4 Essential Elements of An Effective PR Campaign

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When it comes to PR, many startups and small businesses don't have deep pockets. Grow Marketing & Sales marketing PR pr strategies public relationsBut brand recognition can be achieved without spending thousands.

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5 Questions To Ask Before You Launch A PR Campaign

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When it comes to PR, here's how to ace yours. Grow Marketing & Sales media coverage PR public relations publicityThe Snuggie, Airbnb, Soylent and even Donald Trump arguably have something in common: epic timing.

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5 Old Brand Ad Campaigns We Still Love


There are many ad campaigns from the yore that nobody remembers now although they might have worked back then. Here are a few great campaigns that are our favorites. 5 Old Brand Ad Campaigns We Still Love. What are some of your favorite brand campaigns?

Forget Publicity-Driven Campaigns. Here Are the 3 Key Components of Modern PR

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Here's why modern brands are shifting away from publicity-driven public relations campaigns to a more dynamic PR model. Marketing

Elon Musk's Best PR Campaign to Date Happened and You May Not Have Noticed

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Elon Musk's Best PR Campaign Yet Happened and You May Not Have Noticed. Technology

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PR/Media Exposure Campaigns: How Long Should They Be?

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When it comes to generating publicity/media exposure for a product or service, trying to determine the amount of time it might take to launch and maintain a successful media exposure campaign is a hard nut to crack. 3-6 month campaigns: 38%. 6-9 month campaigns: 37%.

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Episode 123: Create a Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign with Ariel Hyatt

Mike Michalowicz

On this episode we interview Ariel Hyatt and the conversation is about how to run a profitable crowdfunding campaign. Ariel is the author of a book called a Crowdstart:The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful and Profitable Crowdfunding Campaign and shares the necessary elements in creating a campaign that will bring revenue and profit to the business. The big hint is that you need to prepare for the campaign well in advance. The campaign is just the icing on top.

3 Ways Startups Can Generate Good PR For Their Business


When your company is just starting out, you’re often so busy trying to meet with investors and finalize a working prototype on budget and within schedule that there is no time or money to generate PR. Others business advice PR public relations publicity

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How To Find PR Opportunities For Your Business


But PR can play a significant role in determining the kind of customers you attract and the level of brand loyalty that you enjoy. The most effective way to kickstart PR for your business is by subscribing to HARO (Help A Reporter Out). Hire A PR Agency.

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Should You Bother Targeting the Tech Blogs for Your PR Campaigns?

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I’ve started a recent series on PR at startups since I get asked for advice on this topic so often. Here’s how you should think about your PR plan. And while obvious this misses a critical point - PR is not only about your users.

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Are You Accurately Measuring the ROI of Your PR Strategy?

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Measuring the ROI of a PR campaign goes much deeper than just subtracting money spent from revenue earned. Thanks to technology, measuring PR in the digital era is completely different than it was a few years ago. Effective PR strategies take time, effort and critical thinking.

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Things To Consider Before Hiring A PR Firm


I get this question at almost every DIY PR workshop I do: “How do I know if a PR firm is the right fit for me?”. Finding the right PR firm can be a lot like dating; it could just be a gut instinct that tells you that you’ve found the one. Do you want traditional PR?

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Want to Pull a Viral PR Stunt? Take a Lesson From a Company Best Known for Kosher Wine

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That hasn't stopped the PR campaign from working. Comedian, movie star, and SNL alumnus Adam Sandler hasn't responded to Manischewitz's offer yet--meaning a Passover song to match his Hannukah song isn't confirmed. Public Relations

Why Your Marketing Campaign Sucks

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Mostly it’s because your marketing campaigns suck. If you want more marketing & PR tips I summarized a few of them over here on my blog , BothSidesofTheTable and I’ll add to the mix over time. This article originally appeared on TechCrunch.

The #1 Mistake That Kills Your E-mail Campaign

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The post The #1 Mistake That Kills Your E-mail Campaign appeared first on Boost sales fast with content marketing strategy, SEO and PR here. Do you let your e-mail messages go out like this? You’re a small business owner who wants to save money wherever possible. I get it.

When Should Startups Hire a PR Firm

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I attended the inaugural PR 2.0 Despite the negativity around “Public Relations”, a sound PR strategy can be a difference maker for startup success. The problem is that hiring a PR firm is a hefty expense for an early stage startup. startups PR public relations marketing PR 2.0

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5 Ways Content Marketing Can Benefit PR

Duct Tape Marketing

5 Ways Content Marketing Can Benefit PR written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. With the advent of social media, the tables turned for professionals working in the PR industry. Some will say that social media networks are the worst imaginable PR nightmare there is.

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Here’s a question – is your PR working?

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Here’s a question – is your PR working? As small business owners or marketers, we all know full well how important it is to put time aside for PR. If you’re an astute CEO you’ll feel it in your water when PR is working. It’s also a way to see that your PR is working.

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Azione PR – It’s All About Taking Action


Azione PR is a Los Angeles, California-based boutique public relations firm started by two enterprising and dynamic young women who despite their young ages already possess more than twenty years of experience in public relations and marketing in total.

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Book Marketing – What Can A PR Pro Do For You


Experts in public relations (PR) and marketing don’t simply get the word out; they create such a phenomenal success for their clients, that when someone needs a recommendation they are the first name they consider. Let’s also break it down into several other things a PR professional can do.

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Understanding and knowing what steps to take to carry out a successful PR campaign can be daunting, confusing and quite overwhelming. Furthermore, by developing definitive goals — you will be able to effectively measure your campaign against business objectives.

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Brand Measurement: Analytics & Metrics for Branding Campaigns

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One of the ultimate excuses for not measuring impact of Marketing campaigns is: "Oh, that's just a branding campaign." Before we go any further I must clarify that I love branding campaigns just as much as the next guy. I love campaigns that Visa runs.

Marketing Sweat Equity: Getting Your Startup’s First Sales—Without Spending Money on Consultants and PR

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They could care less about a fancy marketing campaign or expensive promotional events. For example, one of my marketing campaigns revolved around providing a platform for successful entrepreneurs to answer questions posed by startup and small business operators.

Here’s How to Do PR on a Budget

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Yesterday I wrote a post about The Silent Benefits of PR in which I pointed out that most young companies I encounter don’t fully grasp the benefits of PR because they are less measurable than product milestones or customer acquisition analyses (like CAC/LTV). In that article I talked about how PR drives: recruiting, employee retention, biz dev deals, funding and even M&A and that often “attribution” to your PR activities is unknown.

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Trump Campaign Manager Demonstrates How to Create a PR Nightmare in 7 Easy Steps

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Corey Lewandowski yanked reporter Michelle Fields by the arm. Then things got ugly

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Startups: Don't Hire a PR Agency

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Services Marketing Help Downloads Contact Log In Startups: Don’t Hire a PR Agency By brantcooper , May 12, 2010 6:46 pm I hope my PR friends won’t hate me after this post, but the point needs to be repeated: Startups should not hire PR agencies.

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Why That $1 Million Doesn’t Always Mean Your Crowdfunding Campaign Was A Success


Kickstarter companies alone have raised more than $786 million in funds ( Forbes ) and while many companies still use this method for raising money for production, others are recognizing the marketing value running a campaign can have. The first spend – website and campaign development.

PR Founder Provides Social Media Advice for Companies Looking to Grow Brand


Social media is here to stay and the best social media campaigns are those that captivate and engage their target audience. We had the opportunity to speak with Melissa Sin of anthonyBarnum Public Relations about how she started her business, her approach to PR and social media strategy.

How Interactive Content is Changing the Digital PR Industry

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How Interactive Content is Changing the Digital PR Industry written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. How the digital PR industry benefits from interactive content? The digital PR industry, in particular, benefits greatly from interactive content.

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The Crazy Marketing Campaigns That Actually Worked


Unusual, unique and eye-catching marketing campaigns are often pursued in an attempt to become separate from the herd. Here are five crazy marketing campaigns that paid off for start-ups and new businesses: Uber.

5 Things Every Great Marketing Campaign Asks Itself

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marketing, PR, press release, how to write press release, small business

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The Heart Of The Game: PR Lessons Learned From Game Of Thrones


While it is tempting in PR to add a little more color to a pale palette, embellishing or steering an audience into distraction to avoid the truth is the quickest way to lose respect and trust. by Leslie Licano, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Fifteen Communications.

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5 great viral marketing campaigns (and what small businesses can learn from them!)

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Here are 5 campaigns we greatly admire that used relatively scant funds and some of the lessons that small businesses can achieve from an analysis of their success! The Obama campaign and viral video.

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3 Tips For Finding The Right PR Agency

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As your business grows odds are good you’re going to need a PR plan either with an in-house devoted staff member or for most entrepreneur’s an outside agency. Here are three tips for finding the right PR agency for you and your business.

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5 Best Practices For Increasing Earned Media For Your Brand


To maximize ROI of any campaigns, social sharing is a must. It will only just make your campaigns irrelevant and sometimes even just backfire. Look at how the rate of sharing can alter by campaign type, from Wildfire’s study: 4.

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3 Tips For Finding The Right PR Agency

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

As your business grows odds are good you’re going to need a PR plan either with an in-house devoted staff member or for most entrepreneur’s an outside agency. Here are three tips for finding the right PR agency for you and your business.

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10 Essential PR Tips for Startups


10 Essential PR Tips for Startups. Sign up for her course on “ PR for Startups ” to learn more about getting media coverage for your fledgling business. While pitching individual writers sounds more promising to many PR folk, you should always determine the official pitching method for your preferred publication. TIP: As a startup – use PR for link building. Buffered this one for sure, I hope all goes well with your upcoming course for startup PR!

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When PR for Your Startup?

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Startup Marketing Blog – By Sean Ellis Unlocking Startup Growth By Sean Ellis of 12in6 Jan 7th 10 When PR for Your Startup? This post is by Joe Eckert , the most effective PR executive I know (we worked together at LogMeIn). Given my limited PR knowledge, I asked Joe to write this guest post to help you begin your startup’s PR program. – Sean When PR? But the key is that a lot of PR deliverables are no longer just media stories. So, when PR?

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[ADV] Top 5 Ways Social Media Has Changed PR


There was a time, when marketing and PR professionals could take their time, having hours until daily newspaper deadlines. This development caused PR professionals to adopt a new method of communication – social media. For PR professionals it is no longer a case of blasting out PR releases or information about their brand and expecting them to be successful. This means PR campaigns are becoming more specifically targeted and strategic in their approach.

7 Phrases Your PR Team Doesn't Want To Hear

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Your PR team can do some very good things for you--but it can''t work magic. As the founder of two companies, I know the importance of having top-notch PR to keep your brand in the conversation. PR professionals] can''t control the final messaging.

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