Innovating Municipal Government Culture

Steve Blank

He’s helping city government in Philadelphia become more innovative by applying Lean startup methods and Philadelphia University’s innovation curriculum. I asked him to share an update on his work on teaching lean techniques to local governments. Our goal is to foster innovation principles and practice in local government by changing the way government employees think about innovation and act on their ideas. Building a Government Innovation Curriculum.

Digital Governance Best Practices

Board Effect

Best practices for digital governance are just beginning to evolve and boards that lack the necessary IT expertise may fail to recognize and abide by digital governance best practices. It’s important for organizations to develop best practices for digital governance, especially in industries that are highly regulated. What Is Digital Governance? Digital governance also includes a set of guiding principles and performance objectives.


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The Importance of Board Governance Training

Board Effect

Whether they have years of board experience or whether it’s their first board director position, all board members benefit from governance training. Continual training in governance makes average and good boards great. Why Board Members Need Governance Training.

Verizons Ethics and Governance

deal architect

In 2007, when Verizon was negotiating Congressional immunity for its role in wiretapping, I wanted to be a fly on the wall to hear how its Shared Success Council (its ethics committee which reports to the Board) was reconciling government

7 Key Steps to Digitizing Governance

Board Effect

Digital processes for governance practices allow nonprofits to enhance their services, reduce costs, and improve the quality of life for people within their communities. 7 Key Steps to Digitizing Governance. The post 7 Key Steps to Digitizing Governance appeared first on BoardEffect.

Why Companies and Government Do “Innovation Theater” Instead of Actual Innovation

Steve Blank

The type of disruption most companies and government agencies are facing is a once-in-every-few-centuries event. Ultimately, companies and government agencies need to stop doing this or they will fail. If they were a commercial company, they figured out product/market fit; or if a government organization, it focused on solution/mission fit. By process I mean all the tools that allow companies and government to scale repeatable execution.



As the price of bitcoin rose to over $11,000 this morning (from lows near $6000 two weeks ago), governance was a key theme over the past week. The Ethereum community is grappling with its own governance roadmap, with an active debate currently underway on how to resolve issues of lost funds due to hacks or vulnerabilities in smart contracts. The post Governance appeared first on The Barefoot VC.

Why The Government is Isn’t a Bigger Version of a Startup

Steve Blank

And from then on, innovation in semiconductors, supercomputers, and software would be driven by startups, not the government. Today, every government agency, service branch, and combatant command is adopting innovation activities (hackathons, design thinking classes, innovation workshops, et al.) The Government Can’t Act Like a Startup. The government isn’t a bigger version of a startup and can’t act like a startup does.

Hospital Governing Board Structure

Board Effect

These shifts have necessitated major changes to the hospital governing board structure as we’ve known it in the past. Today’s boards and managers are struggling to keep up with the changes and adjust their governing board structures to meet the needs of their organizations. The governance structures of hospital systems must align with organizational operations. Governance Changes May Prompt Changes in Board Size.

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Shared Governance Models for Higher Education?

Board Effect

The current climate forces higher education boards to focus on the issue of the shared governance model and how it might serve to give administrators and staff members the authority and control to save their institutions. With that in mind, the view of shared governance is murky at best.

Governance Strategy Examples

Board Effect

Businesses and other organizations have an overall governance corresponding strategy. There can be different types of sub-governance frameworks within a main governance strategy. For example, IT governance falls within corporate and nonprofit governance, but it has its own structure. Governance encompasses all the processes of governing by some type of organization which can be a formal or informal organization. IT Governance.

Governance Committee Charter Template

Board Effect

The duties and responsibilities of the governance committee are important enough that boards need to assign them to someone. The best and easiest way to do this is by forming a governance committee. Governance committees are sometimes called nominating committees or board development committees. The basic role of a governance committee is to ensure that organizations have a qualified board to oversee them and plan for current and future needs.

IT Governance Checklist

Board Effect

Along with that comes the responsibility for managing it appropriately and according to IT governance best practices, which is a relatively new issue for boards to address. Your initial attempts at governing information technology will certainly feel overwhelming. To help you get started, we’ve devised a thoughtful list of items for you to consider when working on oversight of your organization’s overall IT governance strategy.

AI Startups Need Data, and the Government Needs Help


Due to their unique oversight, governments have a surplus of data at their fingertips. Here are the facts about AI startups needing data , and how that helps governments. Thanks to the digitization of government systems spurred when former President Barack Obama established in 2013 ; there’s a strong mandate to collect and organize government-owned data. Governments are replicating the trend to make data more accessible all over the world.

Board Governance Policy Template

Board Effect

Good governance encompasses an array of issues. When corporate and organizational issues are going well, we tend to give credit to good governance practices. On the flip side, we also tend to blame poor governance practices when companies and organizations aren’t doing well. Whether those beliefs are accurate or not, the fact is that good governance helps organizations and businesses run well today and in the future. What Is the Purpose of a Governance Committee?

What Is Governance Management and Why Is it Important?

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Governance is a term that most people have some familiarity with, but they don’t necessarily know what it means. Good governance and good management aren’t synonymous. The regular practice of good governance principles leads to good outcomes in governance. What Is Governance Management? Governance management encourages efficient use of resources and accountability for the stewardship over those resources. Why Is Governance Management Important?

Announcing our investment in DemandStar, a marketplace for government procurement  

Version One Ventures

The Seattle-based company provides an online marketplace for business-to-government commerce – it connects local and national suppliers with government procurement officers. . It should come as no surprise that government procurement is riddled with inefficiency. trillion is spent in the local government procurement market, but billions are wasted due to scarce competition and outdated processes. Today we’re excited to announce that we led DemandStar ’s $2m seed round.

How Can Boards Leverage a Governance Consultant?

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Boards need to be able to see risk and uncertainty as an inevitable part of both innovation and governance. Not all boards can handle these issues on their own accord and that’s the right time to considering working with a governance consultant. A governance consultant is different than a mentor or an advisory board. Boards may enlist the help of governance consultants to assist them in one or more areas. What to Look for in a Governance Consultant.

Is There a Set Process for Corporate Governance?

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If you’re looking for an established, easy process for corporate governance , you’re likely to spend hours of futile time looking for it and be disappointed altogether. That doesn’t mean that it’s not worthwhile to understand what good corporate governance is or to work toward achieving it. Organizations have much to gain by setting their own processes for good corporate governance. Second, corporate governance is ever-evolving. Defining Corporate Governance.

Governments and Business Model Innovation

deal architect

The DOJ is suing Apple and several book publishers over e-Book pricing. In a word, I am ambivalent. In my new book, I have a whole chapter on business model innovation facilitated by technology. Here is an extract: It was. Industry Commentary

Lean Government

Startup Lessons Learned

TLDR: Two things: 1) Uncle Sam (and I) want you to be an entrepreneur inside the US Federal Government as a White House Innovation Fellow. They wanted to tell me about work they were doing to make the federal government more entrepreneurial. Aneesh is there again, recently retired from government. His stories and specific examples of "lean government" in action left the audience with a simple message: if they can do Lean Startup in government, what's my excuse?

Why Governments Don’t Get Startups

Steve Blank

When I read policy papers by government organizations trying to replicate the lessons from the valley, I’m struck how they seem to miss some basic lessons. Regions building a cluster around scalable startups fail to understand that a government agency simply giving money to entrepreneurs who want it is an exercise in failure. Any government that starts public financing entrepreneurship better have a plan to get out of it by building a private VC industry.

3 Small Business Government Resources You’ve Probably Overlooked

YFS Magazine

Whether it’s funding opportunities or valuable business training, governments across the globe provide hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of free value to entrepreneurs willing to access them. Uncategorized business accelerator business counseling business incubators government contracts mentorship small business workshops

Accepting A Non-Dilutive Government Grant? 5 Surprising Mistakes To Avoid


Non-dilutive grants are a great way to fund your research, provided you’re working on a project that directly benefits the government according to current needs. Many companies pursue non-dilutive government grants because they don’t require giving away ownership in the company. . Are you pursuing a non-dilutive government grant or contract? All employees who charge their time directly or indirectly to the government award are required to record all their time.

Modern Governance Approach to Ensuring Board Effectiveness

Board Effect

At the first-ever Modern Governance Summit for BoardEffect users, hosted by Diligent Corporation in September, 2019, discussion focused not only on why effectiveness matters for nonprofit boards, but also on where governance – as a field — is headed, as critical context for exploring the utilization of board management software functions designed to enhance board performance. The professionals supporting board operations serve as indispensable guides to good governance.

Enterprise Software Churn: UNIT4 in UK local government

deal architect

The general presumption in the enterprise software marketplace is customers stay loyal for lifetimes – the more realistic thinking, of course, is they stay loyal for long periods, but not that long. When I was researching SAP Nation, I was. Industry Commentary SAP Nation Book

Data Governance Framework for Boards

Board Effect

Without a data governance framework, staff often duplicates efforts because there isn’t a designated way to locate needed information from a central source. After the financial crisis and the collapse of major corporations such as Enron, governments and regulators took a deeper look at the types of data that corporations were gathering and looked for ways to ensure that corporations were collecting accurate, reliable data. Developing a Data Governance Framework.

FHA Loans – How Government Loan Programs Work

The Startup Magazine

Consider this breakdown of government loan programs. FHA loans are one of the most commonly used types of government-backed programs. The government also offers loans designed to help develop rural areas. The post FHA Loans – How Government Loan Programs Work appeared first on The Startup Magazine. Using a home loan can often help you have capital available for your startup.

What Does Good Governance Mean for Today’s Boards?

Board Effect

What is governance and what does good governance mean for today’s boards of directors? Good governance of today accounts for longstanding governance practices, as well as modern governance principles. Good governance should be evident in every organization’s policy-setting and decision-making. It’s important to consider how governance principles have modernized over time. What Are the Components of Good Governance?

Modern Governance: Secure Communications and Materials

Board Effect

Modern governance is a relatively new term that was introduced by Diligent Corporation to update the view of governance by today’s standards. It refers to the tools and processes that today’s boards need to reduce governance gaps and address current challenges successfully. Such tools as secure file-sharing applications, secure communication tools, and board management software solutions are now key to efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the pursuit of good governance.

The Role of Governance in Healthcare Organizations

Board Effect

Governance is a framework that accounts for all the processes of governing organizations and businesses. A healthcare board of directors and executive management are in charge of all aspects of corporate governance. Another aspect of governance is the clinical side of things, which includes caring for patients, managing clinical practices and administration. The board and the executives have many things to juggle on both sides of governance.

The Bullshit of Government Statistics

Feld Thoughts

It’s a simple game the government is playing with the numbers. Tags: Politics government statistics I just got the following breaking news alert from The New York Times. Economy Adds 290,000 Jobs in April; Jobless Rate Rises to 9.9%”. Let’s parse this. The first clause says “U.S. Economy Adds 290,000 Jobs in April.” This means to me that a bunch of people found new jobs in April. A bunch. Good economy. The second clause says “Jobless Rate Rises to 9.9%.”

Big Tech’s Competitor? Government

Andrew Payne

Interestingly, the gorillas are now forced to deal with a growing number of government-like political issues. I don’t know what the answer is, but it seems quite clear the greatest business risk facing tech gorillas is not “the next Facebook” It’s government, stepping to slow, stop, or even reverse the continued power and wealth grab.

Government Shouldn’t Be In The Accelerator Business

Feld Thoughts

This article originally appeared online at in an article titled Government Shouldn’t Be In The Accelerator Business. But I don’t think government should be funding these accelerators, nor do I think they need to. without government funding, being run as entrepreneurial ventures for profit by entrepreneurs. We’ve never taken a dollar of government funding, nor do we plan to.

Shared Governance Model for Higher Education Boards

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The concept of shared governance in the higher education space came about during the 1960s, which was a time when colleges began to modernize many of their processes. Today, the meaning of shared governance has become distorted. If you talk with various faculty members, they may tell you that they believe they are responsible for governance. Shared governance is decision-making authority that incorporates input from staff, faculty and sometimes special interest groups.

How Federal Government Can Help Entrepreneurship

Feld Thoughts

Over the past few years, I’ve spent some time thinking about how the government can help entrepreneurship. It started with my role as the co-chairman of the Colorado Governors Innovation Council which was my first involvement in any formal way with any government initiative. “ On my run yesterday, I mulled over the big activities that I thought the federal government could do to “build a more supportive environment for entrepreneurship.&#

Mastering Governance, Risk and Compliance for Your Nonprofit Board

Board Effect

One of the first duties of nonprofit board directors is to quickly get indoctrinated in the matters of governance, risk and compliance (GRC). GRC implies that boards should have strategies in place for managing nonprofit governance, risk management, and compliance with laws and regulations. By nature of their definition, nonprofit board directors bear the ultimate legal responsibility for mastering governance, risk and compliance. Mastering Governance for Nonprofit Boards.

The fundamental lesson of the forces governing scaling startups

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Idealistic founders believe they will break the mold when they scale, and not turn into a “typical big company.” By which they mean: Without stupid rules that assume employees are dumb or evil, without everything taking ten times longer than it should, without wall-to-wall meetings, without resorting to hiring anything less than the top 1% of the talent pool, and so on.

The untapped Open Data opportunity: who will unlock government data?

Version One Ventures

I’m fascinated by the Open Data movement, particularly when it comes to government where the concept of open data hinges on the belief that data is a public asset – just like highways and parks – and should be made available to all. Making data available, discoverable, and usable will help improve the effectiveness of governments, strengthen our democracy, as well as create opportunities to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Government eases Company Act, big relief for startups

Our Own Start-up

Government's Rs 20 lakh crore economic stimulus package on 17thMay, 2020, the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the decision to bring in an Ordinance to decriminalize various sections of the Companies Act which was approved by the Cabinet in the first week of March.

What Are the Components of Effective Board Governance Tools?

Board Effect

Board governance tools allow boards to pursue urgent matters in the most timely manner possible, even without meeting face-to-face. The main benefit to BoardEffect board management software is that it combines the most important board governance tools under one highly secure platform. Many Board Governance Tools Under One Secure Platform. The post What Are the Components of Effective Board Governance Tools?

Modern Governance Approach to Better Board Decision-Making

Board Effect

Decisions, decisions — they’re part of governance, leadership, and life. Modern governance makes that easier. At the first-ever Modern Governance Summit for BoardEffect users, hosted by Diligent Corporation in September, 2019, board effectiveness was a key theme, thus making better board decision-making a key priority in using board management software. The post Modern Governance Approach to Better Board Decision-Making appeared first on BoardEffect.

Does The Government Already Have All Of Our Data?

Feld Thoughts

Near the end of the week last week, the lastest “the US government is spying on US citizens” scandal broke. Government Says Secret Court Opinion on Law Underlying PRISM Program Needs to Stay Secret. The post Does The Government Already Have All Of Our Data? Politics data government prism privacy