NY Times Book Review of Eliot Peper’s Bandwidth

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His first book under that imprint, Bandwidth , just came out. “In a setting that could be a prequel to “Trail of Lightning,” Eliot Peper’s BANDWIDTH (47North, $24.95) is a thoughtful meditation on the ethics of power among those who broker it. Bandwidth” is a book that savors everything: Dag dwells as much in the scents and tastes of coffee and tequila as he does in philosophical problems of means justifying ends and the limits of ethical persuasion.

Talent and Bandwidth

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I would focus on two areas; talent and bandwidth. The other area is bandwidth. I mean data bandwidth. We just need talent and bandwidth to keep it going. When people ask me what the city and state government can do to help the technology driven startup community in NYC, I tell them two things. First, there is not one tech ecosystem. There is the software, internet, digital media sector which is thriving and on a tremendous growth spurt.

The Scarcest Resource at Startups is Management Bandwidth

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I always tell teams I meet with, “The scarcest resource in your company is management bandwidth. When you work inside a startup with lots of clever and motivated staff you’re never short of good ideas that you can implement.

Founders: Here's How to Step Back and Free Your Mental Bandwidth

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Wouldn't it be nice to step back (even temporarily) and catch your breath without worrying if the sky is about to fall?

Will Austin build transformative high-bandwidth applications?

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Austin’s makers, developers, and entrepreneurs will then have an opportunity to compete for cash prizes that will be awarded to the top developers who can come up with applications ideas that utilize gigabit bandwidth and or require extremely low latency.

Bandwidth Throttling? Find out with Measurement Lab

Eric Friedman

Google today announced a new product , called Measurement Lab , to help you determine if your ISP is throttling bandwidth and perhaps interfering with your downloads. This is basically a distributed way of proving what many have found out already that ISPs have been throttling bandwidth. I for one hope unlimited bandwidth continues and this leads to more connections in more places for more people.

Review: 4 Major Web Hosting Services

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A large bandwidth along with disk space. Needless to say, there is unlimited bandwidth and disk space this web hosting service is equipped with. The bandwidth and disk space are not metered.

Sick of Doing the Same Things? Here's What You Need to Do to Find More Challenging Work

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Off-load tasks you've mastered to create bandwidth for growth opportunities. HR/Benefits

5 Lies That Will Hold You Back in Your Career & Relationships

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These 5 "lies" waste precious brain power, bandwidth, and energetic resources. Pivot: Reinvention Central

The 'New Internet' Isn't Just a Silicon Valley Joke. Here's What You Should Know About It

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Efforts are underway to 'reinvent' the Internet as bandwidth is decreasing while video content is on the rise. Technology

Entrepreneurs ‘Up The Ante’ With Parallel Startups

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High energy and bandwidth. But with the cost of entry going down, and the multi-tasking bandwidth of each new generation going up, I suspect parallel entrepreneurs may soon be the norm rather than the exception. parallel entrepreneurs serial entrepreneurs startups bandwidth business

The 1 Thing That Keeps a "Best Workplaces" Leader Up At Night

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Like an internet connection, sometimes as a company grows, it loses some bandwidth

Christine: Whats Really Happening Around IPTV


IPTV is about bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth. David Price, Harmonic Anton Wahlman, Needham & Co Inorder to determine where the bandwidth bar is, you need to know what kind ofcontent youll be delivering. Christine (.net)

8 Lessons From the Founding CTO of Enron Broadband

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Why did Enron''s bandwidth trading business fail

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India 52

Invest in Israel Newsletter October 2010 Edition

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“Carriers are moving rapidly to IP-based mobile backhaul, and Wintegra’s product offering is uniquely positioned to enable this packet transition and breakthrough the bandwidth bottlenecks faced in mobile networks,&# said Greg Lang, president and chief executive officer of PMC-Sierra.

Important Announcement: I’m Quitting Coaching

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As bandwidth and technology improved, these evolved into private live webinars. Back in 2007 I released my first online course, Blog Mastermind 1.0. As part of that course I began running private group coaching teleconferences for my members. Not a year has gone by since then — that’s over a. The post Important Announcement: I’m Quitting Coaching appeared first on Yaro.blog. Laptop Lifestyle business coach business mentor coaching entrepreneur support membership site

Venture Cyclist: Incentives

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As I tweeted last month: Inverse Law of Usenet Bandwidth: The more interesting your life becomes, the less you post. Venture Cyclist. Venture Capitalist and Cyclist, hence Venture Cyclist. Pages. Advice for Entrepreneurs. VC:VC. Incentives. and vice versa. Jorn Barger, 1994. Usenet was pretty early version of what is now the web 2.0 world of user generated content. Todays simple corollary is: The more interesting your life becomes, the less you post [on blogs]. and vice versa.

Looksery Wants You to Accept That Live Video Call

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However, improvements in bandwidth and technology from a recent Kickstarter standout may signal a change for the better Video meetings are dreaded by many an employee.

Framework Benchmarks Round 9


With ample network bandwidth, the highest-performing frameworks are further differentiated. Although some response headers are normalized, we believe that the small variations beyond 200,000 RPS are caused by how each framework uses the available bandwidth of our gigabit Ethernet.

A good problem to have…

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It got nearly 500 clicks this morning from customers and prospects who have chosen to get the newsletter, forcing Izenda to purchase more bandwidth at screencasts.com. A "to-the-point" video One of my consulting clients, Izenda Reports , hit a home run today.

How To Improve Your Business Broadband Speeds

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Reduce Bandwidth Sharing. A shared bandwidth often has such issues. Blocking those unwanted pop-ups and search bars that love to install themselves automatically will secure your online activity while also protecting you bandwidth. Today’s commerce is done online.

10 Ways To Win With Multiple Concurrent Businesses

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Yet there are clear advantages to the parallel approach, if you have the moxy, resources, energy bandwidth, and the ability to multi-task effectively: A portfolio approach versus all eggs in one basket. Burns off high energy and bandwidth.

“Court Tosses FCC’s ‘Net Neutrality’.

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Yes, they use plenty of bandwidth but let’s face it, without these companies and many others offering content (WSJ included), there is no Internet worth using. “ Court Tosses FCC’s ‘Net Neutrality’ Rules " via The Wall Street Journal. Heh, heh….”traffic traffic jammers”.

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Share Your Wifi Karma


” “Bandwidth and mobile data is precious. At US$79 which includes an initial 1 GB free bandwidth it even ditches the subscription model – so yay, no more monthly subscription payments. The concept of social bandwidth.

How do we deal with offers from investors when we have just closed a round?


If you have the bandwidth, offer to meet with them briefly to give them the ‘public’ part of your pitch, and then make sure they’re on your mailing list for announcements, press releases, etc. Very simply, you respond cordially and promptly, letting them know that although you have just closed a round and are not currently fundraising, you would like to keep them updated on your progress, as there might be future opportunities for them to be involved.

Sprint Prepares to Launch its 4G LTE Network in San Antonio


But smartphones only work well if they are connected to a smart network that can handle the bandwidth demand from consumers downloading videos, photos and music onto their mobile devices. A lot of consumers want smartphones to access data on the go. Sprint Nextel Corp. has created a smart network, known as Network Vision, that [.]. Austin Technology San Antonio Technology Austin Dallas Houston San Antonio smart network smart phones Sprint 4G LTE Vision Network

5 Things You Need To Know About Dark Fibre


As business networks become more sophisticated and require high bandwidth connectivity, many companies are choosing dark fibre to help them meet their dynamic needs. It is a great option for organisations whose bandwidth requirements tend to be unpredictable or change rapidly.

Scaling customer learning is NOT about talking to more people

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The normal way this mistake plays out is a move from low-scale, high-bandwidth learning activities (like talking to people in person) and move to high-scale, low-bandwidth activities (like surveys). From the mailbag: “Related to your book, quick question.

Deep Work out of the office

David Cohen

In this space, state, however you want to think of it, I have time and bandwidth to work on the business, not in the business. Quality time with your loved ones isn’t the only benefit of working away from the office.

Essentials For Your Startup Infrastructure Build-Out

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This way, you don’t have to pay for any servers or bandwidth that you don’t need. The added costs for commercial bandwidth are well worth it if they help your team stay online and business run smoothly.

A Look At The Benefits Of Using A VPN

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You may find that your internet routes are not great or your bandwidth has limitations when it comes to international resources. It will give you a bandwidth that will cover far away destinations in the same way as the bandwidth you have with the local VPN server. What is VPN?

Why Aren’t ISPs Surfing Moore’s Law?

Andrew Payne

Given this, why isn’t our Internet bandwidth keeping up? But fiber is special: unlike copper circuits , fiber bandwidth is usually limited by the endpoint technology. Where DSL is often running as fast as the copper can stand, fiber links have much, much higher potential bandwidth. For the fiber now in the ground and on the poles, why isn’t bandwidth price-performance improving more quickly? Back in the mid-90s, I bought a new family PC for $3300.

3 Reasons to Hold a Start-Up Contest

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That's what Bandwidth, a VoIP solutions provider did to raise interest in its services among start-up companies using telecommunications. In its recently completed contest, the prize is up to $600,000 worth of Bandwidth's product. Here's what Bandwidth got out of running its contest: 1.

HostGator Really Beefs Up Their Servers!

TylerCruz.com: An Internet Entrepreneur's Journey

So, I was delightfully surprised (although at the same time, not-so surprised) when I discovered in their newsletter that was sent out yesterday, that HostGator has increased the amount of bandwidth on all of their dedicated servers to 10TB. Bandwidth Overages are Hella Expensive.

Zayo Group – One of Boulder’s Amazing Startup Stories

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Bandwidth was busting — and this would continue beyond our children’s lifetimes. The balance between supply and demand of bandwidth was rapidly improving. Third, we developed a thesis around “Bandwidth Infrastructure”, a term we coined. Instead, we sought to provide raw fiber, wavelengths, ethernet, IP, and technical space to those entities that needed a whole lot of bandwidth.

mctop – a tool for analyzing memcache get traffic

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For the most part network bandwidth across all memcache instances within a pool is relatively balanced. These hot keys, however, contribute a significant additional amount of egress network traffic and have the potential to saturate the available network bandwidth of the interface.

Next Wednesday Is The Internet Slowdown

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

What I want to see is a framework that everyone agrees to (application developers, bandwidth providers, last mile access providers, and the regulators) that says you can’t prioritize one bit over another in the last mile access network and you can’t charge application developers to deliver their bits to the end user. We’ve talked a lot here at AVC about Net Neutrality. I hate that term because it’s got so much baggage now that it is essentially meaningless to me.

The Importance Of Doing Side Projects For A Creative Storyteller!


It provides you with some extra bandwidth to maneuver and helps creatives keep up the experimentation on projects. It is said that creative energies keep flowing only if exercised regularly. The more divergent our creative mind is, the better it is for our system. This is key for just any job.

10 Outsourcing Myths Jeopardize Too Many New Ventures

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When you sign up remote workers, you’ll start to rely heavily on collaborative tools, Internet bandwidth, and new data security tools. These days, it is almost impossible to find a small business where everything is done at the home location, by full-time employees.