Share options are key to Valley culture; the UK is getting close, but not there yet

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Once these businesses and others come out of their lock-up periods many of their option holders will cash in, more people will know somebody whose options have worked for them, and startup employees will place more value on those options.

Planning for the Future: Your Exit Strategy

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For smaller companies that have already begun expanding—like restaurants that have franchised—an IPO may be a good way for the owner to recoup money spent, though it is worth noting that he or she may not be allowed to sell stock until the lock-up period has passed.

The Corrosive Downside of Acquihires

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And to keep up with the Jones’s it seems that Yahoo! And they might give a premium if the team has been around a longer period of time, has built some hard-to-build proprietary technology or has some customer traction.

What To Do With Sudden Wealth?

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Your company just went public and the lock-up period is over. What’s the value of the year “waiting period”? There’s a reason so many lottery winners end up unhappy. There’s a reason professional athletes end up bankrupt at alarming rates. Your company got acquired and your share of the proceeds just hit the bank account. (Or, Or, you’re wealth managers from Greenwich, CT, and you just won the lottery.)

Facebook Insiders Cash Out

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Early investor Peter Thiel and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz both dumped shares after the first lock-up period expired. The expiration of the first lock-up freed up 271 million shares, allowing original investors (aside from Mark Zuckerberg) to sell.

What Makes an Entrepreneur? Cojones (7/11)

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The problem was that he was still working out the lock-up period in his big company. If this idea was so big then why would they risk not being first to market, not building defensible IP for the sake of a few hundred thousand dollars extra in lock-up money at a big company?

409A Valuations

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– If private investors have already bid up the valuation, will there be an IPO jump in the stock price? We are in a really interesting period where tech IPOs are few and far between and the effect has been for a secondary market to develop for employees of high growth companies to tap into in order to realize actual value from their stock options. The secondary market that has emerged in our current period is simply a response to market conditions that frustrate liquidity.

The Corrosive Downside of Acquihires

Inc Startups

And to keep up with the Jones''s it seems that Yahoo! And they might give a premium if the team has been around a longer period of time, has built some hard-to-build proprietary technology or has some customer traction. et al really have to keep up with the Jones''s to build its future?

ProfessorVC: The Most Important Venture Capital Statistic

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Dont miss Plan - This may seem obvious, but Ive seen a number of CEOs shot for missing the first quarters numbers after going public, which is a great way to shrink your market cap well before the lock-up period is up. Baby's All Grown Up. The best way to describe my work is probably start-up CFO guy. I spend my days working with cool start-ups in a variety of capacities. ProfessorVC. The last blogger in Silicon Valley.

EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive - A Tale of Two (or Three) Proposals

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In one of the more controversial aspects of the legislation, after a three-year transition period, authorization would also be required for managers based outside the EU which market their funds to investors within the EU. The deferral would be "over a period which is appropriate in view of the life cycle and redemption policy of the fund concerned." The Council is made up of one member from each Member State.

Allen's Blog: Commandment #10: Control the Meeting (But Be Smart.

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Because I can hear the flame-throwers being fired up, let me be clear: this is NOT to say that VC’s have all the answers, NOT to say VC’s are always right, NOT to say VC’s are good listeners, NOT to say VC’s aren’t often arrogant, NOT to say that entrepreneurs should merely agree with whatever the VC says, or otherwise be subservient in the meeting with the all-knowing VC. Better still, dont turn up in the first place. candy enclosing crisp new $1000 bills, showing up at the door.