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Social Networks Implode Quickly

Diego Basch

Do social networking sites tend do die faster than other types? Friendster, Myspace, Bebo. They were huge not long ago. Geocities.

How Google Got Social Networking All Wrong

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Google+ is five years old today. Has anyone noticed

5 Obvious Ways to Grow Your Startup Without Social Networks

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

There’s absolutely no way, in today’s plugged-in culture, to grow your startup without being active on social media, or is there? Maybe not.

3 Quick Tips To Succeed At Online (Social) Networking

YFS Magazine

It is important for business owners to succeed at social networking. Start small and pick your networks carefully.

Report: Who's Using Social Networks

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Gain a deeper understanding of where your target audiences are spending time on social networks.

Ello: Inside the Social Network That's Stealing Facebook's Lunch

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The new, scrappy Ello is the social network of choice for disaffected users of Facebook. Here''s why

Avoid Social Networking Pitfalls: 4 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Social networking can be hazardous to your corporate health. An Unclear ROI Social networking is far from cost-free.

Two Ways to Make Social Networking Really Pay

Duct Tape Marketing

Two Ways to Make Social Networking Really Pay This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. Image linus_art via Flickr CC.

Social Networks Don’t Automate Personal Contacts

Startup Professionals Musings

Many of my younger friends use various social networks on a daily basis and think that they will thereby avoid this problem. By Ernst H.

How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Identity Across Social Networks

Duct Tape Marketing

When social media marketing first began it was rather easy to maintain a consistent brand identity. Oh, how things have changed! Final Thoughts.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Ad Sizes & Specs for Every Social Network

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Keep this quick reference guide handy for your social ads campaigns

Lack of social networking may hinder investment in your company

Taffy Williams

Perhaps you intend to use the internet social networks to help launch the program and help bring the customers together with the providers.

Should You Combine Professional And Personal Social Networks?


Two Social Accounts: A Wise Thing To Do? Pros and Cons of having separate professional and personal social networks. Maybe.

Social network usage is starting to drop

The Equity Kicker

2014 has been a great year for social media marketing. Facebook is forecasting Q4 revenues of $3.6-3.8bn, up 40-47% on the year ago quarter.

The 1 Social Network Entrepreneurs Must Use (According to a Billionaire Investor)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This billionaire investor says there's one key social platform that all entrepreneurs must leverage if they want to succeed

The Fantastic, Dystopian Future of Social Networking

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In the year 2020, social networking will look different. Your Facebook account--or whatever social media you use--will know.

Facebook Enters the Enterprise With Workplace, a Private Social Network for Your Company

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Facebook announced the launch of Workplace, an ad-less version of its social network designed specifically for companies and their workforces

Build the Right Social Network Resume for Business

Startup Professionals Musings

social network entrepreneur LinkedIn resume businessHere are some tips on how to make yours stand out above the crowd: Focus on results.

Social Networks Will Become Marketplaces

Duct Tape Marketing

Social Networks Will Become Marketplaces This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. Social Media Amazon eBay Etsy Facebook Shoply

How This New Social Network Attracted 10 Million Users In Its First Year

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

beBee replaces algorithms to build meaningful business relationships, rather than just contacts

Potential Goldmines: 5 Social Networking Sites You've Never Heard Of

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Social media can blow up your sales pipeline, but how can you reach real human beings with your message?

5 Things You Need to Know About Anti-Facebook Social Network Ello

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

New social network explodes almost overnight--what is Ello, and what do you need to know about it

Get Ready for the 'Social Network of Things'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In the near future, the smartest products will connect not just to the Web but also to a whole network of people. Implement a social component.

3 Tips on Using Your Social Networks to Drive Sales

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Making social connections has never been easier--or more important

Twitter Networks are Different than Social Networks

Both Sides of the Table

Traditional social networks are more restricted to people whom I already know and information and updates are less discoverable. We (I?)

Twitter's Moment: How a Struggling Social Network Might Save Itself

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Twitter's willingness to change - and for the change to be radical - may be what saves it

3 Reasons Social Networks Are Actually Great For Your Mental Health

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We often hear how unhealthy social networks are for our lifestyle, however, they offer way too many useful functions to give them up.

Don't Bet Your Whole Business on Social Networking

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Uber-blogger Chris Brogan shares his wisdom about using social media to build your business

It's Here: A Snobby Social Network for Really Rich People

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Netropolitan aims to be the go-to forum where wealthy people can have discussions--without being harassed by less well-heeled folk

How Tumblr Became the Fastest-Growing Social Network in Just 6 Months

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Yahoo-owned social blogging platform is experiencing faster growth than Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

Why Gina Bianchini Keeps Creating Social Network Startups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

After she co-founded and led Ning, Gina Bianchini co-founded and continued iterating Mightybell, a new kind of specialized social networking company. Here''s why

The Surprising Identity of Each Social Network

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Facebook boasts the largest and richest demographic, Twitter has a surprisingly young user network, and 68 percent of Instagram''s users are women.

About Last Night. the social network for nightlife

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

About Last Night , the social network for nightlife, launched today at Techcrunch Disrupt, and is available for download on the AppStore.

5 Surefire Ways to Burn Out Your Social Networks

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Don't stand in the way of contacts and associates helping your business

This Exceptional Pre-Med Student Founded the World's 4th Largest Social Network

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Pinterest founder Ben Silbermann''s path to $100 million success before his 30th birthday definitely wasn''t typical

Get Paid for Posts? Social Networking's New Twist

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

At least two services are already building social networks that pay users for their traffic-driven posts

Gary Vaynerchuk Tells Ashton Kutcher Which Social Network Will Die by 2020

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of digital agency VaynerMedia, explains why awards are an unwelcome distraction, how he deals with burn-out, and answers Ashton Kutcher's question about which social networks are destined to fail

3 Ways in Which Social Media Has Impacted Company Communications


The scenario has changed drastically within a few years as the far reaching potential of social sites is being experienced and explored.

Social Networks: What are They Good For?

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Does social media make you feel like you’re shouting in crowded room, yet no one seems to be paying attention? About a year ago I wanted to better understand (anecdotally) how people reacted to various social mediums. Perhaps it’s not you, but instead the medium. I posted the same message on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn,

Facebook Promises to Revolutionize Social Networking Today

Duct Tape Marketing

Facebook Promises to Revolutionize Social Networking Today This content from: Duct Tape Marketing. Social Media f8 Facebook MashableThese changes will make it so you know your friends better than you ever thought you could.”