered to IPO. Apparently I have to wait 180 days until after the company goes public to sell. Is this typical? When do investors get to sell? What happens when everyone gets to sell at that 180 day point? Does the stock usually tank? Or is there a provision to spread out the sales?

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Public Closing Dinner For Gnip/Twitter Deal – #BoulderWin

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The people in the room are the founders of the company, the executives, the board members, other major investors, the lawyers who worked on the deal, and the investment bankers – if any were involved. My Investments #boulderwin EFCO entrepreneurs foundation gnip twitter Whenever a company gets acquired or goes public, there is often a fancy closing dinner. It’s usually at a nice restaurant in a private room. The wine is expensive and the toasts are many.

Financial firm heads accused in Chicago of insider trading

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CHICAGO (AP) — Federal prosecutors in Chicago have charged a former financial analyst and former investment banker with securities fraud for alleged insider trading

Selling your business? Find the emotional buyer


Most investment bankers will coach you into helping them find you a strategic buyer, knowing that such sales are quicker, often less focused upon the small warts of a business, and yield higher prices than financial sales.

Startl Design Boost and Startl Accelerator

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  Another thing that makes Startl interesting is the partnerships it has with IDEO , DreamIT Ventures , and Berkeley & Noyes (leading investment bankers in education). Startl is a very interesting new project based here in NYC. It's a startup accelerator (like Y Combinator, TechStars, Seedcamp, etc) but focused entirely on entrepreneurs working in education.

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How Startups Can Get Funding

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Armstrong, corporate attorney at Berliner Cohen and a FINRA registered investment banker. The investment is usually in the form of equity or possibly a convertible note that converts to equity when the company obtains a larger round of financing. Previously published in Smart Business.

The Energy for Transformation

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Investment bankers are staking out your house My most recent book, The Startup Way , is all about the methods and tools big corporations, government, and non-profits can use to innovate: think of it as Lean Startup at scale. One of the things people asked me over and over when I was talking to companies about how to start doing this kind of work, which can feel so daunting, was what it takes to kick off a transformation of this size.

My, What A Big Balance Sheet You Have!

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Over the last few months, investment bankers have been eagerly reaching out to corporate buyers at the large public technology companies, as their burgeoning balance sheets have grown large enough to cause even a sangfroid, buttoned-down banker to salivate. .

Blue gets endorsement of Treasurer Cowell to succeed her

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AP) — North Carolina State Treasurer Janet Cowell has endorsed a Raleigh attorney and former investment banker to succeed her RALEIGH, N.C. (AP)

Outsource things you don’t care about

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You probably shouldn’t hire an investment banker during an acquisition unless your company is later stage. A fundamental principle of business is that you do things in house that you think can give you a competitive advantage and outsource things that you don’t. At an early-stage technology company this means you do in house: product design, software and/or hardware development, PR, recruiting, and costumer relations/community management.

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Startup advice you haven't heard before

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It's like walking up to the investment banker or a lawyer at a party who’s wearing a light blue button up, dark slacks, and brown loafers -- just like every other investment banker I've ever met. There's a lot of advice out there for startups. Here are seven ways to think about your startup that will have greater impact on you and your business than any of the typical BS being passed around. #1: 1: Don't take yourself so seriously.

Techstars and The Nature Conservancy

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One of my favorite ideas of his is that we can ensure more financial resources go toward conservation by getting the world to fully appreciate the opportunity to invest in nature. We had a good exchange about a number of creative approaches TNC taking to conservation and sustainability and I started referring to Mark as Nature’s Investment Banker. The Nature Conservancy and Techstars just announced a partnership to create the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator.

The Importance of Proprietary Deal Flow in Early-Stage VC

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There is one source that was always problematic for me – intros from investment bankers. This is no criticism of the investment banking industry (although I’m sure some will read it this way) for which there are very useful purposes.

When A Startup Chooses IPO Most Founders Are Out

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Expensive new IT systems, consultants, and investment bankers are usually required. The pressures to maintain growth patterns and meet the expectations of the investment community are typically real and intense.

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A Founder's Guide to M&A

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As a result, there is not much of a role that an investment banker can play, although a third party consultant or adviser might be helpful with introductions or unique insights into companies you don''t know well yourself.