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I called Seattle a “third tier startup city” in a blog post earlier this week. Which generated this series of tweets: 1/ @fredwilson thesis: start up “second tier is NYC, LA and Boston… third tier includes Seattle…” Here’s the thing that is amazing about Seattle.

Pioneer Square Labs – Investing More In Seattle

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PSL, based in Seattle, is a not a VC firm, accelerator, or incubator, but instead is a startup studio, which is a company that creates companies. PSL was announced today and GeekWire’s conference and there’s an extremely comprehensive post explaining how it works at Top Seattle investors raise $12.5M billion.

TechStars Seattle 2013 Applications Are Now Open

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TechStars Seattle applications for year four of the program are now open ! The startup community in Seattle is expanding rapidly and TechStars Seattle is right in the middle of it all, located in South Lake Union surrounded by Amazon, Microsoft and tons of other amazing startups. We love Seattle as a startup community!

Snow in Seattle

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I spent the day in Seattle yesterday, starting off with an awesome early morning run along the ocean near downtown and ending the day walking back with some folks from a bar at UW in a freak Seattle snowstorm. I’ve been coming to Seattle for a long time. Entrepreneurial Communities Entrepreneurship seattle

The 7 Most Innovative Startups in Seattle

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here are the young companies coming out of the Pacific Northwest that are bound for disruption

Seahawks Beat Patriots, But This Seattle Linebacker Just Lost Something Nearly as Important

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Last week his trading card collection was stolen. and you'll be surprised by how one aspect of that situation might apply to you

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Meet the 10 Fastest Growing Companies in the Ever Damp (But Never Dull) Seattle

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Plant creativity, fertilize with some technical know-how and water with pure Seattle rain, and you'll get these 10 companies with head-spinning growth

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Amazon and Microsoft Make Seattle the Cloud Capital of the World--and a Great Place for Startups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A local VC explains how starting a business here gives you "home court advantage

Seattle Startup Life Meetup – Wednesday 2/20

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Wednesday night I’ll be in Seattle doing a Startup Life Meetup with some of the contributors to the book Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur. The post Seattle Startup Life Meetup – Wednesday 2/20 appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Startup Life seattle startup life

Seattle Votes to Let Uber, Lyft Drivers Unionize

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Ridesharing companies oppose the new ordinance and say it carries privacy issues and would make driving gigs less flexible

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Why Seattle Has Become a Hotbed of Tech Startups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

executive editor Jon Fine why you should be paying attention to startups from Seattle

Why Expedia's $228.9-Million Move to Seattle might be a mistake

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A debate on Expedia's move to Seattle, its merits and demerits

What are the top VC firms and angel groups in Seattle/Portland/Vancouver (or Pacific Northwest area)?


Check out: Alliance of Angels - Seattle, WA ( [link] ). Northwest Energy Angels – Seattle, WA ( [link] ). Seraph Capital Forum – Seattle, WA ( [link].com/ WINGS – The Medical Technology Angel Group – Seattle, WA ( [link] com/ ). com/ ). com/bus… ).

Here Are the 10 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Companies in Seattle

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Check out this diverse group of companies navigating torrential growth with women at the helm

Seattle 21

Meet the 10 Fastest-Growing Companies in Seattle

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This Pacific Northwest stronghold wins big with "green" businesses, from marijuana to energy-efficient architecture

Investing in and Joining the Board of

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I’m psyched to be joining the board, working with my good friend Greg Gottesman at Madrona on another Seattle-based company. Furthermore, it’s our fifth investment in Seattle, joining SEOmoz, Cheezburger, BigDoor, and Gist (now part of RIM). We just announced Foundry Group’s investment in this morning.

Are the Seattle Seahawks Creating a New Model for Corporate Culture?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Can a business thrive in a corporate culture where employees are allowed to express their opinions on controversial issues

HomeAway Buys Dwellable of Seattle


HomeAway, a vacation rental business, Wednesday announced its acquisition of Dwellable, an online vacation rental search engine and app based in Seattle. A time of six employees including […] The post HomeAway Buys Dwellable of Seattle appeared first on SiliconHills. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Austin

A Grand Experiment: Farewell Seattle, Hello Silicon Valley

Tony Wright dot com

I love Seattle. As I’ve started to tell people, I’ve had plenty of Seattle folks tell me that I don’t need to go to the Valley to succeed. There are obviously successes in Seattle both big and small. There are some great investors in Seattle. This is a bittersweet post to write. I love the people.

Why Seattle Thinks $15 an Hour is Good for Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Seattle city council approves controversial minimum wage hike to $15

The Best Places Worldwide to Start Your High-Growth Startup

Up and Running

Seattle, Washington, USA. At number eight according to Compass, Seattle ranked third for startup experience, and fourth for available talent.

3 Essential Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From One Iconic Football Team

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Seattle Seahawks inspire loyalty that goes way beyond the field. Here's how

Highlights of Colorado's new marijuana laws | Local News | The Seattle Times


Highlights of Colorado''s new marijuana laws | Local News | The Seattle Times Interesting stuff. I''d like to see how you can limit investors dollars, but all in all the proposals and statues seem manageable and well regulated. Colorado Marijuana Laws - Connect with Chad on Google

Why Amazon's New (Temporary) Homeless Shelter in Seattle Is a No-Brainer

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The retail giant offers lodging for up to 200 -- until the wrecking balls come

4 Compelling Reasons to Start Your Company in Seattle

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The cost of living in the Bay Area has gotten out of hand

Why One Seattle Employer Thinks Paying Workers $15 an Hour Is a Good Idea

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

One Seattle business owners is greeting the new $15 an hour minimum with open arms, and is preparing for next year''s hikes by raising wages now

Seattle Taxi Drivers Attend Charm School to Attract Customers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Move meant to help fend off newcomers like Uber and Lyft

Hottest 7 Startup Cities in the U.S.

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Uncategorized Austin boulder Seattle [link].

Berlin: Startup Home As A Service

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The Seattle startup community is called Seattle. I thought this was outrageously brilliant. Thanks to Andrew Hyde for sending it to me.

In Seattle, Entrepreneurs Push the Limits on Pot Delivery

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Recreational marijuana providers in Seattle are taking liberties with delivery operations--and it''s not all strictly legal

How This Startup Designed the Helmet That Could Save the NFL

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

With the Zero1, Seattle-based Vicis has created a helmet that could reduce the chance of concussions. Here's how they did it

On The Road Again

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I just got back from my third business trip this summer – this time to Seattle for the past three days.

10 Inspirational Quotes from Leading Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When the world's leading entrepreneurs gathering in Seattle, it's easy to pick up important advice from them

Why Seattle's Minimum Wage Increase Hasn't Hurt Businesses (or Helped Workers)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A new study found that nine months in, Seattle's increased minimum wage has had minimal impact

6 Cities Ushering In the Manufacturing Renaissance

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Pittsburgh, Seattle and San Jose are just a few of the high-tech hubs bringing manufacturing jobs back from overseas

TechStars Seattle Demo Day Was Awesome

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I formally declare year one of TechStars Seattle a huge success. The Seattle tech and entrepreneurial community has really embraced TechStars.

Seattle Board Day

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I’m on a six week rhythm in Seattle for the three boards I’m on up here – Gist , BigDoor , and Impinj. It was an absurdly beautiful day in Seattle. It’s about 33% full but that’s going to change next week when TechStars Seattle begins and fills out the place. When the sun is out, this place shines.


Are You Interested in TechStars Seattle?

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I’ll be in Seattle on Tuesday 4/6 for a bunch of meetings and am attending the Seattle Open Coffee Club meeting at 8:30am at Louisa’s on 2379 Eastlake Avenue E in Seattle. Andy Sack who runs the TechStars Seattle program is hosting and providing the coffee. Tags: TechStars open coffee club seattle

TechStars Seattle Applications Are Now Open

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In the mean time, we’ve opened applications for TechStars Seattle. Andy Sack, who runs the TechStars Seattle program, has several great blog posts up including How TechStars came to Seattle? and Help me spread the word on TechStars Seattle applications. The schedule for TechStars Seattle has also been posted.

3 Performance Insights From Russell Wilson's Trainer

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When it comes to practice habits, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson knows the importance of escaping one''s comfort zone. Here are his trainer''s observations

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