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Planning for the Future: Your Exit Strategy

Up and Running

For smaller companies that have already begun expanding—like restaurants that have franchised—an IPO may be a good way for the owner to recoup money spent, though it is worth noting that he or she may not be allowed to sell stock until the lock-up period has passed.

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What Makes an Entrepreneur? Cojones (7/11)

Both Sides of the Table

The problem was that he was still working out the lock-up period in his big company. If this idea was so big then why would they risk not being first to market, not building defensible IP for the sake of a few hundred thousand dollars extra in lock-up money at a big company? I finally called bullshit.


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Difference Between ICO, IEO and STO


Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires a lock-up period in their Regulation S where investors are unable to cash out their investment for up to one year. Because regulation and governance are tighter around securities, so is liquidity. Some regulators, such as U.S

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Share options are key to Valley culture; the UK is getting close, but not there yet

The Equity Kicker

Once these businesses and others come out of their lock-up periods many of their option holders will cash in, more people will know somebody whose options have worked for them, and startup employees will place more value on those options.

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Trimming The Hedges, Planning For A Rainy Day


One could argue there are 101 reasons for all of this sentiment, and they’d be right.

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Slack S-1: Will ARPU Drive Long Term Value?

View from Seed

But it does mean that traditional 180 day lock-up periods won’t generally apply to existing Slack shareholders. My interest in digging through Slack’s filing was to better understand the business. So the things I was trying to broadly analyze include: What are the current and future growth prospects for Slack?

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Looking Ahead, Predictions For 2019


If things hold up through lock-up periods, waves of cash will wash up in northern California. Caveat: The market could not be kind to some of these companies — What will investors think of Uber losing billions of dollars per quarter?