28 Entrepreneurs Reveal The Entrepreneurs They Consider to be Successful


Thanks to Joseph Greene, Trinidad Birding ! #11- In our societies and business, there’re entrepreneurs who have demonstrated exceptional personalities and demeanor to pull it through business. Some of them are alive and continue to do great things while others only read about them.

How Long Does It Take to Get British Citizenship After Applying?

Women Entrepreneurs Can

Some other countries may be Guyana, Jamaica, New Zealand, St Lucia, St Vincent, Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and the USA. The recent government announcements regarding the U.K. Startup Visas have come as welcome news for the U.K. economy.


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30 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips and Tricks of Staying Motivated


Thanks to Joseph Greene, Trinidad Birding ! #19- When the going gets rough in business, you’ll need the motivation to keep moving. Motivating yourself can be hard but practicing consistent habits such as reminding yourself of why you started can be a major boost.

8 Effective Ways of Measuring UX


During the recent years at Trinidad Consulting we have noticed that a lot of businesses are guilty of putting UX metrics together in the same pot with online marketing metrics. Customer support is often under direct fire, hear them out – illustration drawn by Trinidad Consulting´s UX designer Norman Niklus. Ever wonder why your site has a lot of visitors, but not enough transactions, purchases or inquiries?

Now that’s what I call crowdSPRING

crowdSPRING Blog

Bianca - Theophilus London: “Timez Are Weird These Dayz” Going by the decidedly awesome moniker Theophilus London, this Brooklyn-by-way of Trinidad MC brings a style that’s more 80′s nu-wave and grinding electronic beats than your standard hip-hop. If you ever happen upon the cS office it’s a madhouse of…well, normal office stuff.

MindKube: A Story of Hard Work and Entrepreneurial Determination

Up and Running

Natasha was born in Trinidad and did not come to the U.S. Via Mindkube. We’ve all heard that making your dreams come true takes sacrifice and hard work. Natasha Crosby decided to pursue the career of her dreams the day she sold her Ford Mustang to buy the first computer for her company, MindKube Creative & Marketing.

12 Questions: Meet Vinay and Asha (India)

crowdSPRING Blog

Oh, its a long list, right from brand names on your site to tag lines to hold your breath, selling a premium burial space in Trinidad and Tobago (seriously, and we actually did it – it was fun). In our 12 Questions blog series, we feature interviews with someone from the crowdSPRING community. For these interviews, we pick people who add value to our community – in the blog, in the forums, in the projects. Plainly – activities that make crowdSPRING a better community.

India 65

How To Write Product Page Copy That Doesn’t Suck


What id a Trinidad? Most product copy is awful. Or worse, non-existent. Product copy seems like such a minor thing in the grand scheme of conversion optimization, so many brands brush it off. But for companies doing it right, excellent product copy is a great way to sprinkle brand personality in a place that most people don’t expect it. In fact, some companies do product copy so well that it’s almost a feature of the product itself. Is Product Page Copy Actually That Important?

Here are The Missing Positives of This Election

Both Sides of the Table

Liberia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Trinidad, Brazil, Kosovo, Slovenia, Denmark, Jamaica, South Korea, Norway, Poland & Croatia. It’s hard to feel any positives these days: We’re in the eye of the storm. We’re at peak anxiety. Maximum rancor. We’ve already blocked family members on Facebook or unfollowed obnoxious people on Twitter. We’ve scratched our heads at how one of Silicon Valley’s brightest could back a candidate so overtly racist.

The Complete Guide to Writing Product Descriptions That Convert


What is a Trinidad? Most product descriptions are awful. Or worse, non-existent. Product copy and product descriptions seems like such minor parts of a website in the grand scheme of conversion optimization , so many brands brush it off. But for companies doing it right, writing excellent product descriptions is a great way to sprinkle brand personality in a place that most people don’t expect it.