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SAP Data & Analytics Analyst Summit - a review

deal architect

I had flown to a similar event in Vancouver - first to Seattle, then taken a bus across. I was invited to an analyst summit on SAP's Data and Analytics portfolio of products. What a remarkable difference from last year!

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Making The Most Of Your Business Capital


For example, if you live in the city of Seattle, a Google search for “ restaurant equipment Seattle ” could help you find well-reviewed restaurant supply outlets that have high customer satisfaction. That’s when you realize that your current commercial kitchen setup isn’t primed for scalability.

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Seattle Screenings of For Here or To Go?

Feld Thoughts

With our friends at Boundless , we are sponsoring a week of screenings in Seattle. The post Seattle Screenings of For Here or To Go? Amy and I have been big supporters of a movie about immigration called For Here or To Go? It’s playing at the Landmark Theaters Crest Cinema Center from Friday 9/22 to Wednesday 9/27.

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TechStars Seattle 2013 Applications Are Now Open

Feld Thoughts

TechStars Seattle applications for year four of the program are now open ! The startup community in Seattle is expanding rapidly and TechStars Seattle is right in the middle of it all, located in South Lake Union surrounded by Amazon, Microsoft and tons of other amazing startups. We love Seattle as a startup community!

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What Does the Post Crash VC Market Look Like?

Both Sides of the Table

We do deals in NYC, Paris, Seattle, Austin, San Francisco, London?—?but We have a team of 7 in San Francisco (a counter bet on our belief that the Bay Area is an amazing place.) 40% of our deals are done in Los Angeles but 100% of our deals leverage the LA networks we have built for 25 years.

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Textio’s Founder Kieran Snyder on the Two Advantages Startups Have in AI (While Remaining Skeptical Of The Funding Gold Rush)

Hunter Walker

KS: For the first several years of Textio’s life, our team was entirely co-located in Seattle. By the time the pandemic started, we had brought on a couple of sales people in New York and San Francisco, but we were still 95% colocated in Seattle. How did Textio get smarter about remote teams over time?

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The 4 Best Cities In America For Startups


Seattle might not be the biggest city on the map, but it’s got a reach that extends to all corners of the globe. The Seattle tech community is particularly popular, with a large number of companies busy working away on the next big thing.

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