Corporation Versus A Limited Liability Company

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There are a number of alternatives structures, including general and limited partnerships, business trusts, sole proprietorships, etc. In the final analysis, the choice of entity usually comes down to an election between a corporation, whether S corporation or C corporation, and a limited liability company. Corporate shares were designed to be liquid; not so limited liability company interests. By Joseph W.

Corporation Versus A Limited Liability Company

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There are a number of alternatives structures, including general and limited partnerships, business trusts, sole proprietorships, etc. In the final analysis, the choice of entity usually comes down to an election between a corporation, whether S corporation or C corporation, and a limited liability company.

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3 Tips for Keeping Your Business in Compliance With the State

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If your company gets served, by having an outside service in place, the papers will be delivered to that office instead of your storefront where all your customers and employees can see the exchange. Limited Liability Company, Incorporation, or Inc.

Investing In Real Estate: Should I Form An LLC?

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Finance Grow investing limited liability company LLC money real estate investingIt is important for investors to understand the characteristics of an LLC to determine the best practice in structuring each investment.


Low-Profit Limited Liability Companies - A New Approach To Achieve Social Progress

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A low-profit limited liability company ("L3C") is a new form of business entity that is a hybrid with both "not-for-profit" and "for-profit" characteristics. While an L3C must be formed and operated primarily for charitable or educational purposes, it is a limited liability company ("LLC") that is owned by its members who may earn some profit from the social venture operated through the L3C.


5 Business Entities Suitable for Your Blogging Business

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Bloggers can exchange their business and personal assets by using this legal form but they will be liable for the company’s debts and obligations. In some jurisdictions however, one of the partners will be treated as a general one while the other will have limited liability.

Even Social Entrepreneurs Need Profit to Meet Goals

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For comparison, I was able to set up a simple for-profit Limited Liability Company (LLC) in a month for less than $100. Thus non-profit businesses have a very limited ability to survive when needs and interests of consumers change.

Starting Up Your Business: First Steps

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Before requesting funding for your business you will need to establish what legal structure is right for your company—are you a sole trader, limited liability company or a partnership? For more information on setting up as a limited liability company click here.

What is an L3C?

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In recent years, socially-minded entrepreneurs have begun testing a new type of business entity: the L3C, or Low Profit Limited Liability Corporation. The United Kingdom began using a similar structure in 2005, called a Community Interest Company.

What should I include in an investor provisions summary?


Here are some thoughts that immediately come to mind: 1) The only types of US companies that have “Operating Agreements” are Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and this structure is very difficult to use for (a) raising money, (b) issuing options, and (c) governance once things begin to get complicated. Invested Interests angel investor attorney companies entrepreneur investors provision summary startup

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Tips For Getting Your Small Business Off To A Great Start


Remember when composing your business plan , it is pertinent to include a mission statement, company summary, and an executive summary. Also, be sure to provide the reader with a breakdown of your company’s products and services.

Tips On Starting A Business Without Sabotaging Your Personal Finances


Set up a limited liability company (LLC) and separate bank account. Not only does this keep a clean line between business assets and your personal or family assets, it can help reduce your personal liability and make tax compliance simpler.

LLC Advantages and Disadvantages

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An LLC or limited liability company is a business form that is a hybrid of a sole proprietorship or partnership and a corporation. In addition, there are limitations on the types of businesses that can form LLCs. These limitations vary from state to state.

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The Complete Guide to Choosing Your Business Structure

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You may have more difficulty raising money: As you cannot sell any stock in your company, you will not be able to increase your company’s worth that way. Both entrepreneurs share ownership, and have shared input and participation in the company.

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Startups And Owner’s Draws: The 411

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But sole proprietors, partners in a partnership, and members of a limited liability company are not paid wages because they are considered to be self-employed. This guest post by Robert W. Ditmer was originally published on Justworks. In many businesses, workers are paid wages or a salary, compensation that is subject to income tax withholding and employer taxes.

Turn Your Blog Into a Business: A Legal Perspective

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You need to protect yourself by creating a company. Protecting Yourself with a Company A company provides limited liability protection for its owner. That means that you can only lose as much money as you have in the company.

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Business Prenup: What To Do Before You Start A Company With A Partner


For example, an attorney can assist with issues concerning corporate formation (such as the pros and cons of corporations, limited liability companies and other structures) that may impact liability. Protect your company’s customers, employees and intellectual property.

[Infographic] Choosing A Business Structure


Putting together a company and have no idea which business structure would suit you? Others business structure company incorporation infographicHaven’t some of us struggled with that before – I know I did.

Corporation or LLC? Business Organizations for Tech Startups.


One of the first actions you will take with your startup is to organize your company a separate legal entity to protect yourself from personal liability for the company’s debts. Stocks are issued at the time the company is formed, and more can be issued over time.

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8 Tips for Starting a Home-Based Business

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However, depending on the type of business you are in, you may want to consider other possibilities such as an Limited Liability Company (LLC), or a Sub-S status corporation. In the past, home-based businesses weren’t taken seriously.

Five Tips for Using Local Networking Groups to Grow Your Business

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If someone could introduce me to Mr. Smith so that I could educate him about the benefits of organizing his business as a limited liability company, I’d greatly appreciate it.”.

What is a Social Enterprise?

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Nonprofits are certainly social enterprises, but many for-profit companies fall into this category by making the conscious decision to have their focus be an altruistic cause, rather than the maximization of profits. For-Profit Entities: L3Cs, or Low-Profit Limited Liability Company.

Financial Knowledge Can Lead To Small Business Success


Include liabilities, current and fixed assets, and shareholders’ equity. Although operating a business without liability insurance is not recommended, it may be a short-term solution if premium reduction is not possible. by Debbie McGrew,

Intellectual Property 101

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Simply put, properly identified and protected IP increases the financial value of your company. She formed a Limited Liability Company (LLC) using the brand name, but did not register that name with the state or with the USPTO. She later sold her company to him.

How to Start an Ebay Business

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If you’re relatively comfortable handling these processes yourself, you can go through a company like LegalZoom , which helps hundreds of small business owners prepare legal documents for business incorporation and the likes. Limited Liability Company (llc).

Top Legal Concerns for Mobile Application Startups

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Ryan Azlein, Partner with Stubbs Alderton & Markiles LLP, addresses three of the most pressing legal concerns for founders of mobile application companies. Typically the choice will be between a limited liability company or corporation, but in some cases a partnership may be appropriate. The determination should be based on consideration of tax issues, corporate governance, limitation of liability and other factors.

Keep It Clean: Mixing Business And Personal Finance


by Tony Smith, Managing Director at Company Debt. Consider a Limited Liability Company (LTD). A business can be set up as a separate legal entity, such as a Limited Liability Company (LTD) or a corporation, which makes them legally distinct from their owners.

8 Steps to Starting Your Own Business

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Limited Liability Company (LLC). Company Overview. This type of plan is used for internal purposes and primarily reflects the needs of the members of the company. You will use it either to plan your company’s growth or expansion or to set company-wide priorities.

7 Steps To Starting Your Business In Singapore 


Singapore offers a bunch of legal entity forms available for registration: sole proprietorship, partnership, Limited Liability Company, a subsidiary, a branch office, a representative office, and so on. By Roman Yarovyi, PR and Communication Manager for One Visa Ltd.

Ideas And Tips On How To Start A Home Business


The options are sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or Limited Liability Company. Did you know that many of the entrepreneurs when they start their business, they decide to turn their home into an office?

How to Stay Safe If Your Company Gets Sued

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You could be on the hook for your company''s debts--unless you set things up correctly in the beginning. Your company, or its insurance carrier, is likely to be out a lot of money. Can someone suing your company come after your house as well?

Nothing Like the Last Minute: Tax-Filing Tips for Corporations

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This schedule is required if they have any shareholder who is a disregarded entity--that is, a limited-liability company with one owner, trust, or estate. This is majorly last minute, but if you haven''t filed your taxes yet, you still have options.

How to Start a Travel Agency

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On the one hand, a travel business can be fairly inexpensive to start, and you can often get away with limited staff and little upfront cost. Funding for this venture came from a venture capital company which would later become one of our primary partners,” he explains.

The Complete Guide to Registering Your Business Name

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To register your business name this way, you’ll need to register your business structure, such as a limited liability company (LLC) or a limited partnership (LP), a corporation, or a nonprofit. See Also How to Form a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

How To Maximize A Real Estate Investment


The best way to protect your assets is with a holding real estate investment, such as a limited liability company or limited partnership. A little research can help you enjoy a fantastic return on investment whilst limiting your overheads.

New Tech Start-Ups Formed In 2011 Should Consider LLC Format, At Least Initially

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It is often said that any new start-up business that is planning on raising equity investments from the private equity/venture capital (PE/VC) world generally needs to organize themselves as a corporation, rather than as a limited liability company (LLC). By Peter J.

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How To Close The Books on Your Startup

Yet to embark on the next project, you’ll want to properly close the books on your previous company. Additionally, closing a business the ‘right way’ ensures the network, reputation, goodwill and momentum you’ve built with the first company can be gracefully transitioned to future projects. If no shares were issued, the Board of Directors must approve to dissolve the company. Otherwise, members of the LLC can be held liable for debts of the company after it’s been dissolved.

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Why You Won't Like the Single Obama Budget Proposal That Might Just Pass

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Both of the plans have a provision that says S corporations [partnerships and limited liability companies] would need to conform to the self-employment tax that sole proprietors now pay," says Kyle Pomerleau, an economist at the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan tax-policy think tank in Washington, D.C.

[UK] Should Limited Company Contractors Consider Accountancy Help?


If you are or plan to become a contractor in the near future, it is likely you will have explored the possibility of launching your own limited company. If so, you will be outside IR35 and free to operate as a limited company contractor.

Expand to the UK, at no cost and with all the introductions


This time around, however, we will be talking about the chance of actually setting up your company in London or Manchester at nearly zero cost. What is the process of setting up the company? How to structure your company in order to optimise for tax?