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The Robots Are Coming for Investment Bankers, Not Just Truck Drivers

Hunter Walker

Fascinating New York Times article of the impact an analytics startup called Kensho is having in investment banking.

How One Woman Went From Investment Banker to International Fashion Blogger

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Heidi Nazarudin shares the five habits that took her from Wall Street to sitting in the front row at international fashion shows

3 Reasons to Take an Investment Banker's Call

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If a reputable investment bank is interested in your company, they have a good reason for contacting you. This is a fact.

The Robots Are Coming for Investment Bankers, Not Just Truck Drivers

Hunter Walker

Fascinating New York Times article of the impact an analytics startup called Kensho is having in investment banking.

Do you engage an investment banker?


Many CEOs have asked me if I felt an investment banker adds value if the buyer has already been identified.

How to Choose the Right Investment Banker

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The right investment banker won''t be at all like the guys you see in the movies. · How long have you been an investment banker?

Life Lessons From 2 Professionals Who Lived on $0.39 a Day

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's what happened when an MIT grad and an investment banker decided to live in poverty in India

How to Find and Leverage an Investment Banker

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A good investment banker is more than just a deal-maker; they can also provide important insights about your business and industry.

7 Important Ways to Prepare For Your Next Career

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This successful investment banker and now Stanford Fellow shares his second career learning

Information Arbitrage - ?At many firms, a lot of investment bankers.

Information Arbitrage

Is Your Investment Banker Willing To L.E.A.R.N.?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Meet with and interview multiple bankers who are willing to hear what you have to say. The banker you select must be able to L.E.A.R.N.

Techstars Equity Back Guarantee

Feld Thoughts

While I wish my lawyers, accountants, and investment bankers offered a money back guarantee, I accept that isn’t changing anytime soon.

Equity 130

Public Closing Dinner For Gnip/Twitter Deal – #BoulderWin

Feld Thoughts

The people in the room are the founders of the company, the executives, the board members, other major investors, the lawyers who worked on the deal, and the investment bankers – if any were involved. My Investments #boulderwin EFCO entrepreneurs foundation gnip twitter The wine is expensive and the toasts are many.

Outsource things you don’t care about

Chris Dixon

You probably shouldn’t hire an investment banker during an acquisition unless your company is later stage. A fundamental principle of business is that you do things in house that you think can give you a competitive advantage and outsource things that you don’t. Ideally, most of these activities are led by founders.

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What Gladwell's 10,000 Hour Rule Means For Selling Your Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

That pro is an investment banker. The best investment bankers in the world also have a support team. Superstars even!


Feld Thoughts

I first heard the word “ grinfucker ” a decade or so ago from a close friend who was a former investment banker. He said, in response to a meeting we were in with a person who was very polite and charming “he’s such a grinfucker.” I was at dinner mid-week with another friend talking about a bunch of stuff.

Three types of acquisition – view from a public company CEO

The Equity Kicker

This sort of tallies with my experience and what I’ve heard lots of investment bankers say over the years, which is that companies get acquired for up to around $100m without having to show that they are sustainable in the long term. large scale acquisitions. Exits Uncategorized

Find Your Calling: How to Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

After graduating from Cornell, I followed the herd and became a Wall Street investment banker. I was beyond unfulfilled. I was spared.

When to Be Wary of Investment Bankers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It is critical to choose the right investment banker for your exit, as they can make or break the process

What you need to know about warrants


Warrants are typically given to investors as an incentive for investing. The lender now holds a warrant enabling them to invest $ 500K to buy shares in your company at the price of the most recent financing round. So for every $100 of investment you will issue $5 – $10 of warrants. Term : 5 – 7 years.

The Importance of Proprietary Deal Flow in Early-Stage VC

Both Sides of the Table

There is one source that was always problematic for me – intros from investment bankers. ” And so it goes with bankers.

How To Match Your Startup Stage To Investor Interest

Startup Professionals Musings

They call first investments at this stage the “A-round,” and often follow with a B-round through G-round. Congratulations! Marty Zwilling.

Agile success generates great feelings

Taffy Williams

One investment banker working on a current deal says: “When the ducks quack you feed them.” Yes, it is a bit like THIS!

Agile 51

How To Get The Right Investor To Fund Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

They call first investments at this stage the “A-round,” and often follow with a B-round through G-round. Congratulations!

In Bankruptcy Again, American Apparel Still Takes On Massive Debt


Every investment banker appreciates a good loan. Filene's Basement filed Chapter 11 three times in 12 years, essentially Chapter 33, before closing for good. However, apparel companies in this day and age cannot afford debt with a premium. American Apparel is currently liquidating assets and most of it has been sold to Gildan.

Corporate Development 101: What Every Startup Should Know


Our charter was simple: add significant market cap value through acquisitions, investments, and partnerships. What is corporate development?

Is A 180 Day Lockup Typical When A Company Goes Public?

Ask The VC

There are exceptions, but when you see different provisions, it’s always driven by the investment bankers, not the company or investors. Question: A company I used to work for has registered to IPO. Apparently I have to wait 180 days until after the company goes public to sell. Is this typical? When do investors get to sell?

A Founder's Guide to M&A

Hazard Lights

As a result, the process tends to be more formal and involve broad outreach, an approach in which an investment banker can add significant value.

The emotional off-switch

The Equity Kicker

I suspect that many people wouldn’t like to have an emotional off-switch, but then leading companies and investing isn’t for everyone.

A Message To Graduating MBA’s

Feld Thoughts

If you’ve dreamed of being an investment banker or consultant to Fortune 1000 companies since you were 10, then Goldman Sachs or McKinsey is looking for you. If you want to be an entrepreneur, working at an investment bank or consulting firm for a while is pointless. Is your work, and life, full of meaning? San Francisco?

The Best Product Person of 2011 is…

The Product Guy

The Best Product Person of 2011 nominations have begun! And, yes , you can nominate yourself. Submit your nomination today! A Look Back….

B2C 41

7 Fintech Start-up Companies Changing Our Relationship With Money


So, here are 7 fintech start-ups looking to change how we save, spend, invest and create money: 1. Kensho. This is Wall Street’s Siri.

5 Reasons Investors Should Keep Their Eyes On Omaha, Nebraska


Admittedly, many Omaha investors are still wary of early stage investments. But not for long. That competitive spirit never really goes away.

Omaha 31

Why Twitter’s Confidential S-1 Filing Is A Good Thing

Feld Thoughts

Did you know Twitter is going public? Of course you did – it’s all the mainstream media could seem to write about last week after the now infamous twitter tweet about it. We’ve confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO. This Tweet does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale. It’s largely irrelevant.”

18 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Did Prior to Starting Their Businesses


6 – Investment Banker. No one even “born entrepreneurs”aren’t born as CEOs. It’s usually a process.

17 People Making Way More Money After Leaving Finance for Start-Ups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

His firm, Thrive Capital, has invested in startups such as NastyGal, Kickstarter, Instagram, and Makerbot. He''s gone on to raise more than $1.5

Getting Introductions to Investors - The Ranking Algorithm

Seeing Both Sides

He personally invested (another huge positive signal in the ranking algorithm) and we ended up leading the company''s seed and Series A.

5 Easy Ways to Work Smarter, Not Longer

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You know what they call a Wall Street banker with an hour free from work? Invest in help. Unemployed. But that is silly. Of course not.

The $100 Million Funding Secret

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

I'm not a venture capitalist or investment banker, but I have raised millions of dollars for companies I've started, so I know what works.

12 Tips for Choosing Effective KPIs

Up and Running

Contact an investment banker, and ask how similar companies are being evaluated and acquired. Avoid Vanity Metrics. Let the Data Decide.