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What is a Social Enterprise?

Up and Running

L3Cs were first formed in 2008, and are currently only legal in Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming, as well as the federal jurisdictions of the Crow Indian Nation of Montana, and the Oglala Sioux Tribe. Maryland was the first U.S. state to adopt this structure in 2010.

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5 Big Problems Faced By Small-To-Medium US Manufacturers


The management team decided to ask the AJ Weller Corporation, a 25-year old company from Shreveport, Louisiana, for help because it had a developed a sterling reputation for solving apparently intractable wear problems.


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Does Your Small Business Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?


These include Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah. Most states provide an exception for household and domestic employees , such as Alabama, Arizona, Colorado (when part-time), D.C Large National Businesses May Self-Insure.

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Founder Interview: RedMane Technology’s Tony Lakier

The Startup Magazine

The State of Louisiana was our first major win. In 2000, Louisiana gave our five-person company (at that time) a multimillion-dollar contract to implement a mission-critical system. Louisiana is still a client and great reference for RedMane today! Describe RedMane’s pivot point, and its impact on the company?

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Hyperbolic Headlines About Silicon Valley

Feld Thoughts

Kind of entertaining that Netscape led us to Monroe, Louisiana. Blink four times if you are still here and followed all of that. Now, go read Ian Hathaway’s post titled Silicon Valley is Not Over. He nails it. Dan Primack waded in with a tweet.

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[Singapore] Daily Deal Site Launches


include Sakae Sushi, Indian Express, Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken, Ramen Ten, Spizzico and Song of India, among several others. Singapore-based daily deal site Recently featured brands on The best part about ? There’s island-wide coverage, no minimum order and a promise to deliver within the hour.

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IBM: Where Corporate Responsibility is Not a Trend, but a Lifestyle

Austin Startup

IBM Consultants Arlinda Lott, Sandy Dochen, and Natalie Rubin Lott and Rubin, along with Sandy Dochen, IBM’s Manager of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs for Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, provided the guidance and stewardship that produced a strategic growth plan for Latinitas that will define future chapter models for the agency, improve (..)

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