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Feld / Calacanis Interview on This Week In Startups

Feld Thoughts

I always enjoy hanging out with Jason Calacanis. We first met in the mid-1990s when Jason was hanging out in NY doing Silicon Alley Reporter. I can’t remember who initially introduced us – it was probably Fred Wilson. We covered a lot in the hour+ interview for This Week In Startups.

Kickstarter in 2012

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Kickstarter published a retrospective on 2012. It's worth browsing. Here's the lead in. Venture Capital and Technology

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Why Fake It ‘Til You Make It Doesn’t Work

Mike Michalowicz

Want to guarantee failure? Do this: fake it ‘til you make it. I bet you didn’t expect to hear that. I mean, how many times have you been told you need to fake it ‘til you make it to be successful? It has become the mantra for success. Unfortunately, its b t. Total complete b t.

Sales 50

10 Things You Should Say Every Day

Inc Startups

They're small things. but each has the power to dramatically change someone's day. Including yours. Want to make a huge difference in someone's life? Here are things you should say every day: To your employees, colleagues, family, friends. and everyone you care about: "Here's what I'm thinking."

The ROI of Relationships

Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing podcast with Bob Burg. I suspect the title of this post will raise some eyebrows. I mean relationships aren’t about ROI right? They’re about something much deeper. Something you don’t measure in the same way you might, say, the performance of an ad.

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The Experience vs. Education Curve in Startups


Years ago I came across the idea that in entrepreneurship, education and experience contribute to likelihood of success roughly like you see in the chart here. The underlying assumption is that a lot of education makes up for very little experience, and vice-versa.

Why Data Is the Oil of the Digital Age

Inc Startups

In the most competitive markets, the winners will be those with the most, and most accurate, data. Two years ago, I said that by 2020, 90% of the U.S.

Start a Business That Fits Your Idea of Having Fun

Startup Professionals Musings

You are an aspiring entrepreneur, eager to dump the corporate grind, and work to the beat of your own drummer, but you can’t come up with that killer idea to save the world. What are the alternatives that will give you the independence you crave, and challenge your business acumen?

How to Start an Employee Onboarding Program

Inc Startups

Make your next hire successful with these tips. Many young organizations onboard employees by working "over the shoulders" of fellow colleagues. This may work well in small, early-stage companies, but it becomes increasingly difficult to scale once your organization grows past 25 employees.

Ten Critical Steps To Achieving Magnetic Leadership


by Dianne Durkin, author of “ The Power of Magnetic Leadership “ What do the leaders of top companies do to create an inviting workplace filled with fully engaged and enthusiastic employees?

What Your Team Really Hates About Your Leadership Style

Inc Startups

A CEO uses social media to get the unvarnished truth about employees' most hated boss behaviors. Are you guilty of their top complaint? Being the boss has many perks. Guaranteed straight talk isn't one of them.

Burning All Your Boats

Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur

Yesterday, I heard the phrase ‘burning all your boats’ when someone was talking about a new business venture and it got me thinking about this popular turn of phrase by Napolean Hill.

Mosaic Crowdfunds 4 Solar Campaigns in 24 Hours

Inc Startups

In the first day of the project's launch, Mosaic successfully funded four clean energy projects totaling $313,000. Just one day after Inc.

The New College Try for Millenials and Entrepreneurship (Infographic)

Up and Running

Interesting stats, with thanks to Diana Ransom writing for Young Entrepreneur: . 165 million entrepreneurs age 18-25, according to GEM report. There’s a higher percentage in the U.S. than any other country. About three-fourths of millennials tell pollsters they want to start a business.

How to Win When You're the Underdog

Inc Startups

Yes, size matters. But it's not the only thing. An ecommerce entrepreneur show how to compete when you're outmanned and out-spent. If your competitors have a head start in your industry, they have the upper hand. Not fair, maybe, but true.

Do You Embrace The Values Of An Entrepreneur?

UC Berkeley

by Andre Marquis , Executive Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley. We all have a lot to do. If you’re an entrepreneur in particular, you have to make a lot of decisions involving a lot of uncertainty. What guides your decisions? Is it the shiniest object in front of you? Your task list? Your strategic plan? How about your values?

Meet the Nerdiest Start-up at CES

Inc Startups

There's a lot of competition in Vegas for the prize of biggest tech geek. Here are the Boulder, Colorado, co-founders who think they win hands down. The co-founders of Boulder, Colorado, start-up Orbotix are having a very good time at the International CES this year.

Kiosked Offers Automatic Solution To Monetize Images


Helsinki-based Kiosked is currently piloting a solution where publishers can put a script on their website that allows Kiosked to scrape metadata and keyword information from their articles. Once it has done so, Kiosked can automatically put a webstore into the images uploaded to the articles.

[Infographic] LinkedIn Reaches 200 Million Members


Since its official launch in May 2003, LinkedIn has seen stellar member growth. Today the online professional network announced that it has reached 200 million members, and new members join the community at a rate of two per second.

FundedByMe To Launch Branch In Finland As Crowdfunding Heats Up In The Nordics


FundedByMe has expanded from their native Sweden and launched their equity crowdfunding platform in Finland. The company also offers the more traditional rewards-based crowdfunding platform (think Kickstarter), but equity crowdfunding offers some interesting new opportunities to startup companies by allowing them to raise money by selling shares to a large number of investors who can invest smaller amounts of money. The minimum amount needed to invest on FundedByMe is €50.

Advice for Designers Who Want to be Founders: Eoghan McCabe, Founder and CEO of Intercom

Redeye VC

Eoghan McCabe (@EoghanMcCabe) is the CEO of Intercom, a new kind of CRM and messaging platform. Before starting up, McCabe was a freelance designer and co-founder of a creative agency.

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deal architect

on the innovation blog Kaggle’s algorithms Our low-tech cruise Whole Foods Cracked The “Big Data’ of the Audubon Christmas Bird Count Taking embedded technology to new heights The evolution of the video game Whole Genome Sequencing The Digital Dead Sea. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

How to Sell to the Corner Office

Inc Startups

Land a face-to-face meeting with a business mogul using these techniques. Here's the bad news. You know all that "consultative selling" stuff that you've heard about? It doesn't work with CEOs. Here's the good news.

Clash Of Clans Meetup And The Supercell Success Formula


Being a Clash of Clans player myself, I decided to venture out and attend the first ever Clash of Clans meetup that took place yesterday in Supercells native Helsinki.

Harness the Great Big Marketing Laboratory at Your Fingertips

Inc Startups

If you're not testing your online marketing, you're wasting time and money. Try these cheap and easy methods. If you've read some of my recent columns , you know I'm a big fan of pragmatic marketing decision-making and reducing wasted time and money.

[Infographic] Workplace Injuries: Costs And Causes


Workplace injuries are more common than we think. In fact, direct worker compensations from workplace injuries cost U.S. businesses around US$1 billion per week.

Fat & Happy: A Succession Lesson From Downton Abbey

Inc Startups

If you get fat and happy and let things go--like Downton Abbey's Lord Grantham--you're no more than 90 days away from ruin. Let me come right out with it: I have feminine tastes when it comes to movies and television. Sure, I love watching The Godfather, Homeland, and any Tarantino film.

"There are plenty of us who fund hopes and dreams. And plenty of us willing to fund true success. At."

Bryce Dot VC

“There are plenty of us who fund hopes and dreams. And plenty of us willing to fund true success. At the stage where you are past hopes and dreams, where you have customers, revenue, and a real business, but have not yet reached “true success”, there just aren’t many investors to choose from.” - Fred

A Win for California's Chef Entrepreneurs

Inc Startups

California's new Homemade Food Act went into effect this month, making it legal for entrepreneurs to sell food made at home. Looks like "foodpreneurs" in California got a huge boost from the state government. Thanks to the Homemade Food Act on Jan.

Question Of The Week: What's Your Startup New Year's Resolutions?


New Years is a bit silly, it's a holiday celebrating the passage of time. Something that happens almost every day. But the good thing it brings is a chance to start fresh in our next lap around the sun.

5 Key Hiring Lessons From Senate Confirmation Battles

Inc Startups

With the Senate set to grill Obama's choice for secretary of defense, lessons from Washington--yes, Washington!--on on how to secure the best people.


The Product Guy

It may be ugly; the the rejuvenated Reddit has seen amazing growth and product traction through such features as “Ask Me Anything” in a market with disappearing competitors. via The Products. Filed under: screenshots , Uncategorized. screenshots Uncategorized

At CES, Internet Lobby Gets Ready for Fights in Washington

Inc Startups

SOPA may be dead, but there are more legislative threats where it came from. Internet advocates like Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian talked about them yesterday.

Data shows my productivity plunges whenever you learn new.

Mark Birch

Data shows my productivity plunges whenever you learn new jargon…. buzzwords jargon productivity analytics big data cloud computing humor LOL Dilbert