Congressional Insight: Georgia's District Six


Georgia District Six Roswell Georgia

Gingrey Down The Toilet - Georgia Senate Race


Georgia Politics Senate From the Gingrey Circling The Bowl: US Rep. Phil Gingrey''s Senate campaign seems to have been designed for the sole purpose of keeping Karen Handel out of the runoff by burying her in a mountain of money and smears. Gaffe-tastic Gingrey''s latest attack, that Handel " promoted teenage homosexuality " is an embarassing end to an otherwise solid congressional career.

State of Georgia Marijuana Revenue & Taxes


State of Georgia Marijuana Numbers Georgia Population Using at 15% Average $$ spent per year on MM Revenue & Tax 1,500,000 $1,500.00 $2,250,000,000.00 $125.00 Here are some back of the napkin numbers on marijuana revenue. Per Month Tax at 20% = $112,5M See Numbers (Published on Google Sheets

iseetheseainyoureyes: Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles Georgia.

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iseetheseainyoureyes : Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles. Georgia On My Mind performed by Ray Charles - This week back in 1960, this song hit #1 on the Billboard charts. music blues soul Ray Charles Georgia On My MindSuch a beautiful and classic song.

Irma Leaves a Warning for Georgia Homeowners

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Despite being downgraded to a tropical depression as it rolled through Georgia, Irma was not to be taken lightly. The Georgia coastline sits along a major hurricane path coming up from the south Atlantic. Add to that the most prevalent and destructive natural event in Georgia, severe thunderstorms, and there is reason to heed the warning that Irma left in her wake. Disaster will come to Georgia again.

Georgia Game Development Industry

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Yesterday the Georgia Game Developers Association hosted Georgia Digital Day at the Georgia state capital. . The total economic activity of the gaming industry in Georgia has grown from $73 million in 2008 to $1.6 At the event GGDA released a study prepared with accounting firm Habif, Arogeti, & Wynne and reported on by the Atlanta Journal and Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Georgia Amendment One

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It's really a restraint of employee movement amendment via non-compete contracts that are currently not enforceable in Georgia. It is not what its supporters are telling you. Courtesy of Peach Pundit.

Cassandra Worthy’s Incredible Tips For Startup Success!

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degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech, she has spent well over a decade working in Fortune 100 and 500 companies including Procter and Gamble and Berkshire Hathaway making significant impact in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.

Takeaways From Georgia Angels Meeting

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Yesterday I walked down the hall at Tech Square to sit in on a few sessions of the Georgia Angels Meetup. According to Stephen Fleming Georgia Tech alone is producing over 100 startups a year. I had a particular interest in the deal flow panel that included Stephen Fleming, Jennifer Sherer, Jennifer Bonnett, Michael Blake, Sanjay Parekh, Katie Elizabeth, and Allyson Eman. Quite the group. And so were the folks in the audience and on the other panels. . Here are my takeaways.

Georgia's Innovation Connection

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ATDC has also been working with the Georgia Department for Economic Development , the Georgia Chamber of Commerce , the Metro Atlanta Chamber , the Technology Association of Georgia , and StartupLounge on an event to put those the big guys in a room with the little guys. Eligible startups are must be based in Georgia with a product release under their belt and actively engaging with enterprise customers.

Georgia Non-Compete Vote Impact

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Given the wording of Georgia amendment one there was never any question in my mind that it would pass. Here are the top ten that drove the most traffic: georgia amendment 1. georgia amendment one. amendment 1 georgia. amendment one georgia. georgia amendments 2010.

FAQ Re: Dr. Alan Black

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014: Athens, Georgia. Robert Alan Black, PhD is a creativity expert from Athens, Georgia, USA. Dr. Black holds a PhD in educational psychology from the University of Georgia. Jessica Beasley, his daughter, lives in Georgia. The elected officials most likely to take up Dr. Black’s cause would be in the state of Georgia where both Dr. Black and his daughter Jessica reside. Greetings from gray and chilly Three Oaks, Michigan.

Georgia Tech Flashpoint Accelerator Demo Day, June 11, 2014

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For the third year in a row, ff Venture Capital is co-sponsoring the New York Demo Day for Georgia Tech’s Flashpoint Accelerator, along with HBS Alumni Angels of NY. Introductory remarks by Merrick Furst, Flashpoint’s Director and Distinguished Professor of Computing at Georgia Tech. We met Ionic Security, one of our portfolio companies, at their first Demo Day a few years ago.

Flashpoint At Georgia Tech

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The bigger story is that Georgia Tech announced that they were going to own the problem. In a nutshell in conjunction with Imlay Investments, Georgia Tech is launching a 21st century technology accelerator program. Yesterday was a big day at the ATDC Startup Showcase. First and foremost nine companies graduated from ATDC. Not to take anything away from the success of these amazing companies and entrepreneurs but in the big scheme of things that may have been the smaller story. .

Q2ebanking Expands to Georgia


Austin-based Q2ebanking plans to open an office outside of Atlanta in August to serve its growing client base in the region. The startup company provides electronic banking solutions to banks and credit unions nationwide. “Expanding into the Atlanta area is a natural move for us and is a testament to the demand we are experiencing [.]. Austin Technology San Antonio Technology Atlanta Austin banking Q2ebanking

Georgia Tech Flashpoint!


In round numbers: 100+ applications received, 60+%second-stage interviews completed, 20 spots available in innaugural cohort, first 7 17 teams notified of selection, 2,800 square foot location under construction, $1,000,000 committed to Flashpoint Investment Fund One by prominent Atlanta investors, first corporate team established, first corporate sponsorship announced, September 7th launch! What do you think

How Salesforce and Marc Benioff Prevailed Against Georgia's 'Religious Freedom' Bill

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On Monday, the governor of Georgia vetoed a bill that many feared would give business owners the legal right to discriminate against customers for religious reasons

How Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Is Taking a Stand Against Georgia's 'Religious Freedom' Bill

Inc Startups

Benioff and nearly 500 other businesses voiced their disapproval of a Georgia measure that would allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT people

Help Angel Investment in Georgia

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Georgia House Bill 1001 is the Angel Investor Tax Credit Bill. It essentially grants up to a $50,000 tax credit to those that invest in businesses that are located in the state of Georgia, less than three years old, employ fewer than 20 employees, has less than $500k in revenue, and less than $1 million in funding. This bill aims to help entrepreneurs in Georgia to have a better chance of obtaining early stage capital. It is time for Georgia to step up.

Georgia Senate Race: A furious—and political—debate about the origins of mankind


From The Economist: Denying science is a bad habit among conservatives of all stripes: Paul Broun, a Georgia Republican who sits on the House science committee (and who wants to run for the Senate), says evolution is a lie “straight from the pit of hell”.

Georgia Amendment One Opposition Rules Online

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The image below is the Google first page results of a search on "Georgia Amedment One.". Simply amazing. All of these say vote no or are neutral. The only exception is the Equal Time For Amendment One article. It is written by Jobs of Tomorrow because Peach Pundit is against ammendment one.

Help Detained USA Citizen In Abu Dhabi

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Friday October 31, 2014 – Athens, Georgia. He’s been a professor at the University of Georgia, and also lectured at Drexel University. Alan is a widowed father of two who lives in Athens, Georgia. This is a departure for this blog.

Georgia Leads In Entrepreneurial Activity

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Perhaps the most interesting of these was that Georgia, along with Nevada, had the highest entrepreneurial rate in the country. Last week the Kauffman Foundation released its annual Index of Entrepreneurial Activity. This study is a leading indicatior of new business creation across the United States. The headline was "jobless entrepreneurship" but underneath that were some interesting facts.

Crowdfunding Is a Tool, Not a Game Changer


In my opinion, the equity/ debt portion ( which is legal in the state of Georgia) forces those involved to rise to a certain professional level. Why not utilize the IGE (Invest Georgia Exemption) if you are in Georgia? adviser crowdfunding Georgia IGE scammers With crowdfunding legal in some states and taking place virtually everywhere, the spectrum has narrowed. It is plain to see how the movement is playing out in the immediate future.

That’s a pie. And that’s my face.

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We do a lot to try to raise money for Junior Achievement of Georgia , including auctioning off things like vacation days and donated client gifts. Agency Life fundraising junior achievement of georgia

Live Blogging Georgia Technology Summit 2010

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Today is the Georgia Technology Summit. From the keynote speakers to the top 40 most innovative companies in Georgia to the introduction ceremonies of the newly selected member of the prestigious Technology Hall of Fame its one of Georgia's premier technology events. The technology summit brings together about 1,000 C level executives, entrepreneurs, academia, and more to celebrate Georiga's global leadership in technology innovation.

Effective date of golf cart ordinance in Roswell could be delayed


Atlanta Metro City of Roswell Roswell Georgia Effective date of golf cart ordinance in Roswell could be delayed by James Swift Residents looking forward to taking their personal transportation vehicles out on the roads of Roswell may have to wait a little bit longer. Last December, the city council approved an ordinance allowing licensed golf cart owners to operate their vehicles on city streets with speed limits of 25 mph or lower.

Libertarian Party of Georgia Opposes Amendment One

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Amendment 1: “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to make Georgia more economically competitive by authorizing legislation to uphold reasonable competitive agreements?”. This amendment authorizes the enforcement of “non-compete” clauses in employment contracts of private business, relying on statutory legislation, which means that the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) For the well articulated reasons below.

Ga. medical-marijuana bill dead for 2014 -


ATLANTA - The effort to legalize medical marijuana in Georgia this year died at midnight despite votes favoring the move in both houses. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal House Bill 4 House Bill 885 Weed House Bill 885, 2014 Can we say CYA ? Deal wants reelection and is too timid to allow anything like a weed bill to pass this session (2014 Ga Assembly). Much like the fate of House Bill 4.

Sea turtle nests beat state averages in Georgia, Carolinas

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Rare sea turtles nesting on beaches in Georgia and the Carolinas laid eggs at a slower pace this summer after a record-smashing 2016 season SAVANNAH, Ga.

App State's upset potential worries No. 15 Georgia

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15 Georgia ATHENS, Ga. (AP) AP) — The 10-year anniversary of Appalachian State's famous upset of Michigan comes just in time for the Mountaineers' visit to No.

How to Make Your Brand Matter

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Branding Georgia Gallagher Georgie Gallagher How to Make Your Brand Matter written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. Today’s Guest Post is by Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Georgie Gallagher, Enjoy!

Georgia Tech Fights Prof, Others Over Chip Startups | Prof in Jail

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Technology transfer gone wrong at Georgia Tech. The men reported to the Fulton County Jail after arrest warrants were obtained by the GBI in connection with an ongoing investigation into misappropriation of funds and resources from the school’s Georgia Electronic Design Center, GBI spokesman John Bankhead said Saturday. Laskar’s attorney Craig Gillen said his client and Georgia Tech were business partners. From the darker side of entrepreneurship on campus.

3 Crucial Points for Entrepreneurs From Georgia State's Crucial 3-Pointer- It’s March Madness Baby!

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Cinderella stories such as Georgia State''s stunning upset over Baylor are unfolding by the hour as March Madness is officially underway. In one of the best games in the NCAA tournament thus far, 3 crucial learnings for every entrepreneur are revealed

Georgia Non Compete Act Faces First Constitutional Challenge

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Yesterday MMM Tech Law issued an alert concerning HB173 and Georgia Amendment One. It's title " Do Not Implement New Restrictive Covenant Agreements: Georgia’s New Restrictive Covenants Act Faces First Constitutional Challenge.". Not too long ago John Yates and Morris, Manning & Martin launched MMM Tech Law. It's nice and they have a quickly growing MMM Tech Law LinkedIn group with over 1,200 members to go along with it. The group is a who's who of the Atlanta tech scene.

Georgia Governor vetoes religious exemptions bill

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ATLANTA — Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has vetoed legislation allowing clergy to refuse performing gay marriage and protecting people who refuse to attend the ceremonies

Georgia Tech hosts Wake Forest coming off another tough loss

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ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Tech needs to have a short memory

AP-BKC--Middle Georgia-Gardner-Webb Box

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Winston-Salem Journal State/Region News


Georgia Tech tries to shake off 2 excruciating losses

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ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia Tech has trailed for all of four seconds in the second half