Colorado Startup Summer

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Colorado is a premier location for entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers. This is why I co-founded and commit a portion of my time to Startup Colorado; an organization that empowers and sustains startup communities across Colorado. One of the programs that Startup Colorado runs – called Startup Summer – cultivates and engages undergraduate entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the Front Range startup community.

The Colorado CEO Jobs List

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A few years ago, David Cohen and I started a Colorado CEO Jobs list in response to the regular stream of inbound email we got from folks looking to move to Colorado and interested in tech-related jobs. The post The Colorado CEO Jobs List appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

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Colorado Global EIR 2017 Applications

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The 2017 applications for the Colorado Global EIR are now open through April 15, 2017. The Colorado Global EIR program is a way for experienced international entrepreneurs to receive an H-1B visa, allowing them to work in Boulder. You also get to start and grow a new company in the supportive, collaborative, and dynamic entrepreneurial community of Boulder, Colorado. You can apply for the Colorado Global EIR 2017 or email

Built In Colorado

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As part of the event – held at Mateo in Boulder – the gang from Built In Denver announced they were rebranding as Built In Colorado. The past two days the Colorado Innovation Network held it’s 2nd annual COIN Summit. As part of it, Governor Hickenlooper rolled out a new brand for all of Colorado, an effort led by Aaron Kennedy, the founder of Noodles & Co. The focus was on Colorado, not on Boulder, or Denver.

$200,000 For Colorado Startup Community Activities and Events

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I’m excited to announce the launch of the Colorado Startup Community Fund. This is a $200,000 fund for providing financing to support activities, events, and organizations in the Colorado startup community. The Startup Colorado Community Fund from Startup Colorado on Vimeo.

Startup Summer Colorado

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One of the fun projects I am involved with is Startup Colorado, a community focused initiative to spur new company creation in Colorado. One of Startup Colorado’s most promising projects is Startup Summer. We are looking for students at any four-year college or university in Colorado who are aspiring entrepreneurs and want to participate in a program that could change their lives. If you are a student at any four-year college or university in Colorado, check it out.

Trying Something New On Immigration In Colorado

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The program in Colorado follows a similar approach with one major difference. In the summer time, they’ll be part of Startup Summer (run by Startup Colorado in conjunction with Silicon Flatirons) along with being paired with a new MIT MBA Summer Internship in Boulder that I’m about to roll out (ah – foreshadowing…) And, with our broad #GiveFirst attitude across the startup community, they’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Colorado – Entrepreneurial By Nature

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Some time ago a group of entrepreneurs including my partner Seth Levine came together to talk about how to promote entrepreneurship in Colorado and celebrate the fact that entrepreneurship has become a huge part of the Colorado business ecosystem. The result of that discussion was Colorado Entrepreneurial By Nature – a grass roots branding campaign whose goal is to get Colorado entrepreneurs to rally around their shared love of our state and our entrepreneurial culture.

Little Colorado Company MobileDay Finds Big Hole In Enterprise Bucket

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The post Little Colorado Company MobileDay Finds Big Hole In Enterprise Bucket appeared first on Feld Thoughts. I’m a seed investor in MobileDay , a Boulder-based company that has helped its users make over two million mobile-based conference calls in the past few months.

Startup Colorado Launch on 11/9/11

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On November 9th, I’ll be helping launch Startup Colorado. Startup Colorado will be one of the regional initiatives under the umbrella of the Startup America Partnership. Startup Colorado is an initiative to make a meaningful impact on entrepreneurship and new company creation in the Front Range. If you are an entrepreneur in Colorado, we’d love to have you join us. We’ll be having a kickoff event at CU Boulder from 6:30pm – 8:35pm.

Colorado's New Billion Dollar Business

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Colorado cannabis sales nearly topped $1 billion last year. And it's generating major tax revenue in the process

Startup Colorado’s Year One Initiatives

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We launched Startup Colorado last week as part of the Startup America Partnership. We’ve got a bunch of great entrepreneurs from Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs involved at this point and are reaching out to entrepreneurs in Fort Collins to help us get things up and running there. Create an Entrepreneurial Summer Camp in Boulder for talented college students from throughout Colorado.

Founder Institute This Summer in Colorado

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Founder Institute is a great way for Jon and I to ‘pay it forward’ and help the next generation of entrepreneurs to make Colorado a great place to start a business. In addition to TechStars, we have many resources for entrepreneurs in Colorado, and all of them have their differentiating points. I strongly believe that entrepreneurial education and community building is not a zero sum game.

Are You An Internet Entrepreneur In Colorado? Oppose PIPA!

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If you are a entrepreneur in Colorado who is working on something related to the Internet, please consider signing the following letter to Senator Udall and Senator Bennet opposing the Protect IP (PIPA) Act. I want to make sure they are hearing directly from entrepreneurs in Colorado, who I view as a much more important constituency of theirs than the folks in Hollywood who are trying to jam these bills through Congress.

4/2/15: Colorado Product Management Meetup

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If you are a technology product manager in Colorado, take a look at the new Colorado Product group. The post 4/2/15: Colorado Product Management Meetup appeared first on Feld Thoughts. The first meetup is on 4/2/15 and features a talk from Adit Vaidya, Product Manager for Facebook Groups. Announcements

Startups Fly High In Boulder, Colorado

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With the University of Colorado and research labs attracting talent and funding, this off-the-beaten-path startup community is primed to become the next big scene There's more to love in Boulder than grass and granola.

Colorado Global EIR Program – Applications Open for 2016

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Applications are open for the second group of Colorado Global Entrepreneurs in Residence. We currently have three Colorado Global EIRs. While Colorado is one of three states to have a program ( the others are Massachusetts and New York ) we are about to launch a few other states, including one I’m particularly excited about. If you are interested in applying to be part of the Colorado GEIR program, apply by email at

Introducing Colorado Entrepreneurial By Nature

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

I’ve had the great fortune to experience the evolution and transformation of Colorado into a community that I believe is one of the most supportive of entrepreneurs anywhere in the country. These factors, combined with a support structure and philosophy of paying it forward, has turned Colorado into one of the best places in the country to start a business. Marketing Startups boulder colorado denver ft colins local entrepreneurship

Empirical Support for the Boulder Thesis

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Colorado has two – a 1 Million Cups in Denver and 1 Million Cups in Fort. 1 Million Cups Denver was also a recipient of one of the first Startup Colorado Community Fund grants.

Denver 153

Startups Can Help Colorado Wildfire Victims Right Now

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My friends at NewsGator have started a fundraising campaign to help victims of the Colorado wildfires. I’d like to encourage everyone involved in a startup in Colorado (or anyone in the world) to help your neighbors in Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Boulder who are victims of the current fires that are raging. While the current Boulder fire is getting under control, many people in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins are still at risk.

California, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

California, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado. 290M invested in 41 companies based in Colorado in 2011. Compare that with 2006 when Colorado ranked 12th on the list with just under $ 90M invested in 32 companies. That’s an incredible achievement and says a lot about the state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colorado and our rising profile on the national stage.

The IRS Is 'Aggressively' Auditing a Handful of Colorado Cannabis Companies

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James Thorburn, a Colorado-based tax attorney, says that the IRS has opened a rash of audits on cannabis companies under tax code made for illegal drug dealers

Forget Colorado Weed, Marijuana Companies Are Going Global

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Legal marijuana is already a global industry and the U.S. is behind the curve

Colorado Senator Mark Udall Opposes PIPA

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On Saturday, Colorado Senator Mark Udall publicly opposed PIPA. ” To all of my friends in Colorado’s tech community I encourage you to express your support for Mark – both now (comment on this blog, send his office an email or a letter, write your own blog post, or give him a hug the next time you see him on the street) and in the future.

Path Forward

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I’ve been chair of NCWIT for many years and co-chair of Startup Colorado since inception. If you have a company in New York, California, or Colorado (they are starting in these three states) that would like to start doing returnships, go to Path Forward and fill out this form. Philanthropy blumberg NCWIT non-profit path forward returnship sautins startup colorado wilson

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Startup Colorado: Looking Back on the First Year

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Last week Startup Colorado hosted the Startup America Regional Summit which was a gathering of the leadership of over 25 different Startup State efforts under the structure of the Startup America Partnership. After the event, David Mangum, the executive director for Startup Colorado and I were discussing what we had accomplished since launching in November 2011 and I asked him to write up a guest post to summarize. Startup Communities mangum startup america startup colorado

Bootstrapping with Brad Feld

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Board of Directors Debt Equity VC Bloggers Venture Capital Boulder Colorado Brad Brad Feld Foundry Group Startup Weekend techstars United StatesTom and Tony of tastytrade talk with Brad about Foundry Group, Techstars and Bootstrapping… Related articles.

Proof Is in The Pot: Legal Weed Gives Colorado Business a Boost

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When it comes to Colorado''s companies, some early indicators on the state''s pot experiment are surprising--and surprisingly positive

Hangout On Air With Me and David Cohen on Wed 11/13/13

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It’s part of a Google Enterprise series on Colorado pioneers driving the local economy and culture. We’ll be talking about Techstars , Colorado, tech, and anything else that comes up. Conferences cohen Colorado google Hangout tech TechStars David Cohen (Techstars Founder) and I are doing a Google Hangout On Air that is open to anyone on 11/13/13 (what a prime day for something like this).

Save UberDenver Rally On Monday

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UberDenver and Uber CEO Travis Kalanick are hosting a rally at Galvanize after the Colorado Public Utilities Commission holds a public hearing on proposed rules changes that could shut UberDenver down. I’ve had a number of private conversations since I wrote my post The Colorado PUC Trying to Shut Down UberDenver. I continue to think the whole situation is insane especially given our state government’s strong position on advancing innovation in Colorado.

Austin-based Dropoff Expands to Colorado and Arizona


Dropoff has expanded its same day delivery for business service to Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, Arizona. There […] The post Austin-based Dropoff Expands to Colorado and Arizona appeared first on SiliconHills. The Austin-based startup expanded to other markets in Texas and to Florida and California last year. With the addition of these new markets, Dropoff’s same day delivery service now reaches more than 55 million people across the U.S.

Spark Boulder is Giving Student Entrepreneurs a Home

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The University of Colorado Boulder has been at the forefront of breeding and teaching entrepreneurship for many years now, but it has been missing a communal area where student entrepreneurs can work, gather, and live. Location: the heart of student life on the “Hill” in Boulder, Colorado. Boulder coworking Pivotal Labs sendgrid Spark Boulder TapInfluence University of Colorado Boulder

Rally Gives $1.3 Million To The Boulder Community

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This check is for The Community Foundation and for the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado (EFCO) and results from a gift of 24,793 shares of common stock from Rally at the time of its first financing that represented approximately 1% of the equity of the company. My day started out great.

Startup Summer – Applications Close 2/28

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For those students looking to get involved in Boulder and in Denver, I always point them towards Startup Summer , a program out of Startup Colorado. Startup Colorado college startup ecosystems startup summer It’s a daily occurrence that a college student emails me asking how they can get involved in the Boulder startup community or any startup ecosystem.

Calling All Entrepreneurs – Sign Up For Startup America And Help Us Win

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One of the initiatives I’ve been very involved in is Startup Colorado which we launched a few months ago. If you are a Colorado-based company, this will automatically get you into the Startup Colorado infrastructure as well at the Startup America Partnership. My simple appeal to all entrepreneurs in Colorado – please sign up. Entrepreneurial Communities Entrepreneurship startup america startup america partnership startup colorado startup communities

How John Hickenlooper Got Laid Off, Started a Brewpub, and Became the Governor of Colorado

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John Hickenlooper describes to CNBC managing editor Tyler Mathisen how challenging it was to raise money for his first business--even his own mother wouldn't invest

Startup Phenomenon, November 13th-15th in Boulder

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On the third day of the conference we will provide a deep look into what’s going on here in Colorado. That Kauffman report of densest startup communities actually had four Colorado cities in the top 10 (Boulder, Ft. Collins, Denver, and Colorado Springs.) Conferences Boulder Colorado denver kauffman foundation startup phenomenon Vivek Wadhwa An event called Startup Phenomenon is happening In Boulder on 11/13 – 11/15.

Colorado Sold Almost $300 Million Worth of Pot in First 3 Months of 2016

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The legal cannabis industry in the Rocky Mountain state is on track to beat $996 million in sales last year

Sales 21

Colorado Innovation Training

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

A brief post to make sure you know about the upcoming Denver, CO public course in Advanced Innovation Facilitation. This is a high value training. It’s partially sponsored so the price is much lower than usual. Here’s a page with details. It’s next week Starting Wednesday February 1, continuing on Feb 2, finishing at noon on Feb.

Colorado's Battle Between Resort Towns and the Pot Industry

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Some top players in Colorado''s massive ski tourism industry are taking exception with legal weed