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Talent and Bandwidth

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I would focus on two areas; talent and bandwidth. The other area is bandwidth. I mean data bandwidth. We just need talent and bandwidth to keep it going. When people ask me what the city and state government can do to help the technology driven startup community in NYC, I tell them two things. With one exception.

The Scarcest Resource at Startups is Management Bandwidth

Both Sides of the Table

I always tell teams I meet with, “The scarcest resource in your company is management bandwidth. Let me explain. Trust me. My advice?

Siklu Raises $19 Million for Cheaper Wireless Bandwidth

VC Cafe

Amiti Ventures Argonaut Private Equity Qualcomm Ventures Siklu Evergreen millimeter millimeter wave petach tikva israel qualcomm radio Siklu Wireless tamir fishman tamir fishman ventures wireless wireless backhaul wireless bandwidth CVCAnother strategic investor (CVC) joined the round but remained undisclosed.

How Netflix Is Hogging U.S. Bandwidth

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You read that right. The video streaming service looks to be dominating the space, but has start-ups nipping at its heels.

The 1 Thing That Keeps a "Best Workplaces" Leader Up At Night

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Like an internet connection, sometimes as a company grows, it loses some bandwidth

Looksery Wants You to Accept That Live Video Call

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However, improvements in bandwidth and technology from a recent Kickstarter standout may signal a change for the better Video meetings are dreaded by many an employee.

Dear Internet: Let’s Demo The Slow Lane

Feld Thoughts

I’m no server expert, but it looks like Apache has a setting called mod_ratelimit that does bandwidth throttling for client connections. Yesterday when we were having Comcast issues in downtown Boulder, I thought about how slow the Internet speed at my office was. So I switched over to my other ISP at home, Skybeam , and got 9.5/2.5.

Framework Benchmarks Round 9


With ample network bandwidth, the highest-performing frameworks are further differentiated. View Round 9 results now. that of i7. that of i7.

8 Lessons From the Founding CTO of Enron Broadband

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why did Enron''s bandwidth trading business fail

Next Wednesday Is The Internet Slowdown

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

What I want to see is a framework that everyone agrees to (application developers, bandwidth providers, last mile access providers, and the regulators) that says you can’t prioritize one bit over another in the last mile access network and you can’t charge application developers to deliver their bits to the end user.

8 Applications You Should Hunt Down On Your Network


By Leon Adato, Head Geek, SolarWinds. The findings point to workers become increasingly reliant on applications to perform their job. Online Storage.

Zayo Group – One of Boulder’s Amazing Startup Stories

Feld Thoughts

Bandwidth was busting — and this would continue beyond our children’s lifetimes. The balance between supply and demand of bandwidth was rapidly improving. Third, we developed a thesis around “Bandwidth Infrastructure”, a term we coined. Dan Caruso, the co-founder/CEO of Zayo Group , is one of them.

9 Business Clichés to Retire Forever

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Responding to a question he said, "I don't think we have sufficient bandwidth to transfer that much data." Bandwidth. I'll wait. Really?

Repurposing Content Through Visual Reimagination

crowdSPRING Blog

That content creation, however, can take up a lot of bandwidth. You have to stay fresh. You have to stay relevant. You have to stay hungry.

6 Key Attributes That Investors Look For In A CEO

Startup Professionals Musings

How does a startup founder know whether he or she has the skill and bandwidth to fill the role, or what and where to look for outside candidates?

mctop – a tool for analyzing memcache get traffic

Code as Craft

For the most part network bandwidth across all memcache instances within a pool is relatively balanced. Diagnosing the Issue. Welcome mctop!

The Neurotech Era

Feld Thoughts

That is, most fundamentally, because they have such low-bandwidth connections to the human brain. The highest bandwidth neural interface ever placed into a human brain, on the other hand, had just 256 electrodes. What if, at some point, technology gives us high-bandwidth neural interfaces that can be easily implanted?

Ideas Are Only The Beginning Of Startup Innovation

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Yet most team members don’t have the bandwidth or interest to do their existing job, and well as address major innovations. Marty Zwilling.

In WordPress Hosting Hell? Pantheon Now Supports WordPress

Feld Thoughts

Every hour invested in this marketing infrastructure comes directly out of the bandwidth available for product improvements. You may noticed from prior posts that we’ve had a difficult time at Foundry Group managing our growing portfolio of WordPress sites. We are not alone. This is where things start to break down. Total break down.

How To Predict The Future

Feld Thoughts

It was difficult because we had limited bandwidth to send the bits through, and limited processing power to compress and decompress the video. I looked at the future predictions for “modem speed” (as I called it back then, today we’d called it internet connection speed or bandwidth). By day he works on web and social media for HP.

Leadership Is From Experience, Mentoring and Failure

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Committees don’t create successful startups. He or she needs the multiplier of growing from the “doer” to a team builder and leader.

The Perils of Shiny New Objects

Both Sides of the Table

As I’m fond of saying “ The Scarecest Resource at a Startup is Management Bandwidth ” so choose wisely. The new thing. Twilio.

Page Speed: Why It’s a Big Tool in Your Page Ranking

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Bandwidth Services : First of all, a company will save up to 60% off bandwidth bills with simple HTTP compression. If a site loads in 2.9

How To Set Goals Like You’re Google (Even If You’re Not)

Hunter Walker

We tracked these occurrences in the player and browser, trying to categorize the causes (insufficient steady state user bandwidth, connectivity interruption, overworked client CPU, etc) and prioritizing which we could intelligently solve for on our end. Embrace the 10x factor. But one morning the conversation with Larry changed. .

6 Reasons Why Bigger Is Not Better In Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Your personal bandwidth is quickly exceeded. In reality, more features will more likely make the product confusing and less usable to all.

How to Choose Which Social Media Platforms Are Right for Your Business

Up and Running

While this seems obvious, it’s important to take a step back and look at how your business stacks up in terms of bandwidth. Sure, you could.

Share Your Wifi Karma


” “Bandwidth and mobile data is precious. The concept of social bandwidth. There’s never enough of it.”

5 Things You Need To Know About Dark Fibre


When you use dark fibre, you can simply change equipment interfaces on your own without working with your existing carrier to upgrade your bandwidth.

The Importance Of Doing Side Projects For A Creative Storyteller!


It provides you with some extra bandwidth to maneuver and helps creatives keep up the experimentation on projects. This is key for just any job.

No email at AngelList

Venture Hacks

We use very little email at AngelList. Most of our communication happens on Yammer, HipChat, Tracker and face-to-face. And they have a mobile app.

Email 54

10 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Video Conferencing Experience


Manage Bandwidth. Connectivity issues plague video conferencing, but most can be traced back to one thing: Bandwidth. Focus on Furniture.

7 Criteria For Selecting an Entrepreneur-Confidant

Startup Professionals Musings

It’s plausible to have more than one, but not likely that you have the bandwidth for more than two. Select mentors to fill your strength gaps.

There’s an Internet Showdown Brewing

Andrew Payne

The problem is ISPs sell “unlimited data” (effectively), but their networks are nowhere near the capacity needed for all subscribers using full bandwidth. The ISPs bet subscribers use only a small average bandwidth fraction. Worse, ISPs have been famously unimaginative about future applications and bandwidth demand (e.g.

Do You Have The Moxy To Be A Parallel Entrepreneur?

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Burns off high energy and bandwidth. Optimize your advisers and investors. Advisors and mentors are busy people. Multiply the pay-back.

Angela Baldonero’s Philosophy On Interviewing

Feld Thoughts

Highly qualified yet bad attitude hires wreak havoc with your culture, suck up a ton of management bandwidth and ultimately don’t get anything done. I can’t remember when Angela Baldonero joined Return Path , but she’s been there for as long as I can remember. I hope you do also. Everything is data. Data point. Data point.

10 Steps To Finding The Right Startup Co-Founder

Startup Professionals Musings

The right answer is to find a co-founder with complementary skills. Two heads are always better than one in a startup.

6 Ways That Lack Of Focus Can Kill Your Business

Startup Professionals Musings

Your personal bandwidth is quickly exceeded. In reality, more features will more likely make the product confusing and less usable to all.

10 Keys To Evolution From A Startup To An Enterprise

Startup Professionals Musings

You don’t have the bandwidth to keep filling positions with more helpers. Of course, not every entrepreneur wants to tackle this challenge.

Why Aren’t ISPs Surfing Moore’s Law?

Andrew Payne

Given this, why isn’t our Internet bandwidth keeping up? But fiber is special: unlike copper circuits , fiber bandwidth is usually limited by the endpoint technology. Where DSL is often running as fast as the copper can stand, fiber links have much, much higher potential bandwidth. Why isn’t it? Policy

JumpCloud – Jump to the Next Level of DevOps

Feld Thoughts

Two of the themes we love to invest in are Protocol and Glue. Often, there is a perception that things are fine, until they aren’t.