Add Some Green To Your Startup


As a result, there are more reasons than ever for businesses to become green. From an ethical, regulatory and customer service perspective, there are plenty of reasons for your business to go green. Green fashion.

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Making Green From Green


Additionally, your company can make money as you create a green reason for customers to buy from your organization. This epitomizes “making green from green.”. The concept of making green from green is coming into its own. You look good in green. Green on!

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How to Start a Green Business

Up and Running

Over the past two decades, “going green” has become much more than a simple quasi-environmentalist mantra, or a slogan for some local youth’s neighborhood cleaning initiative. See Also How Green Initiatives Can Benefit Your Business. Shades of green—choose your business.

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Why It’s Important To Start Your Business Green From Ground Up


The world currently is at the point where every organization is encouraging business owners to invest in green, eco-friendly businesses. People should learn to think green in any idea they set out to implement. Going green is a venture far from being initially cost effective.

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Streamlined Waste Management For Green Businesses


Others eco-friendly green business waste managementDid you know that the average American creates 4.5 pounds of trash in a day? That’s a staggering statistic when you take into account that there are around 321 million Americans.

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These are the British Businesses Adopting Green and Sustainable Practices

The Startup Magazine

It appears as though consumer demand is motivating businesses to become more sustainable which is reinforced by government green tax breaks for energy-efficient SMEs.

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GreenPost – Because Bills Should Be Green


Green Growth. “Luckily the world is changing fast,&# he says, adding that the increasing concern over the environment also made it an opportune time for service providers who offer green technologies such as digital billing.

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Great Green Tips for Building a Sustainable Startup

Up and Running

For those who need a little more convincing, it’s not just the environment that will benefit from any efforts made to go green. Also, being able to call yourself a “green business” is great for public relations. See Also How Green Initiatives Can Benefit Your Business.

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Why Going Green Can Help Save Your Small Business


Much of the world is the midst of a green revolution, and a great deal of this eco-conscious focus is squarely on businesses. As these shoppers vote with their wallets, it’s beneficial in several ways for a small business to adopt green practices.

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[Infographic] Going Green For Small Business, Without Breaking The Bank


Many small business owners think that only large corporations with big budgets can afford to go green. Others best practices eco-friendly green infographic small businessBut they couldn’t be more wrong.

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Foreign Students In The US: How To Trade Your F1 Visa For A Green Card


If so, then here are four ways that you may be able to trade in your F1 visa for a Green Card: 1. Enter the Green Card Lottery. However, because of a surge in marriage fraud, getting a Green Card through marriage is much tougher and far more complex.

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Modern Startups: How To Grow A Green Business From The Get Go


If you’re environmentally conscious and hoping to launch a green startup, you have the right mindset to succeed in the 21st century. Here are some actions you can take to set your green startup on the path to success: Buy Green. Understand the Green Market.

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Green Chile Burgers: A Recipe For Success


I have heard of a good burger place with green Chile burgers but not I’m sure where it is”, Denise said. We’re not sure what a green Chile burger is and all agree to go find one. In front of us in line is a buff looking white guy, wearing the dark green uniform of the Forestry Service.

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Dreaming of a Green (Day) Dreamforce

deal architect

It looked for a while I might be overseas during Dreamforce week. With that resolved, I have been getting daily emails summarizing Chatter conversations about the event. And getting excited about the trip next week. I have been eyeing the. Cloud Computing, SaaS

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Going Green Is The Next Black


According to a recent report , there was a 59-percent jump last year in the number of businesses that have gone green. This is great for the environment, plus nine out of ten of those businesses experienced cost savings by going green. by Quincy Yu, SeaYu Enterprises.

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Tips For Going Green For St. Patrick’s Day


There’s never been a better time to go green. Patrick’s Day festivities and wear something green – and consider the following tips to make sure your business is green too: 1. Thinking Aloud eco-friendly green SingleFeed small business

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3 Day Startup Green Tech in San Antonio Sprouts Startups


Saxena’s team at 3 Day Startup Green […] The post 3 Day Startup Green Tech in San Antonio Sprouts Startups appeared first on SiliconHills. San Antonio 2030 District 3 Day Startup Green 80/20 Foundation gaiah Green Nexus Green Spaces Alliance JSA Energy Solar San Antonio SolarBus SA Suhkiware By LAURA LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News Growing up in India, Rohit Saxena often used biodegradable bowls and plates made from leaves. When he moved to the U.S.,

Green Franchise Taking The Industry A Notch Higher


Since we enhanced the product, adding 24/7 Service, automation, and Green Earth and a “we care” factor, we added Care Cleaners and the name is OXXO Care Cleaners. Businesses that take care of the environment are almost always bound to be successful.

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Here’s What To Look For In A Green Office Space

YFS Magazine

Green office buildings are on the rise. Grow Operations green business Office Space office space design office space for leaseIf you are ready to make the move to a more sustainable office space, here are some things to keep in mind.

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Greenbelt Greens Launches in Austin


And thanks to a new Austin-based subscription service, Greenbelt Greens, people can get chef-designed salads and grain bowls sent straight to their doorstep. Customers can personalize their deliveries when they set up their Greenbelt Greens profile. They’ll be […] The post Greenbelt Greens Launches in Austin appeared first on SiliconHills. The salad days are here to stay in Austin.

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Chile’s pollution problems has led to green startups

The Next Web

Santiago de Chile is an understatedly cool city. Sure, it doesn’t have the classical buildings of Buenos Aires or the ageless allure of Rio, but what’s lacking in historic charm is made up for with a modernity that achieves being progressive yet unpretentious.

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Rackspace Celebrates 6th Annual Green Day


Victor Rodriguez Special to Silicon Hills News About 800 Rackers (Rackspace employees) and members of the community attended the company’s 6th annual Green Day. Austin Technology San Antonio Technology Green Day Rackers RackspaceRackspace held the event on Wednesday at its San Antonio headquarters. San Antonio Backyard Chickens brought a bunch of chickens and educated Rackers on how to produce farm-fresh eggs in their [.].

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Going Green is Good for Dell and the Environment


By LAURA LOREK Reporter with Silicon Hills News It turns out going green is good for Dell and not just in a feel good way. The company not only has greatly reduced its impact on the environment through recycling and cutting carbon emissions in the last decade, but it has generated profits in the process. […] The post Going Green is Good for Dell and the Environment appeared first on SiliconHills.

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Green Austin! April 19–20 Cannabis Event

Austin Startup

Those are the words of investor Bill Marcus of the networking business Green Table talking about the cannabis business as part of an interview broadcast Monday on the National Public Radio show Hear and Now. Green Austin!

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Love And Giving Aren’t Green: Startups & Corporate Social Impact


By Melissa Thompson, CEO of Talk Session. Once a year New York City is overcome at 5 p.m.

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Go Green With Ten Startup Triple Bottom Line Ideas

Startup Professionals Musings

Green construction. I’ve heard many ideas for greening your house and your business, from minor improvements - such as what paint to use - to major ones, such as how to choose and install solar electric panels. The last refers more to the social issues of green businesses today.

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Entrepreneur Providing Smart and Green Solutions to Save on Shipping Costs On The Road


Roadie the national on-the-way delivery network , is the smart solution to save on shipping costs and a green way to use resources already on the road. Delivering goods to customers can be hectic especially for new businesses.

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Austin-based Green & Grow Lands $6 Million in Funding


Green & Grow, an agriculture technology startup, has raised $6 million in Series B funding and struck a new partnership with Otter Capital. We […] The post Austin-based Green & Grow Lands $6 Million in Funding appeared first on SiliconHills. Since our first meeting, we have been impressed with Otter Capital’s knowledge and commitment to the biological product space,” Alan Sobba President and CEO of GGI, said in a news release. “We

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Denmark’s Startups Are Ready To Switch To The Circular Economy Model


Larger companies such as Coop , Urtekram, Friland and Thise are already acknowledged for their green efforts, several smaller startups stand out as well: Sprout – a company which created the world’s first plantable pencil. In the News Denmark going green green business recyling startups

Small Business Spotlight: Rent A Green Box

crowdSPRING Blog

Rent A Green Box solves a problem for someone moving and a problem for the Earth. I am so excited about the future of Rent A Green Box as we scale up through our dealership network coupled with 25 amazing Zero Waste products and a very innovate viral marketing program that’s the culmination of 8 amazing years of promoting a cheaper, faster and easier way to move in America! Related posts: Small Business Spotlight of the Week: Green Envee Organics.

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5 Ways CEOs Can Change Their Behaviors To Lead More Efficiently


by Mark Green , author of “ Activators: A CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done “ In business, the adage “it starts at the top” can prompt an uncomfortable question: “Can the boss finish what he or she started?”.

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Small Business Spotlight of the Week: Green Envee Organics

crowdSPRING Blog

Well, Green Envee Organics can help fix that. Green Envee Organics is 100% truly plant based Body and Skin Care Company. Green Envee Organics believes in making products for our minds, bodies, and spirits utilizing ingredients that only nature can provide.

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3 Tips For Overcoming ‘Hidden Growth Killers’ That Harm Your Business


by Mark Green , author of “ Activators: A CEO’s Guide to Clearer Thinking and Getting Things Done “ A key part of any CEO’s or entrepreneur’s role is to make the “right” decisions, and then ensure they are enacted to advance the business.

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Sustainable Design Can Help Your Small Business and Improve the Environment

crowdSPRING Blog

Sustainable business , or a green business , is a business that strives to create the smallest amount of impact on the environment as possible. Choose green materials. Packages that use green materials like recycled aluminum save energy and reduce landfill waste.

Renewables: The great dual challenge,

deal architect

Industry Commentary Sustainability, Green ComputingThe new General Electric is a shell of its former self as it sheds most of its business units and its industrial coverage is down to its aircraft engine, renewable, and power plant businesses. GE CEO John Flannery has called.

Make Renewables so Cheap that they KILL Fossil Fuels

deal architect

Sustainability, Green ComputingPeter Diamandis, of Abundance fame, put out this rallying cry in a recent post. Renewables definitely need a kick in the behind. A recent conversation with my lawn guy, Bruce told me how far they still have to go.

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It’s not easy being green

Jason Ball

As an entrepreneur (or investor) there’s a lot to be learned from the Company… First a preface: I’m not a crazy tree-hugger, but I’m fortunate enough to live in a place where being green is relatively straight forward- central London. 7) Go for green bonus points!

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Get Your Business To “Go Green” In These 5 Easy Ways

Mike Michalowicz

Here are 5 easy ways to get your business to go green: 1. The green fix? It is a green material that grows quickly, is very resilient, and can be used to make many different products. If you look around your office with a keen eye, you will find a lot of ways that you can go green. The post Get Your Business To “Go Green” In These 5 Easy Ways appeared first on Mike Michalowicz.

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Green Road Raises $13 Million and Appoints New CEO

VC Cafe

Green Road raises $13 million from existing investors and appoints Jim Heeger, a silicon valley veteran as the new CEO. The funds that participated include Benchmark, DAG Ventures, Amadeus, Richard Branson’s Virgin Green and Generation investment management, Al Gore’s fund. Green road has raised over $45 million to date. The Israeli startup developing anti-accident and fuel saving technology for the car. Check out this video to see the technology in action.

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Amazon goes Green

Jason Ball

No love notes in the cloud for Marc Andreessen, maybe--but everything else is fair game

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A Guide to Creating Eco-Friendly Offices

The Startup Magazine

Often, there is a common belief that the ‘green’ option is the more costly option, however, this is not always true. Green Promotional Materials. Green items for promotional use are a good addition and something a lot of businesses are turning towards.

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Four Branches of the Green Web

Genuine VC

Of the all the feedback I received from people about this post, it surprised me how much of it was focused and resonated around the second one, the internet’s facilitation of a green lifestyle. Of course, going green is the “trendy tend” these days, and has certainly gone mainstream, as the cover of Newsweek magazine a few weeks ago surely testifies. I see four categories where The Green Web is emerging, with numerous websites: 1.

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Please Sign In Blue Ink

Feld Thoughts

For the past 15 years, I’ve signed everything in green ink. I think I found a green Paper Mate felt tip pen that I liked and just started using it. So – if you have something from me signed in green, you know it’s an original. Innovation fax green ink I don’t remember how it started – it just did. Otherwise it’s a copy or has an electronic signature.

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