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The Benefits of Using SMS online

The Startup Magazine

Using SMS communication is ideal for marketing, especially since it has an incredibly high open rate, robust response rate, and fantastic reach. But did you know using SMS isn’t restricted exclusively to smartphone and text messaging? You can use SMS online as well. Here are a few benefits of using SMS online.

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Tapping Into The Power of SMS Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

Tapping Into The Power of SMS Marketing written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. 9:31] So many people are talking about SMS and how the open rates are higher, but many people don’t want their messaging app to turn into what email has become for a lot of people – how do you not fall into this? [13:07]

SMS 101

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53 Questions Developers Should Ask Innovators


Email / SMS Does your application send out transactional emails or SMS messages? What about reporting and moderation? Notifications What notifications does your application need? Are they dismissable? Do they generate emails or push notifications? How are those mass messages crafted? How often is message content updated?

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Your SMS Marketing Guide


SMS refers to the service of sending messages to communicate. If you are new to SMS marketing then learn to incorporate it effectively with the help of our SMS Marketing guide. An interesting fact about SMS marketing is that you don’t need a smartphone or internet connection to send or receive messages.

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The Last SMS

This is going to be BIG.

To be clear, the desire to send and receive short messages isn't going away--but the need to send them via the SMS protocol may become extinct. As smart phones grew in popularity, developers built mobile apps using Twitter's API, moving the majority of tweets off of SMS and into the data stream. Take Twitter, for example.

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Back to The Future: Power of SMS-Native

View from Seed

It is the one message-space on your phone that you always pay attention to: SMS text messages. And SMS text messages are at the top. Yes, there is something truly special about SMS… it’s: Universal. Most important, yet the most subtle, SMS implies a personal interaction. They don’t. Call it the ultimate priority inbox.

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SMS Marketing: The Ultimate Small Business Guide [2022]

crowdSPRING Blog

We share insights and tips to help you with SMS marketing. Consumers are new comfortable interacting with businesses on mobile devices.

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