Pioneer Square Labs – Investing More In Seattle

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PSL, based in Seattle, is a not a VC firm, accelerator, or incubator, but instead is a startup studio, which is a company that creates companies. PSL was announced today and GeekWire’s conference and there’s an extremely comprehensive post explaining how it works at Top Seattle investors raise $12.5M We have a lot of investments in Seattle. Mattermark, which is based in San Francisco, just opened an office in Seattle.

TechStars Seattle 2013 Applications Are Now Open

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TechStars Seattle applications for year four of the program are now open ! The startup community in Seattle is expanding rapidly and TechStars Seattle is right in the middle of it all, located in South Lake Union surrounded by Amazon, Microsoft and tons of other amazing startups. We’ve been investing a lot in Seattle lately beyond TechStars, including BigDoor , SEOmoz , Cheezburger , and most recently Rover. We love Seattle as a startup community!


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Seattle Screenings of For Here or To Go?

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With our friends at Boundless , we are sponsoring a week of screenings in Seattle. The post Seattle Screenings of For Here or To Go? Entrepreneurship for here or to go immigration seattleAmy and I have been big supporters of a movie about immigration called For Here or To Go? We are supplying a bunch of free tickets and – when they are used up – will still have a set of paid tickets available.

Seattle Startup Life Meetup – Wednesday 2/20

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Wednesday night I’ll be in Seattle doing a Startup Life Meetup with some of the contributors to the book Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur. Well – I’ll be in Seattle all day (and all day Tuesday) meeting with Startup Weekend, Rover, SEOmoz, Cheezburger, and BigDoor, but the real fun will happen at the Hard Rock Cafe between 5:30pm and 7:00pm on Tuesday. Startup Life seattle startup life

Snow in Seattle

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I spent the day in Seattle yesterday, starting off with an awesome early morning run along the ocean near downtown and ending the day walking back with some folks from a bar at UW in a freak Seattle snowstorm. As I went from meeting to meeting, I reflected on the tempo of the Seattle entrepreneurial community and how it feels like it has really come alive in the past few years. I’ve been coming to Seattle for a long time.

TechStars Seattle is en fuego

David Cohen

TechStars Seattle is on fire. In total, the 29 past TechStars companies from the Seattle program have raised nearly $40M in venture capital so far. The early application deadline for TechStars Seattle 2013 is Friday, May 3. Haiku Deck recently announced a new $3M in funding from Madrona and others, for a total of $3.9M in funding. Everymove is now at 6.1M in funding after a recent 3.5M new round. Romotive recently raised 6.5M from investors including Sequoia.

Seattle Board Day

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I’m on a six week rhythm in Seattle for the three boards I’m on up here – Gist , BigDoor , and Impinj. It was an absurdly beautiful day in Seattle. It’s about 33% full but that’s going to change next week when TechStars Seattle begins and fills out the place. Tags: My Investments bigdoor gist oblong seattle While I don’t have them perfectly synced up, I’m hopeful that I will in 2011.

TechStars Seattle Demo Day Was Awesome

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I formally declare year one of TechStars Seattle a huge success. I was absolutely blown away by the companies at Demo Day last week along with the reaction and support of the Seattle tech community. The Seattle tech and entrepreneurial community has really embraced TechStars. Andy Sack, who in addition to running TechStars Seattle, also runs Founders Co-op and Revenue Loan , did an incredible job of engaging a broad set of the Seattle entrepreneurial community in TechStars.

Are You Interested in TechStars Seattle?

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I’ll be in Seattle on Tuesday 4/6 for a bunch of meetings and am attending the Seattle Open Coffee Club meeting at 8:30am at Louisa’s on 2379 Eastlake Avenue E in Seattle. Andy Sack who runs the TechStars Seattle program is hosting and providing the coffee. We will both be answering any and all questions about TechStars Seattle, plus eating plenty of baked goods. Tags: TechStars open coffee club seattle

HomeAway Buys Dwellable of Seattle


HomeAway, a vacation rental business, Wednesday announced its acquisition of Dwellable, an online vacation rental search engine and app based in Seattle. A time of six employees including […] The post HomeAway Buys Dwellable of Seattle appeared first on SiliconHills. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. Dwellable, founded in 2012, had raised $2 million in one round from three investors, according to its CrunchBase profile.

TechStars Seattle Demo Day and Open Angel Forum

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Andy Sack , who runs TechStars Seattle, has been all over the Seattle entrepreneurial scene in the past few years. I’ve known and worked with Andy since 1995 (I was on the board of his first company – Abuzz – which was acquired in 1999 by the New York Times) and am awed by the amazing things he’s doing in Seattle these days, including Founder’s Co-op , RevenueLoan , and of course TechStars Seattle. Tags: TechStars oaf seattle

What are the top VC firms and angel groups in Seattle/Portland/Vancouver (or Pacific Northwest area)?


Check out: Alliance of Angels - Seattle, WA ( [link] ). Northwest Energy Angels – Seattle, WA ( [link] ). Seraph Capital Forum – Seattle, WA ( [link].com/ WINGS – The Medical Technology Angel Group – Seattle, WA ( [link] com/ ). The Pacific Northwest has some of the best and most active angel groups in the country (and I say that coming from New York!) Bellingham Angel Group - Bellingham, WA ( [link] ).

Seattle Would-Be Entrepreneurs Come Out for StartupDay


Over 400 Seattle-area would-be entrepreneurs were in attendance today at StartupDay 2010. This is the second year for StartupDay, an event organized by Seattle 2.0. The day-long event is is designed to help answer some of the questions for first-time entrepreneurs, including how to build your product and build your team.

“We Are Sleepless in Seattle” (via Bill Gates)

Scott Edward Walker

The post “We Are Sleepless in Seattle” (via Bill Gates) appeared first on WALKER CORPORATE LAW GROUP, PLLC. “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar. Welcome to our weekly series “ Motivational Clips for Entrepreneurs.” Each week, we share a favorite video clip to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs.

Seattle Techstars meetup | Seth Levine

VC Adventure

Should Austin have an anthem like the “Seattle Startup Anthem?”

Austin Startup

This was my philosophy when we started the “Seattle Startup Anthem.” With this in mind, I present to the Austin Startup Community, the “Seattle Startup Anthem” [link] Starting up is hard work. We know what question is rattling in the back of your mind, “Why is letting this guy from Seattle post on their blog?” Connect with the Startup Rappers Gabriel Gervelis, @ggervelis Manish Gaudi, @mgaudi17 Should Austin have an anthem like the “Seattle Startup Anthem?”

Julie Sandler Joins Pioneer Square Labs As A Managing Director

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We led the financing, and I joined the board to work more closely with Greg Gottesman, Geoff Entress, Mike Galgon, and Ben Gilbert to build a long-lasting and enduring startup studio in Seattle. Julie previously was a partner at Madrona Venture Group and is deeply involved in the Seattle startup community. She has also been a leading voice for women in technology as a founding member of the Seattle Entrepreneurial Women’s Network and Startup Weekend Women’s Edition.

Strideline Puts City Skylines On Your Socks


Founded by Riley Goodman and Jake Director in 2009 when they were both high school seniors in a Seattle school, Strideline makes a range of crew socks that come with a design of city skylines. The original design featuring the Seattle city skyline sold out in three weeks when it was first launched. “Our idea was to meet the demand in Seattle for colored crew socks that were not simply an afterthought, but a distinctive part of an outfit.

Hanging Out In Pioneer Square

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I’m in Seattle for the next few days. I’ve built this trip around Techstars Seattle Demo, a bunch of time at PSL, and a Moz board meeting. While we don’t have an office in Seattle, I’m confident we have a comfortable place to hang out when we are in town. Amy’s is Paris; mine is Seattle. I’ve been going to Seattle regularly for business since 1990. When we started Foundry Group in 2007, we knew that Seattle would be a key geography for us.

SAP Data & Analytics Analyst Summit - a review

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I had flown to a similar event in Vancouver - first to Seattle, then taken a bus across. I was invited to an analyst summit on SAP's Data and Analytics portfolio of products. What a remarkable difference from last year!

Entrepreneurial Journey Takes Melvin Brewing To Denver’s Heights and Beyond

The Startup Magazine

Their beer is currently shipped to Portland, Oregon, Denver, Boise, and Seattle. Jeremy Tofte’s family background in the beer business shows through in his work with Melvin Brewing.

How Philadelphia is Winning a Startup Renaissance

The Startup Magazine

In the US, places like San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, and Washington, DC get the lion’s share of attention as startup sweet spots. Compare that figure to New York City ($75-$84), Seattle ($40+), or Los Angeles ($39), and it’s clear why startups benefit from locating here.

Betting for a cause this SuperBowl

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This has lead to the inevitable side bets with friends in Seattle. If the Broncos prevail I’ll be eating some fine Seattle smoked salmon while watching pictures of my friend Cory sporting the latest in Broncos paraphernalia (among a handful of personal spoils for their victory). If the Seahawks win, I give the same to Seattle Children’s. Life betting for a cause cause charity children''s hospital colorado seattle children''s super bowl superbowl

On The Road Again

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I just got back from my third business trip this summer – this time to Seattle for the past three days. Historically on a three day trip to Seattle, I’d have 10 meetings a day, starting early in the morning and going until after dinner. Travel cheezburger moz seattle travel After a year of zero travel for business, I’ve started to venture out into the world again.

Investing in and Joining the Board of

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I’m psyched to be joining the board, working with my good friend Greg Gottesman at Madrona on another Seattle-based company. Furthermore, it’s our fifth investment in Seattle, joining SEOmoz, Cheezburger, BigDoor, and Gist (now part of RIM). And it’s got two linkages to Startup Weekend (where I’m a board member) – they are both Seattle-based and was conceived at a Startup Weekend.

Hottest 7 Startup Cities in the U.S.

Scalable Startup

Uncategorized Austin boulder Seattle [link].

Older, Richer, More Customers: Accelerators Go Corporate

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billion ), Microsoft is pleased with the outcome and has now launched accelerators in Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin and London, with programs planned for Seattle, Moscow, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. Zack Weisfeld Microsoft Accelerator. The success of start-up accelerators like Y Combinator, Tech Stars and 500Startups has spawned hundreds of clones, including more than 15 in Israel.

Betting for a cause this SuperBowl

VC Adventure

This has lead to the inevitable side bets with friends in Seattle. If the Broncos prevail I’ll be eating some fine Seattle smoked salmon while watching pictures of my friend Cory sporting the latest in Broncos paraphernalia (among a handful of personal spoils for their victory). If the Seahawks win, I give the same to Seattle Children’s. Life betting for a cause cause charity children's hospital colorado seattle children's super bowl superbowl

The Best Places Worldwide to Start Your High-Growth Startup

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Seattle, Washington, USA. At number eight according to Compass, Seattle ranked third for startup experience, and fourth for available talent. While Seattle is weakest in terms of its venture capital availability, this is poised to shift in the coming years, as Seattle’s venture capital is growing 40 percent faster than the national average. If you’re interested in starting your company in Seattle, check out these resources: Seattle Startup Community Resources.

More New Renaissance

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on the innovation blog Seattle: Cloud capital The reinvention of search QR wallpaper Campuses: The Valley’s next design frontier Nigeria’s booming Nollywood Taming a Hurricane? Ford as a software leader Energy ROI

Austin Ranks #5 on Richard Florida’s List of Top High Tech U.S. Cities


Austin Technology San Antonio Technology Austin high technology Portland Richard Florida Rise of the Creative Class Rise of the Creative Class Revisited San Francisco Seattle Silicon Valley workforceIn 2006, Richard Florida visited San Antonio and spoke at the Texas Lyceum Conference. I covered the conference for the local newspaper. Florida made quite an impression on me. I thought he understood the high-tech workforce better than anyone.

Pike Place and innovation

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I went to visit Seattle for a Microsoft event last week. While there was plenty of innovation there (see my post here), it is dwarfed by the diversity of Pike Place, the city’s landmark, century-old marketplace. It is a riot. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

The sum of all cloud fears - and dreams

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This snarky comment in a Seattle Times blog summarizes the stability and security concerns people continue to have about cloud computing “With the three largest cloud software companies (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) in the U.S. all having glitches in the same. Cloud Computing, SaaS

Cloud 214

More innovation off the beaten path

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Innovations from various parts of the world we don’t usually expect innovation from Big Bertha – Seattle Aviation Powerhouse – Dubai Tweet Experience Hotel – Spain Starchase – various US police departments Breaking the mold – UK, Denmark, Thailand earlier.

a16z Podcast: The Next Generation of Cultural Influencers in Tech

Andreessen Horowitz

This episode—which originally took place as a live event —is a conversation between Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner and a16z Cultural Leadership Fund partner Chris Lyons.

Banking Overhaul will Hurt Small Business

The Entrepreneurial Mind

From the Seattle Times : Although small banks would be exempt from much of the overhaul, the. Tags: Entrepreneurial Finance Public Policy, Economics and Entrepreneurship ABA banking overhaul Fort Worth Business Press Seattle Times In their rush to control everything they can get their arms around in our economy, legislators in Washington may be moving toward a banking overhaul bill that will throw even more cold water on an entrepreneurial recovery for the economy.

Wine Entrepreneur Danni Lin Wants To Know Your Vinotype

YFS Magazine

Seattle-based entrepreneur Danni Lin, founder, and CEO of Great Wine, Inc. is blending taste with tech and aims to prove it's the perfect pairing. People female entrepreneurs wine and spirits startups wine business women entrepreneurs women in business

Berlin: Startup Home As A Service

Feld Thoughts

The Seattle startup community is called Seattle. I thought this was outrageously brilliant. Thanks to Andrew Hyde for sending it to me. For a long time I’ve ranted against naming your startup community “Silicon Whatever.” ” Instead, I believe every startup community already has a name. The Boulder startup community is called Boulder. The LA startup community is called LA. The Washington DC startup community is called Washington DC.

QuestionPro Moves its Headquarters from San Francisco to Austin


Austin is like where Seattle used to be in 2005, small, but ready to go,” said Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO […]. QuestionPro has moved its headquarters from San Francisco to Austin.

Hypergiant Aims to Dominate the AI Industry on Earth and in Space


Hypergiant launched out of stealth mode in February of 2018 and has been growing steadily with 140 employees in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and Seattle. By LAURA LOREK, publisher of Silicon Hills News At Hypergiant’s Austin headquarters, Ben Lamm, CEO, and Co-founder takes to the conference room’s whiteboard to explain its structure and expansion plans.

A review of the first eleven Techstars Unicorns

David Cohen

Techstars funded the company via our Techstars Seattle Accelerator in 2011. Outreach is a sales engagement platform that was funded by the Techstars Seattle Accelerator in 2011. Techstars funded Remitly, an online remittance company as part of our Techstars Seattle Accelerator in 2011.

Customer Loyalty | Seth Levine

VC Adventure

2020 Vision

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As someone with terrible eyesight (I’ve worn glasses since age 3 and had eye surgery at age 8), my “vision” has always been suspect … I’m in Seattle for a few days doing the end of year board meeting/budget drill at a number of our Seattle-based companies and thought this was a priceless pun. “This budget will let us have 2020 vision.” ” I heard that quote at the end of a board meeting yesterday and laughed out loud.