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Austin-based DRAFT Debuts at Demo Fall in San Jose


Austin-based DRAFT, a mobile app-based investment tool, launched Thursday at DEMO Fall 2014 in San Jose, Calif. The app aggregates all of a user’s […] The post Austin-based DRAFT Debuts at Demo Fall in San Jose appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin Curb DRAFT Obsidian Student Loan Benefits Suvola Yunomi'

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Top 10 Emerging Marketplaces for Chemical Industry in 2022


Knowde was established in 2017 in San Jose, California, by Ali Amin-Javaheri (caesium inc). It’s not just “modernize the old world” but rather digitalize and accelerate the way buyers and sellers exchange information. You can search, compare, sample, quote, and buy chemicals on one platform on Knowde’s website.

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Top Difficulties Developers Encounter While Designing Hardware

The Startup Magazine

Source: Flickr via The San Jose Library. The hardware design and development process are faced with many challenges while ensuring that the embedded product meets the necessary functionality, is dependable and secure, and consumes less power. .

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Massacre at IBM

Steve Blank

On Monday, in San Jose, near the factory, we met with UltraTech Stepper, a friendly account. We would travel throughout the US and Asia to test-sell a validation prototype, listening to each customer as a jury listens to each witness. The first wave of meetings was with five US customers in mid-November.

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Austin Ranks Third in the Milken Institute’s List of Best Performing U.S. Cities


The greater San Francisco area claimed the top spot on the list, followed by Provo-Orem, Utah. Rounding out the top 10 list was Reno, Nevada in fourth place, followed by the greater San Jose area, the […]. The post Austin Ranks Third in the Milken Institute’s List of Best Performing U.S.

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The 20 Coolest CoWorking Spaces In The U.S.


Located in both San Francisco and San Jose (and soon to be Las Vegas), Citizen Space bills itself as simply, “a nicer place to work.” At night, Caroline Collective turns into an event space with an outdoor gated lot that’s perfect for hosting parties, movies, and even concerts. Citizen Space.

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College Dropout Advocate Thiel to Teach at Stanford | San Jose Mercury News

Campus Entrepreneurship

via College dropout advocate Peter Thiel to teach course at Stanford – San Jose Mercury News. ” And on a campus that serves as a veritable metaphor these days for the valley’s innovative spirit, it’s not surprising that the course Thiel is teaching at his alma mater is already oversubscribed.